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All About GS-Base, A Cool Database

v16.8 for PC 
Platforms: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 - 32 and 64 bit
GS-Base ScreenshotDatabase Management Software ScreenshotGS-Base, Database Management Software ScreenshotGS-Base, Development Software ScreenshotDatabase Management Software, GS-Base ScreenshotDevelopment Software, GS-Base ScreenshotDevelopment Software, Database Management Software ScreenshotGS-Base, Development Software, Database Management Software ScreenshotGS-Base Screenshot 8GS-Base Screenshot 9GS-Base Screenshot 10GS-Base Screenshot 11

Need a database that’s easy to use without a steep learning curve? Want something to organize photos, music files, CDs, or icon collections that’s not rocket science? For everyone in this category, there’s today’s discount software promotion, GS-Base!

GS-Base is a database that lets you organize photos, music, icons, and contacts, with the ability to analyze very large data sets. With GS-Base, you’ll be able to use pivot tables containing up to 256 million records and over 2000 columns, identifying duplicates, performing full text searches, and getting statistical breakdowns in a single click.

Beyond its data analysis capabilities, GS-Base also helps you with your print workflows, with the ability to print forms, letters, reports, or generate personalized email messages and attachments from the database. You can even take advantage of the 300 integrated calculation functions in GS-Base to create calculated field and validate data!

Please note folks: GS-Base can be installed on any portable device and used without performing any registry modifications. The setup file is only 3MB and no other libraries or run-times are required.
Also, to start downloading the full version (and all future new versions, depending on the license type either for 12 months or indefinitely), please browse here: and enter your e-mail address and the password from the receipt email into the login form the top part of the page.

This promotion includes the following:
GS-Base - Lifetime use with 1 Year free upgrades v16.8 ($19.95)
GS-Base - Lifetime use with Lifetime Upgrades v16.8 ($36)
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The Fine Print
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Mitchell User Is this truly a relational database? Is it capable of creating all the standard relations between tables: one to many and many to many and many to one? If so, how? I really want to support this apparently responsive developer, but not at the cost of abandoning table relations.
Jul 9 at 3:17am Copy Link
Citadel5 @Mitchell User
Hi, you can set the 1-n relation between two tables as described in the "Linking fields in two table by the 1-n relation" help topic.
The n-1 or 1-1 relations (possibly for more than 2 tables) can be "simulated" by the use of calculated fields (with the lookup functions performing searching in other tables - please see the included "sample" database and the "ProductName" and "UnitPrice" fields in the "orders" table).
GS-Base is not advertized as a relational database - it just offers the above features "by the way" (for more convenient data analysis).
Citadel5 - Jul 9 at 4:21am Copy Link
Peter User Lifetime upgrades option is not 50% off as advertised. Full price is $36, offer is $21.60, 40% off. Please correct the description.
Jul 9 at 4:59am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Peter User, During promotions it is possible that we use different discount perecents for different purchase items within the same promotion.

At times, vendors only want to promote only the 1 year license using the 50% discount thinking the 50% discount is to high for the Lifetime license. So in order for us to be able to bring you the Lifetime license at a discount in such cases, we discuss with those vendors about using a different (lower) discount percent.

But it is ultimately up to each vendor to decide which discounts he wants to use for promoting his products (and product licenses) on our site.
BitsDuJour Admin - Jul 9 at 5:32am Copy Link
Peter User I have no issue with the vendor offering a lower discount for lifetime licences, however advertising should be accurate - most people would think the 50% applies to both licence types, which is incorrect. My comment was about the honesty and transparency of the advertisement, not the vendor's commercial decisions.....

BTW - I have purchased the lifetime upgrades option!
Jul 9 at 11:02am Copy Link
Mitchell User I have a question about "nesting" tables or more broadly hierarchical tags. "Rock" is a genre of Music. "Classic Rock" is a subgenre of "Rock" "60's" is a subgenre of "Classic Rock" and "Psychedelic Rock" is a ....I assume that I can create tables for all of these genres and subs, but how can I nest them. I assume that I can create an autoincrementing primary key for each table but then can I use those keys as foreign key fields in a related table?
Jul 10 at 2:44am Copy Link
Citadel5 @Mitchell User
The "nesting" term refers here to the tree structure with folders and tables (the left pane on the sample screen shots). You can use any level of nesting within that structure. I'm not sure whether you mean something else. If this is about records with individual tracks, albums or artists, perhaps you should consider storing them all in one table with the "genre(s)" field as all other fields are the same. Then you can create a separate "genres" table and use the field with genre names to automatically populate the corresponding drop down list (with multiple selections for cross-genre items) in the first table. Finally, created/named search keys will enable you to filter that table with "one" mouse click.
Citadel5 - Jul 10 at 5:08am Copy Link
Peter User I placed an order over 24 hours ago and have not received any registration info. Checked my junk mail and it is not in there.
Jul 10 at 10:36am Copy Link
Citadel5 @Peter User
Thank you for your order. Is this the e-mail address @hotmail? The registration e-mail was sent a few minutes after your last edit/post yesterday. It's sent automatically by the server so it might be treated as spam. I've just re-sent it using an e-mail client this time.
Citadel5 - Jul 10 at 12:11pm Copy Link
Peter User Yes, adress is
Still no email with registration info. Checked spam, not there. I received my BDJ receipt immediately after the purchase, but it said registration info would be sent manually within 24 hours....
Jul 10 at 2:03pm Copy Link
Citadel5 @Peter User
I've re-sent it again using a Google account this time. Yes, like I wrote it was sent immediately, several minutes after you received the BDJ receipt. "Manually" means just that Citadel5 needs to receive a similar e-mail from BDJ first, but the registration message is sent directly by the server/script.
Citadel5 - Jul 10 at 2:55pm Copy Link
Peter User Registration info now received. Thank you.
Jul 10 at 11:49pm Copy Link
Flyfisher Does it have a runtime if you wanted to build and distribute an application?
Sep 23 at 12:34am Copy Link
Citadel5 The nearest update should add a dual COM interface to access the database (non-GUI) functions from other programs. However, there is no separate runtime. Either the full or the trial version will have to be present.
Citadel5 - Sep 23 at 2:32am Copy Link
Flyfisher Do you have a reseller scheme where an application is developed and then sold multiple times?
Sep 23 at 2:50am Copy Link
Citadel5 Just plain reselling options. For details/examples, please contact Citadel5 directly.
Citadel5 - Sep 23 at 4:17am Copy Link

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