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thread6 Loss of PayPal option
I am very disappointed with your change to divert purchases to sites w
Apr 17 at 10:04am
Saturday at 6:31am
HH BonnerSaturday at 6:31am
thread1 30% off FlexiTimer interval timer iOS app o…
Price has been reduced from $6.99 to $4.99 for approx. 2 weeks htt
Apr 17 at 9:15am
a aApr 17 at 9:15am
thread3 Re: sign in after getting deal
So I wanted 'Video to Picture Converter' and pressed the 'Continue' bu
Apr 16 at 12:33pm
I have identified your purchase for Video to Picture Converter and I h
Apr 17 at 8:07am
Jim BuchananApr 17 at 8:07am
thread3 BitsDuJour Safe from Heartbleed Attack
You'll be happy to know that we have thoroughly investigated all our s
Apr 14 at 6:23am
Ditto here. That is one more website checked off my list. Thanks
Apr 16 at 12:22pm
Nico WesterdaleApr 16 at 12:22pm
thread12 75% off, LiteCam HD Screen-capture. Was $39…
After about 6 weeks of testing every screen capture program I could fi
Dec 30 2013 at 2:06pm
"Recording streaming means recording from the stream, right? (Instead
Apr 12 at 6:15pm
disenchantedApr 12 at 6:15pm
thread6 Able2Extract PDF conversion
A very good PDF conversion/extraction tool from http://www.investintec
Jun 6 2009 at 6:47am
Yes, it 's nice. I have a license of pdf pages extractor that enables
Apr 2 at 11:54am
pereh Apr 2 at 11:54am
thread1 Students & Teachers - 60% Off Discount on V…
Student & Teachers can get up to 60% off on (video & photo editing /mu
Mar 31 at 2:58am
Susan LinMar 31 at 2:58am
thread3 Does BitsDuJour store logs of software I bu…
HI I cant find my receipts for software I bought here. Does BitsDuJo
Mar 29 at 2:10pm
So cool, thanks!
Mar 29 at 2:27pm
joe schMar 29 at 2:27pm
thread6 Key for Hard Disk Sentinel Standard Edition
I just finished downloading and installing Hard Disk Sentinel Standard
Mar 26 at 8:44pm
I just checked my email and I guess you are the person to talk to. I
Mar 28 at 7:11pm
Jim BuchananMar 28 at 7:11pm
thread2 free download
I got the email but there wasn't anything in it ????????
Sep 3 2013 at 4:59pm
I've just resent you the receipt email.
Mar 27 at 12:48am
john youngMar 27 at 12:48am
thread1 Images are Migrating
We're migrating our images to a new location. Images may appear blank
Mar 26 at 12:59pm
Nico WesterdaleMar 26 at 12:59pm
thread2 Concerning comments
Hello, Is there any mailbox to contact the moderator ? After about 1
Mar 23 at 1:31pm
You can post as many messages as you want. To contact us you may use t
Mar 24 at 4:04am
Hubert CANEVETMar 24 at 4:04am
thread6 FastPictureViewer Professional
I have been evaluating this native 64-bit app on Win 7, mainly for vie
Oct 24 2009 at 2:03am
Hi there
Mar 19 at 11:14pm
David GilmourMar 19 at 11:14pm
thread1 iOS App Discounts!
IPhone, iPad or iPod - whatever your device we've got you covered. Big
Mar 19 at 1:24pm
Nico WesterdaleMar 19 at 1:24pm
thread1 Free WordPress portfolio theme – Responsive…
You will find it here:
Mar 17 at 8:46am
K. ChristophMar 17 at 8:46am
thread2 Invalid registration code for todays promot…
I downloaded Wonderfox Photo Watermark as instructed but the details I
Mar 14 at 8:42am
Hi. I am sorry but there was indeed an issue with the download URL for
Mar 16 at 10:16am
Bill AshfordMar 16 at 10:16am
Bonjour, merci pour vos bons services - excellents. Néanmoins, j
Mar 16 at 6:27am
mathieu mesbahMar 16 at 6:27am
thread1 New Tech News on BitsDuJour
We're very happy to announce the start of our Tech News section on Bit
Mar 13 at 6:51pm
Nico WesterdaleMar 13 at 6:51pm
thread4 have login code forDuplicate Cleaner
Puchased 3/2014 Where do I enter code to start rolling? My email is r
Mar 12 at 1:11pm
We've just contacted the vendor regarding the issue you mention.
