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Tree Notes

The Trouble With Scribbles

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Platforms: Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista (32 and 64 bit), 7 (32 and 64 bit)
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Is your note-taking stuck in the 20th century? Are you still scribbling bits of important information on sticky notes, envelopes, and pieces of scrap paper, only to lose track of them at the most inconvenient time?

If this is you, I urge you to check out the Tree Notes Note Organizer. With Tree Notes you can keep all of your scribbles in electronic form, and organize your notes in a collapsible/expandable tiered tree hierarchy! All of your notes are kept in one place, in one file, but organized so neatly and intuitively you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Tree Notes is mapped to a hotkey, so the app will sit quietly in your System Tray until a hot thought hits your brain. When you need it, hit the key, and Tree Notes pops up, ready to record your wisdom. Jot your note, hit the key, and shooop! Tree Notes retreats back to the System Tray.

All of the formatting options that you're used to are here - bold, underline, italics, justification, fonts, and font sizes. Have a particularly fantastic idea? Format it as bold, in red, 26 point Verdana! Go crazy with your note-taking self.

Any of your notes (or all of them) can be exported as plain text, rich text, or HTML. Think about it - with Tree Notes, your thoughts can easily be emailed to someone else, or posted to the internet on your website for the world to see!

Please note folks, the NEW version of Tree Notes (4) adds: adding and editing SPREADSHEETS in the tree, just like notes! Complete with formulas, rich styles editing and formatting, auto-fill, etc., You can even import/export them from Excel or CSV, You can now add and edit TABLES in notes!, New modern ribbon design, New theme support, select from 9 themes for the interface, Better text color and text background color editing, Better image inserting and Many other improvements.

This promotion includes the following:
Tree Notes v4 ($44.95)
Tree Notes 1-user-3-PC Pack ($67.95)
The Conversation
The Fine Print
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Stefan Hauber Is TreeNotes the little brother (i.e. is a subset of) SwiftToDoList?

Is there a way to export/import between TreeNotes and SwiftToDoList?

Current version v4.5x seems to be pretty near to v5. Is v5 just around the corner, so that it might may sense to wait for v5 (or is v5 free for today's buyers)?

Is there a(n additional) discount for upgrades (from v3)?

If not, is it allowed/legal when buying a new v4 full version, to give a v3 license to another person?

Is it possible that one tree-node is pointed to from two different locations?
Jul 4 at 6:58am Copy Link
Dextronet Hi Stefan,

Thank you for your interest. Please see below for answer.

> Is TreeNotes the little brother (i.e. is a subset of) SwiftToDoList?

Yes, indeed.

> Is v5 just around the corner?

We will continue developing the version 4 for at least another year or two.

> Is there a(n additional) discount for upgrades (from v3)?

There isn't.

> If not, is it allowed/legal when buying a new v4 full version, to give a v3 license to another person?

We have no problem with that.

> Is it possible that one tree-node is pointed to from two different locations?

I am not exactly sure what you mean, but - a tree node here is like a page in a document. I mean a tree node is also a location itself so it's always unique.
Dextronet - Jul 4 at 7:28am Copy Link
Stefan Hauber > We have no problem with that

So, what's the right/typical/legal way to do this (giving the old version to another person when buying a full new one for myself])? Do I have to announce that to you, so that you can change the new licence-holder-name and license-code or just give my license- information to the new person?
Jul 5 at 1:02am Copy Link
Ennovy >We will continue developing the version 4 for at least another year or two.

Please explain: what's on your roadmap for version 4
Last two years there where no further improvements
Jul 5 at 2:01am Copy Link
Dextronet Stefan – I meant we wouldn't mind if after purchase you borrowed your license to someone else. No further action from us is required.

Ennovy – Hi, we have a bunch of small fixes and improvements currently undergoing our QA. Mainly we plan on improving the spreadsheet support and perhaps adding some other tree node types.
Dextronet - Jul 5 at 2:25am Copy Link
Ireneusz User Welcome if I want to buy Tree Notes price with tax 23 %Vat Poland is 12.24 $
As I go through Paypal, the price is 9.95. $.
Jul 7 at 1:54am Copy Link
Per User When testing the trial of Tree Notes the applications handling of xls spreadsheets was impressive, and we have therefore purchased a few licences for use by students on our XP computers. Students have to take notes and flip between a spreadsheet and a illustrated atlas when counting microrganisms on microscopical slides, where our present atlas is in pdf format.
The atlas can be converted into a docx or html document for import into a note, but as Dextronet state they consider improving Tree Notes perhaps by adding other tree node types where display of pdf files as nodes could be a suggestion for a further improvement.We look forward to integrate Tree Notes into our workflow.
Jul 7 at 8:01am Copy Link
HJ B 1. Are there any specs as to the practical size limits of Tree Notes?

2. Is there an automated save function?

3. Is there a backup system to cover the possibility of the main file becoming corrupted.

4. Can Tree Notes be shared by more than one person on a network?
Jul 7 at 11:55am Copy Link
mnazmi any chance lifetime license option ?
Jul 8 at 2:15am Copy Link
Noggin The Nog According to the above description, it will not run on Windows 10. Is that so?

I have 4 licences for this product, purchased in 2011 and 2013, although I have yet to make any use of it. There is nothing in the emails containing the licences to suggest that the licences are restricted to any particular version. Will the licences unlock the current version?
Jul 8 at 2:51am Copy Link
Robert Crombie Perhaps you could do similar for flow charts ?
I have tried many flowchart programs, and none of them appear to have this ability -
Create a shape, with a small caption, and attach a hidden note.
Some of the flow chart programs do attempt that, but their notes are too small.
Your notes could be the same size as the flow chart, and be stored as children of the flow chart.
Mousing over the Note icon will show the full note (there could be a close 'button' that we can mouse over)
Clicking the Note Icon, will open the child to allow editing.

PS If anyone knows of a flowchart program that already does that. Please let me know.
Jul 8 at 4:13am Copy Link
MK @Noggin The Nog - install it and see...
Jul 8 at 4:13am Copy Link
Noggin The Nog @MK, thanks for the advice, but had I wished to do that, I would not have asked the question.
Jul 8 at 4:26am Copy Link
MK @Noggin The Nog - you bought 4 licenses and yet to make use of them? And won't install the trial? What's the point of your question then?
Jul 8 at 6:17am Copy Link
Peter User Version 4 is released in 2014,

so @Noggin The Nog
your licenses will not work
Jul 8 at 11:10am Copy Link
Mathias User Do i see this correct, that this software is from 2016 and not developed any more since two years?
Jul 8 at 4:26pm Copy Link
Dextronet Hello.

Thank you very much for all your questions.

There is an autosave feature and automated backups as well, but we always recommend performing periodical backup manually or with a backup software too. The practical size limit depends mainly on your computing power and memory. We have users with databases which have several gigabytes. Regarding the collaboration feature - Swift To-Do List, which includes all the Tree Notes features is capable of running on network with our Cloud Sync which also allows you to share databases and collaborate.

Tree Notes should run on Windows 10. If you have a license for version 4, you can use it for the latest 4.xx version as well.
Dextronet - Jul 9 at 1:46am Copy Link

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