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Universal Scanning Software Pro and Home Edition

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Platforms: Windows 2000, XP, Vista (32 and 64 bit), 7 (32 and 64 bit), 8 (32 and 64 bit), 10 (32 and 64 bit)
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Document scanning was supposed to make our lives easier, but the software applications and compatibilities involved in achieving scanning nirvana turned the process into a nightmare. Either the software that you want to use isn't compatible with your scanner, or the software that came with the scanner is horrible and doesn't meet your needs. It's time to start over, and PaperScan is the first step on this new journey to scanning freedom.

Want to keep up to date with new PaperScan releases and updates? Check out the PaperScan Version History for that!

PaperScan is a universal scanning application with a superb OCR engine (available in the Pro version) that runs on both the TWAIN and WIA industry standards (will work with literally any scanner). With PaperScan, you can quickly scan documents to digital format without hassle, or import existing images and PDF files to take advantage of the wide array of adjustments and enhancements that the software offers. When you're done, you can save your scans to popular file formats that include JPEG, TIFF, PDF, and JBIG2, a revolutionary format that allows up to 10X compression for scanned documents.

Version 3 now includes changes in the interface, a new settings panel, more than 20 new filters and effects, support for 60+ OCR languages (Pro edition only), new profile manager to create remove and switch configuration settings, support for custom keyboard shortcuts management, pre-set annotations support with a featured designer (Pro edition only), new preview feature in scanning wizard and improved support for large bitmap handling and for camera devices.

What kinds of adjustments and enhancements does PaperScan offer? How about the ability to correct skewed images? Remove punch holes, borders, and blank pages? Rotate images, adjust color, filters, and apply special effects? When it comes to printing, no other application offers this level of flexibility and power, giving you the ability to resize images, select print quality, crop, and more! All of this functionality and more can be yours with PaperScan!

Please note folks, today you can purchase either PaperScan Home Edition or PaperScan Professional Edition. Scroll down the product page to find a comparison matrix detailing the differences in the versions.

This promotion includes the following:
PaperScan Home Version ($79)
PaperScan Pro Version ($149)
The Conversation
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Coralie Carlier Hello

If you are interested in getting yourself our effective and maintained paper scanning software and you are unsure as to whether this is the product for you, feel free to contact us so we can help you. For further assistance or information, please head to our website at You can ask and get in touch with us about our products in our forum section at

Thank you for your interest in our software.
ORPALIS - Jun 11 at 5:39am Copy Link
Sara User From the comparison matrix http://paperscan.orpalis....on-matrix/ free/standard/pro it appears that in case, only the pro edition is of real interest, and since it's available here for more or less the standard price, I'm quite tempted, since currently I don't have a really good scanner software.

As for the OCR (available in pro, whilst without that, cheaper scan softwares are available), I doubt a little bit, and would like to know how you do it. OCR - just like spoken language reconnaissance - is VERY special software, and currently, only TWO software developers worldwide (Nuance and Abbyy) seem to have enough manpower (or is it called personpower now?) in order to do this in some near-acceptable way, and even their offerings are far from perfect; it's simply too complicated a task.

Thus, have you bought your OCR component from one of these (which one, in case?), and in this case, this would both amply justify the (original) asking price, and would be a strong indicator that we should indeed buy your (pro) software here and now; whilst if you have developed your OCR in-house, and knowing nothing about it, I'd think that it's not as good as any one of the two mentioned above, but that'd be just my guess from my manpower considerations above. Also, re OCR, would it be scanned-documents-only, or for any screen texts (e.g. with web origin?), too? Thanks a lot!
Jul 18 at 1:37am Copy Link
Coralie Carlier Hi Sara,

PaperScan is a desktop and an end-user application entirely built on Gdpicture.NET components.

Regarding our OCR software, we use the component from GdPicture.Net which is also one of our products. We have a very strong OCR plugin that you can try within Gdpicture.
If you are unsure as to how accurate the software is when it comes to exporting a page to pdf format using OCR then we are willing to allow you to test the feature for yourself. You can obtain a trial key after downloading paperscan which won't cost you anything.
For all languages supported by the OCR engine, you can find the list here: http://guides.gdpicture.c...guage.html

In paperscan, you can import documents meaning you can also OCR those files. All you need to do is import them and then save them to PDF OCR format to use the OCR functionality.

