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Easily Keep Large Numbers of Files in Sync

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Platforms: Windows 2003,2008, XP, Vista (32 and 64 bit), 7 (32 and 64 bit), 8 (32 and 64 bit), 10 (32 and 64 bit)
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Have you ever spent hours working on a file, polishing it to perfection, only to discover that you've been working on the wrong version of the file? Mistakes like this run rampant in every situation where you store files on more than one laptop, desktop, or server. And version errors can strike whether you work by yourself or as part of a larger team. The best way to avoid this kind of wasted effort is to always keep your files in sync. But how can you develop a strategy to achieve and maintain synchronicity at all times?

With AJC Sync, that's how!

AJC Sync lets you synchronize large numbers of files, compare folder contents, and backup important info easily between drives, networks, USB devices, Amazon S3 storage, Microsoft SkyDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and FTP servers! With AJC Sync, you'll never have to worry about working on the wrong version of a file ever again. Imagine being able to sync with just a single click, or to enjoy the security of knowing what's changed in your files, and to control which files are synced and which aren't!

As soon as you launch AJC Sync, a familiar Windows-style ribbon interface lets you know this is going to be a cakewalk. You can elect one-way or bi-directional synchronization, and even use filtering patterns for files and folders to avoid manually identifying items for sync. Plus, when you've customized your perfect sync routine, AJC Sync lets you save all of your settings as a project that you can use over and over, even with multiple pairs of sync locations per project.

Each time you run AJC Sync, you'll be presented with an easy-to-read sync plan, showing exactly which files will be synced. In this way, you'll never accidentally overwrite an important file! In fact, AJC Sync features a unique archiving system, so even if you did ever accidentally overwrite or delete a file, you can undo your horrible lapse of judgment immediately! Support for multiple versions of a file means you can actually undo several horrible lapses of judgment, jumping back to an even older version of any file!

Encrypt files to the cloud with this latest version. New file transform options let you zip and encrypt files and more. This means you can encrypt files locally and then send to the other location such as the cloud. Then if your cloud account got hacked the files would not be readable. Also new is block level sync to servers. Sync just the changes to files only when using with the new AJC File Server product.

Please note folks: The portable edition is typically put onto a USB stick and with a single user license you can run it one machine at a time.

This promotion includes the following:
AJC Sync - Standard License ($29)
AJC Sync - Professional Edition ($35)
AJC Sync - Server Edition ($59)
AJC Sync - Portable Edition ($39)

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Sara User Would you like to give some specifics?

Text above (not yours) says: "AJC Sync features a unique archiving system" - what makes it "unique", then? How does it work? Setting "instead of overwriting, move the previous version into a sub folder" (with those sub folders created at any synch/backup, numbered/named by date)? Or renames within the same folder? Or one backup folder for each folder, and then multiple versions with different names (numbered or named by date) in those folder-specific unique backup folders? Limited numbers or as far back as the user wants those archived copies to be?

I think any such program should come with such an archive function today; programs who do not should not be bought (example: "GoodSync", but I don't know if lately, the might have introduced an archive function; probably not); so this is a very good thing, I just want to know how it functions here.

(The bad solution would be renaming by date within the same target folder, which makes that incredibly cluttered within short time; all other variants are equally acceptable, the possibly best probably being just one archive (sub) folder per target folder, within that target (sub) folder, then the archived copies being renamed (and hence automatically sorted by Windows, by date).)

The one unique functionality in your program (as the one-by-one deletion of unwanted hits (or also files) in your AJC Grep) seems to be the integrated differ (see the screenshot here). I own Syncovery (sync) and Beyond Compare (differ), but it's very inconvenient to get source and target paths, from the sync prog into the differ prog, so most of the time, you (I) just leave it at that, while, if some shortkey (?) in AJC Sync brings both files into the integrated differ, that seems very helpful indeed, for many use cases: text bodies of all sorts, as in your coding example screenshot, but what about pictures, would 2 pictures of the same name be displayed for comparison?

One other probable/y unique feature, from the screenshots: To have multiple target drives for folder groups of the same source drive, within the same sync project; since probably not all of the target drives are connected (and even should not be) at the same time, I'd rather prefer having multiple projects for multiple targets, one-by-one, but I also see there might be use cases where a user would like to make some standard backup at the same time, to 2 or more targets, be it for capacity or other reasons.

But having viewed your respective screenshot again, I see that the source folder in all these different "jobs" in that (same) "project" is the same! I suppose that was just laziness on your part, and in real use cases, those source folders could all be different? (Otherwise that "multiple targets within the same project" functionality would make much less sense indeed.)

Are there other unique features beyond those 2? (Just asking, not implying there should be some; it's quite impressing as it is, whilst most competitors are just me-too productions.)

How does AJC Backup handle symlinks? Can the user decide, by global setting, if they are "followed" (i.e. copy the respective files instead of the links = "resolving" the links), or if they are copied as-is (copy the link file)? (Even the quite renowned ViceVersa just resolves the link, while for backup use cases (i.e. maintenance of a global copy for possible hdd/ssd loss (by whatever reason), but doing archive copies, too, for possible (partially) destruction of newer files (e.g. by viruses)), not-resolving of symlinks would be indicated.)

