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EssentialPIM Pro

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40% Off
$23.97 $39.95
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Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

*** Great News! Astonsoft Ltd. has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy! ***

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Please note folks: The new version of EssentialPIM is capable of direct synchronization with EssentialPIM for the Android and iPhone counterpart apps!

We know that it's an old-fashioned idea, but we really do believe that a computer's primary function should be to make our lives easier, especially when it comes to the day-to-day.

That's why we love offering Personal Information Management (PIM) software to our readers. The best of them provide power, flexibility, and enough features to coordinate and simplify just about any aspect of your life.

EssentialPIM is, without a doubt, one of the best PIMs available. It is refined, intuitive, secure, attractive, feature-laden, elegant, customizable, integratable...

Heck, EssentialPIM is so good that we didn't even need a thesaurus to come up with our laundry list of glowing descriptors.

But, you might be asking, what exactly does EssentialPIM do?

Wrong question. What doesn't it do?

Today's promotion includes the following:
EssentialPIM Pro Desktop or Portable (Inclusive 1 Year of Free Updates) ($23.97)
EssentialPIM Pro Lifetime License ($59.96)

Review Written by Derek Lee
The Conversation
The Fine Print
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Michael R. Any chance to get a LIFETIME UPGRADE for my EssentialPIM Pro license 40% off today too?
Wednesday at 12:12am Copy Link
Alexa Wolnberg No, unfortunately this upgrade option is not included in the current promotion. But what you can do is to contact our customer support, I'm sure they will be able to make you a good offer.
Astonsoft Ltd. - Wednesday at 1:21am Copy Link
Celso Flores Hi Alexa, would you know anything about the EPIM cloud? I signed up for it but never received any login details. I requested them several times but never got them so was never able to login or sync my PIM to there. In the end I asked Paypal to refund me. I was fully refunded but it is something I'd like to use. I'm not asking for a discount, just wondered if it is available.
Wednesday at 2:16am Copy Link
Stephen Kreyling Eventually, if this is how the site operates with the "Free" being used for extended trials, people will go elsewhere for a better deal. Its nice it works for a year, but "Free" to me does not mean an extended trial. Maybe bits needs to correct their system and allow vendors to properly post the details using extended trial with expiration in x months. I think that would be more honest and I would assume more people will pass on offers from them.

You got a good product, but "Free" should not have an expiration, that is a true trial. Even paid software when the updates run out, it still works, you just dont get any new updates. Maybe the software should be Free for this version and future versions after the 1 year period has a cost. If people like the program and use it, they will pay for the latest.
Wednesday at 4:04am Copy Link
Alexa Wolnberg EssentialPIM Free is always free. What you get with one of the today's deals for EssentialPIM Pro (which is a different version) is free updates for one year starting from your purchase date. In addition to that, you can use purchased version forever. If you'd like to treat yourself with lifetime free updates for EssentialPIM Pro, there's a special offer for that, as well. Please click on the Get this deal button to see it. Thanks!
Astonsoft Ltd. - Wednesday at 4:17am Copy Link
Alexa Wolnberg Yes, it's also valid for the portable edition of EssentialPIM Pro.
Astonsoft Ltd. - Wednesday at 4:21am Copy Link
Stephen Kreyling Please delete my comments, was on the wrong page.
Wednesday at 4:21am Copy Link
Alexa Wolnberg Stephen, sorry I don't have permission to delete or edit any comments here. Also, thanks for your appraisal of the portable version. Please let me know if you have additional questions.
Astonsoft Ltd. - Wednesday at 4:40am Copy Link
Gonzo According to the first question, there's no Lifetime upgrade promotion; however at the end of the deal's description it indicates:

Today's promotion includes the following:
EssentialPIM Pro Desktop or Portable (Inclusive 1 Year of Free Updates) ($23.97)
EssentialPIM Pro Lifetime License ($59.96)

Can anyone clarify?

