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ShareMouse - Mouse and Keyboard Sharing SoftwareDiscount

ShareMouse - Mouse and Keyboard Sharing Software

Share a Mouse and Keyboard With Multiple Mac/Win PCs

60% Off
v2 for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 or Mac OSX Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion or Mavericks
Deal Expired...but might be back soon!
ShareMouse - Mouse and Keyboard Sharing Software ScreenshotDesktop Space Software ScreenshotShareMouse - Mouse and Keyboard Sharing Software, Desktop Space Software ScreenshotShareMouse - Mouse and Keyboard Sharing Software, Desktop Customization Software ScreenshotDesktop Space Software, ShareMouse - Mouse and Keyboard Sharing Software ScreenshotDesktop Customization Software, ShareMouse - Mouse and Keyboard Sharing Software ScreenshotDesktop Customization Software, Desktop Space Software ScreenshotShareMouse - Mouse and Keyboard Sharing Software, Desktop Customization Software, Desktop Space Software Screenshot

Your desk space is limited as it is - so why clutter it even further with additional peripherals? While it may be necessary to use more than one computer, what's not necessary is to have stacks of different keyboards and multiple mice for different hardware setups. That's where today's discount software promotion, ShareMouse, comes into play.

ShareMouse lets you share a mouse and keyboard with multiple networked computers. With ShareMouse, you don't ever have to swap out different sets of peripherals when you switch from one machine to another. In fact, with ShareMouse, all you need to do is just move your mouse pointer to the computer that you wish to control, then resume working as usual! There's no button to push, no switch to toggle. Just glide your mouse over to the border of a monitor, and BAM, your mouse jumps to the next monitor and is automatically linked to that corresponding computer.

You can even use ShareMouse for file transfers between computers, even between different Macs and Windows PCs. Just drag files from one computer over to another - it's that easy! Plus, all of your input is encrypted and transmitted over your existing LAN connection. And, as you would expect, you can even share the clipboard between computers, so stuff you copy on one machine is immediately available for pasting on any other machine.

Please note folks: One single Professional license is good for one PC (the server) which can use up to 8 connected computers (and a total of up to 18 monitors). One single Standard license is good for 2 connected computers with a total of 2 monitors.

This promotion includes the following:
ShareMouse Standard - 1 year maintenance v2 ($7.98)
ShareMouse Pro - 1 year maintenance ($19.98)

The Conversation
The Fine Print
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bvssunnydale Does this work on BYOD, non connected to network cpu, and the network connected cpu, simultaneously? Thanks.
Jun 16 2014 at 12:47am Copy Link
Overtkill What makes ShareMouse stand apart from free apps like Microsoft Garage's Mouse Without Borders, or Synergy? I've been using Mouse without borders for a while, with very few issues, to control workstations and a few servers here in house.

I guess what I am driving at is what makes your software worth the price vs. free applications that do the same thing with the mouse sharing over the network. I'd genuinely be interested if it had some additional options the others don't. I love a good multitasker in the way of utilities. :)

Thanks for offering your software! :)
Jun 16 2014 at 12:48am Copy Link
L Christopher I want to use this with two computers. But I have 3 screens. But I really only want to share one screen between the two computers. i.e. Two screens for one computer and one screen for the second computer. Is this possible with the ShareMouse Standard?
Jun 16 2014 at 12:48am Copy Link
Bartels Media GmbH @bvssunnydale: Mouse/keyboard is transmitted via the local network, so all computers must be networked.

@L Christopher: If 3 monitors connected, you would need the Professional Edition. ShareMouse cannot identify if connected monitors are used or not. If you detach the third monitor, the Standard Edition would be fine.
Bartels Media GmbH - Jun 16 2014 at 12:53am Copy Link
Bartels Media GmbH @Overtkill: We'd suggest to try out ShareMouse. You will recognize the difference in the very first minute.

* Extremely easy auto-setup. No manual config needed.

* ShareMouse works in any direction (vs. static client/server roles).

* ShareMouse has an unparalleled multi-monitor support & adjustment.

* ShareMouse works rock-solid between Mac and Windows.


