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CloudBerry DriveDiscount

CloudBerry Drive

Map Cloud Storage as a Local Drive

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Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012
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Cloud-based storage services are all the rage now, except it's sometimes unwieldy having to launch a web browser, login to a cloud storage site, and download and upload files as you work. Well, someone had exactly that same thought, and they've gone ahead and created today's discount software promotion, CloudBerry Drive!

CloudBerry Drive maps your cloud storage as a local virtual disk, letting you access and edit files directly from Windows Explorer. From the well-known big players to smaller fish in the pond, CloudBerry Drive offers support for 20 different cloud storage providers, including Amazon S3, Windows Azure, Google Cloud Storage, OpenStack and Rackspace. Chances are, you're already up and running on a service that CloudBerry Drive supports, so you'll be up and running within minutes.

Imagine how much more productive you'll be, once you can work with your cloud storage files just as easily as if they were on your hard drive! Thanks to an intuitive interface, CloudBerry Drive lets you select files and folders with ease, which still safeguarding your ability to access files using other tools and utilities.

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franp User Hi, would it be possible to have a comprehensive list of supported cloud storages ?
More precisly, does it fully support pCloud and hubiC ?

Many thnaks.
Feb 15 at 2:28am Copy Link
CFGuy Hi - this program looks very unique and interesting. Questions for CloudBerry Lab Representative: could this program be of help with standard "networked drives", or for "non-cloud" cloud storage - such as "personal clouds" (offline) using a device such as a dedicated external hard drive or NAS (beyond what Windows already offers?) I ask this because I am a big user of "networked drives" using a dedicated external USB hard drive, and I know how problematic and temperamental these networked (even offline) drives/connections can be. Over the years I have become quite good at troubleshooting and managing them, however I am always in the market for a software utility that could help make this process easier. Additionally, if this particular program is only for "online" connected networked drives, does CloudBerry Lab (or another software company, if not) offer a program specifically for non-internet connected networked drives of NAS devices? Thanks so much. -Cfguy
Feb 15 at 5:07am Copy Link
franp User @CFGuy : Hi Guy, I am in no way a representative of CloudBerry Lab but if I can help - I do not see the point of such a software for local NAS. It is already possible, embeded by default in Windows 8 and 10 (and probably also for earlier versions) (and probably also in Mac which I don't own) to map an arbitrary NAS drive directory (such as SMB directory) as a local drive. Does this help ?
Feb 15 at 5:37am Copy Link
William W. Geertsema Too bad Cloudberry Drive does not support Cloudberry's own B2 Cloud Storage.
I work with Windows 7 Pro SP1 32-bit, so the 64-bit Cloudberry Explorer is no option.
As a front end to B2, I use the useful but somewhat clunky CyberDuck.
I had hoped for a 32-bit explorer-type front end to B2, but alas . . .
Whereas I recognize that my setup is considered outdated by most software developers, I do feel that the interests of serious users of older systems are being neglected.

William W. Geertsema
Feb 15 at 4:45pm Copy Link
Nico Westerdale Great News! CloudBerry Lab has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy!
BitsDuJour Admin - Feb 16 at 12:11am Copy Link
Andrew Griffiths I bought Cloudberry Backup on BDJ a few weeks ago but haven’t had a chance to use yet.

How does this Drive software differ from and complement the Backup software?

Feb 16 at 12:35am Copy Link
Ted User @Andrew Griffiths: It's all in the description - Drive maps a cloud destination as a local drive that you can browse and operate with Windows Explorer.
Backup does scheduled uploads to the cloud, implementing versioning, retention, client-side encryption, notifications and so on.
Feb 16 at 7:11am Copy Link
Thomas Brannan Useless. No dropbox, No Microsoft Drive. Couldn't get it to work with Google. Exasperatiing. I want a refund.
Feb 16 at 2:02pm Copy Link
D. User What they sell, waht they can handle? Writing of 20 cloud services they are only listing 6 by name. And the remaining 14?

Have people complaining that no Dropbox. No OneDrive. No GoogleDrive.
And additionally "No return policy.". No return policy. is very bad and NOT Bitsdujour standard.

Sorry but those 3 services are the very basic that must be supported. Seems to be a great tool I woul like to buy. But not without Dropbox, OneDrive and GoogleDrive ... that's a clear NOGO.

Sad, but NO deal today.
Feb 16 at 4:00pm Copy Link
Ted User @franp Currently, CloudBerry Drive does not support hubiC and pCloud. As for the full list of supported storage accounts, the best way to figure it out is installing the software (you can use 15-day trial) and adding the storage account (it will provide the full list).
Feb 20 at 9:48am Copy Link

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