Mar 13 at 3:25am
Richard BarrisMar 13 at 3:25am
thread4 Please help jv16 PowerTools become Open Sou…
As some of you may know, jv16 PowerTools is the most powerful and reli
Mar 7 at 2:09am
In the update-text from 12 days ago Macecraft Software worte "Final
Mar 10 at 9:55pm
GonzoMar 10 at 9:55pm
thread2 Sketch Drawer Pro
I downloaded the software and registered the product but when I comple
Mar 10 at 10:58am
We have contacted the vendor regarding the issue you mention.
Mar 10 at 12:50pm
Jean BuchanMar 10 at 12:50pm
thread6 Download Google Chrome
Strange if anyone else has a problem with browsing today offers by Chr
Mar 6 at 3:57am
This problem was also happening with Firefox, not just Chrome. Every
Mar 10 at 12:19pm
Loco78 *Mar 10 at 12:19pm
thread2 PDF Annotator
Hi! I would really like to see the PDF Annotator for 19.95 again. I
Nov 15 2008 at 8:22am
We like the software too, and have promoted it several times. We'll se
Mar 6 at 6:41pm
Michael KronnerMar 6 at 6:41pm
thread3 PDF Annotator
Maybe we can get another offer of PDF Annotator. I have tried several
Apr 12 2009 at 9:03am
Actually, as long as you have a serious searching in GOOGLE, you can g
Mar 5 at 10:37pm
PeReh Mar 5 at 10:37pm
thread1 NeatMP3 Pro 1.3.0 -- 40% Discount
NeatMP3 Pro 1.3.0 has just been released and it includes full Unicode
Feb 28 at 1:27pm
Cezar PopescuFeb 28 at 1:27pm
thread4 Sketch Drawer.
How do I remove Sketch Drawer from the photos I convert to a sketch?
Feb 27 at 4:35pm
@ Harry Stadman: Sorry, 18 seconds ahead! :)
Feb 28 at 3:38am
Arthur PageFeb 28 at 3:38am
thread2 Customer Service
I came to your website to buy some software, when I clicked the Buy no
Feb 27 at 11:01am
I'm not sure what product you're referring to Les, but BitsDuJour has
Feb 27 at 3:58pm
Les StewartFeb 27 at 3:58pm
thread2 FlexiTimer interval timer iOS app giveaway
5 copies being given away at random to retweeters once they reach 1000
Feb 26 at 11:51am
Couldn't edit first post.... Here's a link to app website http://fl
Feb 26 at 11:52am
a aFeb 26 at 11:52am
thread2 How do you register a free download
I have downloaded sketch drawer and want to register it but it is not
Feb 26 at 1:39am
Everything you need should be in the email you got from us after click
Feb 26 at 8:49am
liz kearnsFeb 26 at 8:49am
thread1 lots of photography freebies
Updated on a regular basis from presets, to ebooks to software http
Feb 26 at 1:42am
liz kearnsFeb 26 at 1:42am
thread1 Slam price windows Expedition 100% and 80%…
Slam price windows Expedition 100% and 80% discount on Glarysoft now!
Feb 24 at 9:00am
Loco78 *Feb 24 at 9:00am
thread4 What happened to the other deal today?
Hi :) What happened to the other deal I saw here earlier this morni
Feb 21 at 10:49am
Duh! Nevermind! It's for MAC which I don't follow...