We are glad to be able to help!
ORPALIS - Jul 18 at 6:03am Copy Link
Sara User Oh, I see, you do it all in-house (Gdpicture = Orpalis), thank you!

Unfortunately, the standard version is quite, well, should I say "reduced", in comparison with the prof version, so I'd had preferred the only difference between the two being the OCR, and then I would have been quite fond of the standard version and its pricing, also for updates then; other users' requirements may differ, obviously.
Jul 18 at 4:36pm Copy Link
Alan Stevenson Bought the Pro version in 2011, updated it ever since and happy with it. Never used the Home version so can't comment on that, but Pro version worth getting, especially at this price. Email responses to queries are pretty fast, too.
Jul 19 at 1:34am Copy Link
Sara User Quite not so much "traffic" here, eh?

The end-of-2015 question "Why can't I try out the OCR feature?" wasn't met with ANY answer; it seems that in downloading the trial, you must choose your version, and then you'll get the full functionality, for 30 days, of that version - it would have been kind answering that user's question though, even if it appears he made a mistake in downloading?

Some time ago, I had trialed the free version - even then, I hadn't been happy with the strong crippling of the standard "home" version, ORC yes/no should be the ONLY differentiation between 79 and 149$ plus VAT, in view of the "standard/home" pricing, which is quite steep at 79$ -, and I found the following notes I did then, whilst not being able to differentiate which are my own, which are probably finds from the web:

"NO multipage save, just single pages (even within these 10) [that probably being my own finding]
Newer versions don't even scan in color anymore [obviously web-origin]
Worthless;unless you pay $149 for full version. But then again, I don't even know if the full version works since I can't test it." [Not me; probably and at the time, you withheld the OCR functionality from your trials? Wasn't it good enough then? cf. a recent post on donationcoder-com re withholding possibly disappointing functionality from the trial in some thread "
How NOT to Conceive Software Trials (and some new ideas around them)"? Obviously, you do much better now!]

From my further research, I somewhere saw your OCR engine (which you now sell to third parties, so it's to be assumed you developed it further, then) is based upon the free Linux one Tesseract (origins somewhere in 1985), then I discovered yourself said so in 2011 here in the conversation, so I installed the trial.

Unfortunately, I've got network problems, and my professional scanner is a network one, which doesn't ping correctly whilst Advanced IP Scanner very well "sees" the scanner indeed; from my main computer, I don't succeed anymore to reach my modem (7 years old, nothing to do with password, I don't even got to the asking window anymore and should probably replace it; in Toulouse vicinity you should currently have even some more, unbearable degrees killing electronics and old people).

In other words, I cannot get my professional scanner to run for me anymore (it's a Canon office machine for copying, printing and scanning), so I tried with some old (other) Canon scanner, a LIDE 70 or some... with does NOT run with W10 anymore, whilst your program (understandably) doesn't run with XP anymore.

Since you said that PaperScan is aimed at people who own a scanner but do not have a real/performant scan software, I had hoped that your software would recognize my old Canon scanner, and run with/for it - your possible OCR intriguing me after all), but that's unfortunately not the case:

Whilst VueScan pretend they offer scan DRIVERS, together with, and incorporated within, their scan processing software, your software obviously depends on existing drivers and doesn't pretend/offer to replace them; that's good to know.

At the end of the day, I'm unable to trial your software since it doesn't "run" (on my quite recent, professional scanner: my fault; and on my ancient, consumer scanner: again, my fault of wishful thinking), in the sense of making some connection with any of my scanners (again: that's my fault here).

But from the "Settings", I became aware at least that even your "professional" version does NOT do real batch scanning (for the processing: I don't know), for flatbed scanners: there's no "1 scan any x seconds" functionality to be found? (And not speaking of some more elaborate functionality which would recognize scans done too early, and in which there would not be any reasonable amount of recognizable text, then - many people do have some, more or less professional, flatbed scanner AND want to do batch scanning altogether though, perhaps at 6 seconds, i.e. in some minimum of time, but then, some scans will arrive too early for them in case -currently, even the x-seconds-apart functionality seems to be missing, though?)

Thus, with my obviously non-professional setting at this very moment, with a deficient modem (which continues in giving me access to the web though, for the time being), I am very unfortunately NOT being able to trial your OCR, and in some 14, 30 days, my network problems (hopefully) being resolved, I then should pay full price in case, i.e. if your OCR is really good, so, and probably entirely by my "fault" = mishap, I will pass on this (possibly highly-interesting) offer, but please, make sure that in spite of my installation of your version 3, I'll be able to trial your version 4 whenever it'll be released, on that some pc! (This implying that I'm not even sure I'll be able to trial your version 3 within 30 days, network problems being those I never came near really coping with, in all those years, MS networks being a nightmare to begin with...)

