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010 EditorDiscount

010 Editor

A Supercharged Text and Hex Editor

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Platforms: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000 (32 and 64 bit) and Mac OS X 10.5 to 10.10 and Ubuntu 10.04+
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Check it out folks -> the latest version of 010 Editor features the ability to edit HTML, XML, and PHP!

Do you find yourself launching a text editor to edit source code files, but then having to quit out and launch a hex editor to deal with binary files? And when you're working in your hex editor, do you cross your fingers and hope that it can handle the binary file format that you're feeding it? Has working with your hex editor become a necessary evil, one that you keep in finding ways to avoid? If all of this is true, then you need to check out 010 Editor!

010 Editor combined a professional text editor with a fully featured hex editor, giving you the power to view and edit any text file and virtually any binary file format out there! With 010 Editor, you'll be able to apply Binary Template technology to work with any binary file, and even write your own templates to parse any data format you need. And with these tools at your command, you'll find yourself fixing problems with hard disks, floppies, memory keys, flash drives, CD-ROM discs, and more!

Everything that you could ever want or need in a hex editor is here with 010 Editor - Find and Replace helps you get stuff done quickly, Binary Comparisons, Checksum/Hash Algorithms, Histograms and so much more. If you're familiar with coding in C, you'll love working with the 010 Editor scripting engine! In addition to loading any number of binary formats, you can also use 010 Editor to export your binaries to different formats, as well.

What else is there to say about 010 Editor? How about the ability to load HUGE files over 4GB in size? Convert between ASCII, EBCDIC, and Unicode! Print your file with full print preview, headers, footers, and margin control! So make today the day that you take control of your text and hex editing needs, and grab a copy of 010 Editor!

This promotion includes the following:
010 Editor - Home/Academic License ($49.95)
010 Editor - Commercial License ($129.95)
Review Written by Derek Lee
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Urmel Can I use this editor with one license on my desktop AND on my notebook? Or I have to buy two licenses?
Jan 21 at 1:50am Copy Link
Graeme Sweet We license per user not per machine, so you are allowed to purchase one license and install it on multiple machines (and multiple OS's) as long as just you are using the software.
SweetScape Software - Jan 21 at 7:04am Copy Link
Michael R. As a former (happy) v5-buyer in 10/2013, i.e. a little more than 1 year before the release of v6 (in 12/2014), I'm wondering, if there is a discount for these upgrades too?
Jan 21 at 12:37pm Copy Link
Graeme Sweet Sorry but this deal is just for new licenses and does not apply to upgrades.
SweetScape Software - Jan 21 at 1:02pm Copy Link
Michael R.

Are these new features HTML/XML-interpretation implemented as script, so they can seen as examples to demonstrate the power of your script-language or are they build-in features?

Haven't digged too much into the upper functionalities of 010Editor, as a developer I am wondering, if I could create a own data-structure, in which I can use kind of if-conditions and loops. This might be useful to define this before implementing the write/read-procedures in the final programming-language and afterwards, when debugging is needed...

As example, this condition-check could be:
if byte #3 is $00 this should be the last byte of the file
if byte #3 is $01, the next 4 bytes should be interpreted as LENGTH len of the block following directly behind and this block should be interpreted as MP3-File-Structure (which yet has to be defined afterwards, but I have seen there already is a sample in the library). Behind that interpret the next char as byte #3 (i.e. check for $00, $01, ...) (loop)
if byte #3 has another value the file-structure is faulty.
Jan 22 at 12:06am Copy Link
Charlie Syracuse I purchased this product last October (version 5) and was told you were working on including regular expressions and it would be a free upgrade if I purchased the product then. My free upgrades expired in I get a free upgrade for the regular expressions?
Jan 22 at 6:22am Copy Link
Graeme Sweet @Michael
The XML/HTML editing features are mainly for syntax highlighting and the syntax highlighting engine cannot currently be accessed from scripts. With templates you can do quite complex if-then and loop statements and call different structs for different areas of the file. Currently you have to have all the structs in the same file or use #include statements - there is no way to take a block of data and run a sub-template on that data although we are planning this in a future version. Let us know if you have any questions on this.