How ShareMouse differes from Synergy: http://www.keyboard-and-m...native.htm

How ShareMouse differes from 'Mouse without Borders': http://www.keyboard-and-m...native.htm
Bartels Media GmbH - Jun 16 2014 at 1:29am Copy Link
Marcel Stumpel is SBS 2003 supported?
Jun 16 2014 at 2:33am Copy Link
Anggie Bratadinata I used synergy for years but the last version i installed did not work on my macbook & reinstalling an older version didn't work either. So i looked for an alternative and found sharemouse. It worked right out of the box with my setup, 2 computers ( mac & windows ) + 4 screens.

So I've been using it since ver. 1.0 & never had any problems whatsoever.

If you have multiple computers on your desk, just buy sharemouse. You won't regret it.

And no, i'm not affiliated with bartels media ;-)
Jun 16 2014 at 2:33am Copy Link
Bartels Media GmbH AFAIK, SBS 2003 is based on XP and should work. However, please please try to make sure that it works fine on your particular system. If you are happy, no re-installation is required - Just enter license key and you're ready to go.
Bartels Media GmbH - Jun 16 2014 at 2:36am Copy Link
Robert Crombie Is this the Standard or the Pro version ?

When the year is up, does it stop working
Keep working, but upgrades cease, after that year

If I have a few PCs, but my main one is always running (I will pretend that it is the 'server PC' and it is in there that I would install your program).
Can I share with any one of my other PCs, as long as that 'other PC' and the 'server PC' are the only two running. Thus 1 and 2 can run, then I can turn off 2, and start PC 3. Etc

If it is the Standard version that we are buying, then I assume that my scenario's would not break the 'only 2 PCs can be connected' rule ?

PS Hoping that you take PayPal ?
Jun 16 2014 at 9:57am Copy Link
Tony Haynes When you say '1 year maintenance' do you mean it's a one-year licence (yes I'm UK based - hence the spellling!!),or that one year of product support is included?
Jun 16 2014 at 9:57am Copy Link
Overtkill @L Christopher
I too run 3 monitors and drive multiple systems. My solution was to take one of the 2 end monitors and add a decent KVM switch between the connection. This way you can still use whatever mouse/keyboard sharing program you wish, and not lose any screen real estate on your main system.

With the other computer is on the switch, all you have to do is pick a direction to move the mouse into that session. This configuration works for me as I use the other systems part time on my main displays.
Jun 16 2014 at 9:58am Copy Link
James Ayton Does not have screensaver sync support, so if you do not switch to a computer for a period of time equal to it's screensaver timeout, it will trigger the screensaver and lock the session.

Also can't lock the session with the WIN + L windows hotkey on the other computer like you can with synergy.

It will take some getting used to.
Jun 16 2014 at 9:59am Copy Link
Paul Moon Please detail the fine print of "ShareMouse Pro - 1 year maintenance ($19.98)" as seen above. Specifically, if I buy the Pro version today for $19.98 then what happens 366 days from now? Do I need to pay anything again to keep using it? What if I need to re-install Windows 380 days from today, what would happen when I tried to re-install the same version that I purchase today? I only ask because it is never a question about WETHER Windows will blow up, the question is always WHEN. I don't want to find that I would be required to pay again 13 months from now. Thanks!
Jun 16 2014 at 9:59am Copy Link
Bartels Media GmbH @Tony, Robert: The license is valid life-time. You get free updates/upgrades/new versions during the maintenance term.

The licensed computer can roam to any group of computers (at home or at work) as you like. This licensed ("main") computer will temporarily license all computers of that group.
Bartels Media GmbH - Jun 16 2014 at 9:59am Copy Link
Bartels Media GmbH @Paul: No, it is a one-time purchase. License is valid life-time. License reset in case of rare computer breakdowns is included.
Bartels Media GmbH - Jun 16 2014 at 10:02am Copy Link
James Ayton Log time user of Synergy. The free trial is interesting enough to go ahead and try it at this deal.
Jun 16 2014 at 10:07am Copy Link
Mark Johnson Can ShareMouse handle the situation where one of the computers has a vpn connection into another network? I work from home 9x% of the time but often have a vpn connection into some company's network.

