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WinCatalog 2015 + SecureSafe Pro + ToDoPilotDiscount

WinCatalog 2015 + SecureSafe Pro + ToDoPilot

Better Organization, Increased Security

82% Off
$19.95 $109.85
for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows 8.1 and 8 as a desktop app, Windows 7, Vista or XP SP3

Please note folks: the offer includes one major upgrade for each product. By purchasing this offer you also get free major upgrade to WinCatalog 2016 Professional (will be released soon), free major upgrade to SecureSafe Pro Password Manager 4.0 (it is planned to be released lately this year) and free major upgrade to ToDoPilot 2.0 when it will be released.

*** Great News! has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy! ***

WinCatalog 2015 + SecureSafe Pro + ToDoPilot ScreenshotOther Utilities Software ScreenshotWinCatalog 2015 + SecureSafe Pro + ToDoPilot, Other Utilities Software ScreenshotWinCatalog 2015 + SecureSafe Pro + ToDoPilot, Software Utilities ScreenshotOther Utilities Software, WinCatalog 2015 + SecureSafe Pro + ToDoPilot ScreenshotSoftware Utilities, WinCatalog 2015 + SecureSafe Pro + ToDoPilot ScreenshotSoftware Utilities, Other Utilities Software ScreenshotWinCatalog 2015 + SecureSafe Pro + ToDoPilot, Software Utilities, Other Utilities Software ScreenshotWinCatalog 2015 + SecureSafe Pro + ToDoPilot Screenshot 8

Organization and security, organization and security, organization and security. Can you think of anything more important when it comes to keeping your workflow optimized and protected? How would you like a suite of applications that will instantly give you both, right out of the box?

It's absolutely true that good things come in threes. Today's bundle of WinCatalog 2015, SecureSafe Pro, and ToDoPilot will not only make organizing your life much, much easier, they'll also assure that your online financial interactions and transactions are protected with airtight security!

With WinCatalog 2015, you can easily catalog all of your files, regardless of whether they're on your PC or on removable media such as CDs, DVDs, or external drives.

It's simple -- once you unleash WinCatalog 2015 on your file collection, the app finds, extracts, and indexes all of the information about each of your files, including mp3 tags, contents of ZIP/RAR/7ZIP archive files, and track names of audio CDs downloaded from the internet! And if you're the lending type, you'll love the integrated contact manager that lets you track of exactly who has what!

Let's move on to security! SecureSafe Pro keeps your confidential password information safe and secure, but easily accessible using a single password! Right now, you're probably using the same password for every online shopping and banking site for the simple fact that you won't forget it.

Simple for you, yes, but also simple for hackers and keyloggers!

With SecureSafe Pro, you don't have to remember individual passwords, so you can use super-strong, super-differentiated passwords! SecureSafe Pro even comes with five password templates for credit cards, files, notes, and website addresses!

Who needs a huge suite of task organizing utilities, or a thick portfolio that's bound to be left somewhere, when you can have the ultimate organizer in one tiny app? With ToDoPilot you can enter, organize, and view tasks on your computer, using an intuitive color coded tab interface representing Today, Today, This Week, Month, and Year. It's everything you need, and nothing that you don't. Just drag and drop items from one tab to the next, and sort them by priority!

Version alert! WinCatalog 2015 has a host of fantastic new features! Here are some of the coolest:

  • WinCatalog 2015 can handle collections of literally any size.
  • Can create picture thumbnails for most popular image types (jpeg, png, bmp, etc) and associate them with any item in the catalog.
  • Full support for Unicode!
  • A new 'Location Manager' makes it simple to manage physical locations.
  • Sports a new, intuitive tabbed interface.

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The Conversation
The Fine Print
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Ela S. For those who have recently purchased WinCatalog Prof here on BDJ in December 2015, is there a chance to get ToDoPilot only for a special discount?

Thanks for your kind consideration.
Tuesday at 5:19am Copy Link
Michael Rusakov For everyone who wants to purchase ToDoPilot only, we can provide 40% discount off the regular price. Please click the link below to get the discount, the link will be valid until Monday, Feb 15.

ToDoPilot (40% off): - Tuesday at 7:23am Copy Link
Mario Demi upgrade for WinCatalog 2016 is free or paid?
Yesterday at 12:09am Copy Link
Michael Rusakov @Mario Demi, the upgrade to WinCatalog 2016 is free.

