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textBEAST Clipboard Manager+Discount

textBEAST Clipboard Manager+

Maximize Your Clipboard's Potential

40% Off
$14.99 $24.99
for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows 98, Me, XP, Vista (32 and 64 bit), 7 (32 and 64 bit), 10 (32 and 64 bit)
textBEAST Clipboard Manager+ ScreenshotClipboard Software ScreenshottextBEAST Clipboard Manager+, Clipboard Software ScreenshottextBEAST Clipboard Manager+, Desktop Customization Software ScreenshotClipboard Software, textBEAST Clipboard Manager+ ScreenshotDesktop Customization Software, textBEAST Clipboard Manager+ Screenshot

That's no clipboard, it's a serving tray!

A real clipboard holds hundreds of loose pages that you can rifle through, pull out, use, reorganize and store for later. Windows "clipboard" can remember one thing, and one thing only. It's a one-trick-pony. It's time to turn that pony into a beast. A textBEAST!

textBEAST is absurdly logical, hilariously light-weight, and preposterously easy to use. You'll wonder how anyone works without it!

Like other clipboard managers, textBEAST lets you copy and paste multiple text items from multiple sources. But, when it comes to accessing your text clips and documents, the BEAST has 'em beat. In fact, calling it a clipboard utility is woefully insufficient -- textBEAST is actually a complete database with a focus on rapid copy and paste capability!

textBEAST's interface and adaptability are unmatched. You design the folder structure. You decide what gets saved. There's no clutter, no unwanted text. Everything is right where you need it. Just drag and drop all, or part of a stored text, or just click to paste. It will be exported in the size and font employed by the target application.

The paid version of textBEAST can run from a USB memory stick without installation of any files onto the host computer, and can also run in optional read-only mode. Perfect for data distribution over a network while preventing editing of your master file.

With the multi-paste options, data storage/reference capabilities, and document automation, your writing duties just got a lot more pleasant!

Today's promotion includes the following:
textBEAST PRO Clipboard + Image + Capture ($14.99)
textBEAST Clipboard Manager ($14.99)
The Conversation
The Fine Print
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bsr007 Hi Bits Du Jour, I am having trouble purchasing this software. When I put in my details and attempt to purchase there is an error message with the Blue Snap eCommerce page.
14 hours ago Copy Link
Robert Crombie Thought I would install the Trial.
Tried the one with image handling as well.
Then I read old comments here, and discovered the the image program (textBEAST PRO Clipboard + Image + Capture) is not as well developed as the other program.
So I then installed textBEAST Clipboard Manager
And now I am confused as the program textBEAST Clipboard Manager looks like the image program
The 'About' screen show ver 2.0.38
Can you tell us what are the version numbers for both programs ?
13 hours ago Copy Link
Constantin Florea @bsr007 and @Robert Crombie I just contacted the vendor regarding your mentioned issues.
BitsDuJour Admin - 13 hours ago Copy Link
Al Baran Hello, my apologies for the purchase link issue. Please go directly to the purchase page on our web site and enter the coupon code BDJ40:

The page that automatically enters the coupon appears to have an error.
ASBware LLC - 13 hours ago Copy Link
Al Baran Robert,

The Clipboard Manager version number is 3.7.3.

Clipboard+Image+Capture version number is 2.0.38

Looks like you downloaded the second one. Would you please try again? I checked and the setup files appear correct.

ASBware LLC - 13 hours ago Copy Link
bsr007 Hi Al, Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I get the same error message when I attempt to purchase using the direct link off your website.
12 hours ago Copy Link
Martyn User Same here. I have tried twice now but as soon as I select "United Kingdom" from the list box the error throws up.
12 hours ago Copy Link
HJ B You are offering two different programs, each for the same price.

textBEAST PRO Clipboard + Image + Capture ($14.99)
textBEAST Clipboard Manager ($14.99)

The program description appears to describe only one program, and its name appears to be an amalgam of the two programs actually offered - "Clipboard Manager+

You would save your readers a lot of time if you would simply describe the differences between the two programs".
11 hours ago Copy Link
Peter Laszlo I am also confused. One program seems to be an extension of the other i.e. it seems to contain the same features. I will certainly need some time to test and get my head around what these programs can do.
A features comparison matrix would be very helpful.
A clipboards manager should in very basic terms copy selected text, paste selected text in the source format (especially into MS Word), allow the storing and management of frequently used phases and perhaps build a database of frequently used phases. A screen print should allow the selection of a custom region, be it a line or an image. A full screen print is pretty useless in my opinion.
These are the features I will TRY AND FIND in these two packages.
11 hours ago Copy Link
Al Baran Our payment processing company BlueSnap is having technical problems and they are working on a fix.

It seems that the error occurs when the country is entered.

My sincere apologies for this issue. Hopefully we will have a quick solution!
ASBware LLC - 10 hours ago Copy Link
Al Baran Regarding the difference between the 2 programs, Clipboard Manager+ has only textboxes, and Clipboard+Image+Capture has textboxes and image containers.

Clipboard Manager+ has the advantage of more textboxes on each screen and is more useful for those who work with text clips that can be pasted into documents, to put together communications and reports.
ASBware LLC - 10 hours ago Copy Link
Al Baran I put together a quick comparison table:
ASBware LLC - 10 hours ago Copy Link
Al Baran I think we may have a work-around for the purchase page issue:

Please use the purchase link below and SELECT YOUR COUNTRY FIRST, then enter the BDJ40 coupon.

