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HDR projects StandardDiscount

HDR projects Standard

Amazing HDR Photos in 32-Bit Quality

v7 Mac & PC 
Platforms: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP (32 and 64 bit), Mac OS X from 10.7 (32 and 64 bit)
Check it out folks, you can also get

Photo Software Bundle 2022 v7
HDR projects Standard ScreenshotPhoto Editing Software ScreenshotHDR projects Standard, Photo Editing Software ScreenshotHDR projects Standard, Design, Photo & Graphics Software ScreenshotPhoto Editing Software, HDR projects Standard ScreenshotDesign, Photo & Graphics Software, HDR projects Standard ScreenshotDesign, Photo & Graphics Software, Photo Editing Software ScreenshotHDR projects Standard, Design, Photo & Graphics Software, Photo Editing Software ScreenshotHDR projects Standard Screenshot 8

In the olden days, like three years ago, if you wanted to experiment with HDR, you’d have to manually take a photo three or four times and then painstakingly merge them together into a composite. Those complicated days are at an end with today’s discount software promotion, HDR Projects!

HDR Projects revolutionizes your images, providing seven HDR algorithms and tight control over multiple parameters. With HDR Projects, you’ll be able to produce astounding HDR photographs with minimal effort, achieving truly unique results in full 32-bit quality.

You’ll appreciate the flexibility of HDR Projects once you start diving into all of the options. For example, you can adjust parameters that include smoothing, deghosting, denoising, halo adjustment, and more. Or partially define single image areas through the direct adjustment of weighting during HDR fusion. That’s right, single image! With HDR Projects, you can combine multiple images taken at different lighting exposures or work with just single images with amazing results.

This promotion includes the following:
HDR projects Standard for PC v7 ($69)
Photo Software Bundle 2022 v7 ($445.95)

The Conversation
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Bruce Brent No license key was provided in the download link e-mail sent to me.
Nov 25 2022 at 8:50am Copy Link
Yu User No license key
Nov 25 2022 at 1:51pm Copy Link
Nico Westerdale Great News! Franzis Verlag GmbH has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy!
BitsDuJour Admin - Nov 26 2022 at 12:11am Copy Link
Eros No license key/serial number provided. I downloaded the software. Then I was prompted to enter serial #. I went through the registration process and I received yet another email to download software again but no serial #. How do I get serial # to activate the software?
Nov 26 2022 at 2:28am Copy Link
Constantin Florea In the BitsDuJour receipt email there is also a direct link to the registration page which you can use to register and get the registration information.
BitsDuJour Admin - Nov 26 2022 at 3:39am Copy Link
Eros Yes, I know. That's the link I used to get the registration info but all I received was another link to download the software again. I received no registration code. This is why I sent you the message and requested a solution. So, what next?
Nov 26 2022 at 3:56am Copy Link
Bruce Brent Constantin, still no license key. As mentioned above, there is NO link to registration. You really should try it yourself and you'll be just as frustrated as we are.

By the end if this day (November 26): no registration key, uninstall the program is the only alternative.
Nov 26 2022 at 6:21am Copy Link
Constantin Florea There is no registration key in the receipt email you receive from BitsDuJour.

However the BitsDuJour receipt email does contain the direct link to the installer as well as the following phrase:
As an alternative method to go through the registration process to get your registration information, you can click on the following URL:
followed by the actual registration URL and when you click on that URL, it allows registering on the product website to get the registration information/key/code.

If after you register on the product website, you still don't get the registration information/code in the email, please use another email address. This is what the vendor advised us to tell customers for a similar previous promotion we had with one of this vendor's products.
BitsDuJour Admin - Nov 26 2022 at 7:32am Copy Link
Dana Anderson The "link" to the license key is not a link, it is only text that needs to be copied and pasted into the browser. And it does not lead to the license. If you look at the link text, it is direct to the zip file!
Nov 26 2022 at 7:35am Copy Link
Yu User There is no serial number there. I downloaded from email link, from web site, from receipt - nothing is there!
Nov 26 2022 at 8:06am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Dana Anderson, I am looking at the BitsDuJour receipt emails of this promotion using Outlook (as the email client) and I do see the links rendered as links (not as text). My guess is that if you see the links rendered as text, it may have to do with the settings of the email client you are using.

