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Reading other people's body language can be a great way to learn how to read someone. The fact is that it isn't the only thing you should be paying attention to when you are reading someone's body language. You need to pay attention to their eyes as well. People's eyes are a lot more expressive than you think they are. You should be looking at the eyes of the person you are reading and interpreting the expressions on their face and body.

When a person is speaking their eyes will move around a lot. They will also tilt their head to one side as well as contract their eyes slightly. Try to pay attention to this movement. A subtle shift like this can give you some insight into what the person is trying to say without actually hearing them. Your eyes will also generally follow the speaker's lead when they are talking. So, if you notice that the speaker is just going back to the same topic, you can bet that their eyes are following along with them.

Now, the eyes can sometimes go a bit ahead of the speaker's thoughts. But, this is only to be expected. In most cases, people only tend to notice other people's body language when they have first caught up to the conversation. This means that you should try to catch their eye position before they have even begun talking.

One method you can use to determine this is to focus solely on the eyes of the person you are talking to. Give them a look and focus in on their eyes for a second. Then, glance away and return to the subject of your conversation. If you do this enough times, you should be able to tell quite a bit about what they are thinking or saying just by watching their eyes. It takes practice to do this, but it is something you can do quite soon.

It is also important to pay attention to the other person's eyes. You can get an idea of what they are thinking by observing the way they hold their gaze. Some people will tend to cast their gaze upward while others will look downwards. Again, this is something you can learn to do if you spend enough time observing others.

A simple test can also be conducted using this method. Hold a piece of newspaper in front of them and turn it so that it faces away from you. If their eyes follow the motion of the paper, then they are looking at something interesting. You can also do the same with a pen, if you wish.

Reading other people's body language is very important, especially if you want to establish a connection. You can start by giving them a quick smile. People like to receive smiles from others. The same is true of giving them a kiss. If you can successfully do both of these, then you have found a good way of establishing a connection with that person.

This is just a start on how you can read other people's body language. However, if you want to become an expert in this field, then there are many more tips to help you with this. Of course, practice is the key. Try to read at least 20 words every day using this method.

Of course, reading people's body language does not only apply to reading the facial expressions of another person. It goes beyond facial expression recognition as well. Body language includes such things as the way one is breathing, their pulse rate and even their clothing.

There are even studies that focus on how much one has drank during the day. This is because alcohol greatly affects body language. Some people tend to keep their bodies still while they are talking on the phone. Others tend to shake their head from left to right while speaking. This means that the person either is drunk or not.

The importance of reading people's body language cannot be stressed enough. One can easily find many cues that help him or her determine whether the other person is lying or telling the truth. A skilled hypnotist will be able to use these cues to help them get very good results. However, one must be careful to not overdo it because a person may start to think that he or she has read the person's mind to find out the truth. This could be dangerous and could damage the relationship between the hypnotist and the subject.

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