As an aside, users who do lots of renames / moves of sub folders into other ones, like a function in the (then always-running in the background) sync tool which tries to maintain a correct list of all these renames / moves, and then, on sync/backup, first replicates these upon the target folder structure, then only doing the real compare, and which spares the target drive, in case, thousands of deletes (or moves into archive) of the files within those renamed/moved folders, for speed and wear reasons, which is why I use Syncovery (and also have updated it, since its ancient archive function had been cluttering the target sub folders with all the archived versions too, a problem which they have resolved in the meantime).

Technically, this functionality is of course not needed, and most competitors have not introduced it (I only know of 2, Syncovery and 1 other), since with overwriting, the end result of the sync would be the same, some minutes later though. In the other had, as soon as you use archiving of previous versions, if that special monitoring functionality is not there, lots of unwanted archive copies are produced and stored if the program doesn't replicate the folder renames/moves but considers them as new folders then; also, all previous copies of the files in question will be disconnected from the newer ones within the renamed/moved parts of the folder structure within the target drive(s), at the ancient (and not updated anymore) folder positions. But as implied above, that's a problem of 90 or more per cent of current sync tools, as the majority of them don't even have archiving, and it only becomes a real problem with archiving, and then, after some problem on the user's side, if you need ancient file copies.

As a general hint, developers should publish their help file, even just in the original chm format (since that can be read on any Windows system just as if the file had been triggered from within the program in question, so no need for regular transformation into pdf, html or other formats), on their websites, since that would answer many questions prospects may have, and without forcing them to install the trial (which then is "burnt", in most cases, for later, real trial).
Jun 24 at 3:52am Copy Link
Andrew Cutforth The optional archiving system protects against mistakes and corruption by allowing you to go back to a previous version of a file. Files that are overwritten or deleted by the sync can be archived to a third location. The archive files hold multiple versions to undo like a version control system. They are compact because only the file changes are stored each time.

When you use the built in file diff for pictures then the pictures are displayed side by side and it will be down to you visually to see what is different.

Yes each sync project can have multiple pairs of source and destination folders that are different.

A big plus with this software is the ability to view the "sync plan" before you press the button to start the sync. The sync plan shows what will happen to your files and you can make changes to what will happen before you start the sync. You can change, sync direction, remove it from the sync, show a diff etc

Another unique feature of this software is the dual Explorer view which overlays both sides of the sync pair with color coding so you can see both sides at the same time.

Also the ability to sync to a “multi drive” which is multiple locations added together to behave as if it were one big drive.

Symlinks are not given special handing.
AJC Software - Jun 25 at 9:12am Copy Link
lisba f Interesting dialogue... Please, let me ask a question of 'another' level. How can I sync two computers without an online service (Dropbox etc.) I have home a desktop and a laptop, but Microsoft discontinued Homegroup feature in Win. 10. I cannot sync like before (not even with AJC or Goodsync or Syncovery). What can I do? Is there any replacement to be able to sync my two computers without paying a monthly subscription?
Jun 27 at 6:19am Copy Link
Andrew Cutforth If your two computers are in the same location then you can just sync them over a network. Either wired or wireless. Or you can sync them by using a removable drive and carrying it between the computers,

If your computers are in different locations and you don't want to use a cloud service then you have two options with AJC Sync.
1. You can use a removable drive and carry it between locations.
2. If you have enough control of the environment/router/firewall etc you can install AJC File Server on one machine, make it accessible over the internet and then sync to it from the other computer. AJC File Server is an additional product you can purchase.
AJC Software - Jun 27 at 8:40am Copy Link
lisba f Thanks, Andrew. In case of Server, AJC Sync is included or I have to purchase both (which means over $ 50 after discount!)
Jun 27 at 3:00pm Copy Link
Andrew Cutforth Yes if you need the server then you will need to purchase that additionally but you can get discount on our other products when you order one product.
AJC Software - Jun 27 at 3:29pm Copy Link
lisba f Still, it says I have to pay $52.80, it that you mean?
Jun 27 at 3:36pm Copy Link
Andrew Cutforth AJC Sync Pro is $21 with this deal. You need at least the Pro version to connect to AJC File Server.

Add AJC File Server on the next checkout page for $14.50
AJC Software - Jun 27 at 3:44pm Copy Link
Andrew Cutforth See about the different editions here:
AJC Software - Jun 27 at 3:45pm Copy Link
lisba f Is there Sync Server and File Server? I'm confused!
Jun 27 at 4:10pm Copy Link
Andrew Cutforth Just to clarify. AJC Sync Server edition is AJC Sync that is allowed to run on machines that are Windows servers.

AJC File Server is a program that acts like a server and runs on any PC. Its a bit like an FTP server.

AJC Sync Pro edition and above can connect to cloud locations but also can talk to AJC File Server.
AJC Software - Jun 27 at 5:15pm Copy Link

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