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Click 2 Crop

Streamline Your Photo Editing Workflow!

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Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 - 32 and 64 bit
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Do you own or operate a website that requires you to upload multiple images on a regular basis? If so, then you've probably had to endure the tedium of sizing and cropping a series of pictures, one-by-one, in one of those *other* image editors.

Not fun, is it?

Click 2 Crop is different. It's intuitive, powerful, and sports an emphasis on a simple, fast, and effective workflow.

Say you need to select and crop three or four dozen images for your eBay store. For starters, with Click 2 Crop you don't have to waste previous time opening each and every image. Rather, you can simply click the "previous" or "next" buttons. You also don't need to activate the cropping tool for every photo (after all, it's already there!). And best of all, you don't need to specify a file name for every photo because Click 2 Crop automatically names each new crop!

Click 2 Crop does so much more than cropping. It also lets you rotate images, add borders, correct red-eye, add text captions, sharpen images, resize images, and automate file naming for batch imports. The more advanced user will be delighted by Click 2 Crop's aspect ratio, variant correction, compression, and white balance correction options.

There are so many photo editing suites on the market, it's hard to tell them apart. Some are designed for professionals, some for amateurs, some for designers, some for bloggers, some for webmasters. But the fact of the matter is that many of us do a little bit of everything. So how many photo editing suites do you need?

The answer is one: Click 2 Crop does everything you need it to do, fast and effectively, no matter which hat you're wearing!

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Wearsie Jackson Nice! Looks like last update to Windows version was nearly two years ago, in April 2016. Is this still be actively developed and supported?

When do you anticipate an update? Thanks for your thoughts on a very cool product! --Weerz
Feb 4 at 6:38am Copy Link
Boris Glazer Hi Weerz! Thank you for the question. We keep to develop and support Click 2 Crop but as was said in answer above "updates are not frequent because, it already has a lot of options and it is hard to "invent" something new"
If you want some specific functionality that currently is not available please let me know and i'll see if it can be added into a new release or, if this is some peculiar feature, maybe i can make a custom tailored program specially for you. - Feb 4 at 9:11am Copy Link
Ed Ward I often need to capture images from various sources (e.g., internet, powerpoint, etc.) in a uniform size. Two questions:
1. Can Click 2 Crop capture images from sources other than .jpg and .png?
2. Does Click 2 Crop allow one to set the "cropped size" to fixed dimensions, position the crop pointers w/ fixed size around an image, and crop subsequent images to the fixed size?
Feb 5 at 9:18pm Copy Link
Boris Glazer Hi Ed Ward!

1 - Click 2 Crop can open images in most popular file formats like jpg, tif, gif, bmp and some other. Also it has a built "screenshot" function.

2 - not sure that i completely understand your require. Program may keep the size of cropping box when you move to the next image. (There is a special setting in preferences for that) And indeed you may set the size of saved image and export all images with the same dimensions (you have an option to restrict width height or both dimensions)

If you like, please contact me by email and i'll be happy to answer your question in more details! - Feb 5 at 9:44pm Copy Link
Rob I've played about with trial and I do like it, simple but good at what it does. A simple crop is all we sometimes want and to be able to view it side by side with the original is great.

A couple of missing features I'd like are;

1. I often crop with a variety of ratios and it'd be nice to have user defined ratios saved (possibly to be able to overwrite the default ones).

2. I frame my own images with mats and wooden frames. The border feature of C2C is great and allows me to visualise pretty well what the resultant crop and frame would look like. Sometimes (not often) I use more than one mat but this isn't possible in C2C. More importantly would be the ability to save the inner and outer border color and size percentages to be able to quickly use these on other images.

