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Filter Forge BasicDiscount

Filter Forge Basic

Use Amazing Filters for Photoshop

v9.0 Mac & PC  Download Trial
Platforms: 64-bit Windows 7 and newer; Mac OS X 10.8 and newer
Filter Forge Basic ScreenshotPhoto Editing Software Screenshot

You want to boost your Photoshop work with a good plugin for filters, but how do you choose from a universe of options? Well, you read this writeup and let the words convince you to get today’s discount software promotion, Filter Forge Basic!

Filter Forge Basic is an incredible collection of filters that let you generate textures, create effects, enhance photos, process images, and access user-created filters! All filters in Filter Forge Basic automatically support real-world HDR lighting.

Please note folks: if you want to upgrade the Basic version, you may click here.
Also, the latest version features improved rendering speed (30%) and Copy and Paste features. Also, the latest version makes it possible to work with hosts that are not officially supported and stacking filters within Filter Forge. There are now 12k filters in the Online Library.

This promotion includes the following:
Filter Forge Basic for Windows v9.0 ($149)
Filter Forge Basic for Mac v9.0 ($149)

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Dunking Suppose I bought this and then upgraded to Professional. That would cost me the $14.90 here plus $125 upgrade from your website, so $140 near enough. Or I could just go straight to professional from your website and pay $79.

Am I missing something? What does that extra $60 get me buying through Bits?
Apr 29 at 6:01am Copy Link
Jane Blue Dunking - Once you own the basic version you'll get occasional offers to upgrade at a discount if you register with your real email address. They don't send too many emails, like some companies do

I used the basic version for a couple years before accepting their offer to upgrade at a discount. You can still experiment with making filters with the basic version, you just can't save them. Once I started making filters, popular and I won free upgrades for life!

I'm not affiliated with them in any way (other than contributing filters to the filter library). This is just a great company with an excellent and ingenious product. When I saw the offer via Bits DuJour in my email, I came here to recommend the product because I'm a big fan. When I saw your question I figured I might as well chip in my two cents.

By the way, I got started by buying the basic version right here through Bits. Highly recommended!
Apr 30 at 5:20am Copy Link
Dunking Thanks for the info, @Jane Blue - I might well take advantage of this offer, although I would have preferred to go straight to pro.
Apr 30 at 8:41am Copy Link
Filter Forge (Jane) @Dunking Not all the users need Pro, right? And it is always better to buy exactly what you need and don't bother with upgrades.

And yes -- newsletters with special offers are real.
Filter Forge, Inc. - Apr 30 at 12:12pm Copy Link
Carson User I'm all in using Professional Plus and have lifetime librarian & library. Started with basic and used it enough with great results to warrant the upgrade. I would agree that the emails aren't too frequent and are meaningful when sent. Save your pennies along the way and go lifetime if you can justify the investment. I'm glad I did as did the folks leaving comments about the lifetime offers (that I saw when researching). I can say support was extremely responsive when I had a computer crash. Not always a given this day and age. Very much appreciated. This is a very easy 'highly recommended', especially at this price point. No down side at all and a very slick program. At minimum you'll have a very robust trial and get on the email list for discounted upgrades as others have mentioned.
Apr 30 at 5:08pm Copy Link
Dunking Thanks very much for the comments, people. I guess I'll start at the bottom and look out for a reasonable upgrade, as you suggest. Hope you're getting a kickback for this!
Apr 30 at 5:40pm Copy Link
Filter Forge (Jane) @Dunking Can you please contact us via support(at) ? We'll help you with the purchasing process. PayPal sometimes may be tricky.
Filter Forge, Inc. - May 1 at 5:03am Copy Link
Dunking I will do that shortly, @jane, thanks :)
May 1 at 10:45am Copy Link
Ron White Did anyone answer Dunking's question about paying $140 for pro version through upgrades vs. paying $79 by buying pro directly from web site?
May 1 at 10:48am Copy Link
Carson User Ron, I'll take a stab at answering that question. The Pro version can be bought for $79 via a link on this web page that Bits provides. (Please note folks: if you want to upgrade the Basic version, you may click here). So the question is really whether to buy Basic or Pro out of the gate based on their features vs. cost. The upgrade question is a longer term consideration. The software is actively supported and has major upgrades roughly every year or so. Each major version upgrade is about the same as the Pro version cost being discussed here. Sometimes a little more with a sweetener and sometimes on rarer occassions a little less. If you use the software regularly and like the new features as Filter Forge continues to evolve, it makes sense to go lifetime at some point. It's tougher on the pocketbook initially but a great buy under the right individual circumstances. Disclaimer: I have no connection or relationship with the Filter Forge folks and expressing personal opinion. If I'm off base I'll ask the Publisher to chime in as warranted.
May 1 at 6:45pm Copy Link
Ron White Thanks, Carson User. I've heard so much praise for Filter Forge, but don't have a clear idea of how to use it. I'll probably so with the basic version to get my feet wet.
May 1 at 8:37pm Copy Link
Drew User I thought it worth pointing out that this deal isn't technically an exclusive deal from this (or any other) Software Giveaway or Discount Sites, as they are actually currently offering the SAME 80% discount on their Website off all of their different Editions of the software throughout this entire period of the Corona Virus Emergency!

So the *80% discount will still be available on their Website for any version AFTER this deal has expired here.
May 1 at 11:53pm Copy Link
Ron White Thanks, Drew. I couldn't get it through Bits DuJour because I kept getting an error message at checkout I asked for assistance and didn't get it. I'll go toFilter Forge's site.
May 2 at 1:08am Copy Link
Filter Forge (Jane) @Drew Yep, we're offering a long-term covid associated 80% discount on our site. But here you had 90%.
Filter Forge, Inc. - May 4 at 1:14am Copy Link
Filter Forge (Jane) @Ron White What exactly error message did you get during the checkout?
Filter Forge, Inc. - May 4 at 1:17am Copy Link

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