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Hide Your IP Address During Browsing Sessions

94% Off
$20 $360.00
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Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, OpenELEC, Linux, Router,Roku, PS4, Xbox, Kodi,
FastestVPN ScreenshotInternet Security Software ScreenshotFastestVPN, Internet Security Software ScreenshotFastestVPN, Security Software ScreenshotInternet Security Software, FastestVPN Screenshot

Needless to say, your identity and behavior online is being tracked at all times, whether by third parties trying to target you for advertising, government agencies, or even foreign authorities. How do you get around this surveillance? By using a VPN to mask your identity, and by picking up a copy of today’s discount promotion, FastestVPN!

FastestVPN offers you high-end security along with amazingly fast connection speeds. With FastestVPN, you’ll be able to hide your true IP address, identity, and location as you browse the web, choosing from 250+ servers located in over 40 countries with 350+ ips. What’s more, when you use FastestVPN, you’ll benefit from malware protection, ad blockers, P2P optimized servers, and 24/7 support should you ever need it.

The advantages of FastestVPN are endless – torrent anonymously, access region-restricted websites, safeguard yourself from surveillance and hackers, and even encrypt your Wi-Fi over public and private Internet connections. And since FastestVPN doesn’t maintain any logs, there’s never any record of your usage!

Please note folks, the product is now supporting 15 simultaneous devices which means with a single VPN subscription of any plan, a customer can use it on 15 devices simultaneously, until now no other VPN is supporting more than 5 devices at a time.

Also, the product now supports USA Netflix and Disney+.

After you purchase FastestVPN, it may be used for 36 months.

This promotion includes the following:
FastestVPN 3 Year Plan ($20)
FastestVPN 2 Year Plan ($15)
FastestVPN 1 Month Plan ($9.50)
Prices are subject to vendor's pricing and may change
The Conversation
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Ricky Rick Constantin Florea

I also want a Refund.

Contacted FastestVPN Support and requested a refund but they told me I have to get the refund from you (BDJ).

FYI I already send you 2 PMs but no response.

As I mentioned in another post above - the TAP Driver would not install correctly so I could not connect.

Tried some of the so-called solutions FastestVPN Support gave me but none worked. Wasted a couple hours of my time trying to get it to work - but no go.

Refund please.

Ricky Rick
May 6 2019 at 7:43am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Ricky Rick, I just refunded your order at your request as soon as I noticed your message above. I am sorry but I didn't receive any emails from you regarding your refund request.
BitsDuJour Admin - May 6 2019 at 11:20am Copy Link
Ricky Rick @Constantin Florea


thanks for the quick response to my refund message and the refund itself.

The PMs that I sent you were to the following email address:

Constantin Florea ... is that wrong?

Maybe I should have left out your first and last name?

Thanks again, Constantin,
Ricky Rick
May 6 2019 at 11:32am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Ricky Rick, That is the correct email address however I couldn't find any emails sent to from your email address.
BitsDuJour Admin - May 6 2019 at 12:06pm Copy Link
Ricky Rick @Constantin Florea

I will send another private email from my Email Client (The Bat! Pro) and in the Subject Line I will put "Test From Ricky Rick" to see if you get it ...

... and if so - please leave a message here on the message board or email me directly from the email I send you.

I will be emailing the "Test From Ricky Rick" right now ...

The "mesaage" in the email will say:


here's the email I said (on your message board
concerning the FastestVPN) I would send to
see if you get this one.

You did not get my other 2 PMs

Ricky Rick
May 6 2019 at 1:34pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Ricky Rick, I am sorry but I didn't receive any emails from you. I searched separately using your name, email address and content but I couldn't find anything. I also checked all folders where I receive emails but didn't find one from you.

I also sent you an email (from my address) asking that you reply to it, to see if I can receive your email messages.
BitsDuJour Admin - May 6 2019 at 2:57pm Copy Link
Ricky Rick @Constantin

received the email from your address and responded right back to you.

Did you get it?
May 6 2019 at 3:27pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Ricky Rick, Thanks! I received it and sent you a reply back. Please feel free to email me at my with any issues you may have going forward. I am not sure why your previous emails didn't reach our account.
BitsDuJour Admin - May 6 2019 at 3:33pm Copy Link
Ricky Rick @ Constantin

I will be sending you another email just to be sure you get that one also.

Please let me know if you get it ... I'm sending it now ....

Ricky Rick
May 6 2019 at 3:46pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Ricky Rick, I received it and sent you a confirmation.
BitsDuJour Admin - May 6 2019 at 5:10pm Copy Link
Ricky Rick @ Constantin

Fantastic! Thanks so much Constantin for taking the time to help get this matter straightened out.

So glad to hear you got it.


