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Aml Pages Home License
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  • Friday at 11:20pm
    Aml Pages 9.82 build 9734 released

    New version Aml Pages 9.82 build 2734 released. You can download version with installer or portable version. Localized versions see here (Russian, French, German, Ukrainian, Portuguese and other versions).

    What`s new in Aml Pages 9.82 build 2734:

    1. added: setting of color of selected node marker on tree pane;
    2. fixed: corruption of data on saving of documents with password for openning;
    3. many small changes and improvements;

    What`s new in Aml Pages 9.82 build 2733:

    1. fixed: command "Edit\Join Lines";

    What`s new in Aml Pages 9.82 build 2732:

    1. added: hyperlink "Video: how to enter license data into Aml Pages" in About-dialog and "Enter key";
    2. added: new demo-documents (sample.apd);
    3. many small changes;

    What`s new in Aml Pages 9.82 build 2731:

    1. added: pane News use background picture of text editor;
    2. added: extended ListCtrl into dialog Enter key;
    3. added: language of resources of Aml Pages into dialog About Aml Pages;
    4. fixed: crash on closing of document, when show pane "Filter by tags";
    5. many small changes;

    What`s new in Aml Pages 9.82 build 2729:

      1. added: new UI for filters by tags (with pane and hot applying);
      2. many small changes;

    What`s new in Aml Pages 9.82 build 2728:

    1. added: large toolbars (tree, format) for hi-dpi monitors;
    2. added: sticky notes change the mode read-only when check "Read Only Node";
    3. changed: font as default on dialogs;
    4. tip on system tray show full version of Aml Pages;

    What`s new in Aml Pages 9.82 build 2727:

    1. fixed: does not save "Line Spacing" in text after command "Format\Paragraph";
    2. added: DPIAware into resource manifest;
    3. added: info about HighDPI into About-dialog;
    4. added: new demo-documents (sample.apd);

    What`s new in Aml Pages 9.82 build 2726:

    1. added setting: "Alt+Alt for hide\show tree";
    2. changed: icon of command "Read Only Document";
    3. many small changes and bug fixes;

    What`s new in Aml Pages 9.82 build 2725:

    1. added: menu on LButton_Down on state icon in tree;
    2. fixed: invalid draw marker for read-only nodes in tree;
    3. improve build of tree;

    What`s new in Aml Pages 9.82 build 2724:

    1. added: new features for edit read-only nodes;
    2. added: dialog of choosing of nodes show menu "Favorites" by right click;
    3. changed: nodes creation dialog change tags when user changed parent node;
    4. fixed: placement of button "Select" in dialog of choosing of nodes;
    5. added: dialog of New Node\Folder show tags choose pane (in older versions uses menu);
    6. added: embedded resource manifest;

    What`s new in Aml Pages 9.82 build 2721:

    1. added: highlighting of separators on tags field;
    2. tag pane: added accelerators (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+Insert,Ctrl+D, Ctrl+Alt+D and etc);
    3. fixed: tags control does not clear background;
    4. fixed: does not update text of tags after create new tags of end of edition;

    What`s new in Aml Pages 9.82 build 2719:

    1. added: new commands for tags pane "Create Tag" + "Create Child Tag";
    2. added: 3-state checkboxes of tags pane (indeterminta state of parent tag, when has checked children tags);
    3. added: menu command "Nodes\Choose Tags";
    4. added: keyboard accelerator Ctrl+Alt+Z for choosing of tags;
    5. added: expand pane "Choose Tags" when expand tags;
    6. added: parent tags show checked count of children tags;
    7. added: pane "Choose Tags" show tooltips for menu commands;
    8. added: new version of pluign Themes 4.02;
    9. fixed: flickering of tooltip for button "Tags" in bar "Tags" (when tooltip is large);

    What`s new in Aml Pages 9.82 build 2718:

    1.  added: tags pane show red marker on selected item;
    2. added: command "Show\Hide Tags Bar";

    What`s new in Aml Pages 9.82 build 2717:

    1. added: bar "Header" show filters mode;
    2. fixed: show empty web page on openning node;
    3. fixed: double click on History tabs does not save latest changes of node text;
    4. many small changes and bug fixes;

    What`s new in Aml Pages 9.82 build 2716:

    1. added: left pane show tags as tree;
    2. added: left pane in tags mode show fill path to node in tooltip;
    3. added: left pane in tags mode show number of children tags + nodes;
    4. added: left pane in tags mode supports delete nodes by pressing key Delete;
    5. improve: tags selector (many colors, expand used tags on showing);

    What`s new in Aml Pages 9.82:

    1.  added: hierarchical tags;
    2.  the settings dialog shows the last viewed tab;
    3.  a detailed report on the results of the command "Integrate into the shell";
    4.  added: export / import commands to the file to the tags control;
    5.  added: Read-only attribute for individual nodes (see menu Nodes);
    6.  changed: enlarge tags pane on showing;
    7.  added: tags pane show asterisk on title, when tags is changes;
    8.  added: new command "Generate Password" (see menu Tools, Plugins);
    9.  added plugin "Password Generator";
    10.  new version of pluigin Aml Assist 3.24;
    11.  removed: depricate setting "Use background of text editor for toolbar Format";
    12.  updated Plugins-engine and Plugin API;
    13. Details change log see on What`s new or you can know whats new immediate from Aml Pages.

