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Platforms: Windows 10, 8.1, Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP
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Sure, the system menu works just fine – for most people! But for hardcore professionals and power users, it can be maddening navigating through traditional menus to get to your hundreds of programs and applications. Time to level up to today’s discount software promotion, Start Menu X!

Start Menu X lets you launch programs without scrolling, clicking, or jumping through menu hoops. With Start Menu X, you can group programs based on their purpose, such as office applications and graphics programs, without needing to change their locations on your hard drive.

You can even use Start Menu X to assign a primary program to a folder that launches automatically when you click it. Plus, Start Menu X is fully customizable, allowing you to change the structure and add tabs so that it suits your needs.

It also works great in Windows 10!

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Bertie Brummel Hi,
the trial DL hows version # 6.11. Intending to go for the Pro version:Do we have to expect a new major release soon?
May 2 at 1:27am Copy Link
OrdinarySoft The next version will have the number 6.2 so I think you need to wait for major release for a long time since the current version is new major release.
OrdinarySoft - May 3 at 1:27am Copy Link
Emily User It really looks a lot better when it is installed than it does in the video. For some reason.
May 4 at 2:34am Copy Link
P User Hi.
Just "bought" this and it turns out to be the already free version from your website, you claim that it's normally cost $19.99, that is the pro version, the normal version is free if I look at your own website.

Sorry, feels a little wrong imo.
May 4 at 7:16am Copy Link
Emily User I haven't quite figured out how to do the tabs (I just started poking around) But if you are referencing one-click launch, you have to make sure you are setting the file inside a folder and not a virtual group. This worked just fine for me which means its the pro version :) (also was able to make a sixth virtual group when the free version is limited to five)

I also have displayfusion pro 9.1 and have had one conflict so far but its not a real problem. When changing the startmenu icon (i hope its easy to input my own) it only registers on the main monitor. displayfusion has seperate taskbars for each monitor.
May 4 at 7:29am Copy Link
Rob User Well I am totally confused.
This seems to be a great Menu add-on, but the way in which it is offered is beyond confusing.

So, how do I interpret the offer? (please tell me if I am wrong !!)

Start Menu X as offered here for free is the Full Pro Version (Ver 6.11) yes or no?

I click the 'Frequently Bought Together' icon Shown as Start Menu 10 here and it seems to be the same software, but it costs $6 Hmmm

Having downloaded the free version, I then go to the upgrade offer and see that it is $7.99. Double Hmmm

I do not care about the price discrepancy, but why is there a price discrepancy?

What the payment appears to buy the user is lifetime upgrades of version 6, throughout it's upgrade life? i.e. this version 6.11, then 6.12, then 6.13 etc etc.

OR, Does it mean lifetime upgrades through all versions - Forever?

We are not talking about a lot of money here and frankly I am happy to pay, but it does appear that there is an advantage to paying the small upgrade price ($6 OR $7.99?) to get upgrades, if indeed that is the deal?

What I am really trying to demonstrate here is this has to be one of the nicest system utilities BUT offered in the most confusing way I think I have ever seen!!

So is it Start Menu X, Start Menu 10, is it Pro, is it not? etc etc etc

Any help on this inmore or less reasonable English and actually understandable to everyone will be most appreciated.

But, to support what you are trying to do, I am loving the program !!!
May 4 at 7:44am Copy Link
OrdinarySoft Yes. Emily is correct. We have a PRO and free versions but the free is limited.
You can add the Tabs if you click the + button in the tabs row.
To add items to the main menu please use + and - buttons on the top of the main menu.
OrdinarySoft - May 4 at 7:46am Copy Link
OrdinarySoft Hi Rob,

Today you can get PRO version for free but only 6.11 version and only today.
If you want to get minor updates (not lifetime updates only minor updates) you can purchase the program. The Start Menu 10 and Start Menu X the same program.
I'm sorry for your inconvenience.
OrdinarySoft - May 4 at 7:59am Copy Link
Doris Ballard There are programs that do not show up on the list ... and they're pretty basic ... for example my Mozilla Thunderbird Client, and my Notepad++ ... and quite a few others.

Is there a way to get these programs into my virtual lists?

