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Virus Scan for Acronis True Image 2017

Back Up Multiple Computers and Mobile Devices

Acronis True Image 2016 lets you back up data from multiple computers and mobile devices to removable drives and cloud storage.

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Acronis True Image 2017 Virus Scan Report
Acronis True Image 2017 Virus Scan Report
Acronis True Image 2017 Virus Scan Report
Acronis True Image 2017 Virus Scan Report
Acronis True Image 2017 Virus Scan Report

What are people saying about Acronis True Image 2017

eb235 An extremely disturbing offer.
On Acronis Website ( $49.99 is the full price for a 1-computer license and $99.99 buys a 5-computer license.
What's more, the 1-year limitation is nowhere to be seen in the feature table for Acronis True Image. (It's True Image Cloud that is sold by subscription.)

Given the good reputation of BDJ, I'd like to see all this as errors in the description...
Some follow-up seems required. Thanks !
Apr 1 2016 at 12:54am Copy Link
Bertie Brummel What a nonsense!

Quote from BDJ's description:

"Acronis True Image 2016 lets you back up data from multiple computers and mobile devices!"

Quote from the fine print section:

"Each license allows installation on 1 computer."

We've have seen way too much misleading advertising @ BDJ recently.
Apr 1 2016 at 2:12am Copy Link
Rob Ert It's unacceptable for backup software that it only may be used on 1 PC.
Most households have several PC's/laptops. Do you realy think one would buy more licences from 50,- each ?!! Ok, 100,- for more PC's, still it is a lot of money.
There was a time you bould the license and there was no limitation for the number of PC's.
Apr 1 2016 at 2:55am Copy Link
Elizabeth Chadrick Sadly it seems bdj has gone the way of the corporate dollar and away from its true roots :( sad considering I moved here from giveaway for the day or whatever it was. I valued the reviews and the initial giveaways were truly better with less trouble. :/

I would hope this improves. But I anticipate it's now just what was done to lure people away and then turn it over to "admins" and eventually sell it off. Like many of the incentive sites which I enjoyed for the personal touches.

Hey, welcome to corporate "America" (though I don't know that America is where it hails from. Just know money seems to lure people to forget what made them popular and as they go off counting the money, dreaming of their next venture, it's almost like buyer beware. Only in this instance it feels a little more like a friendship being severed :( I think It's time for me to move on from bdj. :(
Apr 1 2016 at 6:41am Copy Link
Ricky Rick BEWARE of Acronis True Image 2016!!!!

While True Image 2014 is ok - Acronis still hasn't worked the bugs out of 2016 -- and many complaints are from people who say the "Try & Decide" feature STILL does NOT work.

I am on a email list from Acronis about ATI 2016 and have 51 emails of complaints. The complaints about Acronis 2016 in the emails I have start on September 6, 2015 up until the last email complaint I received which was March 1st 2016.

I am a long time user of Acronis True Image Home and LOVE it - but not since they screwed up version 2015 by removing a bunch of features and since 2016 came out last September 2015 - they still haven't fixed the bugs yet!!.

NOTE: some people complain that 2016 has problems with SSDs.

I have an SSD in 2 of my PCs and don't have any problems with Acronis because I'm using ATIH 2014 -- but versions after the 2014 version you better be careful!!!

And EVERY year around September - Acronis comes out with a new version. Soon Sept 2016 will be here and Acronis will have their 2017 version for sale when they still have not even fixed ALL the problems with the 2016 version.

Ah ha!! Now I see Acronis is starting to be SUBSCRIPTION based. The fine print above says it won't work after 1 year. That is outright crooked of Acronis. They will never see another dime from me.

Hopefully my 2014 versions which I can use INDIFINETELY on 3 computers will work with Windows 10 and beyond. If not I will move to Macrium Reflect which I hear is an excellent alternative to Acronis.

Also I made a smart move. When I saw all the problems with Acronis 2015 and Acronis 2016 -- I bought 6 Boxed versions of Acronis 2014 (3 person license each box) on Amazon. I'm practically set for life.

Just a warning to my fellow lovers of software.

Ricky Rick
Apr 1 2016 at 7:27am Copy Link
Jim Ranson One year limit? I am still using Acronis True Image 2010 here on Windows7. No way would I purchase backup software with a 1 yr limit especially when there are free alternatives out there that are just as capable without any time limit. Acronis versions are hit and miss regarding reliability.
Apr 1 2016 at 7:31am Copy Link
Sputnik When I first saw that an Acronis True Image's sale was coming I immediately thought to leave a small message and I said to myself that I would probably be the only one to have to complain about this software and the politics of the maker : I see that I am not the only one, after all...

I too have been an Acronis fan for years but this software has become too big for my needs and I didn't liked anymore the way it was working.

Two years ago I bought a LIFETIME license of Aomei Backupper Pro at a ridiculously low price of 13.90$ when it was on sale. You can get today this same lifetime license at a full price of 49.00$, 99 cents less than the actual Acronis license which is good for only one year.

Since I work with Aomei Backupper I have never looked back to Acronis, that's all.
Apr 1 2016 at 8:27am Copy Link
Dwayne Reid Another April Fools Day gag?
Apr 1 2016 at 9:56am Copy Link
TAPTRONIC Now out of my price range.
Apr 1 2016 at 10:39am Copy Link
Hourglass94 I stopped using Acronis products years ago when they told me a solution to a problem which rendered their product useless was to buy an upgrade to their latest version!

I changed to and still use Paragon products and their software is far superior to anything I used from Acronis.
Apr 1 2016 at 11:09am Copy Link
William Coomber I've used ATI for several years and have liked it. I'm currently using
ATI 2016 on two machines (I don't subscribe to the cloud feature). I understand the version on sale here can be used on 3 machines. I don't know why the fine print says only 1.
Apr 2 2016 at 1:43am Copy Link

Our virus scan reports this website is 100% Clean View Deal

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