Basic description:
Windows 8.1 PC with 3 monitors
Windows 8.1 laptop with 1 external monitor
Either machine might at any time have vpn into an external network, but not normally both of them at the same time.

Jun 16 2014 at 11:06am Copy Link
Bartels Media GmbH @Mark, You would need to configure VPN to tunnel UDP. We strongly recommend to use a direct UDP/TCP IP network connection. Please try the demo to check whether it works in your environment. We kindly ask for your understanding that we are not able to analyze individual user's network architecture and make compatibility statements. You don't even need to install anything. The portable edition runs straight from a file folder:
Bartels Media GmbH - Jun 16 2014 at 11:12am Copy Link
Matt Hello,

I purchased 4 licenses of ShareMouse 1.x on an earlier BDJ promotion.

When trying to install the 1.x version, I get a pop-up window saying that the installation file is out-of-date and I am prompted to download the latest 2.x version.

When refusing to download the newest 2.x version, my 1.x installation then terminates.

Why can I no longer install my older 1.x version. I only have the options of either purchasing 2.x licenses or nothing at all.

Jun 16 2014 at 1:22pm Copy Link
Loco78 * I have to say quite interesting program and useful solution. Standard license is ideal for me at home, it was worth it to spend the few dollars.
Jun 16 2014 at 1:24pm Copy Link
Matt Hello,

I located the link on your website to download the latest 1.x version.

It installed fine, so please disregard my earlier questions.

Thank you.
Jun 16 2014 at 1:24pm Copy Link
John Westbury H!
I have 3 computers (none of them are a server!) with (variously) 3 screens active on one particular PC with a single monitor in use for much of the time.
None of my usage is commercial!!
I can see that the Pro version licence would cover, but is that the only option for my usage?
Jun 17 2014 at 2:45am Copy Link
Roberto Zavala Does this program works with wireless peripherals?
Jun 17 2014 at 2:49am Copy Link
Damian DeLeon This deal says PC only but they make a version for macs as well. If I purchase this version, would the license also work on macs?
I downloaded the Mac version trial from their site and it's exactly what I'm looking for.
Jun 17 2014 at 2:50am Copy Link
Bartels Media GmbH @John: We gladly help you to calculate your needs: Three PC is not two PC which is the limited for the Standard Edition. Three PC is one more than two PC. If the limitation of two computer is exceeded, you would need the corresponding license, which is the Professional Edition in your case; as outlined here and at

@Roberto: ShareMouse requires a local network connection. This includes WLAN if it supports UDP (which is usually the case).

@Damian ShareMouse is compatible with Mac and Windows. The deal applies to both OS.
Bartels Media GmbH - Jun 17 2014 at 3:01am Copy Link
Dewebmeester NL Ordered it twice but it-shared never succeeded in completing the order. Had this experience before with them.
Jun 17 2014 at 8:22am Copy Link
Robert Crombie My Googling suggested a few times, that we need a licence for each PC
Is that still the case ?

And if I could combine that question with my earlier question (as I did not grasp your answer completely) -
Say I have my main PC called PC1.
I purchase one copy of what is offered today, for $7.98 and install it in my main PC1
Today I fire up my PC2 (PC1 and PC2 running)
Do I need to install the program into there as well ?
If so, do I need another $7.98 purchase ?
Tomorrow comes and I have PC1 running, and on that day I start up PC3
(PC1 and PC3 running)
Do I need to install your program into PC3.
And if I do, do I need to purchase another copy ?
The day after tomorrow, I have PC1 running, and I start up PC4
(PC1 and PC4 running)
Is that going to be a good day for me ?

Jun 17 2014 at 8:22am Copy Link
Jeffrey Krzysztow Will this be the price for all future updates as well or after the first year, the regular yearly fee will then be in effect?

So, first year is 19.98, but future yearly support is 24.98? Or once we start at 19.98, that is the price forever?
Jun 17 2014 at 8:23am Copy Link
Johnathan Stein I already had a good experience with this company's "MaxiVista" product, so I bought this, as they don't usually have a "sale".

