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FrontFace 2Discount

FrontFace 2

A Touch-Based Interface for all Windows Platforms

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Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32 and 64 bit)
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Got an old PC hanging around? Got a less-than-techy parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent looking to get hip with the 21st century? Refurbish that old PC with FrontFace for a killer Holiday gift that won't break the bank. Easy on the eyes, easy to operate, what more could you want!

Ever since we've entered the Age of the iPhone (and now iPad), touch-based interfaces are becoming the widely preferred way to interact with our computers. Yet, Windows applications have yet to evolve to adapt touch-based gestures. Instead of waiting for them to change, you can bring this intuitive interface to all of your platforms with today's discount software promotion, FrontFace 2!

FrontFace 2 is an intuitive Graphical User Interface for Windows netbooks, tablets, and PCs, improving the user experience while remaining compatible with existing applications. With FrontFace 2, users of all technical levels can enjoy working with Windows while taking advantage of benefits that only a touch-based interface can offer. Novices who may be intimidated by the traditional Windows interface will quickly embrace FrontFace 2, which makes it much easier to find and run applications. For those of you who use your PCs as media or lifestyle servers in your living room, you'll appreciate the oh-so-stylish touch that FrontFace 2 brings to your home setup. And, of course, FrontFace 2 remains fully compatible with mouse and keyboard operations!

You'll be bowled over by the advantages of using FrontFace 2. Start with multitasking, easy application switching, and compatibility with existing applications, then throw in an innovative application launcher that ties it all together. Move on to a personal, customizable start page packed with widgets that make your life easier. Then revel in an integrated notification center that brings all of your status updates from email, social media, and RSS feeds right to your doorstep. It's all part of the revolutionary experience that's only possible with FrontFace 2!

Review Written by Derek Lee
The Conversation
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Randall Schoonhoven Purchased this deal last time it appeared on BDJ. Also purchased an additional two licenses as offered at the time. A day or two later, got an e-mail direct from Mirabyte offering me two add-on licenses at a price $5 less than I had just paid on BDJ! I e-mailed back asking for a price adjustment and was told firmly, no way, no how. I was disgusted (the principle, not so much the money was the issue), so I just put the whole thing aside. Now, just a few days ago, I finally decided to go ahead and install the software, and unbelievably, all three paid licenses come back on activation as expired! Either this company doesn't know what it's doing, or how to treat it's customers, or both, but I wouldn't recommend that anyone else try them out.
Dec 20 2012 at 1:01am Copy Link
mirabyte Software Hello Randall,

we are sorry that you are not satisfied with this offer. Maybe you misunderstood something: We did a special offer some time ago for exising customers offering additional licences (!) at a lower price but this offer was ONLY for customers that have already purchased a license - either on our Website (normal price) or discounted (BDY); but we never offered the product at a lower price than on BDY! So this BDY deal is certainly the best chance to get FrontFace!

Regadring your issue with the license key: this sounds like a technical problem. If you have any issues like that, please contact and we will help you to fix the issue. Most likely you made either a typo or you installed a wrong version that was not compatiblle with your key.
mirabyte GmbH & Co. KG - Dec 20 2012 at 1:07am Copy Link
Dennis Why would I want this with Windows 8 Pro available for $40?
Dec 20 2012 at 5:22am Copy Link
mirabyte Software Simply because FrontFace works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 AND Windows 8! The FrontFace UI gives you much more choices to customize your interface compared to Windows 8. Apart from that in Windows 8 you always have to switch back to the Desktop to run a normal Windows app. FrontFace is the only Windows GUI that is able to run touch-optimized FrontFace apps and normal Windows applications in the SAME interface without having to switch back and forth. And even normal apps like Word, IE, etc. can benefit from FrontFace when being used on a touch screen device (see the touch-optimized application context menu!).
mirabyte GmbH & Co. KG - Dec 20 2012 at 5:43am Copy Link
Lifetime Upgrades Does this software support multiple monitors?
Dec 20 2012 at 8:04am Copy Link
mirabyte Software This software is optimized for single screen systems. You can use multiple screen though but only if the windows on both screens belong to the same application. In Windows mode you have - of course - full multi-screen support.
mirabyte GmbH & Co. KG - Dec 20 2012 at 8:15am Copy Link
Randall Schoonhoven @mirabyte: Thank you for the response, but in fact after ordering two additional Frontface licenses for $19.95, the e-mail I received only days later offered me two licenses for $15.00. All three licenses were for "FrontFace 2 incl. free updates + support for life-time", so I remain perplexed as to why they would now come up as expired. I will contact your support by e-mail to see what can be done to resolve this.
Dec 20 2012 at 7:15pm Copy Link
James K An absolutely horrible name for a very interesting (but not as cool as I had first thought) idea.

You really need a new name, the name FontFace made me dismiss this product out of hand because the name makes me assume it's going to be some kind of font editor, font effects, font library, or something else dealing with FONTS. Not a whole new graphical shell for Windows! (How about NewFace or Resurrection 2 or something?)

Oh, and what would make it cool (to me) would be support for Windows 9x/ME/2000, so that it could REALLY put some new life into old hardware!
Dec 21 2012 at 8:09am Copy Link
mirabyte Software @James K: Maybe you take a closer look at the name before you post a comment! ;-))

It's not FontFace it is FRontFace (!) which you may want to look up in a dictionary or your choice... this name makes perfectly sense.

Regarding your proposal: Hardly anyone still uses Windows 9x/ME/2000 and the old hardware will certainly be to slow. So if you can run XP on that machine, it should be sufficient for FrontFace!

mirabyte GmbH & Co. KG - Dec 21 2012 at 8:47am Copy Link
James K My mistake with the name, though I'm not sure it won't be a common mistake.

As for the the older environments, sure they will be slow (though NOT using most applications of the day, systems get faster, and the programs get "bloatier", meaning Office 97 ran about as fast as Office 2012 for word, outlook, and other non-processer intensive operations. (Which exactly the reason that microprossr manufacturers gave for not only stopping the ever increasing speed of microprossers (which topped out somewhere between 3 & 4 Ghz for consumer hardware) and throtteled them back to between 2 and 3 Ghz, along with increasing the number of cores (so people could multitask better).

BUT there IS a _LOT_ of older hardware hiding in the warehouses, basements and closets of businesses and people who are afraid to let old data off the premises, OR who just can't bring themselves to throw out perfectly good hardware, just because the new software won't run on it. And a shell that could reduce the number of threads running on the old single core machines could do a lot to revive those old machines.

I think that if the idea of using them as general purpose computers was abanded and the idea of using them more like an internet device were adoped, a lot of that hardware could be productive again.

Anyway, just my 2ยข.
Dec 21 2012 at 2:54pm Copy Link

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