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Use Tabs With Any Application

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Platforms: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
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Ever since web browsers adopted the use of tabs, we’ve all become accustomed to using them. But how much better would life be if you were able to use tabs in all of your applications? Well, that dream becomes a reality with today’s discount software promotion, TidyTabs!

TidyTabs gives all of your application windows a tabbed interface, letting you enjoy browser-style tabs in Microsoft Office, Windows Explorer, and many other software applications. With TidyTabs, you’ll be able to achieve a level of organization that you never thought possible.

What can you do with TidyTabs? Free up space on your desktop by creating tabbed groups, just by dragging one tab onto another. Build lists of applications that should have tabs and those that should not, by creating either whitelists or blacklists. And don’t worry about having to get used to a totally new GUI, since TidyTabs maintains tabs in a semi-transparent state until you need to use them, automatically hiding them when you don’t.

Best of all, TidyTabs is fully customizable, with every function of the program capable of being configured or disabled completely. And all of this comes to you without any negative impact on system stability or performance!

Check out TidyTabs in action:

Tabbify everything

Tab arranging

Only there when you need it

Discreet and smart

Fully customizable

The Conversation
The Fine Print
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aaa User Hmmm... I just have bought 4 keys 2 months ago...
Apr 24 at 2:29am Copy Link
Sara User Important question to developer and real users:

Even the original price of TidyTabs is very low, so if this really works, it's an incredible steal.

MS Office 2016 (and earlier versions, of course) comes without tabs (or similar, ie file list in sidebar or the like), which can be a nightmare, so I only use MS software when it's absolutely necessary.

When you google "ms office tabs", you get links to an Office add-in from some Chinese developer and which costs around 30, 40, 50 dollars, depending on the site / their url you buy it from (them) and for how many Office applications you want it (just Word, Excel, etc., or then also Project, Visio and such).

Reviews say it considerably slows down the load process of these MS applications, but that when they run, the slowing-down by the add-in, while always there, becomes acceptable.

Considering the price of 40$ plus VAT for the add-in (for it to work with all of the MS Office applications), and the fact that it's an add-in, so I have had some fears that it would possibly break something in my Office installations after de-install of the trial then, I never trialled that add-in which I consider expensive (only) because of the slow-down which comes with it.

Now back to TidyTabs:

A similar slow-down (but not an even more severe one) would be fully acceptable here, considering the - really "incomparable" price, AND if it's all stable, meaning the interaction with those Office applications and no futile discussions whether for possible problems in that interaction, the culprit may be either TidyTabs OR Office.

- Does TidyTabs work without stability problems with all MS Office 2016 applications (2016), or at least with Word/Excel? (Even that would be acceptable, considering the incredible price.)

- Ditto for speed: General, or specific problems with some Office applications, and as before, ok at least with Word/Excel?

- Any ideas why the specific Office add-in mentioned above is 3-5 times the price of (original-priced) TidyTabs, except for "price policy", ie is there some factor I have overlooked?

- For example, I suppose that both programs are able to display different Office applications within the same tab line (ie can mix Word and Excel windows for example, not just either Word OR Excel windows)?

Comments from the developer, and from real users?

If TidyTabs is nearly as performant as the above-mentioned Office add-in, then the google results could really be called biased since with all their AI, they should be able to "get" that the user searching for Office tabs will also be interested in a tool that "does" tabs for Office, albeit not exclusively.
Apr 24 at 2:55am Copy Link
Nurgo Hello Sara, sorry for the late reply. Here are the answers to your questions:

- Does TidyTabs work without stability problems with all MS Office 2016 applications (2016), or at least with Word/Excel? (Even that would be acceptable, considering the incredible price.)

Yes, TidyTabs works well with all MS Office 2016 applications.

- Ditto for speed: General, or specific problems with some Office applications, and as before, ok at least with Word/Excel?

TidyTabs is composed of highly optimized native code, with no compromise on stability and performance. It uses very little memory and nearly no CPU.
Nurgo Software - Apr 25 at 3:46am Copy Link
Robert W I have a suggestion for your consideration. I wish that TidyTabs had an option to reflect the Tabbing process on the Task Bar – so that All the Windows/programs, which have been group into a Single tabbed Window,would just show up as a Single item on the Task Bar.
Apr 26 at 2:13am Copy Link
Tim User Please could you let me know if there any timeline on when keyboard shortcuts will be added, so that you can "tab" through the tabs? Thank you.
Apr 26 at 4:11am Copy Link
Rajeev Rohatgi I have exactly the same request as Robert W's (above) -- please provide "an option to reflect the Tabbing process on the Task Bar – so that All the Windows/programs, which have been group into a Single tabbed Window,would just show up as a Single item on the Task Bar" .

I'm already a user of TidyTabs, and I really need this feature to reduce space on my Task Bar.

Moreover, it would be a major advantage over new competitors such as Groupy.
Apr 26 at 4:33am Copy Link
carl thorpe I've been using TidyTabs since I bought it here on BDJ back in January of 2017. I am not affiliated with the developer of TidyTabs or BDJ in any way.

I really like TidyTabs. It's one of those programs that I use so much that I often forget that it isn't a built in feature of Windows. When I have to work on a computer that isn't mine, I frequently find myself trying in vain to use TidyTabs' features.

Unless I am actively using it, I don't even know it is running. There does not seem to be any impact on day-to-day performance whether I am grouping programs with tabs or if it is just running in the background doing nothing.

When I am using it, it is great. I group PuTTY windows together when I am working across multiple servers for development. I group multiple different browsers together when working on websites for testing. I even group multiple instances of my file manager together to have quick access to multiple directories.

You can have completely different programs grouped together. You could have Word, Excel, Chrome, Adobe Acrobat, and Notepad together, for example.

I really like that I can configure it to automatically group windows of specific programs. For example, I have it set up that every PuTTY window I open is automatically grouped together with every other PuTTY window I have open.

On very rare occasions, I have had TidyTabs crash. I can't even begin to come up with a number of times that it has happened, as it is so rare. When it does crash, it does not appear to cause any system instability and I just restart it and go back to work.
Apr 26 at 5:52am Copy Link
Alexander Deliyannis @ Carl Thorpe: many thanks for sharing your experience!

@ Nurgo: Just purchased. What a brilliant little application! I've used Office Tabs, but the ability to group different programmes together opens a whole new realm of possibilities, which I don't know if you've even considered.

Aside saving space and tidying one's desktop, TidyTabs can probably help in task focus, by grouping together windows based on what task they are for.

I believe this could be greatly augmented by the feature suggested by Robert W and Rajeev Rohatgi, i.e. each group of tabs to appear as a single item in the task bar.

Re the price; as noted by Sara, this is a bargain. I note however that the software is licensed by machine, not by user, so at the original (not reduced) price, it can become quite expensive. A user accustomed to TidyTabs would want to have it in all their machines.
Apr 26 at 9:11am Copy Link
g harris I second carl thorpe - just a wonderful wonderful app!!

but I'm also w/ Tim User, and I wrote the TidyTabs team about this --

PLEASE expose a keyboard shortcuts API so we can use it in this manner,
or bind it to things like AHK & StokeIt (or whatever mouse gesture you use).

One more thing -- I'm always curious why coders MUST make their apps
'phone home' incessantly -- especially when - IN REALITY - updates aren't likely to happen very frequently? This little (PAID FOR !!) app bangs away on my firewall multiple times a day :) ... and if you're a "computer-pet" owner like me,
NO, you're NOT gonna let the pet out whenever it wants to go ;)

Apr 27 at 5:18am Copy Link

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