Wednesday at 6:18am Copy Link
Alexa Wolnberg First question is about upgrading an existing license, while the promotion is for the new one.
Astonsoft Ltd. - Wednesday at 6:30am Copy Link
Alexa Wolnberg Stephen, unfortunately no such plugins.
Astonsoft Ltd. - Wednesday at 6:32am Copy Link
Gonzo My bad; thanks for clarifying :)
Wednesday at 6:35am Copy Link
CL I know that EssentialPIM can sync to Outlook.
Can it sink to multiple calendar or notes modules (e.g. Calender_Work, Calendar_Personal, Notes, Notes_work, Notes_Personal etc)
I have several Calendars (and Notes) within outlook.
In my test of the trial version it would only sync to the main Outlook Calendar and note and I could not figure out how to sync the other calendar and notes.
Wednesday at 11:07am Copy Link
Pavi Johnson EssentialPIM is a spectacular PIM, really the best one I have found! Plus it is constantly developed, with fast reliable support.

I highly recommend it!

Best, /Pavi
Yesterday at 2:19am Copy Link
Alexa Wolnberg CL, synchronization with only the default set of Outlook folders is supported at the moment.

Pavi, thanks for your appraisal, appreciate it!
Astonsoft Ltd. - Yesterday at 2:38am Copy Link
karel De Wever Do I need a license for the desktop AND for Android to use both devices and to synchronize them or is just 1 license enough?
Yesterday at 2:57am Copy Link
Alexa Wolnberg Let's put it this way. In some cases license in not required at all. Say, you can synchronize Windows EssentialPIM Free with Android EssentialPIM Free. If you wish to use Windows EssentialPIM Pro (and you need a license for that), you can synchronize it with Android EssentialPIM Free or Android EssentialPIM Pro. In order words, synchronization will work in any case, it's just a question of additional features you get with the Pro version.
Astonsoft Ltd. - Yesterday at 3:15am Copy Link
karel De Wever On your website one can find the differences between the Free and Pro version. Are those the same for the portable editon?
If not where can I find those differences?
Yesterday at 3:36am Copy Link
Alexa Wolnberg Yes, those are the same for the portable edition, as well. The difference in between desktop and portable editions is that all settings are stored on the removable drive only for the latter.
Astonsoft Ltd. - Yesterday at 3:49am Copy Link
Bertie Brummel Is it allowed to run EPIM on multiple private PCs operated via KVM-Switch ( so one can only work with 1 software instance at the same time) with a single Pro License?
Yesterday at 4:17am Copy Link
Alexa Wolnberg Each license allows installation on a single computer and a laptop. So; in your case each of the PCs would need to have its own license.
Astonsoft Ltd. - Yesterday at 4:32am Copy Link
Bertie Brummel @ Alexa: Your answer is not unexpected, a policy like that should be re-considered though . Nowadays people often use several computers for different private purposes. That's why more and more software developers offer "Family Packs".
Except maybe for syncing tasks running several instances of a PIM simultaneous using a Keyboard-Video-Mouse-Switch makes not so much sense IMHO ;-O
Yesterday at 5:38am Copy Link
Alexa Wolnberg We probably should, will think about it.. Thanks for the heads up.
Astonsoft Ltd. - Yesterday at 6:17am Copy Link
M M Alexa, as you advised in your first reply (the second post in this thread) I contacted your customer support (using my other email). They answered just my first question about my current license, did not propose anything to upgrading to lifetime upgrades :(
Also, they did not reply if I need to pay for Pro on Android separately, a hint on your "Buy" page says that single Desktop license allows me to use EPIM on 2 owned puters and "unlimited number of smartphones and tablets" (!). Can you please confirm it applies to Pro on Android?
Yesterday at 10:17am Copy Link
Alexa Wolnberg Did you mention this promotion in your request? If no, please do that. If yes, please mention your ticket number, will have a look at it.

Android version of EssentialPIM Pro operates under different license terms and therefore needs a separate license. The one offered is a lifetime one. Thanks!
Astonsoft Ltd. - Yesterday at 11:00am Copy Link
Javier Gil Still no gantt charts for calendar / tasks and projects?
Yesterday at 10:04pm Copy Link
M M @Alexa: yes, I did mention this promo. My request # was 3126. Thanks.
Yesterday at 11:59pm Copy Link
Alexa Wolnberg I've been informed that you should have a nice offer waiting for you by now :) Thanks.
Astonsoft Ltd. - 4 hours ago Copy Link

EssentialPIM Pro

$23.97 40% Off

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