Feb 21 at 12:47pm
DroidLuvrFeb 21 at 12:47pm
thread1 Sothink SWF Decompiler on Sale- only $69.99…
Save $10 off Sothink SWF Decompiler for Win by using code SWFDEC at ch
Feb 20 at 11:39pm
Joey DengFeb 20 at 11:39pm
thread2 Corel AfterShot Pro with Perfectly Clear 50…
Corel's excellent photo editor AfterShot Pro with Perfectly Clear is 5
Feb 14 at 4:50am
If anyone likes Corel products then it is worth signing up for Corel's
Feb 20 at 2:47pm
Software GuyFeb 20 at 2:47pm
thread4 Big mess regarding the comments
Big mess regarding the comments
Feb 18 at 2:42pm
Thank you, guys. I have posted a reply at the Quick Macros promotion p
Feb 19 at 4:24am
Watcher1924Feb 19 at 4:24am
thread1 Pay just $50 and Get Comodo Positive Wildca…
SSL2BUY is an authorized global reseller of Comodo Certificate Authori
Feb 19 at 3:45am
Jason ParmsFeb 19 at 3:45am
thread1 Secure you sub domains at 25% discount with…
When you have a single solution for your all sub domains, then why sho
Feb 19 at 3:44am
Jason ParmsFeb 19 at 3:44am
thread1 AlphaSSL Wildcard is now at only $49 at SSL…
To satisfy need for infinite sub domains, AlphaSSL is the finest optio
Feb 19 at 3:42am
Jason ParmsFeb 19 at 3:42am
thread2 Exclusive 60% off on PDF to Word Conversion…
Get 60% off exclusively on pdf to word conversion software. Rush for t
Jan 10 2013 at 10:45pm
Compared with the discounted pdf to word or word to pdf conversion in
Feb 18 at 7:51pm
kim lomarFeb 18 at 7:51pm
thread2 PDF Editor from CAD-KAS
I tested many PDF Editors. No one has some resources I expect, but the
Nov 2 2009 at 10:47pm
It goes best that the pdf processing and editing tool has good feature
Feb 18 at 7:46pm
Nelson CarvalhoFeb 18 at 7:46pm
thread1 MediaChance User Licensing Policy
Media chance has introduced DCE AutoEnhance, a very good and easy batc
Feb 14 at 5:02am
Software GuyFeb 14 at 5:02am
thread1 All Stoik 50% till Feb19th
All Stoik photo and video software 50% off. IMagic and Resizer are ex
Feb 14 at 4:32am
Software GuyFeb 14 at 4:32am
thread2 PPT to PDF converter
I tried several tools to convert Office 2003 to PDF, but most of them
Apr 21 2009 at 3:49pm
Hi, Generally speaking, modern PPT to PDF converter supports conver
Feb 11 at 8:22pm
David TaylorFeb 11 at 8:22pm
thread1 Windows Nudger
Hi Constantin, Thanks for your reply. I copied Registration Key to Not
Feb 7 at 12:52pm
Brian FisherFeb 7 at 12:52pm
thread2 Windows Nudger
Constantin, thanks for your reply. This program (like some others) wil
Feb 6 at 4:23pm
I've just sent you an email with the code in a text file.
Feb 7 at 6:13am
Brian FisherFeb 7 at 6:13am
thread5 iGreetingCard Holidays Giveaway
Softease announced a time limited giveaway for iGreetingCard Holidays
Jan 13 at 9:55pm
iGreetingCard Holidays is running on Mac.
Feb 6 at 5:58pm
Jane swiftFeb 6 at 5:58pm
thread2 Windows Nudger
Looks like a good program. BUT it would not register with number suppl
Feb 6 at 4:15am
Please ensure that you enter the registration code exactly as it is in
Feb 6 at 6:28am
Brian FisherFeb 6 at 6:28am
thread1 We've Given Away over a Million Pieces of F…
Read all about it guys :-)
Jan 30 at 9:43am
Nico WesterdaleJan 30 at 9:43am
thread6 1 week left.Only 55.95 USD(45% Off) on Mac…
No matter what type of drive you've lost data from, if you can normall
Dec 23 2013 at 7:10pm
Kernel Recovery for Macintosh software is an effective and advance dat
Jan 29 at 4:08am
tgl moonJan 29 at 4:08am
thread1 Flat 15% OFF on All SSL Certificate Products
Checkout this new year celebration deal to get flat 15% d
Jan 27 at 2:51am
Sophie PerroneJan 27 at 2:51am

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