Ricky Rick
May 6 2019 at 5:17pm Copy Link
Kevin Weaver I too request a refund. App causes big time lockup's on OS. Contacted them on 07/07/2019 and spoke with Ted. He kept on giving me the run-around on a refund. App is so unstable it will cause my wifi to go out. After this I had to remove the app and setup WiFi again to just get back on-line. Did this more time's then I care to admit.

It does not look like they want or will refund me so I get a refund or I go to the bank and stop payment. You make the choice and email me ASAP.
Jul 7 2019 at 11:56pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Kevin Weaver, I just refunded your order. Please notice it may take between 5 and 10 business days for the money to show up in your account.
BitsDuJour Admin - Jul 8 2019 at 3:05am Copy Link
Kevin Weaver Thank You. Great deal on the price. But if it don't work then price does not factor in. I wanted this to work but when talking to there rep on-line I got the lets try this, try that, etc. Clearly a software problem. And reading from other's, not ready for prime time IMO...
Jul 8 2019 at 7:34am Copy Link
Linton User It's both concerning AND disappointing that they are unwilling to provide a refund if one is requested, as when purchasing, the purchase page clearly states the following: "30 Day no questions asked refund" written in bright red letters!

It's a shame that so many software companies fail to stand by their promises these days. :)

I really want to get the 3 Year promotion... even though they haven't bothered yet to answer the question I asked on here yesterday and despite the fact that it's now listed at 20 dollars for the same deal.

However I was relying on being able to take advantage of the 30 day refund policy after purchasing the deal in the event that they didn't ultimately end up responding and clarifying the situation regarding my question at some point during that 30 day period.

I'm really not sure what I should do in relation to this promotion deal now.

Hmmm... bother!
Nov 11 2019 at 12:36am Copy Link
Martyn User What happens at the end of the payment period. Will the price be discounted or will it revert to the full price ie 36 months = £360
Dec 28 2019 at 3:05pm Copy Link
Walter Meckley Why is this advertised as a lifetime 10 computer subscription when it's only for three years?
Oct 5 2020 at 6:20pm Copy Link
Shankar User Your offer if for LIFETIME but restricts for 3 years some other place. Reply correct position.
Oct 5 2020 at 11:36pm Copy Link
Kim Wells Sorry to say 3 years is not a lifetime.
Jan 5 2021 at 4:39pm Copy Link
Robert Allen i also wish to request a refund
Mar 1 2021 at 5:07am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Robert Allen, Could you please contact us at with this request?
BitsDuJour Admin - Mar 1 2021 at 5:34am Copy Link
Henry Alava not working for me no cinnection building a new system dont have time for this

Our 15-day money back return policy gives you the option to
ask for a refund if you are not satisfied.
so please a refund
Mar 3 2021 at 1:41pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Henry Alava, The refund has been made. The money should be back in your PayPal account.
BitsDuJour Admin - Mar 3 2021 at 1:46pm Copy Link
Stephen Kreyling The title should be changed to up to 3 years service, lifetime is forever.
Jun 10 2021 at 4:13am Copy Link
Jerry Voletto I guess I should request a refund, too. It is VERY slow. I haven't had any problems that others have mention, yet. But, on my 100 Mb service and 1 Gb router, I only get a max of 30 Mb d/l. That's trying many different VPN servers and different browsers and many reliable speed test programs. I can use Tor and get better throughput than "FastestVPN".
I can definitely NOT recommend this program. Sorry if it offends anyone.
I'm still within my 15 "no questions asked" refund policy dates.
I'm not computer illiterate and understand how the signal has to jump from server to server to be secure. But, this is ridiculous.
I'll find another VPN that actually works faster. I'm sure they're out there.
I think I also used PayPal. Bought on 8-6-2021. Today's only 8-12-21.
I'll await your reply.
Aug 12 2021 at 12:34pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Jerry Voletto, I just sent you an email. Could you please read it and reply back?
BitsDuJour Admin - Aug 12 2021 at 12:50pm Copy Link
ejoe I can't login without request for additional money I would like to have a refund or I will dispute the amount with my CC
Oct 23 2021 at 11:25am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @ejoe, I see your purchase on the 10th of October 2021. If you have received the key in the receipt email, then you do not need to pay any additional money. Please notice that in the receipt email there are redeemable instructions for that code. If you have trouble logging in even after following those redeemable instructions, please let us know at the exact issue you encounter.
BitsDuJour Admin - Oct 23 2021 at 11:28am Copy Link
ejoe I did not see redeemable instructions but I did an online chat with the company and they got me connected easily all is good perfect thank you
Oct 23 2021 at 1:19pm Copy Link

Please note that all comments for this promotion will be screened before posting. It's nothing personal, just a step we have to take because of a few bad apples last time around.

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