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Professional Text Conversion

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Platforms: x32 and x64, Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP, NT, 98, 95 and Server O/Ss
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Please note folks: the lite, standard, pro, and embeddable DLL versions of TextPipe are all available today at a 50% discount. Take a look at the feature comparison chart to decide which version is right for you!

Plain and simple, TextPipe is the most powerful text conversion, transformation, and re-purposing software money can buy. It's a Swiss army knife combining the best of Perl, Awk, Grep, Sed, Word and Excel macros and other text processing tools into one neat interface.

Use it to mass search/replace across websites, extract data from huge log files, convert text encodings (e.g. ANSI to UTF-8), convert end-of-line characters, convert mainframe EBCDIC files to PC format, extract email addresses, extract mailing labels from reports and more. A unique system of restrictions control precisely where changes are made. For example, you can restrict search/replace, CaSe changing operations etc to a range of lines or columns, to lines matching a pattern, to specific Tab or CSV fields, between HTML/XML tags, or a combination of these.

For a recent customer, TextPipe applied 603,000 different search/replaces against a 48 MB file in under 30 seconds! TextPipe handles documents of any size (2 GB plus) with no slowdown, such as Excel CSV files with more than 65535 rows. It can also process compressed files in-situ, such as zip files, website log files, Microsoft Office 2007+ files, OpenOffice files and more.

If TextPipe's 100+ filters or 380 demo files don't suit your needs, you can roll your own or even use VBScript/JScript to write your own.

As well as traditional perl-style pattern pattern matching, TextPipe offers the intuitive EasyPattern pattern matching language for beginners. For automated use, TextPipe can be scheduled via the command line or controlled from any programming language using COM. TextPipe can also take advantage of multiple processors.

You'll be productive with TextPipe in minutes, not days.

You can take a look at this video to see TextPipe in action

In a recent customer trial, TextPipe performed 600,000 different search/replaces against a 48 MB file in under 30 seconds!

This promotion includes the following:
TextPipe Standard (+1 Yr Maintenance) ($99)
TextPipe Pro (+1 Yr Maintenance) ($395)
TextPipe Lite (+1 Yr Maintenance) ($59.95)
DataPipe ($495)
TextPipe Engine Pro - programmers DLL (+1 Yr Maintenance) ($500)

The Conversation
The Fine Print
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J Hello,

Your website says '90 Day Money Back Guarantee'.

Here on BDJ it says '30 days return policy'.

Which one will you offer?

Also, when do you plan on releasing version 10? Will there be major changes to version 10, such as updated GUI?

Thank you.
Jan 7 at 4:06am Copy Link
Simon Carter Thanks - we'll update BDJ to reflect a 90 day return policy.
Version 10.0 will definitely have some GUI improvements, this will be a free upgrade for new customers.
DataMystic - Jan 7 at 4:11am Copy Link
J Thanks Simon!
Jan 7 at 4:58am Copy Link
NC Buyer I have about 6 months left on my previous purchase. The upgrades expire on 9 Jul 2016. If I make a purchase today, will this extend my upgrades to July 2017?
Jan 7 at 8:48am Copy Link
Richard Blake NC Buyer: If you buy today you will do even better - you will have a second license with a year of maintenance from today, including a guaranteed v10 upgrade even if it does not ship within a year. Use your old license on a computer that you can share with others, e.g. an older system in a common area at work. This will give you a chance to show off TextPipe's virtures, mentor others and be their hero, and perhaps generate a few sales for Simon.

At the bottom of the feature comparison page it says
You may install the software for one user, such as in a Terminal Server or Virtual Machine environment, in a workstation virtualized environment.
The EULA supports the more traditional single-user situation:
May either be used by a single person who uses the software himself on one or more non-server class computers, or installed on a single non-server class computer and used by multiple people, but not both.

Developers, note the runtime edition, unfortunately excluded from today's promotion:
Jan 7 at 10:28am Copy Link
Doug Lietz One of the database files (MySQL) in my WordPress blog needs a search and replace fix performed on it. I need to be able to include a "Wildcard" parameter in the "Find" part of the process. I've found a lot of MySQL search and replace tools in the marketplace, but none of them allow me to include Wildcard variables.

Basically, this is what I want to do...


And Replace with just...

In other words I want to remove all instances of "@Wildcard_Text_String" that are found immediately follow any instance of "Author_Name"

Will this software do that for me? If so which version would I need to purchase?
Jan 7 at 11:11am Copy Link
disenchanted I have a couple copies of Textpipe but have not updated them in a year or two.

