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Ultra Recall v3Discount

Ultra Recall v3

Organize Your Life

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Platforms: Microsoft Windows 2000, Server 2003, XP, Server 2008, Vista
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There's not much software any more that makes us say "yow", at least not in a good way. But Ultra Recall did it. More than once.

This is one fabulous program. We've already replaced three others with it, and have a feeling that a fourth is going to bite the dust soon. Best of all, we haven't even discovered half of Ultra Recall's features.

Not only does Ultra Recall let us organize our notes, it helps us find them too. But more than that, it lets us put everything we need - links to web pages and documents, calendar items, contacts, pictures, files and folders - in one file. And, with the ability to annotate each item, we won't ever forget why we wanted to save a particular web page or image in the first place. We can also flag what needs our attention and organize everything exactly to our liking.

So, rather than navigating between apps with alt-tab or the taskbar, we've already learned to put everything we need into an Ultra Recall file. We can work faster, and with less frustration.

We've been using various information managers to organize our work for years, with varying levels of success. But Ultra Recall is so good that for the first time, we're going to use it for our non-work stuff too. We can't say anything better than that.

*** Today's 62% discount applies to BOTH the Standard and Professional editions of Ultra Recall. Check out the Feature Comparison Chart. ***

This promotion includes the following:
Ultra Recall Standard Edition ($49)
Ultra Recall Professional Edition ($99)
Review Written by Roger Thomasson
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Jan Rifkinson This is a good, stable, mature program that didn't go far enough. I tested ver3 & committed all my data to it for many, many months until the developers announced on their forum that no further development of the product would not be undertaken.

When this fact became a conversation with several surprised & disappointed users, they changed their announcement to something less specific.

When I questioned them about this change in language several times, they banned me from from their forum.

They do reply to technical questions & have promised to resolve any bugs which they have done.

Sadly, at this point -- based on their actions -- i have no faith that this program will be developed further. Having said that, it may be enough to satisfy your needs.

However, there are a few other programs on the horizon that might end up doing it all. Refer yourself to the outliner forum @ for discussion on those possibilities as well as a discussion on Kinook's UltraRecall

Jan Rifkinson
Ridgefield CT USA
Jan 21 2009 at 2:33am Copy Link
Kyle A In October 2008, we did announce that we had suspended development of Ultra Recall due to slow sales with the worldwide economic downturn. We also explained that we would continue to support UR, fix bugs, and update for Windows compatibility as needed. We released two bug fix updates in December, and we expect to release an update for Windows 7 compatibility within the next two months.

By suspend, we meant a temporary halting of new development, but the reaction from some users was to declare that "UR is dead" or that we had abandoned it. This is not the case. We continue to support UR, and in reality it is much more alive than many products in this market niche. And sales are picking up, which should allow us to resume development of UR. Of course, one should always purchase software for what it can already do and not for what it might be able to do in the future (regardless of any claims from the vendor).
Kinook Software, Inc. - Jan 21 2009 at 5:03am Copy Link
Leib Moscovitz This is an absolutely stupendous program - one of the few, perhaps the only, which I find utterly indispensable. As a university professor who has to manage large quantities of highly variegated information in multiple languages, as well as a very complex and highly dynamic task list, I don't know how I could manage without Ultrarecall. Very highly recommended!
Jan 21 2009 at 5:53am Copy Link
i am quant I was one of the UltraRecall users who declared that "UR was dead", and I apologize to Kinook for that. For me, it was AS IF UltraRecall was dead, cause the whole Roadmap with many exciting new features had been removed completely and later on replaced with a considerably shrinked version.

Nevertheless, UR is still the best of the best. It's on 24/7 on both of my office and home PCs, and used heavily to help me stay organized, learn more, recall more, to be on the top of the game. There is no way back once you start using it.

Thanks Kinook
Jan 21 2009 at 9:19am Copy Link
Mike G I have to jump in on the chorus of praise for Ultra Recall. I'm a senior DBA at work, heavily involved in multiple database management systems, application development, virtualization, BI, SharePoint and other technologies. At home I'm involved in research, study and writing across a wide variety of subjets. In both locations UR Pro is my virtual memory. I could never find half the information I collect (notes, Web pages, documents, etc.) let alone function competently in so many different areas without UR.

