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Vole Word Reviewer Ultimate Edition lets you add text and media notes to any Microsoft Office Word document without changing the file.

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Vole Word Reviewer Ultimate Edition Virus Scan Report
Vole Word Reviewer Ultimate Edition Virus Scan Report
Vole Word Reviewer Ultimate Edition Virus Scan Report
Vole Word Reviewer Ultimate Edition Virus Scan Report
Vole Word Reviewer Ultimate Edition Virus Scan Report

What are people saying about Vole Word Reviewer Ultimate Edition

Nebulous User I strongly encourage others to watch the video above to decide if it's something worth filling up hard drive and registry space with. In my opinion the video itself (which is a screen recording) is far too slow and too long, and it's difficult to follow. I quit watching around 6 of 8 minutes.

To be clear, you aren't working within Word while you are add your notes and annotations. You are importing the Word document into Vole Word Reviewer. This is not a plugin for Word. Then you need to save the original Word document and annotated documents with different names. How is that a savings over someone else editing your document and sending it back to you? You would still have the old copy you sent.

But here's the most important part of my comments: Word allows you to do most of what this does internally and I think in many ways better! I realize many people haven't tried or used Word's "Comment" and "Track Changes" features, but they really are powerful for this purpose. Just look at the "Review" tab in Word 2010 (it's also available in every version of Word published at least in the last 15 years). These two features of Word work differently - "Comment" allows someone to make marginal comments on your document without affecting anything in it. "Track changes" allows someone to make any changes they want in your document, but then lets you see exactly what they changed and lets you reverse their changes if you want.

The only thing I see that Vole provides that Word doesn't is the ability to use multimedia in your comments. I am not sure when that would be useful, at least for things I do.

I encourage the author co comment on my comment. Maybe there's some value that I haven't seen yet, and I don't want to steer anyone the wrong way. But from the video and descriptions I just can't see its usefulness.
Dec 18 2013 at 3:23am Copy Link
peter schleifer Well, that is far from "nebulous" but right on the spot, thank you so much for this perfect clarification.

I had a look into the whois (another give-away from Beijing), and into the website, and it seems evident the developer positions his products as "edutainment" / "educational software", which reminds me of dedicated software / construction kits to create learning applications, today with lots of multimedia, and thus I suppose the developers try to spare you buying such (often expensive) specialized software but try to make available some combination with Word and then "some more", but the hiatus in such a concept seems to be that the end product is not viewable within Word (as you rightly told us, and which is confirmed by their site), but in their paid software, for every "consumer installation", too, so this could become rather expensive when you really try to develop en end product for learners; also, there is much functionality missing for such a use. So in the end, and looking at several of their products, I did not really understand what's the real purpose of it all, but one thing is for sure, their website is full of "multimedia" screenshots, and the "reviewing" part never becomes evident for me.

I perfectly understand that developers would like to give away early versions, in order to get valuable feed-back, from which then they would adjust the direction of their further development efforts, but here, I have the strong impression that the direction they took up to now is dead-ended since even with major readjustment, there would not be any conceivable product to come out of this and which would be of real usefulness, either for myself or for "professionals" in any "revision" work.

Perhaps developers should enter into contact/discussion with prospects / possible users earlier than they did in this case?
Dec 18 2013 at 4:28am Copy Link
Bob McLain I wondered how this software was an improvement over Word's comment feature, and now I won't have to watch the video to find out that it isn't.

I can't think of the name off the top of my head, but there is a Word plug-in available that adds a notes panel to the interface. Unfortunately, it's useless for me because the notes aren't saved with a specific document but load for EVERY document.

