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Intelligently Archive Email Messages

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Platforms: Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013
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Remember when it was exciting to receive email? Just a few years later, that excitement has turned to dread for most of us, faced with a virtual flood of inbox messages that never stop coming. But instead of just suffering through it, how great would it be to actually take control of your email and actively manage it? You can, with today's discount software promotion, Inlook!

Inlook gives you one-click automated archiving of email messages based on flexible rules. With Inlook, the program learns how you work and will automatically prioritize incoming emails to match. And after they've landed in your inbox, Inlook lets you defer emails, schedule them to a later time, create tasks from them, delegate tasks, or archive the message based on your own customized rules. You can go with fully automated archiving, or have Inlook suggest an archive folder based on your previous habits.

Inlook is amazing to watch once you have it up and running. You can choose to defer an email, having Inlook take it out of your inbox but re-entering it at a later date. Combined with the ability to create tasks automatically from emails and an intuitive wizard to guide you, there's no greater efficiency and flexibility to be found than with Inlook!

Review Written by Derek Lee
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Geoff Woodfield Is this offer for the Pro Version?
Apr 15 2015 at 1:29am Copy Link
Bruno Verschraegen Hi. I am a long-time user of the Standss (formerly Outlook Addin) QuickFile Pro programme. However, since their last year's complete overhaul, sold as a big improvement, I personally think their programme has dramatically decreased in user-friendliness and - in fact - a few key advantages have even completely vanished. The other three team members continue to use QuickFile but I have given up and am in great need of a useful alternative. Once I move, the rest of my team would eventually move too.

Did you ever run a comparison between Inlook and QuickFile?

Allow me a few questions...
- QF also allows "automatic filing of outgoing emails (Send&QuickFile). Note that I set up my Outlook with dozens and dozens of project folders (we organise events) and that I file both my treated incoming mails and my outgoing mails in the ame project folder (to facilitate the frequent searches later on). Is this functionality also present in Lookin? Or is it (currently) limited to managing incoming emails?
- Once projecta are completed, the project folder is moved to a separate PST, organised by calendar year. QF will know that the folder has been moved and future emails relating to that "completed" project can still easily be moved by QF to the other PSTs. Again, is this also true for Lookin?
- One of the key strengths that QF had - but no longer has - is that it retained all folders to which an email coming from (or sent to) a specific email address had ever been filed. What this had as an advantage is that, at the moment of trying to Send&QuickFile an email to a participant of a new event, it would automatically show me all folders I which I had ever filed an outgoing or incoming mail related to that specific email address, allowing me to choose one (or choose a new one). This allowed me to notice that this person had for instance particiapted in another event three years ago,k allowing me to abort the send attempt and quickly adapt the opening phrase and the greeting of the new email to show the contact that we know him/her from before and "remember" (actually we often remember by ourselves but not always which event it was for and QF helped us out :-) ...). Does Lookin by any chance work in a way that allows that same approach? Or would it be looked at for future development?

I'll stop now with my questions, but hope to hear about the few I posted here ;-)
Apr 15 2015 at 3:00am Copy Link
Rod James Geoff - thank you for the question . Yes - this is for Inlook Pro
Inlook - Apr 15 2015 at 3:04am Copy Link
Rod James Bruno - thank you for the detailed and advanced question.
1. Yes - Inlook has a setting (a checkbox) to automatically archive outgoing emails.

2. I am not sure I fully understand the question however Inlook supports multiple PSTs. I need to better understand the exact flow to better address.

3. Absolutely ! Inlook supports a feature called "Suggest folder" which shows you all the potential folders for archiving based on historical analysis and configured rules

I hope this helps!
Inlook - Apr 15 2015 at 3:14am Copy Link
Bruno Verschraegen Hi Rod, your (quick) answers sound encouraging!

About the PSTs... the Outlook folders I originally create for every project are within the main PST file. Managing events and maintain highly personalised communication with all participants involves a lot of emails. Some of the projects easily reach 10'000 emails; others only a few hundreds. It quickly amounts to a big PST file of course. Reason why, after a project is in pri8nciple finished, I move the folder out of the main PST to other PST files names by the calendar year (I have separate PST's going back all the way to the year 2002). As long as those other PSTs are loaded, QF will also handle these other PSTs. I mean: say you have been involved in three projects and the project folders to which your mails had been moved have now moved to three different PSTs, and you know still send me quite some time later a mail regarding one of those projects... when I attempt to file that mail QF will suggest the previous folders, even though have moved to another PST file than the main one where the folders were previously residing. That means that QF is updating its internal "database" when one moves the assigned folder(s) to a new PST. Does this explanation make it clearer or only more confused?

I also have a new question. Say I install today Lookin for Outlook 2010 and some time from now I move to Outlook 2013 or the upcoming Outlook 2016, what is the cost involved of changing to the corresponding version of Lookin?

Actually, that prompts an additonal question. I am toying with the idea of moving to Office 365, but only if that allows me to keep working with the several plug-ins and uitilities that make our daily work easier and more productive. Does Lookin work with Office 365? Any counter-indications you could think of?

Apr 15 2015 at 3:32am Copy Link
Rod James Bruno - unfortunately Inlook will initially look for the previous location. Once you have moved your first email to the new location it will learn and suggest the new location on the second time .