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  • Friday at 9:49am
    Aml Pages FREE : What Next

    Aml Pages FREE on Giveawayoftheday: What Next

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  • Wednesday at 8:13am
    New Release : TwinkiePaste 2.73

    New release: TwinkiePaste 2.73 released.

    TwinkiePaste - the utility to quickly typing commonly used text, dates, greetings, standard responses, Internet URLs, logins and passwords, code templates. TwinkiePaste helps to quickly type text in almost any application, thus saving a lot of time and saving you from routine.

    Downloads here (ZIP with installer, 32x, 2.7 MB). Portable versions is available here. Discussion on forum see here

    Details change log see here.

    Version 2.73 build 532:

    1. added: Undo for latest operation with clipboard history (clear, delete item);
    2. added: new setting of Paste method: "via key stroke, when text less than X characters" (use as default);
    3. updated Russian language file;

    Version 2.72 build 531:

    1. added: commands "Search in Google", "Search In Yandex", "Search in Wikipedia". "Search in MSDN" in menu on right click on menu item;
    2. added snippets %UPPER_SELTEXT%.twinkiepaste, %LOWER_SELTEXT%.twinkiepaste;
    3. fixed: crash on right click on recursive menu (right click on menu + right click on menu);
    4. updated components: core TwinkiePaste.dll, PhraseEditor, Welcome;

    Version 2.71 build 529:

    1. added macros: %UPPER_SELTEXT%, %LOWER_SELTEXT%;
    2. changed URL: How to localize TwinkiePaste;
    3. PhraseEditor: command "Phrases\Rename" enable setting "Use Title Only In Menu" automatically;
    Version 2.69 build 526:
    1. added: parse not-a-number for macros %NUMBERCHARS_*% (smart fortmat: all numbers to chars, other symbols "as is");
    2. added: command "Edit" by right click on menu item of history;
    3. added: ballon tip about square quotes into dialog "Enter License Data";
    4. changed: removes ballon style from menu tooltips, but has style "Close";
    5. updated Russian language file;
    6. many small changes;

    Version 2.68 build 525:

    1. added: new TwinkiePaste-snippet Our Contatcs\Article_SP.twinkiepaste;
    2. added: popup menu has largest height;
    3. added: embedded resource manifest;
    4. improve menu building;

    Version 2.67:

    1. added: welcome module (HTMLs) in Polish language;
    2. added: hyperlink "How to localize TwinkiePaste" in welcome-module;
    3. updated Polish language file;
    4. added: command "Show Menu In System Tray" in menu on float pane;
    5. updated Russian language file;
    6. small changes;

    Version 2.65:

    1. added: snippet Summa_prop.twinkiepaste;
    2. new welcome-module;
    3. many small changes and fixes;

    Version 2.64:

    1. added: macro MC_NUMBERCHARS_SELTEXT (number as characters from selected text);
    2. added: macro MC_NUMBERCHARS_CLIPBOARD (number as characters from clipboard);

    Version 2.62:

    1. fixed: command "File\Export" in PhraseEditor;
    2. added: command "Welcome" into menu of float pane;
    3. new version of Welcome-module;
    4. improve building of menu;

    Version 2.60:

    1. added: new module "Welcome";
    2. added: new version of core DLL (TwinkiePaste.DLL 2.60);
    3. added: domain ".KZ" in pra-ru list;
    4. added: report of "checking of updates" show released date of used version of TwinkiePaste;
    5. fixed: uninstallation script;
    6. changed: smart trimming of text for menu of clipboard text if it is hyperlink;
    7. many internal changes;

    Version 2.50:

    1. added: sound for event "TwinkiePaste already work";
    2. added: macro %WINDOWS_VERSION%;
    3. new version of Gesture.DLL (fixed: invalid uninstalling of mouse gestures support);
    4. added new phrases into installtion package (group "Our Contacts");

    What`s news in 2.x

    1. added: support of Windows 10
    2. added: support of 64-x applications
    3. added: new menu of snippets (more info, more indication by colors)
    4. Details change log see on our web site here

    How TwinkiePaste works

    1. Press a hotkey in any application.
    2. The cursor displays a menu with text templates to be inserted.
    3. Select the menu command. Done! Text inserted.

      Key Features (more screenshots)

      • Pastes plain or formatted text into any applications
      • Keeps the clipboard history
      • Smart text insertion using macros: selected text, date and time, changing of keyboard layouts, usernames and etc.
      • Configurable hotkeys
      • Simple, lightweight and user friendly phrase editor
      • Unicode support. Minimal system requirements
      • No proprietary file format. Our database is simple XML only
      • Check for updates: automatically every 1-2-3...X day or manually from menu
      • Also we can suggest portable version
      • Purchase TwinkiePaste now

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  • Tuesday at 11:37pm
    Aml Pages free on Giveawayoftheday — the deal is done

    Aml Pages free on Giveawayoftheday. The deal is done — discounts are left.

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  • Feb 21 at 6:40am
    New Video: How to enter license data into Aml Pages

    New Video: How to enter license data into Aml Pages

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