This offer also includes *free* upgrade to SecureSafe Pro 4.0 and ToDoPilot 2.0. - Yesterday at 12:12am Copy Link
David Vaughan Does my purchase of WinCatalog 2015 on 27 December 2015 qualify for a free upgrade to the 2016 version when it is released or should I consider buying this bundle deal today?

I thought probably not but the Fine Print from the December 2015 offer says: Upgrades to future versions of the software will be free up to the next major version and minor versions thereafter.

So, there's a good chance my December 2015 purchase is good for the new 2016 version?

Thanks for your help.
Yesterday at 12:58am Copy Link
Michael Rusakov @David Vaughan, thank you for your question! The December promo was also qualified for a free upgrade to the 2016 version, so you will get one soon. Happy cataloguing! :) - Yesterday at 1:36am Copy Link
Mario Demi Is it possible to cataloge pdfs?
Yesterday at 3:52am Copy Link
Michael Rusakov Mario Demi, what information about PDF files do you want to catalog? In addition to the basic file information, for PDF files, the current version of WinCatalog grabs thumbnails (like you see in File Explorer). However, no additional data is grabbed for PDF files. - Yesterday at 4:01am Copy Link
Matt Hello,

I just wanted to say that all of Michael's software is excellent and that this offer is a really great deal.

And he provides wonderful tech support. He is really the best!

Thanks Michael!
Yesterday at 6:17am Copy Link
Lito A few quick questions:

1) Does wincatalog support encrypting and password protecting the database?
2) Is there a complete list of supported files it recognizes? For example you say it supports video but there are a lot of file types in the video category (mp4,avi,wmv,flv,mkv,rm,etc...)
Yesterday at 7:25am Copy Link
Michael Rusakov @Matt, thank you very much! - Yesterday at 7:57am Copy Link
Michael Rusakov @Lito,

1) WinCatalog can protect catalog files by password, but it does not encrypt the data - it is still "plain" SQLite database, so anyone can read the file using any SQLite database management software. We do not have plans to implement full encryption for WinCatalog at the moment.

2) You can see the full list of the supported file extensions for various categories in the program options. Please run WinCatalog, click the Collection Managment button (the blue button left from the Main tab of the Ribbon toolbar), and then click Options. Follow to the File Processing page under the Scanning and you will see 7 sections for different categories. Every section contains a list of the supported extensions.

Please note, that you can modify these lists on your own. For example, some backup software may produce ZIP archives, but with different file extensions, say, ".bkp", so you may want to add these extensions to the processing list. - Yesterday at 8:05am Copy Link
Lisa Griffiths Will this work for native files from programs such as Corel Draw and Paintshop Pro (.cdr and .psp) I understand it will do a file listing but will it show thumbnails too? Is there a mobile version of the password manager for android phones and tablets?

Yesterday at 8:38am Copy Link
_*_ @Michael Rusakov, Currently I own WinCatalog 2015 and SecureSafe Pro.

My hope is to move completely to Linux as Microsoft will phase out Windows 7 over time.

Is there any chance of your software being ported over to Linux?

In particular SecureSafe Pro if I had to pick one that I would use daily.

Yesterday at 12:18pm Copy Link
Mustang Your upgrade policy historically has been most generous (v2011 forward license owners upgraded to v2015 for free), so I was curious as to how the 2016 release would be handled? If there is a fee, how does it compare to today's offer? For those on the fence about buying this software, today's offer is a an incredible value for arguably the best disk catalog program available!
Yesterday at 1:15pm Copy Link
Michael Rusakov @Mustang, thank you for the kind words! WinCatalog 2016 will also be available as a free upgrade for everyone who has a valid license for 2015 version, including those who upgraded to 2015 from any previous version. In short, the upgrade will be free (again). :) - Yesterday at 5:36pm Copy Link
Michael Rusakov @_*_, unfortunately, we do not plan to create a Linux edition of (at least) WinCatalog at the moment. However, I have good news: we tested both WinCatalog and SecureSafe Pro on Linux with WineHQ and they worked well! We tested them on Ubuntu 12 a couple years ago, so I can suggest you to try them on your favorite Linux using the latest version of Wine (from that time Wine got even better!). WineHQ - - Yesterday at 5:41pm Copy Link
Michael Rusakov @Lisa Griffiths, the mentioned major upgrade of SecureSafe Pro that is planned lately this year will include a mobile app for Android with an ability to sync via Dropbox or another cloud service by your choice.