Thanks for your time.
May 4 at 10:42am Copy Link
Rob User But PLEASE tell me which one to order / Pay for - There are 2 versions of what I believe is the SAME PROGRAM

One (from here select 'Frequently Bought Together' above 'Start Menu 10'
See this link

This version of the program is $6 that's SIX DOLLARS
Does this deal include the minor version 6 updates??


Do I click this link https://sites.fastspring....NNIVERSARY
This link is from my free download and purchase the program 'Start Menu X' for £7.99 (That's $10.82 at todays exchange rate)

Do you see what I mean ?????
Which version do I buy?? Everyone keeps saying they are the same, but the prices are different.


I do not want to buy the more expensive version of the same thing if I can get the free udates with the cheaper $6 version.

Sorry to shout but I feel like I am not speaking in the same language here and not being understood.
May 4 at 11:52am Copy Link
OrdinarySoft Plese buy 6$ version
OrdinarySoft - May 4 at 12:20pm Copy Link
Rob User Well OrdinarySoft wouldn't you know it - I have just paid the higher price of over $10 (£7.99 in the UK) because I am going to run out of time on the offer (which I didn't want to miss out on) and that is the only offer that indicates I will get free minor updates and additional functionality within the program.

And it's called Start Menu x NOT Start Menu 10

And all the other reasons I have tried to highlight in this confusing offer.

All of that said, I could try for a refund and re-purchase at the $6 price but actually Life is too short - I like the program - I certainly DON'T like the mixed offer and confusion.
Stick to program development, you're good at that, and employ a professional to write your offer descriptions, and please keep it simple.

Time to move on.
May 4 at 12:30pm Copy Link
Emily User bitsdujour is essentially a re-seller. This is why you see promotions like this on here. This is why there is a $6 option for the pro version. It is perfectly normal for the software's company to have the standard price set on their website without discount. That is very common and ethical marketing. The same thing goes with video games. Sites like GOG and HumbleBundle will have deals that Steam does not and the 'normal' price might be $20 higher on the publisher's website.

Hope that clears things up. :)
May 4 at 1:01pm Copy Link
Thomas User it's really annoying, that:

» there is no clear comparisation between Start Menu 10 and Start Menu X
The result? We don't know which one we should buy. So we do not buy it.

» the SW can be used indefinitely - but only on the initial computer, because the HW will change. But we can only activate it during this promotion.

» We have - as many other potential companies - virtual machines. And of course, they a) change often and b) we're not willing to pay one license for each virtual machine.

We evaluated Start Menu 10 and Start Menu X different times and we never bought it. We're happy with the classic start menu, which is for free and very clear in its functions, features and pricing :-]
May 4 at 2:14pm Copy Link
Doris Ballard Notice that the fellow that posted after I did has gotten two answers from @OrdinarySoft ... while I'm still waiting after a number of hours. Just want to be sure that my question (above) has actually been seen ...
May 4 at 3:01pm Copy Link
Emily User I was able to install notepad++ and move it into a virtual group. When you first 'set up' the program you have to move all the shortcuts into the folder you want to. All the virtual groups are empty by default. Well.. they are all placed in 'Other' for me. If you drag and drop them in the startmenu you will need to confirm admin rights for each one. Notepadd++ also shows up just fine for me in the group manager.

I really like this program and well, thats a downside to virtual machines and the fight against piracy. To be frank, I quite honestly dont see how you are having a hard time with understanding the pricing and believe you are just being snarky.
May 4 at 7:06pm Copy Link
Doris Ballard @Emily Regarding Notepad++ (and several other programs) they simply never showed up on my program list. Most of the programs on my computer showed up there ... but not all of them.

I have placed each program that was on my list into its own virtual group from out of the "Other" category. The problem is with the programs that didn't end up on the list at all: like Notepad++ and my Mozilla Thunderbird Email client. There are also various and sundry other programs that didn't make it onto the list, but I'm not as concerned about those because I don't use them often. Those two however ... not having them on a menu I intend to use all the time is a real setback.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "If you drag and drop them in the startmenu you will need to confirm admin rights for each one." I haven't run into that problem ... and I'm wondering if I might be missing something ...

Thanks for your post! I've been waiting since about 2 PM (east coast) to hear from the people at @OrdinarySoft ... and now it's 10:30 PM. They've answered one fellow twice since then ... makes you wonder!

Thanks again!
May 4 at 7:29pm Copy Link
Emily User Oh idk. I have windows 10. maybe thats why I have to use the group manager (manage virtual groups) for ease of use? In there you should see all your programs and then you click a check in the particular group you want that file in.