Hoping this will work for everyone...
ASBware LLC - 9 hours ago Copy Link
Boone User I'm still unable to complete the transaction using Al's latest fix.
8 hours ago Copy Link
Harald Vogel Hi, I would also very happy if I could buy, but it seems there is a problem with the coupon code. Without code I came without error to the page where I have to enter my credit card info. As soon as I enter the code - before or after I enter my personal details - there is an error as soon I click on "Next" or "recalculate". Please fix. Thanks.
7 hours ago Copy Link
Al Baran We may have found the problem. Please try these links again:

Clipboard Manager:

ASBware LLC - 7 hours ago Copy Link
Matt Hello Al,

Can you tell us when Clipboard Manager+ version 4 might release? If it releases in the near future, would you offer a free upgrade for those making a purchase today?

Also, is there a 'version history' on your website? I didn't see one.

5 hours ago Copy Link
Al Baran Hi Matt, there is no version 4 in the near future, but you will be eligible for a free upgrade for all updates prior to that, as well as a 50% discount on version 4 when it is released.
ASBware LLC - 5 hours ago Copy Link
HJ B I do not find your comparison table adequately helpful.

I have to say that when developers fail to clearly define what their program does, I am very concerned as to the technical underpinnings of the program. I am aware that some programmers are a whiz at creating high quality software, but have poor capability of communicating the details to users.

If I go through a dozen newspaper and other sites, and capture a mixed area of text and graphics:

1. Will both programs capture all of the material or will one of the programs only capture the text portion?

2. Does one program display the captured information on one page, and other program display 10 on one page and 2 on another page?

3 Mu understanding of the typical clipboard manager utility is that it keeps a record of recent clipboard captures and makes it possible for the user to easily go back in the clip history to past any of the captures. At the very least, each capture is at least the same as the capture capability in windows.

4. Within this context, what is meant by:

Image Resize
Auto Clipboard
File/Folder Launch
URL (web site) Launch
Automatic Backup
Password Protection

4. Is there a pdf manual for these programs?
3 hours ago Copy Link
Al Baran No cause for concern, HJB, happy to clarify for you. All this info is contained in the software in the Help section, which is interactive and provides info on the function the mouse is over. Many things are best demonstrated within the software itself, rather than a lengthy description on the web site, which few people would read. Hence, the brevity of the site and the absence of a detailed PDF manual. Since a free trial version is available, the user can explore in detail and test the various functions, guided by the Help tools provided.

Neither program is designed to collect all clipboard information automatically. Although the Clipboard Manager has an "auto clipboard" that keeps the last 20 text items that passed through the Windows clipboard, the intent is for the user to selectively save items for later reference or pasting, organized any way they choose. It is a selective custom clipboard of collected items.

Image Resize - allows quick resizing of images if you wish to shrink or enlarge them
Auto Clipboard - as described above, keeps the last 20 (10 in the trial version) text items that passed through the Windows clipboard
MultiPaste - sequentially pastes items in each of the 2 columns, separated by selected characters or tab/carriage returns.
File/Folder Launch - if you place a file or folder path into a textbox, clicking the adjacent button will open that file/folder in Windows File Explorer for quick access to important items
URL (web site) Launch - if you place a URL into a textbox, the page will be opened in your default web browser
Automatic Backup - automatically backs up your data file in case you need to restore it
Password Protection - allows you to set a password to access your data file

I hope this helps!
ASBware LLC - 3 hours ago Copy Link
Matt Hi Al,

Thank you for your quick reply.

Very nice software!

I just made the purchase.

Thanks again.
2 hours ago Copy Link
Al Baran Also be sure to check out the Quick Tour page of our web site. This highlights the key features of the software.
ASBware LLC - 2 hours ago Copy Link
Al Baran Thanks for your kind comment, Matt! Hope you enjoy using textBEAST.
ASBware LLC - 2 hours ago Copy Link
Celest Edwards OK, looks good, so i purchased the pro version. However, with all the neat
features, you have to keep the program open, so you can click on a slot to
add your copied text. I have used Yankee clipper for years, free and when you
copy something it automatically goes into a slot where, you can organizer,
delete, , and SEE the last items you have copied to reuse
as needed. I believed that purchase would then have included this function, but
did not.
2 hours ago Copy Link
Al Baran Hi Celest, textBEAST is designed mainly to be a selective clipboard for special items that will be kept and re-used, and is not intended to keep everything sequentially. To grab any text, highlight/select it, then click the "copy" button to the left of the textbox you want it to go into. The button to the right of the textbox pastes it into the last location you clicked in another window such as a word processor or message editor.

The "auto-clipboard" page keeps the last 20 items, and can be accessed by clicking the "clip" button in the bottom center of the interface.
ASBware LLC - About an hour ago Copy Link
Celest Edwards This has been refunded. Thanks.

"textBEAST is designed mainly to be a selective clipboard for special items that will be kept and re-used, and is not intended to keep everything sequentially"

This statement in the description would have helped me make the decision
not to purchase. Also, you need to tell them, others, to install and run as
administrator, as it is a mess to register and run if they do not. I had to
install and clean it up 3 times. Trialed, then purchased, and then clean up
and reinstalled the third time. Hope that helps.
About an hour ago Copy Link
Al Baran Celeste, sorry it did not work out for you. The purpose of a trial version is to test out the product to see if it is right for you before purchasing. Best wishes.
ASBware LLC - 16 minutes ago Copy Link

textBEAST Clipboard Manager+

$14.99 40% Off

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