There is no need to buy an additional license when you move to a new Outlook version not when integrating Outlook with Office 365
Inlook - Apr 15 2015 at 5:06am Copy Link
Alan Feldman I currently use AOL mail and all of my archived e-mails are in .pfc format. Does Inlook support the AOL mail format? If not, could the pfc files be converted to a form that does allow Inlook support?
Apr 15 2015 at 7:42am Copy Link
Bruno Verschraegen Hi Rod. Have downloaded trial, After 2 hours 15 minutes 'first time indexing', I am now trying to click on Next since the status bar sows 100% but nothing happens. I have already clicked several times in the 10 minutes since the indeing is completed, but nothing happens.

Any suggestion of how I get it moving? have not tried to click cancel as this may call for the need to re-index?

Meanwhile, also another question. I can see my Outlook screen behind the InLook setup screen and... the InLook Toiolbar elements eat up 75% (three quarters) of the toolbar space of the Home Tab. Is that normal behaviour? I hope not. If it stays like that once fully set up, it will render all the other items on the Home tab very difficult to access - rather the opposite of increasing productivity in my opinion... And that is on a high resolution screen. I don't dare to think what it would do on a screen with 'regular' resolution. Can this be set differently?

Oh, hold on, as I am typing the Indexing seems to continue. It now just did indexing of the Calendar and is now moving on to other folders / PSTs. I am probably in it for a few more hours. Not surpsing since I am indexing all loaded PSTs. We're talking somehwere over 40 GB total. If you have in the meantime some feedback on my toolbar worry, that would be great.
Apr 15 2015 at 12:02pm Copy Link
James Evans As stated above and on the website:
"Platforms: Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013"
Will this version of InLook support Office 365?
Apr 15 2015 at 1:31pm Copy Link
Rod James Yes . Office 365 is supported
Inlook - Apr 15 2015 at 1:47pm Copy Link
Bruno Verschraegen Sorry to say it is not going well. Will have to give up. After filing two emails had a crash. Started Outlook again. InLook insisted on stzarting with the Configuration again. Did so, started to index. Took only a short while. This time clicking on Next went okay. But then I decided to try and start Outlook once more and again the Configuration screen came up. Clicking on Cancel I wa warned that setup was not finished. Cancelled anyway. Decided to try filing outgoing mails automatically. Discovered that this needed to be activited in Preferences. Noticed that this setting would only go into effect after a new index. Tried to run a nex index from within the preferences interface. Did not want to. Tried again. Did not want to again. Changed settings to re-run indey after one hour. Closed preferences. Closed Outlook again. Started. Configuration screen comes up again, insisting on running index. I am hoping it will be a short index update but it does not look like it. Is running now without even giving me the option to hit cancel. I will be missing out on this promo because there is no way I can get this sorted now. Need some sleep (11:20 PM now) but would also need to be able to finally use Outlook again, which I have not in the past 4.5 hours. I need to wait for the indexing cycle to finish. Hope to hear something from you tomorrow.
Looks like a great and sleek product, would love to use it and test it fully before putting rest of team on it. But a pity that the setup does not wan to run as it should... Windows 7 Professional 64-bit with 32-bit Office 2010. Sorry for telex style; am running out of juice. Need to cut it here. Bruno
Apr 15 2015 at 2:24pm Copy Link
Reiner Ress hi. i payed with paypal, but get no licence-file. auto-activation dont work. i will try it tomorrow again.

ps: your software is great :)
Apr 15 2015 at 2:51pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Reiner Ress, I've just contacted the vendor regarding the license file issue you mention.
BitsDuJour Admin - Apr 15 2015 at 3:02pm Copy Link

I've placed order for one Pro license for today's deal, but I haven't received my registration code yet.

Is this a scam?
Apr 15 2015 at 4:32pm Copy Link
Rod James Bernardo , Reiner

First - thank you for your purchase. I can assure you that your license is valid.
Inlook is licensed based upon the email address configured. Accordingly the email used in PayPal should be the one in Outlook. If this is not the case please send us your updated email address to
Inlook will automatically register when the email is updated and you can update emails as many times as you like.
I apologize for the misunderstanding .

We are always available on our support email
Inlook - Apr 15 2015 at 9:09pm Copy Link

There isn't any misunderstanding at my side, I'm using the same PayPal address in outlook and I can't activate this software using it, I received a window telling me that this address is not registered. I tried some minutes ago and I can't activate Pro license. Of course I don't have a license from you nor reply from your email address when you are "always available".
Apr 15 2015 at 9:22pm Copy Link
Rod James Ok Bernardo.
Our engineer will look at it ASAP.

If we can not get it to work we will fully refund your purchase. I am very confident you will be happy with the result .
Inlook - Apr 15 2015 at 9:54pm Copy Link
Reiner Ress same here. my paypal-address and my outlook-address are the same... no activation (email not registered...)

please, get this to work!!!
Apr 15 2015 at 10:28pm Copy Link
Rod James Hi

Please use the "Web Activate" button and register your Inlook copy.

both your details are now updated and you should be good.

If you have an issue please email our support mail at

Inlook Support
Inlook - Apr 15 2015 at 10:53pm Copy Link
Reiner Ress works now! thank you!! do i need a second licence for my home-pc (same exchange-account and same email-address). only 1 hour left :)
Apr 15 2015 at 10:58pm Copy Link
Rod James Hi

If it's the same address you can just web activate it

Inlook Support
Inlook - Apr 15 2015 at 11:14pm Copy Link
Reiner Ress great, thank you!

a very nice piece of software!!
Apr 15 2015 at 11:25pm Copy Link

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