TBH I haven't even touched the start menu since I've installed win10.

I am not sure where the files are located. I need to keep digging.

edit- okay. I was doing something weird and now i got it.

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

this is for windows 10.. If I copy a file into that folder, it shows up just fine.
Have you tried this?
May 4 at 7:41pm Copy Link
John User Thank you for offering this deal. I have been using Start Menu X v 5.X since 2015 and figured it was time to upgrade and at $6.00 it is a great deal IMO.

One question: I am trying to find a page with the differences between versions 5 and 6 somewhere and would appreciate it if you could direct me to where that might be.

Thank you for the great program and I'm glad I was able to upgrade with this special deal before it ended in a couple of hours.
May 4 at 8:30pm Copy Link
Emily User I dont see a version history in the installation folder.

I found this on google though:

Improvements in 6.11 version:

[+] Improved popup speed of the power panel.

Improvements in 6.1 version:

[+] Added two new skins.

[+] Now the programs and applications are sorted alphabetically during the first run of start Menu X.

[+] Improved integration into the Windows 10.

[+] Returned the skin by default - "Windows Metro."

[-] Few small bugs have been fixed.

Improvements in 6.02 version:

[-] Bug fixed - "Index out of bounds"

[-] Bug fixed - "The power panel missing when you click power control button"

Improvements in 6.00 version:

[+] 3 styles (Start Menu X, Start Menu 10, Classic Start Menu) in one

[+] Ability to add Virtual Groups to the main menu or tabs

[+] Ability to import/export settings and store them in the cloud

[+] New Windows 10 skin

[+] Several interface improvements

[+] the programs and applications combined into one folder (for clean insulations under windows 10)

[-] Fixed bug with tabs size

[-] Fixed bug with aero blur for 32bit windows 10 systems

[-] A few small bugs fixes

Improvements in 5.87 version:

[-] Fix for jumping Options button when no reason for this (no updates)

[-] Small bug fix

Improvements in 5.85 version:

[+] New version automatically checks an updates on the site. You can disable this in options.

Improvements in 5.81 version:

[-] The bug was fixed. The Start Menu X doesn't appear under Windows 8.1 if the taskbar on side or top of the desktop.

Improvements in 5.80 version:

[+] Aero support has been added for windows 10 (Skins: Windows Metro, Crystal Graphite and Crystal Graphite Black)

Improvements in 5.72 version:

[-] another and the last fix of the bug during search

Improvements in 5.71 version:

[-] fixed the bug during search

Improvements in 5.70 version:

[-] Take in account the option in windows 10 settings - "Show color on Start, taskbar, and action center"

[-] Change the way to start with system for windows 10 and windows 7

Improvements in 5.65 version:

[-] Fixed the bug when start menu popup once again after a application launch.

[-] Fixed the bug when start button doesn't respond after program restart.

Improvements in 5.60 version:

[+] The captions on the power panel automatically hides when size is small

[-] fixed a bug when search results for Apps Settings show improper(coded) name.

Improvements in 5.50 version:

[+] Improved support for Windows 10

[-] Fixed anti-aliasing bug with fonts under windows 10

[-] Fixed bug when click over start button bring the system menu (windows 10 only)

[+] Replaced fonts for skins from Thoma on Segoe UI

Improvements in 5.46 version:

[-] Fixed bug in skins with programs captions

Improvements in 5.45 version:

[+] Improved Power Panel

[+] Add ability to hide captions for power buttons

[+] Improved skins

[-] Fixed bug that appear for option - Hide nitrification icon

Improvements in 5.46 version:

[-] Fixed bug in skins with programs captions

Improvements in 5.45 version:

[+] Improved Power Panel

[+] Add ability to hide captions for power buttons

[+] Improved skins

[-] Fixed bug that appear for option - Hide nitrification icon

Improvements in 5.44 version:

[+] Revert back to 5.3 version engine.

[-] Fixed bugs that was found during 5.4 version development.