The .zip link is actually the direct link to the installer. The .zip link is repeated in the Instructions section. During the installation process you should be able to register the product using a pop-up window which appears at that time.

The other link (from the Instruction section) is the URL which if you browse to it, will allow you to register and get the registration information from the receipt email.
BitsDuJour Admin - Nov 26 2022 at 8:35am Copy Link
Dana Anderson @Constantin: Again, there is no license! I installed and it popped up a window alright, asking for the license. As I stated before, I do not want all kinds of emails from them. The license should be given to us. We should not have to agree to all kinds of email and storage of personal data, as the "alternative" link forces us to input! If this is how these "free" promos will go from now on, I will just delete the emails from now on! Did you even try that "alternative" link? You will see what we are forced to agree to in order to get the license!
Nov 26 2022 at 9:13am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Dana Anderson, Most of our giveaways (definitely over 90% of our giveaways) show either a redeemable code or the registration code into the receipt email, I agree that that is the easiest way for customers. However there are vendors who choose to have the customers go through a special registration process (this giveaway is an example of that) in order to get the registration information, and in order to bring those titles in front of our customers (as giveaways) we have to agree to those work flows (registration processes) imposed by vendors.
BitsDuJour Admin - Nov 26 2022 at 9:29am Copy Link
Bruce Brent Constantin, I know you're doing your best to attempt to rectify this "no license" issue, but I doubt anyone will jump through hoops and get Outlook to get the license key.

Most, if not all, of those who are attempting to retrieve a license code are using a standard browser which WON'T include a license key.

Constantin, you have to READ what those above are saying and NOT use your "special" way of retrieving the license key. As for me, well, this is telling me to uninstall this program because it's only taking up unnecessary space on my computer's hard drive.
Nov 26 2022 at 9:34am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Dana Anderson, I just sent you the registration URL which you could use to register the product. That URL is also in the receipt email.

Unfortunately, in the case of this promotion there are only two ways through which you could get the registration information:
- using that registration URL which I just sent you (the same one from the receipt email)
- running the installer and in the pop-up which appears at some point, pressing a button (I believe it is called "Internet") which does the same thing as the registration URL.

We always try to make things (registration wise) easier for our customers but at times we are constrained by the way the title was implemented. So in this case, there is no other way (except for the two methods mentioned above) to get the registration information.
BitsDuJour Admin - Nov 26 2022 at 9:38am Copy Link
Bruce Brent Constantin, FINALLY, the correct link was sent/e-mailed to me, THANK YOU. This link DOES have the correct linkage to complete the registration process. Still a lot of hoops to go through, but what this program accomplishes is terrific.

Thanks again
Nov 26 2022 at 10:17am Copy Link
mer123 Can I get the correct link for the license? I have done just as the user above stated and still did not receive the correct key. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
Nov 26 2022 at 11:36am Copy Link
Dana Anderson I guess I'll just uninstall this application. I do not want all kinds of email advertisements from franzis, about car and engine and other things. I already get too many spam emails. And since this is a separate requirement from simply agreeing to the "storage and processing of my personal data" on their site, I think that indicates something more than just emails. No thank you!
Nov 26 2022 at 12:48pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @mer123, I just sent you an email regarding your comment above. In that email I put the same URLs from the receipt email: the (correct) registration URL and the URL to the installer.
BitsDuJour Admin - Nov 26 2022 at 2:01pm Copy Link
Eros I have still not received registration information and I'm still waiting. When can we expect this issue to be resolved?
Nov 26 2022 at 4:21pm Copy Link

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