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My Source Code RepositoryDiscount

My Source Code Repository

Store and Organize Useful Code Snippets

for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows XP, 7, 8
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Don’t you hate it when you absolutely know that you wrote some powerful piece of code at one time, but you can’t find it anywhere? Now multiply that feeling times 10 or 100 pieces of excellent code that would make your project so much easier, and you’re starting to see the genius behind today’s discount software promotion, My Source Code Repository!

My Source Code Repository lets you effectively manage source code, giving you a way to organize and retrieve valuable snippets and routines. With My Source Code Repository, you’ll never misplace another innovative piece of programming ever again, and your current and future projects will all go much more smoothly as a result!

What can you save using My Source Code Repository? How about code snippets, example usage, and comments? Web pages and binary files of any type? In fact, you can even save entire projects into My Source Code Repository, if you so desired. Everything you save into My Source Code Repository is organized into an intuitive hierarchy with unlimited categories!

Review Written by Derek Lee
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Niels Salling I like the idea but do not want to create a paypal account.
Don't You accept direct credit Card payment?
Aug 24 2013 at 3:28am Copy Link
Support We accept Credit Card payments via the PayPal web portal... you do not need to create a PayPal account but get the benefits of a secure check-out.
DataObjx - Aug 24 2013 at 3:38am Copy Link
Nico Westerdale If you don't want to use PayPal simply click the "Dont have a PayPal Account" link and you can enter a credit card without joining PayPal
BitsDuJour Admin - Aug 24 2013 at 5:23am Copy Link
Robin Siebler You *seriously* need to add more syntax highlighting! Where is Python, Javascript or AutoIT, just to name a few?
Aug 24 2013 at 8:23am Copy Link
Support We're working on it! You may try to paste some of these languages into the exiting product however.... you might find that it will still provide a relatively good rendition of the other languages even though they are currently not listed as supported.

The other thing to keep in mind is that the REAL purpose of the application is so that you have a portable means of storing your source code and routines and snippets... while the syntax highlighting is nice to have - it's important to keep in mind that the storage of reusable routines is 'the' most important aspect of the product.
DataObjx - Aug 24 2013 at 8:53am Copy Link
Ken Gado I just installed the trial. I tried pasting some code in the "Source Code" panel and I have no idea how to save that.

I added a title and there is content in the "Source Code" but the "Save" icon remains greyed out. Is that a limitation of the trial?
Aug 24 2013 at 9:37am Copy Link
Support You must ensure that you have created at least one node in the TreeView first.

Once you have a category in the treeview, you can save code by providing a title and code in the codeblock.

Without a category in the Treeview - you cannot add code.

Try adding a category first - you'll have many over time of course :) and then you'll be able to logically manage your code.

Let me know if this helps resolve the issue you mention.

Also, have a good read of the content on the webpage for the product - we purposely made the application easy to use, but you'll find some helpful tips there.
DataObjx - Aug 24 2013 at 10:03am Copy Link
Ken Gado I already did that before my first post concerning the saving issue. Please see screenshot:
Aug 24 2013 at 10:34am Copy Link
Support Thank you for the screen shot...

Make sure you click the (document with the + sign) first... this tells that app that you intend to add source code.

Four easy steps are involved;

1) Create a node (which you did)
2) Click the "Add Code Snippet" Button
3) Add a title and code
4) Click the save button

A few of us have checked this out here based on your report - and it appears that this only occurs when you haven't clicked the "Add Code Snippet" button.

That's the only thing you're doing wrong. :)
DataObjx - Aug 24 2013 at 10:40am Copy Link
Support We'll make a fix for this.

The suggested logic for this is that after a new node has been added - and there are not existing code snippets - adding a title will automatically cause the 'add code snippet' button code to execute.

That will correct this user interface issue.

Thank you for your report and patience.

New build with this issue corrected will occur next week.
DataObjx - Aug 24 2013 at 10:44am Copy Link
Ken Gado Well the whole user experience is not really intuitive. The "Add Code", "Save Code Snippet" toolbar is in the middle of two panes, and you can't really tell what those are doing unless you already know. There is no visual cue that indicates that it will add something to the top pane or the bottom pane.

If having a title is a prerequisite to saving the code, then a more intuitive approach might be to grey out the whole bottom area and unlock it only after a title has been entered. This is still not too user friendly. I only type in titles at the end, when I'm done. This goes for emails, text documents or code.

A more logical approach might be to have the "Save" button always available and when that is clicked, it checks for a title, if no title is found, it could either return an error message inviting the user to add a title, or highlight the title bar by flashing it red or by adding a notification icon next to it. Similar to how when an user signs up for an account on a website and a field has been left empty.
Aug 24 2013 at 12:49pm Copy Link
Niels Salling @Martin and Nico
Choosing my country Denmark does not provide a credit Card option only paypal
Aug 24 2013 at 12:55pm Copy Link
Support @Ken

Excellent review actually and much appreciated. I wish you were on our preview team!

Implementing the things you mention are not difficult and we're collecting these type of comments from developers such as you for your next build.

We hope you look forward to our next Build!
DataObjx - Aug 24 2013 at 1:07pm Copy Link
Support @Niels

We're very sorry about this... it appears that it is a PayPal issue and we're unable to resolve this.

Please email us at and we'll sort this out in some other way.
DataObjx - Aug 24 2013 at 1:09pm Copy Link
Mark Johnson I don't see a license description on your website, but the description on BDJ states, "Each license allows installation on all handheld devices, but My Source Code Repository may not be used at exactly the same time on each of them."

That makes it sound like you cannot install this software to a pc, which is where most people would install it.

I tried the software, and a couple of things don't make sense to me.

On the bottom right window, there are a number of tabs. You can view/edit the source code, put in example usage for the source code, put in comments for the source code, add binary files related to the source code.

It's the 5th tab that doesn't make sense to me. All 4 of the other tabs are related to a single source code snippet. However this 5th tab is global options for the application. It makes no sense that they would be organized like that; I would expect these settings to be on a main menu at the top of the application instead of on the window you put snippets.

The second thing that doesn't make sense -- the options tab itself doesn't make a lot of sense. It has a left side where you select a language for syntax settings, and a right side that you would expect to change when you make a selection on the left side. However, the right side seems to be totally unrelated to the left side. You can click, double-click, do about anything to the languages listed under 'Syntax Settings' but nothing happens. There is no window that pops up, and the right side of the tab remains 'Database backup options'. This doesn't make sense?

Aug 24 2013 at 4:50pm Copy Link
zhxiang xie Hi ,

How can I report problems or bugs for this product? just send to or leave messages on ?

I like the idea of this product, and have some problems and suggestions after testing the product:

1. The "Save Code Snippet" function has some bugs.
For example, there are 4 source lists. If I put mouse cursor on source 2, press "Save Code Snippet" without any modify, source 2 will be overwrited as source 1.
If I put mouse cursor on source 3, press "Save Code Snippet" without any modify, source 3 will be overwrited as source 2.
Sources will lost with this bug.

2. Suggestion: fuzzy search. allow to search with multiple key words or wildcards.

3. Suggestion: code beatifier.

4. Suggestion: Tag the source and search via tags.

Hope these problems will be fixed in next version.

Aug 28 2013 at 2:16am Copy Link

Please note that all comments for this promotion will be screened before posting. It's nothing personal, just a step we have to take because of a few bad apples last time around.

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