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Take CommandDiscount

Take Command

The Ultimate Command Line Toolkit

v23 for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows 7, 8, 10 (including 64 bit)
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Sure, you're pretty good at figuring out Windows, but nothing beats the level of power and flexibility that you can achieve by going to the command line prompt! And while you may consider yourself an expert at the command line, today's discount software promotion is going to supercharge your experience! It's Take Command!

Take Command is an interactive GUI and Windows command line toolkit that makes working with command prompts easier and much more powerful. With Take Command, you'll get tabbed console windows, big improvements to standard Windows file movement commands, a cornucopia of over 200 new commands, plus thousands of additional features. If you're into batch file programming, you'll love the extensions offered by Take Command, which include DO loops, error handling, exception handling, block-structured logic, and an integrated IDE featuring a powerful editor and debugger, plus support for third party plug-ins.

With the ability to customize themes, colors, menus, toolbars, and windows, Take Command is designed to fit well into the way that you like to work. And when you're ready, you can start learning the TCC scripting language, featuring hundreds of internal commands, functions, and variables that let you accomplish the work of dozens of Windows CMD lines in just one or two!

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Petr Presales questions please. #1. Can a terminal window be opened without Admin rights and then issue a command to give that windows escalated admin rights? Or, does the terminal window have to be initially opened with admin rights? (or both?) #2. Can other languages be used to script within a Windows terminal window, or just your language?
Aug 4 at 1:29am Copy Link
Mike B I'm not the developer - just a current user of an older version of Take Command (v18).

> Can a terminal window be opened without Admin rights and then issue a command to give that windows escalated admin rights? Or, does the terminal window have to be initially opened with admin rights?

From the v23 help file I see that there is a new "Restart Elevated" menu option that will restart the console window(s) with elevation. You can also run any command as admin from a non-elevated console using the "start /elevated" command.

> Can other languages be used to script within a Windows terminal window, or just your language?

The Take Command Environment is a GUI that manages tabbed command/console windows. Those command windows can run any Windows console program, including cmd.exe (the native Windows shell/batch file processor) or any other scripting language that runs in a Windows console. Powershell, the Windows vbscript interpreter, Python, Ruby, Perl, whatever. All of them will run in a TC console window.
Aug 4 at 1:21pm Copy Link
Rex Conn Hi Petr:

Mike B covered most of your questions. To expand a bit on question #1, if Take Command is opened elevated, then new tab windows will also be elevated. (Though you can optionally attach an existing non-elevated console app to a tab window.). If Take Command is started non-elevated, then the tabs will be non-elevated. But Take Command can be restarted elevated, and the existing tab windows will automatically be reattached.

However, there is no way in Windows to make a non-elevated console session into an elevated session.
JP Software - Aug 4 at 5:49pm Copy Link
K User 3 months updates are too limited and comparison with other software is very old. I will pass it.
Aug 7 at 4:40am Copy Link
Rex Conn The 3 month period is for major updates; users get unlimited minor updates. Not sure what you mean by "very old" - the latest version (23.0) was released in June 2018.
JP Software - Aug 7 at 5:19am Copy Link
Emil Kucera Hello all, if you read the old conversations, you will see my endorsement of this program from 2012. Right now I just bought the new copy.

@ Rex Conn:
Hi, since my old copy is ver 13, I thought it about time to update, to show my support, even though these days I don't use the full program very much, mostly the TCCl LE is enough to do the job :)
Best of luck and keep up the good work!
Best regards Emil
Aug 7 at 8:29am Copy Link
Petr Hi, I just purchased a new license for TakeCommand for my main development PC. I also have an older license that gives me access to install version 14 and 15 of TakeCommand. I would like to install my old version on another PC. Where do I get access to download version 15? Thanks.
Aug 7 at 3:30pm Copy Link
Mike B JPSoft's downloads page has a link to older versions of their software.
Aug 7 at 4:01pm Copy Link
Tom Hello JPSoft,
Yesterday I purchased a new license but forgot to purchase the extended support (1 year free updates). Is it still possible to do this?
Kind regards Paul
Aug 8 at 5:19am Copy Link
Rex Conn Hi Paul:
Extended Support can't be added on afterwards; however I can cancel & refund your original order, and you can place a new order. Send your details to
JP Software - Aug 8 at 5:52am Copy Link
Bradley MacDonald Hello - curious how the product is licensed? I have a main laptop - and I have a number of Virtual Machines - many of which I am constantly creating and destroying (they 'live' for about 2 months - then I destroy them - and create new ones - this is because I do data conversions for a living and the VMs only last as long as data conversion project. )
So - if I purchase a license - is it tied to a machine? Or am I am to install it on a few different machines that only I have access to?

Bradley MacDonald
Aug 8 at 6:28am Copy Link
Rex Conn Hi Bradley: the license is normally tied to the machine name. You can install a single system license on up to three machines, and you can unregister a system (freeing its license) from within Take Command. You can also register the license on a usb thumb drive, and move it between systems or vm's.
JP Software - Aug 8 at 9:00am Copy Link
Tom Hi JPSoft,
I just ordered a new copy together with extended support for 1 year, as you suggested above.
I've sent the ordering nummers of the two purchases to

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards,
Aug 8 at 1:03pm Copy Link

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