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My Uninstaller Pro for PC

Remove All Traces of Unwanted Programs

My Uninstaller Pro ScreenshotMy Uninstaller Pro ScreenshotMy Uninstaller Pro ScreenshotMy Uninstaller Pro ScreenshotMy Uninstaller Pro ScreenshotMy Uninstaller Pro Screenshot

When you uninstall software from your system, how do you go about it? Drag stuff to your Recycle Bin? Go to Add/Remove Programs? No matter how you do it, chances are good that you've left some sort of detritus on your system, stuff that you don't even know about that will continue to just take up valuable hard drive space. The best way to completely remove software from your system is by using a dedicated application, like today's discount software promotion, My Uninstaller Pro.

My Uninstaller Pro quickly and easily removes all traces of unwanted software programs from your system. With My Uninstaller Pro, you never need to worry about leftover files, folders, or registry entries that take up hard drive space and threaten to slow down your computer. Even corrupt or unresponsive programs that can't be cleaned by other means are easily handled by My Uninstaller Pro. You can even use My Uninstaller Pro to stop those annoying programs that automatically load at startup, significantly decreasing boot times and increasing your productivity.

Thanks to an intuitive interface and big, no-nonsense buttons, you'll be up and running quickly with My Uninstaller Pro. So, take the express train to faster boot up/shutdown times and increased hard drive space with a copy of My Uninstaller Pro today!

Review Written by Derek Lee

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Bruce How does this software do in comparison to Total Uninstall Pro (which I would love to see on Bits du Jour)? Or compared to Revo Uninstaller (and Revo Uninstaller Pro)?

I know Total Uninstall Pro monitors an install by letting you take a system snapshot before and after, then it records the differences (both file system and registry). And lets you subtract out changes which are known to be unrelated to the installed item.
And Revo Pro is somewhat similar, though the Revo free version does not compare snapshots, rather runs the apps uninstaller and looks for leftovers in file system and registry.

Please let me know how My Uninstaller Pro is different/better.
Thank you.
Aug 1 2012 at 4:54pm Copy Link
Amit Does it have a registry monitor inbuilt for not just uninstalling but for general use also - to compare registry changes when say i push a start monitoring button and then i push the stop button ?
Aug 4 2012 at 5:05am Copy Link
James Evans * My Uninstaller Pro is licensed per computer, and not per user.

* Each license allows installation on 1 computer.

* Transfer of a license to another owned computer is not allowed.

Most of us on BDJ own more than one computer; 3 to 5 seems common. I have 5 and frequently change internal components, drives, memory, video cards, etc. (footprint) so this offer is appreciated but not practical for me. Thanks anyway BDJ.
Aug 4 2012 at 7:52am Copy Link
Lee H James is correct. Those of us that may gravitate to this type of software usually own several computers. I have several computers and my 2 main computers are run side by side via a software KVM switch. I simply will not buy any software that is licensed per computer rather than per user. So I'd have to buy at least 2 licenses or more, even though I'm the only user. It's a deal killer for me.

Thanks BDJ
Aug 4 2012 at 9:09am Copy Link
Mister Toad Yep, I gotta ride with James & Lee on this one also! The folks that lurk this "neck of the woods" are NOT your average pup with their first "HP or Dell flavor of the quarter". Nope, just like these boys I'm packing several "puters" myself; I am too embarassed by the total I have (and still running). Let's just say no one in my or my wife's kin are without one; all they have to do is ask me....please *grin*. I even have several MAC Pros,... Powerbooks... ummmmm *blushing* and a few iBooks.... it was during a few of my "boycotts of Bill Gates and his gang of varmits"... But, anyway, I switch components on these PCs faster than I do my skivvies (oh,...sorry... visual right?). What I am trying to say to all these vendors is .... HEY, we love ya baby! But, this nasty business of licensing the "puter".... Naw, I would need a "co-signer" or possibly a 2nd mortgage! Let me give you a hint: Licensing it by the customer and make up the differences on upgrades... We digitheads CANNOT resist a new version with new and/or enhanced features. Trust Me!

Just an added note.... I would have purchased it if not for the "draconian licensing" policy!
Aug 4 2012 at 10:54pm Copy Link

My Uninstaller Pro


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