ShareMouse is a painless install, with only one "gotcha" - it does not have a "start with Windows" option, so I did a copy & paste to the STARTUP folder.

While Microsoft's GarageMouse/Mouse-without-Borders is not bad, it is not maintained -- it's a one-off research by-product. FYI, the Copy & Paste works OK, but the Drag & Drop won't go where you drop -- it wants to use it's "home" folder.

Whereas this company, BartelsMedia, is on version 2 of ShareMouse.

ShareMouse is well designed and works transparently -- I don't have to think about it or futz with it. Good quality, like MaxiVista. The screen dim, mouse trail when switching, etc. show that the features are well thought-out.

There is a "freebie" version, but with limits -- no copy & paste, password, etc.
Jun 17 2014 at 8:23am Copy Link
Bartels Media GmbH @Robert: Licensing changed with ShareMouse v2. Please check - One license if fine for all your mentioned scenarios. You will never forget that day. ;-)

@Jeffrey: License is valid life-time. You get free updates/upgrades/new version for 1 year. Future upgrade maintenance will be available at discount (not determined yet).

@Jonathan: Thanks for the kind words.
Bartels Media GmbH - Jun 17 2014 at 8:34am Copy Link
Bartels Media GmbH @Dewebmeester: The shop is run by an external company - Please check with them directly. We are sure that any issue can be easily solved. We have numerous sales today without problems.
Bartels Media GmbH - Jun 17 2014 at 8:36am Copy Link
Johnathan Stein @Robert Crombie --

1. You only pay ONCE.

2. If you want to control more than 2 PCs, or if one of the PCs has 2+ monitors, you will need the PRO version, which is $20. The STANDARD version, which is $8, is only for 2 PCs, with 1 monitor each.

3. The software must be installed on each machine you want to control.

Once installed, you can control any machine from any mouse & keyboard. It's very slick. Password is optional, in case others near you (on the same local net) use the software, too.

The only issue I've found is that the Install program does not have a "Start with Windows" option. Just copy & paste "Launch ShareMouse" from the Start Menu to the Startup folder.

There is a freebie version at their website, if you want to try-before-you-buy.

I bought the PRO version, as I have used this company's other products. Good stuff.
Jun 17 2014 at 11:22am Copy Link
Guy Good Is there any plan to add Linux support in the near future? This product would be very helpful for Raspberry Pi (ARM CPU) users as well. I have seen articles where they document setting up Synergy with a PC and a Raspberry Pi.
Jun 17 2014 at 11:43pm Copy Link
Robert Crombie Bartels Media,
Thanks for response.
I was about to purchase (the Pro version), when I noticed this on your FAQ -
Can I use ShareMouse with just one monitor?
No, each computer requires at least one monitor
There is ultimately no use for ShareMouse if any computer has no monitor. ShareMouse is not a Remote Desktop Software such as TeamViewer or VNC.

That would be of no use to me, as I have a single monitor that all my PCs use (I have a physical vga switcher)

If I kept my physical vga switcher WITH JUST ONE MONITOR, and install your Pro version in PC1, would my life be livable ?
Have you seen any set up like that, working acceptably ?

Jun 17 2014 at 11:47pm Copy Link
Bartels Media GmbH @Robert, our apologies but we really run out of ideas how to make it clearer than that FAQ entry. You probably should not purchase the software. Again, our apologies.

@Guy, Linux is on our wishlist, too.
Bartels Media GmbH - Jun 18 2014 at 12:20am Copy Link
Robert Crombie Bartel,
Is there a more positive way to get the mouse/keyboard to switch ?
I can get it to leave PC1, for a few seconds, and then it returns.
Thus it is trying to pass control to PC2
If you had a hot key Such as Win Ctrl 2 which FORCED the mouse/keyboard to PC2 it would presumably be there waiting for me, when I used the vga switcher to view PC2 on my single monitor

I reckon there would be many, many people that are using a large single monitor with a couple of PCs running.

