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Mind CollectedDiscount

Mind Collected

Create Visual Catalogs of Ideas and Things

v1.00.37 for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 8 (32 and 64 bit)
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Some people just work more efficiently when they operate on a visual basis. But databases just don’t seem to want to cater to the visually-minded – until now! Today’s discount software promotion is a powerful way to organize ideas and things visually, and it’s called Mind Collected.

Mind Collected lets you visually catalog ideas and things using photos, names, tags, notes, and interconnectivity. With Mind Collected, you’ll be able to automatically search and fetch images from the Internet that match what’s in your database, or use your own custom photos. Just input the things and concepts you want to catalog, make the connections to other things, and let your brain take over the rest!

The secret is this – by visually cataloging these things, you make them psychoactive, making your brain think about them more often without any additional effort. The result is a massive improvement in behavior that causes you to react more accordingly – recalling things better, making better food choices, the list is endless!

This promotion includes the following:
Mind Collected v1.00.37 ($49.95)
Mind Collected 1-user-3-PC-Pack ($74.95)
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_*_ I purchased and used this software in the past (2015) at version 1.00. The issue I have is, it is only at version 1.00.37 in over three years. For all practical intents, it is dead software more than active or alive.
Just go into knowing you are buying software that apparently sees no time put into it by the developer to keep moving it forward.
Jul 10 at 6:19am Copy Link
Dextronet Hello, thank you for your comment. It is true that we haven't release a new version. Partly that's because we focus on our flagship product Swift To-Do List, but Mind Collected is definitely not a dead software. We are prepared to update it if it's necessary. Overall this has been a very stable release.
Dextronet - Jul 11 at 2:17am Copy Link
Daniel Kamman I've been using Mind Collected for about 3 and a half years. It works perfectly -- I like it as it is and have no need to have it improved.
Jul 11 at 11:01am Copy Link
ciprian Hi, just trialling this software right now. I must say I love it. Some suggestions maybe:
1. Virtual cabinets
2. Hot keys.
The print screen function would benefit greatly from a hot key.
Jul 11 at 10:33pm Copy Link
V M Hi,
I must be missing the true benefit of this software. What is the difference between having a folder with different photos in it and this software.
Jul 12 at 7:13am Copy Link
John Brazier Does this have any import capabilities? For example, if I have lists in spreadsheets, can they be imported in? Thanks.
Jul 13 at 1:55am Copy Link
Jon Spain I was going to buy until I saw there was no PayPal option, why not?
Jul 13 at 5:16am Copy Link
Lupke Brother @JonSpain

PAYPAL is available. Just select your payment method from the list.
Jul 13 at 7:05am Copy Link
Jon Spain Apologies, I didn't see the list option above, not where I expected it, bought.
Jul 13 at 7:14am Copy Link
bvssunnydale Worthless. I have multiple licenses for this software (I'm was very hopeful) and have sent numerous emails to the developer - who responds with boilerplate but never actually offers any help. File sizes quickly get enormous (a little over 1,000 thumbnails has created a Mind Collected file currently at 1,021,831KBs in size that either won't load or crashes immediately upon attempting a tag search). My need is simply to tag thumbnails, and search the tags, so I can quickly find them. I don't use any of the advanced features of this app so this shouldn't be hard (I think). I wouldn't mind (well, I could live with it) the massive file sizes the program creates if the program would then simply open and allow searches but it's painfully slow to open (4 mins, 30 seconds, with a fast i7 cpu, fast SSD & 16GBs of DRAM) - if it opens at all (it usually doesn't) and attempting a search is entirely futile (I last attempted to use it a month ago and it crashed 20 times on search in a row - I counted - this is when it opened at all). It might be the most aggravating piece of non-Microsoft software I've ever used. I'm still hoping an update happens one day (I really need what it should be able to do) but, currently, all my great investment in time and effort (basically at simply cataloging thumbnails) has been totally wasted. My advice is wait-for-an-update. Maybe it'll fix the mess that is this app?
Jul 13 at 8:57am Copy Link
Sara User Comments on some of the comments above, and...

I've had similar problems with WinCatalog (which often appears here on bits): VERY big db size, for the thumbnails, and NO virtual "cabinets"/folders, ie no gathering of files which originally are spread over different physical (NTFS or whatever) folders.

Then, I'm wondering about the silence of the developer, facing the above comments, interaction with a single developer being one of the bigger/biggest benefits of one-man* development ventures.

* = (deceased and) wonderful Karen Kenworthy being the sole (and tremendous) exception to that male-only rule in development, to my knowledge, up to now.

Also, I wonder where from to get visuals for originally-just-text elements in case, even just for my personal use: would it not be too much fuss, at the end of the day? (Since this tool is marketed as some idea-gathering tool, text-only ideas will be frequent after all?!)

So, yes, I'm in a line with other commenters here, wondering about the potential of such software, but not seeing it attained yet.

And finally, I would be very happy to get some info about the abrupt finishing of the offering of this developer's agenda software, some days ago, here, after just some hours: Whilst the yearly rent price (around 100$, or was it 99, hoho?) cannot be justified but by those who use that software on multiple (or, let's say, at least 2) devices, concurrently, and probably, with a price of 100$ for a start (= 50 on bits), and then 50 for updates (= 50 or 49 on bits, every 1 or 2 years, with intermediary, relevant updates, if the developer doesn't offer those updates on his own site, thus "forcing" his customers to go thru intermediaries in order to get updates) seems, to me, being a VERY reasonable price for this fine agenda software (which is amendable indeed but very "clean", very neat already, whilst not being "primitive" or such at all); I seriously had intended to buy next time on bits, and then update, any 1 or 2 years, on bits, again, since any price on the developer's website is 100 or 99$, which simply isn't reasonable, by comparison, if you just use the tool on your (mobile) Windows device.