Concerning the thumbnails for Corel Draw and Paintshop Pro (.cdr and .psp) files. Unfortunately, for these types of files WinCatalog extracts only basic file info. We already have a suggestion to support Corel Draw files in our wishes list, but we did not implement it yet. I will add the Paintshop support to the wishes list, but can't promise that these features will be released soon. - Yesterday at 5:47pm Copy Link
Nico Westerdale Great News! has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy!
BitsDuJour Admin - 8 hours ago Copy Link
Matt Hi Michael,

Thank you so much for the free upgrade!
8 hours ago Copy Link
Stephen Brown I purchased Win Catalog 2015 the time before this December 2015 gone (I think it was either early 2015 or late 2014), but can't remember whether the 2016 version was offered as a free upgrade. Can you tell me whether this is so or not.

I've used Win Catalog since the 2012 version became available several years ago and think it is one of the best cataloging software's around. I've used several, but found WinCatalog catered for my needs better than any other plus it was simple to use and had some nice tools to help in the cataloging process. When I saw the 2015 version being offered here on BitsDuJour just over a year ago I jumped at the chance to upgrade as the discount was generous. I did have problems buying it via BDJ so went to your site and purchased it directly from you (I think). I can't remember details so far back due to opiate medication and a head injury, but did purchased the 2015 version as prior to that I was using the 2012 version..

That said, since upgrading to Win 10 recently, I've been having problems with inputting data into my database. I've recently had to re do all of my disks; (over a thousand DVD's and Blu Ray data discs as well as around 15 TB of external data drives) because the backups I had of my database somehow became corrupted. I don't know whether this was due to me upgrading from Win 8.1 to Win 10, or whether it was because I reinstalled WinCatalog after having some issues with it constantly crashing. I cleared out my registry of any Win Catalog entries then deleted all of the WinCatalog files except for the backups, then reinstalled the program (which fixed the crashing problem). That's when I found the database was unreadable and I have, since early January been re scanning my Blu Ray and DVD data discs. I'm only a quarter of the way through so far and have stumbled upon another problem that I don't remember having before I installed Win 10.

That is; some of the DVD's, are taking an inordinate amount of time to scan, for example, I'm presently scanning a DVD data disc with 4.07GB of data stored on it. I started scanning the disc yesterday morning at just after 4am and it is still scanning the same disc 32 hours later. So far 21871 files (7456 images, 34 Videos, 2116 folders 12 archives and 5 audio files) have been scanned at an average speed of 9 files per minute, (it was faster initially). The programs I've got backed up have nested folders within them. When I scan other DVD's and Blu Ray discs (25GB) that don't have nested folders the scan rates are as high as 1000 per minute, but with nested folders the scan rates drop significantly.

At the rate I'm going at the moment the disc has still got several hours or more before the scan is complete. With over 750 discs still to scan, at least 25% of those being 25GB Blu Ray data discs, plus another 15 Terabytes of data on external drives, it's going to take me several months of constant scanning to complete.

Have you any suggestions as to what may be causing this? I've attempted to turn off any unnecessary background programs while running WinCatalog just in case there were any conflicts and I've rebooted in between discs. I may try installing the program to one of my older computers to see if it is Win 10, or possibly another unknown issue.

Thank you in advance for any help.

I don't want to have to repurchase the program again just to get the upgrade to Win Catalog 2016 if you've said previously that purchasing the 2015 version gives you the next major upgrade, which I presume would be the 2016 version as I am retired due to the accident that left me permanently on morphine and with head injuries that have left me with a poor memory. I have to live on a budget because I've not worked for almost 11 years now and only get a small portion of my teachers pension due to having to retire (due to health reasons) very early on in my career.


Stephen Brown
4 hours ago Copy Link
Michael Rusakov @Stephen Brown, a mentioned major upgrade meant the upgrade to 2016 version, and you will get it for free.

I'm sorry to hear that your entire catalog file was lost and that WinCatalog scans your discs slowly this time. I've sent you an email to follow up this issue. - 3 hours ago Copy Link
Lito Another quick question. I am trying out the trial version, and it looks good so far, but I had one small issue or maybe a feature request. When I added a directory to the collection, then deleted some files, and updated the database, the deleted files were removed which I guess is expected, but is there a way to have it so it doesn't actually remove the deleted files from the database and just mark them as deleted/missing? Basically I want to keep a record of what I have deleted from some of my file collections.
17 minutes ago Copy Link
Michael Rusakov @Lito, thank you for the suggestion! We already have a similar suggestion in the wishes list and we're considering scheduling it for one of the future updates. - 4 minutes ago Copy Link

WinCatalog 2015 + SecureSafe Pro + ToDoPilot

$19.95 82% Off

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