There must be a way to get a more forceful swap between the running PCs ?
Jun 18 2014 at 11:46am Copy Link
Dewebmeester NL @Bartels Media, unfortunately, I tried 4 times to order, paid with paypal using bank account, paid with paypal using credit card, paid with creditcard directly, tried in all ways to get in touch with shared-it, but there seems to be no way they can get my order processed. Could be because I am in Croatia at the moment while living in the Netherlands but I lost interest in buying. I did send them the order number so if they were willing to help out they could have processed order manually.
Jun 18 2014 at 11:46am Copy Link
Robert Crombie Whoever is moderating our comments, should be ashamed.
I posted my question hours ago (re "JUST ONE MONITOR")
It now gets posted with 10 minutes left for the vendor to reply.
There is very little chance of that, so I miss out on the reduced price for the Pro version.
If you cannot moderate our posts MUCH, MUCH quicker than this, then for our sake, allow the posts to appear immediately, and then delete the occasional offensive one later.

Surely, you can see that delays of many hours (before our posts appear) is NOT workable ? ? ?
Jun 18 2014 at 12:28pm Copy Link
Bartels Media GmbH @Robert: ShareMouse includes a hotkey to jump to a specific monitor:

@Dewebmeester: Our apologies for the trouble you may have experienced with the purchase procedure. Indeed, our ecommerce partner is quite sensitive for uncommon country combinations (purchase from location x with credit card issued in y). We have no influence in their fraud protection.
Bartels Media GmbH - Jun 18 2014 at 1:50pm Copy Link
Robert Crombie Bartel,
I discovered that hot key, and experimented with it, prior to posting my last post.
I could not get it to jump.
I would get the couple of second disappearance of the mouse pointer, but it would not appear on PC2
What I need it is a direct instruction to go to PC2.
Perhaps get your wee picture of the monitors to not only show the active one, but let us click on the the other one, and that will be the direct instruction to the program.
But I am open to anything that is more precise than the hot key you pointed me to.

Surely in the history of time, someone else has tried your program, when they are running a couple of PCs, with one large monitor ?
Jun 19 2014 at 1:21am Copy Link
Bartels Media GmbH @Robert: Each computer must have at least one physical monitor. ShareMouse is not the right solution for you at this time if one of your computers doesn't have a monitor. We continuously add new functionality to ShareMouse and might consider adding features changing that system requirements but this is not the case at this time. Do not buy ShareMouse at this time. Please subscribe to our Twitter account to stay tuned for new versions: - Thank you.
Bartels Media GmbH - Jun 19 2014 at 1:37am Copy Link
Overtkill Impartial reviews are in the eyes of the readers...

Coming from the other side of the equation, I can say that this software isn't bad once you have it setup. There are some features that interfere with functionality. Many of the hot key functions had to be changed or disabled completely if you want to use standard control keys.. CTRL-S for example, is the emergency key assignment, this is also used in every other application to save a file. Once I turned that one off, and the "local input stops remote control" (Try this while using automation functions on a machine) functions, it worked like it should.

I would like to forewarn anyone who is about to use the trial, it will nag you to death until you register it. After a few hours, ShareMouse requires you to restart across all PC's. Being that a user would be using this software to control them, doesn't the developer realize what a huge pain in the keester this can be?? You guys should be doing this the way many others do, and get on the 30 day Pro Version trial system like everyone else. Users need more time to assess whether or not this will work for them, and not be bothered by being nagged into non-functioning software after a few hours of use. Your current method damn near made me not want to register this software due to this.

That said, what did sell me over Mouse without Borders, was the transition smoothness between machines, and a little less buggy in the switching between machines with stuff running like VMWare on a system. MWB hates to interact with VMWare running, it your other machine window is on the other side of the VMWare window, the mouse would bug out. Also, being a sysadmin, I found the password encryption feature is a nice security option. I am curious what level and type of encryption that is used.

Now, is it worth the cash? Not at full price, but not too terrible for $20 bucks through this offer. However, you cannot sell a unitasker (software with 1 main purpose) for those prices, and expect to do well. For that kind of pricing, you might want to bundle SM with some of your other applications, or build in additional tools to bolster its feature set. Users love a good utility that does loots of cool stuff. :) MWB on the other hand, is free, and so far the only real difference aside from a few small quirks there vs. SM, is that yours supports MAC's and is a bit smoother through transitions. Having used MWB for years now, that is about all I see that's any different.