Improvements in 5.43 version:

[-] few bugs fixed

Improvements in 5.42 version:

[-] few bugs fixed

Improvements in 5.41 version:

[+] Add missing skins - Classic Sky, Classic Black, Crystal Graphite Black

[+] return back the behavior of start button image that was changed in 5.4

Improvements in 5.40 version:

[+] Major internal improvements

[+] Support of Direct2D

[+] Windows 10 support

[+] New Power control panel

[+] Improved skins

[-] We cancel WindowsXP support

Improvements in 5.30 version:

[+] changed way of startup of the program

Improvements in 5.29 version:

[-] Fixed bug

Improvements in 5.28 version:

[-] Fixed critical bug from 5.27 version(program don't start)

Improvements in 5.27 version:

[-] Fixed memory leak bug

Improvements in 5.26 version:

[-] Fixed bug with "Hide tray icon"

[-] Few minor bugs was fixed

Improvements in 5.25 version:

[-] Fixed bugs in installer

Improvements in 5.24 version:

[-] Fixed bug in Virtual Group manager when he show only five groups

[-] Fixed bugs in installer

Improvements in 5.23 version:

[+] Now you can try PRO features with 30-day trial mode

[+] AdWare protection for installer was added

Improvements in 5.20 version:

[+] We has add ability to show W8 apps in the list(windows 8/8.1 only). So you can add a Main Menu item or a Tab with one of the options(Programs, Apps+Programs, only Apps).
With clean install you will get Apps+Programs. But if you setup over previous version the program don't change your settings and you stay with programs only content.
If you want programs+app please change it manually.
Please note that Program and Programs+Apps use the same settings file for Virtual Groups so you don't need to setup it once again.
I want to remind that you can add items into the main menu with + button located on the top of main menu(select - Folders - Programs & Apps). To remove please use the '-' button near plus button.
Also you can change the order of the items with drag&drop. To put a item to the most bottom position please drag it to the pre-bottom position and after move the bottom item on the top.

[+]The PRO version users can create Virtual Groups for any item in the Main Menu or a Tab. Just right-click over any content and select Start Menu X - Manage Virtual Groups

Improvements in 5.16 version:

[-] Fixed bug with unicode during search request in Internet(ctrl+enter).

Improvements in 5.15 version:

[-] Fixed critical bug when Start Menu X stolen keyboard focus from other applications.

[-] Fixed compatibility with Windows 8.1 Update 1

[+] Ukrainian flag was added in the list of start button images. To support Ukrainian people with fight for freedom from Russia and Putin.

Improvements in 5.121 version:

[-] Fixed bug when you get double chars in search bar.

Improvements in 5.12 version:

[+] Now you can hide icon in notification area.

[-] Fixed bug when sub menu can stay on the screen.

Improvements in 5.1 version:

[+] Now you can change order of the items. Even in Virtual Groups or Computer or Control Panel folder. In other words everywhere.

Improvements in 5.02 version:

[+] New cool feature for the PRO version - Auto select "Main in Folder" program. When you run the program it will be automatically assign as "Main in Folder" you may disable this in Options - Advanced.

[-] bug fix.

Improvements in 5.02 version:

[+] New cool feature for the PRO version - Auto select "Main in Folder" program. When you run the program it will be automatically assign as "Main in Folder" you may disable this in Options - Advanced.

[-] bug fix.

Improvements in 5.00 version:

[+] Sorry guys, nothing special, just a small fix

Improvements in 4.99 version:

[+] Improved compatibility with windows 8.1

[+] Now you can use the system start button in Windows 8.1

Improvements in 4.97 version:

[+] Now you can control the highlights of files in the options

[+] Now you can turn off the "main folder"

[+] After a clean install the Start Menu X will import pined programs under Windows XP, vista, 7

[+] Improved stability after Explorer crash

Improvements in 4.95 version:

[+] New files highlights

[-] Few small bugs was fixed

Improvements in 4.93 version:

[-] Fixed an issue where the computer can freeze at startup

[-] Improved work of Power Panel for multi-monitor configuration

[-] Fixed bug where program don't remember about folded state for Other group.

Improvements in 4.91 version:

[+] Improved Skip Metro feature

[+] Basic keyboard navigation support was added

[-] Search don't lost focus any more if you use keyboard instead mouse to open menu

Improvements in 4.89 version:

[+] Pin to Start Menu X was fixed and restored

[+] Now you can run Metro applications

Improvements in 4.87 version:

[+] Windows 8.1 compatible

Improvements in 4.86 version:

[+] Now you can rename files and items inside the main menu.