And some last observation: Most offers here on bits come from 1-man ventures, and thus, the answers (or non-answers) come from people intimately knowing their (self-coded) software; that's a big advantage, for buying, or then, in some cases, even for refraining from buying. On the other hand, sales people simply don't just know enough details in order to always correctly answer, and that's potentially harmful, for prospects as for the vendor's business.

To give an example, somebody in the "history" of this conversation once asked if, in case of Orpal not doing business anymore, license transfer to another computer was always assured anyway; the answer they got (citing from memory): "My CEO has certainly foreseen this eventuality, and will have taken the appropriate measures to prevent your loss of license in that case, but I personally don't know about it." - Nothing ever followed that exchanged.

Don't take me wrong here, I certainly don't insinuate that risk was really otherwise than negligeable in the case of Orpal, you do your business quite well it seems, but, and this is said with all and very due respect, info should never ever given by press spokespeople, but by responsible people, otherwise we're tremendously fast back to what we all have to endure by politicians, our wishful thinking at the end of the day entirely replacing any solid information we'd initially had hoped for. Thank you!
Jul 20 at 8:34am Copy Link
Faisal Humayun The discount code was invalid during the extended offer time.
Jul 20 at 10:59pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Faisal Humayun, I am sorry about the issue. I just contacted the vendor asking for the coupon code to be extend for a while longer. I will let you know about this.
BitsDuJour Admin - Jul 21 at 3:46am Copy Link
Faisal Humayun @Coralie Carlier - As a user of PaperPort I would like import PDFs which I can perform OCR upon so that I can export these editable files into other formats such as Kindle/Epub/Mobi. Am I able to do this?
Jul 21 at 1:28pm Copy Link
Coralie Carlier Hello Faisal,

With paperscan pro edition you can import PDF files and then do OCR on them. You cannot output to format such as Kindle/Epub/Mobi as of right now. If you have software that converts PDFs into those formats you listed then with paperscan you can achieve all of this. Simply import your PDF file and then save it as PDF OCR format and you will have an OCR'ed PDF file.

I strongly recommend you take a look at our PDF OCR software as it may be better suited for what you want to do. Paperscan can do this but is less dedicated to doing this than PDF OCR. You can find a link to that here:

Do not hesitate to asks us questions on our forums if you come across any problems or things you may not understand. Thank you.
ORPALIS - Jul 23 at 6:43am Copy Link
Coralie Carlier @Sara User

Regarding the user that got unanswered, this is a mistake on our part and we try our best to give as fast support as possible. This may be because we are using bitsdujour. For support with our software, we highly encourage you use our forums. We also have a ticket system where we can guarantee very fast support with any problems you may have. Those methods are our priority.

We are sad to hear you are unable to use paperscan as of right now. As said previously, there are 3 editions being: Free, Home, Professional. The Free edition is available to anyone to use and download for free. For the Home and Professional editions, you can request a trial key to test out these editions. When testing them out, you gain access to all functionalities users who have paid have except you will only have them for a limited time only depending on your trial license key. This trial usually lasts 30days and if you request a license key for paperscan professional edition, depending on your motives, you may be given one of these keys so you can fully test our software with all the functionalities that go with it (OCR Included). This does not have anything to do with the free edition since it does not give full access to the professional edition features.

If you are having compatibility issues between your scanner and paperscan, make sure you have the latest drivers installed for the scanner and it should work.

Lastly, doubting the origin or status of the person answering you as you do not know where it comes from and the answer might be missleading, is understandable on any user's part. We assure you that all the information we hand out has come from the developers themselves and whoever answers you in our company would not do so without giving you the correct information.

Thank you for your interest nonetheless and we hope you find what you are looking for eventually.
ORPALIS - Jul 23 at 7:16am Copy Link
Faisal Humayun @Coralie Carlier - Thanks for your message. And to echo @Sara User - I also have a VUE Smart scanner that didn't get picked up by the software.

Anyway - will be nice to see you promote the PDF OCR - I've subscribed to the newsletter.
Jul 23 at 12:26pm Copy Link

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