You guys also have your software under several .com domains that are called upon for each app. You guys might want to rethink your website structure to only use the main company site for your product sales. This would probably help you move more licenses if users can see what you have to offer, no matter which program they are looking for. You're SM site for example, users can't find your other programs very easily.

The Conclusion: If you (the reader) can live with a few quirks, and prefer free, MWB is for you. If you want a little more polish to your program, and don't mind spending the cash on a small single purpose utility, and can tolerate nagware during a trial, give ShareMouse a shot. However, be ready with another mouse and keyboard on the other systems you hope to control during the trial, as it requires you to relaunch ShareMouse again and again after only a few hours of use.

Thanks for reading...
Jun 19 2014 at 11:13am Copy Link
Johnathan Stein @Overtkill,

I did not have those issues, but I did register right after install.

Also, you might note there is a free version of ShareMouse, just without the Copy & Paste and Drag & Drop features.

Good point about consolidating websites (though it IS a German company, so they may tend to be a bit overly anal

FYI: I just added their iPad version of MaxiVista to my toolbox -- it's pretty slick!
Jun 19 2014 at 12:43pm Copy Link
Bartels Media GmbH @Overtkill: CTRL-S is no default hotkey in ShareMouse. You may have accidentally configured it yourself. We would not recommend to use such hotkey.

> Once I turned that one off, and the "local input stops remote control" (Try this while using automation functions on a machine) functions, it worked like it should.

This feature can come handy and prevents accidentally cancelling remote control sessions if the remote computer’s mouse is touched by accident. You may not need it so you can switch it off.

> Users need more time to assess whether or not this will work for them

This certainly is valid for other types of programs but we don’t believe that you need 30 days to evaluate ShareMouse features. We would be curious to learn if there is anything you would need to evaluate that you can’t with the current demo?
Bartels Media GmbH - Jun 20 2014 at 12:33am Copy Link
Overtkill Being a Sysadmin, a lot of what I do is automation programming. Some of the issues I described where local programs are running and performing actions in these cases, I had to disable the local input functionality. It continually interrupted the session and made it difficult to interact.

I also ran into an issue yesterday, where both machines could see one another, but for whatever reason, would not let either PC lead the session, and taking the mouse to the given direction seemed to stick the pointer into no mans land. Only after moving the mouse repeatedly back into the proper direction, was I able to get the pointer back.

I went through all the obvious stuff, including security software and what not to no avail. Restarted both machines, reinstalled SM from scratch both machines, After about an hour of fidgeting, I was able to get it to work again. The host PC (my main) seemed to lose the screen configuration info for the other machine, trying to make Monitor D (second puter) into Monitor A, which is 1 of 3 monitors on the main system.

To me, the issue seemed to be not only config, but also seemed to be related to licensing. I realize that you guys revamped it for version 2, but I think it still needs work. Maybe build in a secondary machine installation to negate any licensing issues between host and clients instead of trying to pass licensing data to the other systems. This seemed to be the issue for me as the second PC acted like it wanted to host the session, even though the other machine had the license. This also occurred whether or not any security software was enabled on both systems. With both disabled, SM exhibited the same behavior over a clean hard wired professional environment (decent cat6e and gigabit switching hardware).

If this behavior keeps happening, I will be asking for a refund. I do not have time to burn when I need this application functioning. I would ordinarily drive the system remote, but in this case, I have to have desktop access to the server. Mouse Without Borders, while having bugs of its own, has never cut me off completely from a remote system. I guess its a good thing I keep a wireless keyboard and mouse on that system for bios configuration changes.
Jun 20 2014 at 8:59am Copy Link
Bartels Media GmbH @Overtkill: This is a discount platform. We gladly assist you at http://www.keyboard-and-m...upport.htm

Thank you.
Bartels Media GmbH - Jun 20 2014 at 9:08am Copy Link

Please note that all comments for this promotion will be screened before posting. It's nothing personal, just a step we have to take because of a few bad apples last time around.

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