A document-specific notes panel/plugin/feature for Word would be very welcome!
Dec 18 2013 at 4:59am Copy Link
Norman Wong @Nebulous User -
MS Word "Comment" and "Review" features will change the Word doc. You may use a MD5 tools to compare the "review before" doc and "review after" doc, you will find the changes. You may ask yourself a simple question. If nothing changed, where does Word hide your comments?
Vole Word Reviewer imports the Word doc to make VMC media lib. Since the software analyses the Word doc and saves your multimedia notes into VMC media lib, it doesn't make any change to your Word doc.
And the multimedia notes include: local disk images, audio, video, any document, web image, audio, video, YouTube video, webpages, websites.
The build-in media player can preview not only the media files above but also a variety of documents such as PDF, Office Word, Excel, PPT, GIF, RTF, HTM, MHT, any Text file, website etc.
In the end of the Tutorial video, we use the MD5 feature in Vole Windows Expedition to show you the original Word doc and the export Word doc from the VMC media lib are total same - "Add Notes to Word Docs Without Changing Them".
Sanwhole - Dec 18 2013 at 5:03am Copy Link
Norman Wong @peter schleifer -
Vole Word Reviewer has not "Edutainment" feature. If you want to discuss Vole "Edutainment" feature, you may go to here:
Vole Internet Expedition:
Vole Windows Expedition:

Vole Windows Expedition has been scheduled on BitsDuJour and will come soon!
Sanwhole - Dec 18 2013 at 5:26am Copy Link
Norman Wong @Bob McLain -
We use MS Word mostly in work time, if you are working in an ISO9000 enterprise, you must understand QC (Quality Control), according QC requirements, the valid QC documents must be approved and can't be changed. If you use MS Word "comments" or "reviews" features to add notes to Word doc, since the approved Word doc has been changed , it will not be the approved one any more. Well, how do you add your notes to these Word docs? Vole Word Reviewer "Bring you the next generation of Word doc markup".
Sanwhole - Dec 18 2013 at 5:53am Copy Link
Bob McLain Over the decades I've worked for many Fortune 100/500 companies as a consultant, including companies that follow ISO9000, and I can assure you that every one of those companies authorizes and encourages the use of Word's comments and tracking features.

I'm sure you realize that comments and tracking are used during the development cycle of a document, and then stripped away when the document is finished and ready for "approval".

It's hard enough to get large/enterprise companies to approve such time-tested software as IrfanView; I doubt very much they'd let mission critical Word documents become ensnared by relatively unknown software like Vole Word Reviewer. Do you have a list of large companies that use Vole? I imagine your users are individuals and possibly small companies; thus, the ISO9000 argument is irrelevant.
Dec 18 2013 at 6:16am Copy Link
Norman Wong @Bob McLain -
We all know that the essence of ISO9000 is trace-ability. That means, every process must be traceable. So, if encounter quality problems, the end users, at least the manufacturers can trace to source. They can know who, when, where, why cause the issue. So the process control and keep their process comments or records is more important than result. But I can't understand what your said: "comments and tracking are used during the development cycle of a document, and then stripped away when the document is finished and ready for "approval". "stripped away"?, even a programmer knows keep their program comments for later use!
ISO9000 is a suggestion standard, is widely used, especially in manufacturing. Do you think a small company of less 10 people are not eligible to follow the standards?
Sanwhole - Dec 18 2013 at 7:19am Copy Link
Bob McLain A comment to the author about inserting a comma doesn't have to be traceable. An instruction to "beef up" a section doesn't have to be traceable. In my experience, draft versions of documents - with comments, etc. - are archived but not part of deliverables; only the final document is part of the deliverable, and final documents are not festooned with comments. Maybe it's different for a manufacturing workflow, with which I'm not very familiar. For the average user, comments and track changes are the way to go. Good luck with the giveaway.
Dec 18 2013 at 7:33am Copy Link
Norman Wong @Bob McLain -
Inserting a comma should be traceable and an instruction to "beef up" a section should be traceable too, because the file version must be upgrade to indicate these changes. And what is a final document? Never improve their products? That would violate the principle of continuous improvement. So when improve their product, the "final" is not "final", the changing records must be trace-ability and store into the "final" documents.
Sanwhole - Dec 18 2013 at 7:55am Copy Link
Nebulous User @Norman Wong - Yes, inserting comments and tracking changes modifies the document. From what I could see in the video, however, Vole modifies a document, too, as there was a place in the video where the original was saved to a different name and a copy of it became the focal point. Anyway, as Bob McLain has been saying, the comments and tracking data can all be stripped away once the document is approved. In some circumstances this is desirable, in others it isn't. You have that flexibility, though. And those Word features are very powerful indeed.
Dec 18 2013 at 8:16am Copy Link
Norman Wong @Nebulous User -
Vole Word Reviewer imports Word doc and store multimedia notes into VMC media lib without any modification to the Word doc. You can export the original Word doc at any time. You don't have to change the original Word file name. In the tutorial video, we changed the original Word file name is because we want to show you the original Word doc and the exported Word doc in the same folder. If we don't change the original Word doc file name, the exported Word doc will overwrite it.
Sanwhole - Dec 18 2013 at 8:41am Copy Link
peter schleifer Norman, I understand what you want to communicate, but permit me to say that a quick "review" of your products palette and the respective versions and "subsets" and all this only leaves one impression, which is that all this is "very colored", and so your next thought will be - mine in fact had been - for which kind of children's play all this is intended for, and here it's about a subset for text revisions where again the majority of illustrations is about "multimedia" and such - this cannot be described as "professional presentation".

