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Professional Text Conversion

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Platforms: Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista (32 and 64 bit), 7 and 8 (32 and 64 bit)
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Please note folks: the lite, standard, pro, and embeddable DLL versions of TextPipe are all available today at a 50% discount. Take a look at the feature comparison chart to decide which version is right for you!

Plain and simple, TextPipe is the most powerful text conversion, transformation, and re-purposing software money can buy. It's a Swiss army knife combining the best of Perl, Awk, Grep, Sed, Word and Excel macros and other text processing tools into one neat interface.

Use it to mass search/replace across websites, extract data from huge log files, convert text encodings (e.g. ANSI to UTF-8), convert end-of-line characters, convert mainframe EBCDIC files to PC format, extract email addresses, extract mailing labels from reports and more. A unique system of restrictions control precisely where changes are made. For example, you can restrict search/replace, CaSe changing operations etc to a range of lines or columns, to lines matching a pattern, to specific Tab or CSV fields, between HTML/XML tags, or a combination of these.

For a recent customer, TextPipe applied 603,000 different search/replaces against a 48 MB file in under 30 seconds! TextPipe handles documents of any size (2 GB plus) with no slowdown, such as Excel CSV files with more than 65535 rows. It can also process compressed files in-situ, such as zip files, website log files, Microsoft Office 2007+ files, OpenOffice files and more.

If TextPipe's 100+ filters or 380 demo files don't suit your needs, you can roll your own or even use VBScript/JScript to write your own.

As well as traditional perl-style pattern pattern matching, TextPipe offers the intuitive EasyPattern pattern matching language for beginners. For automated use, TextPipe can be scheduled via the command line or controlled from any programming language using COM. TextPipe can also take advantage of multiple processors.

You'll be productive with TextPipe in minutes, not days.

You can take a look at this video to see TextPipe in action

In a recent customer trial, TextPipe performed 600,000 different search/replaces against a 48 MB file in under 30 seconds!

This promotion includes the following:
TextPipe Standard (+1 Yr Maintenance) ($199)
TextPipe Pro (+1 Yr Maintenance) ($395)
TextPipe Lite (+1 Yr Maintenance) ($59.95)
Review Written by Derek Lee
The Conversation
The Fine Print
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peter schleifer Simon,
I do NOT want to harm your business in any way but I am seriously interested, but then, in DataPipe = buying Pro here, plus upgrade 100 bucks, right?

Also, I acknowledge that regex, especially for sophisticated tasks, is of real hard "learning curve", so paying 100 oder 200 bucks instead of undergoing that "learning curve" over there makes perfect sense, even if you value your time just 10 bucks (which realistically would be much higher for most of us, I very much hope).

But as far as I'm concerned, I did make quite some way into that awful regex "learing curve" already, hence my question:

Given you have the right tools for doing regex replacement, and suppose you know how to use them, too, to some degree:

What would TextPipe Pro offer for your special situation, on top of what you would have got already, without using TextPipe Pro? And if DataPipe (which is not included in this offer, that's understood) offered something really good, on top of that, what would that be?

Again, for regular users, let me repeat that yes, instead of "learning" regex (which is quite some "endless" effort), for heavy use, buy TextPipe instead!
Oct 11 2014 at 4:53am Copy Link
Simon Carter Hi Peter,

Yes, upgrading to DataPipe afterwards is an additional $100.

For power users, TextPipe allows you to control precisely which text is modified, such as restricting a replacement to just column 3, or just to lines 1-100, or to just the ALT attribute of an IMG tag, or apply some elements just to files matching a pattern, or just to internal zip files that match a pattern (perfect for Microsoft Office .docx, .xlsx and .pptx formats and OpenOffice formats).

These restrictions can be layered, such as restricting to columns 1-10 of lines 1-100 and then UPPERcasing all the text. This is very difficult in any other tool.

TextPipe has 270+ text operations it can perform, which you can see in an easy-to-visualise tree structure.

And as you say, we also offer the EasyPatterns language, which makes patterns like

(this section did not post correctly - I will get it updated!)
' ) as 'inner_text' ]>
instead of

simple for non-programmers to understand.
DataMystic - Oct 12 2014 at 3:31pm Copy Link

As wonderful as this product is.
The Upgrade / "subscription" policy is NOT so wonderful.

That is, if you purchased TextPipe Standard for half-price in Jan 31, 2012 for example.
Your year of free upgrades would have expired on Jan 30, 2013.

Now today, you decide to upgrade to the 'latest' version of TextPipe Standard as of October 13th, 2014.