Feb 6 at 5:34am Copy Link
Boris Glazer Hi Rob!
Yes, these "user defined settings" are one of the most asked features. I'm working on that. It was already implemented in macOS version of the program, hope soon I will add them to Win program too. (btw - please note that all updates for the program are free) - Feb 6 at 5:48am Copy Link
Kelly Hamblin I have a question about the Help file. Is it downloaded along with the app or does a use have to go online for it?
Feb 6 at 6:06am Copy Link
Boris Glazer Hi Kelly! Context help system included into program installation. Press F1 key to activate it when the program is running. Alternatively you may see the same help topics online here: - Feb 6 at 6:20am Copy Link
mnazmi hi,
Is it possible to save iimage file as a icon file (.ico) can we save as image files other than jpeg, tiff,bitmaps ?
Feb 6 at 8:25am Copy Link
Boris Glazer Hi mnazmi! Sorry, it can not save pictures as .ico - Feb 6 at 8:46am Copy Link
Rob Hi Boris - Thanks for the speedy reply.

More thoughts after using C2C. These might be too much of a major change to implement but I'll ask anyway.

1. Might there be a possibility of being able to move the image - in the cropped window - after you've applied borders to it.
To try to explain in more detail;
I crop an image and apply an outer and an inner border to the cropped right side image. Because the original left hand side image has a detail, say at the bottom of the picture I can't see this detail because the borders I've applied to the right hand side cropped image covers the detail. It'd be great to be able to grab the cropped right hand side image and drag it upwards from behind the borders to display the bottom of the crop.
Or is it not possible because the cropped image and the borders become one image?

2. Any plans to import raw images?

3. When using the 'Variants' feature might it be possible to be able to change the colours of the borders and central image independently?
Again, this is because this feature would be great in comparing frames as there's no cheap full featured software out there that is great at helping us framers.

Feb 6 at 10:50am Copy Link
Boris Glazer Hi Rob!
thank you for ideas, I'll see what can be done. Maybe we can continue our conversation via email? ( - Feb 6 at 11:12am Copy Link
Michael R. I suppose this is a useful program and always like 'lifetime' free upgrades.

As I just found out, Clip2Crop seems not to be able to open a .png.-file. As far as I know, png-files are compressed, but lossless image-files (and I have a lot of them)...

Is there a way, to open and work with them?

If not, this would, for example, something to add in a new Version of Clip2Crop...

Additionally it would be nice, if the selecttion-window would not have to be released before being able to see the result in the right screen-part.
Feb 6 at 4:49pm Copy Link
Boris Glazer Hi Michael! yes, it seems there are some problem with .png files. Thank you for pointing out. I will correct it ASAP. And, yes, all upgrades are free )) - Feb 6 at 5:03pm Copy Link
bsr007 Hi Boris, Click 2 Crop is great and I have purchased a copy. How will future updates be administered? There doesn't appear to be an update module within the software. Will we receive an email indicating an update is available and then download the updated registered version online? I would be grateful if you could outline the process.
Feb 6 at 5:23pm Copy Link
Boris Glazer Hi bsr007! yes, there will be notification by email. Also it will be announced at our Facebook page. - Feb 6 at 5:40pm Copy Link
Ed Ward I'm surprised Click 2 Crop is unable to handle .png files. as the format is widely use. Most of the images I capture are .pngs, so unless you plan accommodate soon I'll have to pass. When do you expect to implement handling of .png files?
Feb 6 at 5:58pm Copy Link
Boris Glazer Hi Ed Ward, It can takes several days to fix it. - Feb 6 at 7:17pm Copy Link
Michael R. Thanks for fixing the png-issue :-) My 2nd proposal here again:

Additionally it would be nice, if the selecttion-window would not have to be released before being able to see the result in the right screen-part.
It seems quite little, but beside the optical advantage, if trying to cut something exactly, every little hand-movement moves the mouse and especially pressing a mouse-button.
Feb 6 at 8:46pm Copy Link
Boris Glazer Hi Michael, i'll see what can be done, but, probably for setting precise crop position it easier and more convenience to use arrows keyboard buttons. Use arrow keys to move all selection by one pixel, Shift+Arrow to shrink/expand selection area by one pixel. Ctrl+Arrow and Ctrl+Shift+Arrow to modify selection by 10 pixels. Also you may use mouse wheel to shrink/expand selection. - Feb 6 at 8:58pm Copy Link
Boris Glazer @Michael R. @Ed Ward - png issue was corrected. Please re-download update your full program. - Feb 6 at 11:32pm Copy Link

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