Any discounts today for "Updates" , that I could use to get both my older copies updated?

Or is the discount for only new purchases?

Thanks for offering Textpipe today.
Jan 7 at 11:11am Copy Link
Doug Lietz Another database task I am looking to do is this...

I've been collecting and archiving lots of customer feedback quotes and testimonials in a Excel spreadsheet, and I would like to run a process that generates a report showing commonly used words across all of the data in the file.

So the report would generate this type of info for me....
CommonWord1 >> Number of Instances
CommonWord2 >> Number of Instances
CommonWord3 >> Number of Instances
Etc, Etc.

CommonTwoWordString1 >> Number of Instances
CommonTwoWordString2 >> Number of Instances
CommonTwoWordString3 >> Number of Instances
Etc, Etc.

CommonThreeWordString1 >> Number of Instances
CommonThreeWordString2 >> Number of Instances
CommonThreeWordString3 >> Number of Instances
Etc, Etc.

And so on... up to the point where the process can not find any more repeating multiple word strings.

Will this software run this type of process?
Jan 7 at 11:11am Copy Link
NC Buyer Thank you for your reply Richard....
Jan 7 at 11:12am Copy Link
Simon Carter @NC Buyer - sorry - this is for new customers only. Upgrades are very inexpensive for what they deliver though!
DataMystic - Jan 7 at 1:35pm Copy Link
Simon Carter @NC Buyer - Yes, we do upgrades as a 12 month 'plan', as we think it is unfair what other vendors do (where you can miss out on a major release). We think of an upgrade plan as a loyalty program for our future work. If your upgrades currently run out on 9 Jul 2016, purchasing an upgrade will extend them until 9 Jul 2017.
DataMystic - Jan 7 at 1:40pm Copy Link
Simon Carter @Richard Blake - thanks for your support!
DataMystic - Jan 7 at 1:41pm Copy Link
Simon Carter @Doug Lietz - I certainly believe it can, but I'll ask you for some specific examples offline just to make sure! We have a database tool called DataPipe that included TextPipe. It lets you connect to databases and apply all of TextPipe search/replace power (wildcards, search/replace lists, vbscript, etc) directly to fields in your database - without a SQL export and import process.

The only proviso is that all the changes need to be inside one field - you can't reference multiple fields at once in the search/replace (you can still apply a where clause to the table to only affect certain rows).

If you need to access multiple fields then an export/import process will still be needed.

I've just asked BDJ to add DataPipe to this special - here is the link

DataMystic - Jan 7 at 1:43pm Copy Link
Simon Carter @Richard Blake - actually, TextPipe Engine can also be purchased for 50% off - please see https://secure.avangate.c...001x500082
DataMystic - Jan 7 at 2:04pm Copy Link
Simon Carter @Doug Leitz: Hi Doug,

This is similar to how I use TextPipe to generate all combinations of words for SEO purposes.

I am happy to send this script to anyone who purchases.

The way I would approach your process is to first extract all individual word entries, sort and count.
Then extract all two word entries, sort and count.
Then extract all three word entries, sort and count. Etc.

I can also send a script to do this to anyone who purchases.
DataMystic - Jan 7 at 2:08pm Copy Link
Simon Carter I just sent the google seo filter and multi-word phrase extractor filters to Doug, so if you'd like it, please purchase now!
DataMystic - Jan 7 at 11:16pm Copy Link
Doug Lietz @Simon Carter

1) I sent you an email to follow up with the info you were requesting to do with my first question. Awaiting your response on that.

2) In regards to my second question about using TextPipe to extract one, two, three word text strings from Excel data… which version of the software will I need to purchase so that I can use the pre-done script that you kindly offered?
Jan 8 at 12:15am Copy Link
Simon Carter Hi Doug - thanks for your purchase, our emails must have crossed in the ether, because I sent it to you almost an hour ago! Please check your email! You need TextPipe Standard to use the filters I have sent.

Regards, Simon
DataMystic - Jan 8 at 12:20am Copy Link
Doug Lietz Just wanted to let everyone know that Simon was very helpful at getting me up and running with the extra scripts he provided as a bonus with my purchase. They work great, and are simple enough to use. When I have another data mining project to tackle, I'll likely just pay him to write another script for me, since coding is not my forte. Thanks for your assistance Simon.
Jan 11 at 12:36am Copy Link
Simon Carter @Doug: Thanks Doug, and my pleasure!
DataMystic - Jan 11 at 3:21pm Copy Link

Please note that all comments for this promotion will be screened before posting. It's nothing personal, just a step we have to take because of a few bad apples last time around.

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