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Mybase Desktop 8.xDiscount

Mybase Desktop 8.x

All of Your Information In One Place

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Platforms: Windows 7+ (64 bit), Linux (amd64), macOS 10.11+ (x64, Intel CPU)
Mybase Desktop 8.x ScreenshotNotes Software ScreenshotMybase Desktop 8.x, Notes Software ScreenshotMybase Desktop 8.x, Productivity Software ScreenshotNotes Software, Mybase Desktop 8.x ScreenshotProductivity Software, Mybase Desktop 8.x ScreenshotProductivity Software, Notes Software ScreenshotMybase Desktop 8.x, Productivity Software, Notes Software ScreenshotMybase Desktop 8.x Screenshot 8Mybase Desktop 8.x Screenshot 9Mybase Desktop 8.x Screenshot 10Mybase Desktop 8.x Screenshot 11Mybase Desktop 8.x Screenshot 12Mybase Desktop 8.x Screenshot 13Mybase Desktop 8.x Screenshot 14Mybase Desktop 8.x Screenshot 15Mybase Desktop 8.x Screenshot 16Mybase Desktop 8.x Screenshot 17Mybase Desktop 8.x Screenshot 18Mybase Desktop 8.x Screenshot 19Mybase Desktop 8.x Screenshot 20

Have you ever wondered how you could integrate all of your information into a larger superset of organized data? Think about it - all of the websites that you find useful are organized, yes, in your Bookmarks or Favorites list in your browser - but they're completely separate from your important documents, which are kept in your My Documents folder. Likewise, your favorite photos are in your media viewer, and noteworthy email messages are in yet another application, whether it be Outlook or an online mail program.

When it comes time to take in The Big Picture, you're still running back and forth between all of these services and applications. With MyBase Desktop, you don't have to, because everything you need is stored in one place.

MyBase Desktop is a freeform database, notes manager and outlining tool that helps you to organize unstructured text, web pages, images, documents, emails and many other files without limitations on length or file format. You can pack MyBase Desktop full of data, because your information is compressed on the fly and stored in an intuitive tree hierarchy. Once you've captured all of your stuff in one place, MyBase Desktop lets you organize, retrieve, search, and share information like never before!

Please note folks: there is a significant improvement which has been brought to the web-collect add-on ( that allows to capture and save web contents from Chrome/Firefox with ease.

This promotion includes the following:
myBase Desktop 8.x for Windows ($79)
myBase Desktop 8.x for Mac ($79)
myBase Desktop 8.x for Linux ($79)
myBase Desktop 7.x for Windows ($79)
myBase Desktop 7.x for Mac ($79)
myBase Desktop 7.x for Linux ($79)
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Dunking I am using MyBase V7 and would like to know if two of my main beefs with MyBase are resolved in V8:

1. Tables. In, say, RightNote you can drag table dividers just like you can in Office or similar, thus making it easy to have properly-sized columns, tables that fit the space, etc. In MyBase you have to pop up the menu and specify a percentage or pixels, and you'll do that many many times until it comes out right. Or just not bother with tables (which is now my preferred option). If this isn't already sorted in V8, will it make it to V9?

2. Image handling. Paste an image and it's probably too wide. To get it to fit you have to pop up a menu, select resize, arbitrarily pick some percentage that you think might be right, try it, pop up the menu to resize because it's not quite right, etc. Everywhere else you select the image then drag the outline corners. If this isn't in V8, will it be in V9?
Jan 19 at 12:25am Copy Link
wjjsoft support @Dunking, 1. the table resizing divider is still on the wish list. 2. the next version would include additional Pasting options that allows to specify display size on pasting images, and the Auto-enlarge/shrink to fit content view option is available.
Wjj Software - Jan 19 at 7:20am Copy Link
Dunking Thanks for the info. I will look forward to the next version, whilst noting that the ability to alter the image size easily after pasting would be just as valuable.
Jan 19 at 9:22am Copy Link
Pete User MyBase screenshots look good. I have some questions:
#1. Can MyBase sync with other MyBase installations on other computers? If 'yes', please provide full details?
#2. Do you have any way to make MyBase available via the web (cloud)? Either sharing my data from my computer or syncing with a cloud hosted version that I can access via web browser?
#3. Do you have an app for mobile devices (IOS & Android)? Ideally, I don't have to have the large database on my mobile device, but can access a cloud hosted (sync'd) copy of my database info?
Jan 20 at 12:33am Copy Link
TJ England Hi, Is there any plans to add spell checking back into MyBase? - Thanks
Jan 20 at 5:44am Copy Link
Jo Ann Rice This sounds like an interesting piece of software, but I'm concerned with the fact that your website shows that it's still in beta and comments here go back to 2009 so your software has only been updated once since 2009? I prefer to use software that I know is truly still being developed and updated etc. so let me know if that's the case or not. Thanks!
Jan 20 at 6:09am Copy Link
wjjsoft support @Pete User, 1. All information users input are stored in the local .nyf database files, that can be synced on another computer by using a USB drive, file sharing over LAN, or using a third-party cloud service. 2. We don't provide cloud services, and currently the desktop edition doesn't include networking features. For web sharing, the .nyf database needs to be exported as HTML Tree and a collection of webpages that can be viewed with in a web browser; Or convert into the web-based InnoKB Server that allows multi-users to access over LAN or via the web by using a web browser. The nyf2innokb database converter is available for migrating Mybase database to InnoKB. For more info about InnoKB: 3. We currently don't have iOS/Android mobile editions available to download.
Wjj Software - Jan 20 at 6:22pm Copy Link
wjjsoft support @TJ England, the spell checking option is still on the wish list...
Wjj Software - Jan 20 at 6:26pm Copy Link
wjjsoft support @Jo Ann Rice, the comments may be listed in reverse chronological order. It seemed that recent comments listed below in my web browser. Since 2009 we've released the major version 6.x, 7.x and now 8.1 beta.
Wjj Software - Jan 20 at 6:54pm Copy Link
Nico Westerdale Great News! Wjj Software has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy!
BitsDuJour Admin - Jan 21 at 12:11am Copy Link
Jo Ann Rice @wjjsoft support: Thanks for the info, I'll ponder on that today and see where it goes :)
Jan 21 at 6:24am Copy Link
Dave Venus looks interesting, when is this deal coming back?
Feb 25 at 9:31pm Copy Link

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