Improvements in 4.85 version:

[+] New picture for the start button and program icon. Old Windows logo was removed by request from Microsoft.

[+] Now you can setup auto-width text in the menu. Please setup this in the personalization section.

[+] Pin to Start Menu X was added for shortcut files in context menu.

[-] Few small bugs was fixed

Improvements in 4.8 version:

[+] Added the ability to assign keyboard shortcuts to function keys and power buttons

[+] Added option to show/hide the buttons from the Settings window

[+] Now, the program shows the folders and tabs, even if they were not available at the time of loading the program

[+] PRO version stores the activation code to re-install / update

Improvements in 4.76 version:

[-] fixed bug with wrong position of start menu (rare ceases)

[-] fixed a bug with duplicate content menu(rare ceases)

Improvements in 4.75 version:

[+] Options window was added

[+] Now you can manage shortcuts and other options

[+] Now you can manage scale more slowly

[-] Improved a Start Button replacement feature under windows 7

[-] minor bugs was fixed

Improvements in 4.7 version:

[-] Fixed - Bug in Virtual Groups

Improvements in 4.69 version:

[-] Fixed - Integration of the Start Button with a system.
May 4 at 8:45pm Copy Link
Doris Ballard Well, I have to assume that there must be *no way* to add the programs that StartMenuX missed which are on my computer, and it seems as if they just don't want to have to admit that it's not working properly ... or perhaps that they don't have a solution for me.

Either way around, it would have made them look a lot better if they'd just bothered to say /something/, even if it was just "we're looking into it" ...

Politely asking a reasonable question and being completely ignored (see my first, second, and third posts above) can't help but leave a potential client with a bad taste ...

I'm sorry to say that I would have to give this company an "F-" in customer support.
May 5 at 6:23pm Copy Link
Emily User idk what to say. I dont work for them but I was able to add my own shortcut and notepad++ showed up initially just fine for me in the first place. I dont use firefox (I use Vivaldi)

I am curious how my solution for you didn't work by opening the root folder directly and adding in your program.
If i wasn't clear enough before, windows 10's pinned items are direct links to their respectable programs so they wont show up in the actual start menu folder in explorer. But they will show up in the menu itself.

The only problem I could see you actually having is not being able to add files directly through startmenux
I can also pin folders and files (as long as they are executable and not like .css files) I mean, I can post a screenshot link if you want me to prove I have notepad++ in my startmenu
May 5 at 6:38pm Copy Link
Doris Ballard @Emily Thanks for your concern! @OrdinarySoft should hire you ... your help would be invaluable for them - and for their clients!

This morning, I noticed that the "Pin to Start Menu X" command has been added to the "Quick Menu", and through that floating menu, I was able to add other programs which Start Menu had missed, but strangely enough, not my Thunderbird client. Notepad++ is now in there, though.

I discovered, however, that making a shortcut for Thunderbird in the Thunderbird folder actually did the trick. I have no idea why.

By the way, I have Windows 8.1 ... and I also do not use Firefox. The only Mozilla product I use is the email client: Thunderbird. For a browser, I use Vivaldi, as you do. It's a wonderful browser. I've been using it for months now, and wouldn't trade.

So - no need to post a screenshot, and I do appreciate the trouble you've gone through to help me out!

Before I end, a note of caution from an experience I had this morning. Start Menu X began to be extremely laggy and sluggish, locking up for long moments as I tried to navigate through the virtual folders. At the same time, the system's actual start menu stopped being accessible - it would vanish as soon as I opened it. I had to reboot to make it behave again. I'm going to have to keep an eye on that ... if it's a recurrent problem, I may have to uninstall and go back to the way I was navigating to my programs before.

Ah well .. c'est la vie! Thanks again, Emily!
May 6 at 5:42am Copy Link
OrdinarySoft Hi Everyone,

Start Menu X show the actual state of your file system so if you don't see the program on the list then you don't have the proper shortcut in the proper folder.

As you may note the BitDuJour not designed to provide support.
Are you sure that all people on the list interesting to find out your personal settings and our conversation about that?

How many companies do you know who provide free support for the free program in the weekend?

So if you have problems please use Options - Mailto:supportbox(at)

this put your question in line with others and you definitely get the answer, maybe not so fast as you expect but it's worth a try ;)
OrdinarySoft - May 6 at 6:06am Copy Link

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