Seeing that for Standard upgrade price is $50/year

You will be charged $100 to cover 2013 and 2014. However you will then be covered from Oct 13, 2014 to Oct 12, 2015. So basically it would be 'cheaper' for one to simply purchase a brand new copy of TextPipe Standard using the BDJ discount i.e. $99.50

Likewise if you had purchased TextPipe Lite on Jan 31, 2012. Seeing that for Lite, the upgrade price is $15/year. To upgrade would cost you $30.
Again, it would be cheaper to purchase a brand new copy of TextPipe Lite using the BDJ discount to get the latest update.

So Caveat lector!
Oct 13 2014 at 1:29am Copy Link
Atalay Tan Is there any DetachPipe deal soon?
Oct 13 2014 at 2:10am Copy Link
Simon Carter PC USER: Your post is WRONG. About 7 years ago we had a policy of charging for 'elapsed time'. But now when you upgrade, it's one price, and you get another year of upgrades from right now, period.

Also, our upgrades are awesome, because you get ALL upgrades, both major and minor. As long as you are within the upgrade period, you get everything.
DataMystic - Oct 13 2014 at 5:08am Copy Link
Simon Carter Atalay Tan: we had an offer for DetachPipe with the recent 7.4 release.
DataMystic - Oct 13 2014 at 5:10am Copy Link
PC USER Mr Carter
It's good to know that I'm wrong.
So please correct me
If I have purchased the Standard version in January 2012
How much is it NOW to upgrade to the latest version.
And what is the price of the upgrade for a 2012 version of TP Lite to be upgraded NOW to the latest version

It is not what you said
It is rather what you have NOT SAID

You chose not to correct me with the actual prices. So please do correct me
Also where are the upgrade prices on your website
Could you please supply the url.

That way EVERYONE can see how awesome the upgrades truly are! !

Thanking you in advance
Oct 13 2014 at 8:19am Copy Link
Simon Carter Ok! It doesn't matter how old your copy of TextPipe is, or when upgrades expired.
If you paid $30 (Lite) or $50 (Standard) or $99 (Pro) today to upgrade, you get another year of all upgrades starting from the moment of your purchase. We've always had this data available in the registered customer area.
DataMystic - Oct 13 2014 at 12:49pm Copy Link
Simon Carter But note that these are perpetual licenses - your copy does not stop working when upgrades run out.
DataMystic - Oct 13 2014 at 12:50pm Copy Link
PC USER Thank you. I stand corrected. Thanks again
Oct 13 2014 at 3:34pm Copy Link
peter schleifer I just discovered that DataPipe is for sql, ExcelPipe is for Excel, WordPipe is for Word (to begin with, the ability to make changes in a binary format is very good, but there are other such binary text formats which neither TP nor WP will handle then), and TextPipe is for ascii/ansi (incl. html, xml, etc.), so plus 100 $ would not buy me some "does it all program", but I would have to buy distinct tools for distinct text formats, and there is even WebPipe, so TextPipe would have its limitations with html/web formats. I also discovered that prices have doubled, e.g. Lite was 30$, now is 60$, so from my understanding, this would have doubled oncoming update prices, too (updating not being mandatory, understood).

There also is PowerGrep (150$, from another vendor, 3 months money-back guarantee so you really could compare your workflow with that with your current one), and I'm currently searching for comparisons between the two; all I can say at this time, it's NOT that with 300$ plus VAT (so this "update to DataPipe" in the "older comments" section was quite misleading), you would have a tool that is 2 times the price of PowerGrep but "did it all" - that definitely is not the case, not even approximately (cf. MS Word files processing left out).

On the other hand, this offer seems to be an excellent one to get Lite/Standard versions at former regular price.
Oct 14 2014 at 3:06am Copy Link
disenchanted Simon,

I have an older lite and standard license.

You mentioned "If you paid $30 (Lite) or $50 (Standard) or $99 (Pro) today to upgrade, you get another year of all upgrades starting from the moment of your purchase."

Is the $30 for Lite and $50 for Standard upgrade the regular upgrade price?
Or is it reduced to go along with today's sale?
Oct 14 2014 at 5:20am Copy Link
peter schleifer I suppose upgrade is 50 p.c. of original price, i.e. 60/200/400 bucks (let alone some bucks for remaining under the threshold of 100/200), i.e. 30/100/100 or some. Thus, dreaming of 50 bucks upgrades for Standard would be indecent.

You know, I'm intrigued by this offer, anyway, but then, those Australian offerings are quite expensive, especially in direct comparison (Directory O, anyone?).

