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Push the Freakin' Button!

v5.3.1.0 for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Svr 2012, Svr 2008, Svr 2003
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If you spend any time reading our site, you know that we like anything that lets us save our precious time or cut some of the boring, repetitive elements out of our workflow. Our overworked brains especially like it when these apps are are easy-to-learn and easy-to-use.

Push The Freakin' Button Pro is right up our alley!

PTFB Pro is the perfect tool for automating tasks, reducing keystrokes, and best of all, getting rid of all those nagging automated requests that pop-up at the most inopportune times.

In effect, PTFB Pro is a "don't show this again" option for the many prompts and messages that don't have one of their own. Just tell PTFB Pro what buttons to press and when -- you'll never be bothered again!

And then there's the built-in macro recorder. It can record and playback complex sequences of mouse and keyboard actions, allowing you to quickly cut long repetitive tasks down to size.

PTFB Pro can periodically check to see if a program is currently running on your system. It can launch the target program if it isn't running or restart/close the program if it is.

PTFB Pro can even help keep interruptions at bay when you're not at your computer. Use it to keep attention craving applications from running in your absence, to fill out login fields, or even to keep your Internet connections alive!

Please note folks, the latest version brings the following new features: Visual Triggers, Greatly improved command line control for better integration with Powershell and other script shells, Control the clipboard, Track when a macro was last used and easily archive little-used macros and Instantly test your settings on the “Identifying the Target” page. You can read more about these here

This promotion includes the following:
PTFB Pro - Single License v5.3.1.0 ($39.99)
PTFB Pro - 5 License Value Pack v5.3.1.0 ($144.99)

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bvssunnydale Hi, it's very difficult to find reviews for this software (it looks very promising). I'm wondering how it compares to AutoHotkey (I'm looking for something that doesn't require learning a scripting language). Thanks much.
Mar 19 at 9:45am Copy Link
Susan Westlake Hi bvssunnydale,
It's odd there aren't more reviews, after all PTFB has been around in one form or another for about 20 years now! Rather than using a scripting language, PTFB lets you record macros which you can augment by adding in special actions and by joining macros together. So there's no language to learn, but a bit of procedural thinking is required if you want to put together more complex sequences.
Technology Lighthouse - Mar 19 at 11:06am Copy Link
Vanessa User Hi Susan Westlake,
I am a Happy User from Ptfbpro.
I only Miss a Option to record and Stop record macro with hotkey ,Please insert this Feature in next Future Versions.
Thank you so mutch,for this Great Peace of Software.and Great Support.
PTFBPRO -a every Day Time saver.
Mar 19 at 2:07pm Copy Link
Susan Westlake Hi Vanessa - thanks and great suggestion that's gone straight onto PTFB's ToDo list!

Edit: Couple of things you can do currently which might help:

1) Define a hotkey to create a new macro, which will start recording automatically: Options -> Configure, top section of Hotkeys page (you'll need to scroll down through the list a bit)

2) During recording hit the Pause/Break key on your keyboard to stop recording.
Technology Lighthouse - Mar 19 at 2:35pm Copy Link
Vanessa User Hi Susan,
Thank you so much,for this quick realy help...this is what mean...your Name Stands for this Great Support from this Company.
Mar 19 at 3:09pm Copy Link
Ron White This is one of the best, mostly unknown programs you can have. I've used it for years and would dread having to do without it. The macro features are fine, but it's worth if--particularly when it's free--just for the Push the F'ing Button feature, which was its original function. You know all those irritating windows that pop up asking if you really want to delete something, or want you to click a button to see a sales pitch--which, of course you don't, but you have to click an x-out icon to get fir of the window--PTFB can click the buttons automatically on windows you don't want to bother you. Get it. You'll love it.
Mar 20 at 11:27am Copy Link
Susan Westlake Thanks for this Ron - much appreciated!
Technology Lighthouse - Mar 20 at 1:09pm Copy Link

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