Please check your email as we've sent you a separate response.
SweetScape Software - Jan 22 at 7:13am Copy Link
User Michael Please send me an answer to Charlie's question too.
I'm in the same situation as he.
Thanks in advance
Jan 22 at 8:09am Copy Link
Type Aw I'd like to buy this but I can't help but feel ripped off by the SWREG/Digital River checkout. $20 is about £13.30 which is just perfect for an impulse buy!
However, SWREG is charging £18 (£3 VAT and another... £1.70 for.. something.)

I'm now questioning how often I'd hex/bin edit/compare during the maintenance year. So I've gone from an insta-buy to a pass, simply because of your checkout.
Just felt you should know!
Great deal for US residents otherwise!
Jan 22 at 8:34am Copy Link
Myrna Larson Can't download the Win-64bit trial edition (from link on their website) today, 1/22/2015 11:40 CST
Jan 22 at 9:41am Copy Link
Graeme Sweet @Type
Sorry but I believe we are legally required to charge VAT. We'll look into why there was an extra charge on your order.

All downloads appear to be working for us. Let us know if you still can't download and which link you are using.
SweetScape Software - Jan 22 at 11:25am Copy Link
Robin User @Type
You can still buy the software in US-Dollar (just change the currency). That way I got a better price in Germany even using PayPal.
Jan 22 at 12:42pm Copy Link
disenchanted @Type,

Don't feel bad. The software payment processors are now charging US residents sales tax on our purchases as well.
You guys have a VAT and now so do we. I noticed sales taxes now appearing on my online software purchases, courtesy of the payment processor.

I purchased some software from a website a couple weeks ago.
At first I did not buy it because they were now charging sale tax. I investigated the payment processor for a day or two. I contacted them and they replied that they were now collecting sales tax for purchases from folks in my state.

They NEVER ANSWERED my questions as to how they felt they were legally entitled to do so.
Despite the fact they had no physical business presence in my state and therefore should not be allowed to collect sales tax from me, they did so anyway.
After much researching, it seems that their parent company has "voluntarily" decided to collect sales tax from residents of all US states that assess a sale tax.
The only online vendor I trust to accurately and legally assess sales tax on buyers would be Amazon. Being the largest US online marketplace,
They have been adding sales taxes to more and more states, as they were directed to do so. (They probably have a staff of lawyers that actually know the tax laws). But even Amazon hasn't assess sales taxes on my purchases yet.

I don't agree with the payment processors decision to "voluntary" just tax everyone, from all states. Even though they do not appear to have any legal directives to do so. BOHICA
Jan 22 at 7:38pm Copy Link
Nico Westerdale Great News! SweetScape Software has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy!
BitsDuJour Admin - Jan 23 at 12:11am Copy Link
Dunking Graeme, I also purchased this partly on the assumption that I would get the upgrade to regular expressions, as you stated, but my free update period also ran out in October. Could you also email me with the details of how I might acquire this, please.

Jan 23 at 3:38am Copy Link
Michael R. Just started digging into your zip-example:
A short question about that:
There is a comparison,like
which is exactly true, if the byte-sequence is
$50 $4b $03 $04.
This makes sense - lowest byte is the first - but is a little hard to read.
Is there perhaps a function which reverses it's argument, e.g. rev(),
with which the test would look like
which would be quite better to read.

If not, perhaps an idea for a next update...
Jan 23 at 8:09am Copy Link
Graeme Sweet @Dunking
Please check your email as we've sent you a message.

@Michael R.
You can use the SwapBytes function to do the comparison like this:
SweetScape Software - Jan 23 at 8:52am Copy Link
Dunking @ Graeme - Email received, thanks very much :)
Jan 23 at 10:41am Copy Link
Kevin Andresen 010 Editor has been a very useful tool for me. I'm fairly sure I bought it here originally (under a different account that I lost). I paid for the upgrade to v5 last year.
Recently, however, I've needed to compare two binary data files with 20 byte records (e.g. long,double,int). I had discovered that a new data file I received was missing 1/3 of the records covering the same time interval. Comparing bytes with 010 Editor is insufficient help because it's really records that have to match. BeyondCompare will let me specify record length in a binary compare, but, unlike 010 Editor, won't show me a translation of the record, which would let me easily look for a pattern in the removal of records. (I could convert to carefully formatted text, but I'd rather be able to use an 010 record template after I've made one.)
Is there any chance that there will be record by record comparisons in the near future? (I have not found an affordable alternative to 010 Editor. Plus, I'm used to it.)
Jan 23 at 1:40pm Copy Link

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