This being said, it's clear as day that it's impossible to halfway-thoroughly trial software of this kind during a day; the above-mentioned competing software offering a 3-month money-back period, I'd buy immediately here and today if we were offered such a money-back alternative, even after buying on-the-spot.

You know, I contacted the developer of the competing product this morning (European time, no time shift problems involved), in order to get his opinion why I should buy his product instead (150 bucks instead of 400 vs. 200 here, but the only comparison between the two, from TextPipe, FROM TextPipe (!), even pretends TextPipe STANDARD does more than PowerGrep, so it would be 200 / 100 here vs. 130 over there) - that developer did not even respond.

Which would be a strong argument for TextPipe, would it not be for the fact that above-mentioned "comparison" between the two, BY TextPipe, as said, pretended, AGAINST FACTS, that PowerGrep wasn't able to handle Unicode...

which had been true several years ago only, since from the PowerGrep manual (pdf available from their site), "perfect" Unicode handling now in version 2 (not in former version 1) is evident.

Which, at the end of the day, means that neither of them seems to deliver up-to-date info for customers or prospects, and there are numerous text processing tools available, at 20-30 bucks, cf.


for those not fully into regex, so I really don't know if I'd be well advised to spend 200 bucks today, plus quite quickly 200 bucks for the next upgrade, etc.

This is a lot of money, especially in light of the fact the 5 billion dollars spent by the U.S. in Kiew brought down the euro to on-par-very-soon with the dollar... that at least has been a VERY good investment.
Oct 14 2014 at 7:29am Copy Link
Simon Carter Peter Schleifer: Hi Peter, can I refine your discoveries - DataPipe allows TextPipe to operate on text in a database directly - without exporting the text and then importing it again, which can be very complex. But TextPipe on its own can cannect to a db and extract or insert records - DataPipe is for far easier in-place work where the records might change during the processing.

WordPipe, ExcelPipe and PowerPointPipe all operate on office documents, each office product has their own bizarre inconsistencies, bugs etc that make an all-in-one difficult for anything other than search only. $100 extra for such a product belies the hidden complexity of the products - but we do offer substantial discounts with our bundles. They are not 'text' products.

WebPipe is for downloading web sites - TextPipe then data mines content from them. TextPipe has no limitations when it comes to html/xml etc.

The Lite price was increased a year or so ago because it is way more powerful than anything else at the low end of the market. No other prices have been changed. There is no conspiracy.

We also have a 90-day money back guarantee. PowerGrep and TextPipe are different products. TextPipe is intended for automating very complex, multi-step text operations, PG is intended for interactive use.
DataMystic - Oct 14 2014 at 3:57pm Copy Link
Simon Carter Peter Schleifer: The upgrade price *IS* $50 for Standard. Why did you suggest it would be more, and then suggest that it *is* $200. That's wrong.

BitsDuJour offers a "Deal of the Day" - that the whole idea. Get vetted (good) products at a far discounted price, while accepting some risk that it might not be perfect for you.

PowerGrep's homepage bags TextPipe based on a customer review from 2009. We do the same, but not as blatantly, and we weren't the first.
DataMystic - Oct 14 2014 at 4:09pm Copy Link
Simon Carter disenchanted: That is the regular upgrade price,
DataMystic - Oct 14 2014 at 4:11pm Copy Link
Matt Hello,

I purchased TextPipe Standard here on BDJ about two years ago and I'm very glad I did!

It saves me a ton of time and work! I also own PowerGrep 4, but as Simon mentions above, TextPipe and PowerGrep serve two different purposes.

I hardly ever have a need for PowerGrep, but I use TextPipe all of the time.

My one year of free upgrades/updates ran out about a year ago. I probably won't upgrade until version 10 is released.

Thanks BDJ and Simon for the very nice software and great deal!
Oct 15 2014 at 9:51am Copy Link
THX 1024 I've searched all the previous questions posted as well as the product web site and can't find any mention of this:

Can TextPipe read a specific list of files to be searched from standard input (STDIN) or from a text file, in the way that grep can (with the --file-list option) and ack can (with the -x and --files-from options)?

I currently use those tools in combination with the excellent Everything by voidtools, with the latter generating the exact list of files for one of the former to search. I'm looking for some new text-search capabilities and it looks like TextPipe would give me that in spades, but I'd like to feed it, on the fly, the list of files to be searched.
Oct 16 2014 at 5:23am Copy Link
Simon Carter Hi THX 1024 – absolutely. On the command line you can specify the filter name and a list of files, or the name of a file containing a list.
DataMystic - Oct 16 2014 at 3:36pm Copy Link

Please note that all comments for this promotion will be screened before posting. It's nothing personal, just a step we have to take because of a few bad apples last time around.

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