Then, it disappeared from bits after just some hours if I'm not mistaken, and the developer "thanked" everybody for their "interest", but without giving details on the abrupt vanishing of the offer.

So, do we have to wait another year for it? Bearing in mind that "neatness" left alone, there are other contenders in that "agenda" field which, for some, and at lesser prices, offer more functionality indeed, e.g. TaskMerlin (= "overdue" here on bits) or MLO (My Life Organized, never here on bits but with very reasonable pricing indeed).

So WHAT about Swift-To-Do, its sudden disappearance here, and its possible resurfacing here soon?
Jul 13 at 11:03am Copy Link
Dextronet Hello. Thank you for letting us know about your experience. Better hotkeys and a better support for very big databases is something we want to focus on.

@Sara User
Thank you very much for your interest in Swift To-Do List. The offering here ran for one or two whole days as planned and there was no abrupt disappearance as far as I know. If you are still interested, you can contact our support at support (at) dextronet (dot) com.

Regarding the price, we think that $8.25 per month for an advanced software people mostly use almost everyday to manage their work & home agenda is a reasonable price, and many our users do too. But thank you for your point of view!

Thank you very much for your interest in this software!
Dextronet - Jul 14 at 2:37am Copy Link
Sara User I see you will not change anything about that other software's price ;-)

(Perhaps I'm totally wrong with my observation re the abrupt ending, had seen this some midday, without having seen the offer the day before: so I must have inadvertently left out one day looking into bits; had hoped that wouldn't occur.)

As for that pricing theme, some remarks:

- It's evident that the developer makes his pricing policy, according to his standards: selling less but at higher prices, more at lesser ones, or anything in-between.

- Rents (or in your case, purchases but with update prices at 100 p.c. of the initial price, so I'm NOT wrongly implying your software is rent software, you case is quite special) are justified whenever the developer has additional costs for web storage, which is the case here, hence your 100 p.c. update price, including 1 other year of web storage / web services (but including indefinite - local - use beyond that term).

- Not anybody wants (or gets) 7/24 web connection (web access upon demand: yes, automatic connection: no), and/or juggling around with the same program on several devices, even when some program, yours here, facilitates this.

- Going the rent way, i.e. accepting rent (or something similar as in this case) for us users is very dangerous since if such rent-outs (or similar here) are really successful, more and more software will not be available anymore for some upfront price, and it's to be feared that only inferior software (of which the developer cannot allow himself to rent it out instead) will be available by purchase.

Since the price you indicate is plus VAT, it's nearing 12$ per month, and even business people, in most countries, can NOT deduct VAT, and/or deduct the whole expense from their revenues, since most tax authorities's stance upon this is they will use it, to a degree which cannot be determined, for private means; the same is true for many other software categories.

It's correct that you insist on the fact that agenda software is used daily, whilst probably 80 p.c. of the around 100 "major" software installations on my pc I only use once a month or so, but as implied above, renting instead of buying will not stop then, if proving a successful scheme beyond MS/Adobe, at daily-used software, but will become more and more widespread, including rarely-used software which then you would be forced to rent by the minute, which isn't as advantageous as it sounds to the user since, being software they only use here and then, many (paid) minutes will then be lost be any needed re-acquainting with that piece of software; also, for most of such "1-trick pony" software, users don't necessarily need the latest version, but just one stable version, even years old, and which does that 1 trick well.

In other words, if we give in to software renting now, we will need to pay 250$ per months for our daily software needs in some years, or then we will have to cope with really, really inferior software.

Thus, the question is not if your software is worth near 12$ a month, but if we customers are willing to pay around 20 times that amount in some years in order to retain our access to really good software in general, and which Swift To Do without any doubt is.

In other words, we have to demotivate such offers, by not "buying in", in order to keep off third party developers from adopting your ideas, in order to keep the otherwise lowering flood at bay, at least for all that hybrid offerings; web-only services being another market again and which will certainly dent into the former desktop-only, now desktop-with-some-extra-benefits market even more.

In other words, it's a power struggle, not a question of (generic? individual? measured upon what criteria for every user?) "worth".

Fact is, if you buy some physical object, you have to pay the price, while when buying software, you get more, much more, than you have paid for; the same is true for information (books, periodicals, web...): The providers of those services get (hopefully) paid for their efforts by the fact that they are able to sell the same service (more or less, except for license individualisation costs and similar) to multiple customers.

But at the end of the day, it's illusionary to think that these customers, and notwithstanding all that incredible benefit they get, by not having to pay individually for the development of the software in question, will be able (or even just willing) to pay 200$ or more each month for software rental, so we other users will need to stop this while regular rental sums up to around 20 or 30$ (more if you make your living with Adobe software, but that's another subject), instead of accepting more and more monthly costs for software, reaching 50, then 100, then 200$ and more: if we think acceptable what we're charged, by some, "today", we will inevitably have to pay totally unacceptable sums "tomorrow", our choices today dwindling tomorrow's market in which we then will not have any choice anymore.
Jul 14 at 6:25am Copy Link
Dextronet @Sara User, thank you for your thoughts. Since you build upon it - we think it doesn't qualify as rental because when you buy a license (either first time or as a renewal), the license is yours to keep forever. You can install the latest STDL version your license supports and use it indefinitely.
Dextronet - Jul 15 at 2:25pm Copy Link

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