Getting UR at this bargain price is a steal even if they never add another feature. There's is a bit of a learning curve, but that's mainly because UR can do so much and is so flexible. It takes a while for your brain to catch on that it's actually easy to use for so many different purposes that it seems overwhelming at first.

There are only a handful of applications that I actively praise and Ultra Recall is one of them. Yes, I do have an ulterior motive in this case: I hope more people discover UR so Kinook can add even more nice features!
Jan 21 2009 at 2:48pm Copy Link
Dominik Holenstein UR prof is indispensable for me even it is 'on hold'. I have to much data in it to migrate to another tool. Further, the fact they have released two the bug fixing updates since their anouncement gives me teh feeling that one day they will release a new version. And consider this: UR is very feature rich already.
Jan 21 2009 at 10:59pm Copy Link
Big Bad Wolf Hold your horses! Ultra Recall is apparently no longer developed!

Read for yourself at http://www.outlinersoftwa...ewt/872/35
Jan 23 2009 at 12:31am Copy Link
Jan Rifkinson BBW, Actually a better thread to follow is on the UltraRecall forum. Take a look @ URL

In case they decide to erase the seminal statement here is their updated version:

The current version of Ultra Recall is mature and useful and we'll continue to support it. We intend to update UR in the future for bug fixes, Windows compatibility updates, and to implement items on the road map when we can justify the effort.
Jan 23 2009 at 1:02am Copy Link
Sally Marciniak Will there be a discount available for the Professional version as well on Jan. 28th?
Jan 24 2009 at 10:26am Copy Link
Dominik Holenstein Sally,
Yes! See this comment in the text above: "Today's 62% discount applies to BOTH the Standard and Professional editions of Ultra Recall. "
Jan 24 2009 at 5:02pm Copy Link
Jim McGowan Ultra Recall is still the best in its class. I was also surprised by the suspension of development, but after the initial shock and looking at all alternatives, I decided that Ultra Recall Pro as is still beats out all similar applications that I could find. And since that announcement there have been two updated releases. At this price you absolutely cannot go wrong.

Ultra Recall is not an easy software to learn, especially if you are not particularly adept at database usage. But as long as you make the effort to learn how to use it you will be amply rewarded!

Jan 27 2009 at 6:03pm Copy Link
Careto Dance I purchased Ultra Recall the last time it was offered here. Yes, I was disappointed to learn -- very shortly thereafter -- that there would be no further development, mostly because I thought there would be no support and if I lost my registration key I might be stuck with a program holding all my hard work hostage with no way to pay the ransom. I am assured by Kinook that my fears were unfounded.

This is a very nice program. I've yet to use all of its many features. I purchased it for $19.00! If they never do another thing with it I will still have gotten a great bargain. Grab it while you can.
Jan 28 2009 at 1:56am Copy Link
Sally Marciniak Did you purchase the Pro version or the regular one? Is there some features that you feel are must haves that only the Pro has? Thanks.
Jan 28 2009 at 2:05am Copy Link
James Pieper We bought the professional version of this when it was offered last June because only it could import data from other software we owned. It has proved to be a worthwhile investment, although it would have likely been even more useful if I could find an easy way of keeping changes made to other tools (like calendars, address books, etc.) updated here with less manual input by me involved.

The learning curve has been more of a problem for my wife than for myself, but after half a year of using it we are both getting more skilled and Ultra Recall Professional has become more of an asset as we more fully learned to use it.

The bottom line is that considering problems encountered and goals achieved, I'd make the decision to buy it again.
Jan 28 2009 at 3:13pm Copy Link
A W Like most Ultra Recall users here, I, a devoted user since 2007, was banned from posting messages on Kinook Forum for telling the fact of Kinook's purporting v5.0 as a major upgrade. Moreover, it lacks any significant development for the last 5 years. Perhaps it's time for me to quit Ultra Recall. Please recommend any alternative to UR. Thanks.
Jul 25 2013 at 10:38pm Copy Link

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