And in the above discussion you leave out a very important point: Nobody would want to have his intermediate documents in such an external program which might be able to integrate videos and all that, you just want some sort of good-to-be-handled versioning, WITHIN your main program, which in this case will be MS Word.

Which means, of course, the "final paper" will be stripped off of any previous editing residues, come they from various sources/collaborators, and all these versions will be within a certain subfolder, just for this important document-in-the-making, and some of the previous versions will even contain some "versioning" within, whilst for others the versioning will be done by creating successive documents, and of course, some meta information about all this will be needed (and is often absent and/or too scarce), and indeed, even the above-mentioned functionality of Word is not sufficient for doing all this in JUST ONE preparatory document, i.e., as said, for reasons of clarity, of avoidance of chaos, with "too" many collaborators, you will need such versioning-by-sub-folder, instead of having just one Word document, or in fact two, one for the revisions, and a "clean copy" that is the final product, for your CEO, for your customer, for the press, for whomever... and if any further editing then is necessary, it would be done within the "production copy", not on the (first) "final" copy.

So your point is right, versioning within Word itself is possible, but not sufficient for a production process where too many preparative, then simili-"final", then again preparative documents are produced, hence the need for the above-described "versioning-part-within-part-by-different documents" approach, and which is doable with proper metadata about this process.

So in the end, an add-in / add-on for Word, in order to facilitate this, would not be devoid of sense, to the contrary. It's just that from our look into your product, we don't see that you have created that Word documents management software; and even worse (for me, at least, can't speak for the others here):

Instead of facilitating things, you seem to have added another complication into the process, since in the above scenario, all versions are (or are within) Word docs, whilst in your workflow, some of them are Word documents, then there are Word Reviewer documents, then again Word documents (created from Word Reviewer documents, I suppose/hope), and so on, which would make a perfect chaos for me (and for many other users / user groups, I suppose), and it's certainly not all those multimuedia things ubiquitous in your advertizing material that'd help in any way to set things straight.

And it's not only a highly doubtful workflow we would create by using your product, it's also the fact that without any visible, sensible reason, lots of additional software copies would have to be bought to begin with in order to make such a convoluted workflow possible, in a collaboration setting where there would be several people all working on the same document.

Corporations have got MS Word for every "seat", and dirt cheap, that is (whole "Office" incl. Word for some 50$ or less), so 80$-per-seat additional software just for "facilitating" collaboration in Word should clearly be ace software greatly facilitating this process, to have a chance in such a market, not arise additional barriers to collaboration, as your software seems to do though.

And yes, professional versioning software for Word (and other MS Office documents) probably exists already, within document management systems and server-bound, for legal reasons, too ("who did what to which document when?"), and in such systems automatic creation of clones of previous doc versions would be possible, and which would be the start for a new versioning "line" of that document, and they would be properly recorded, and without manipulation to that metadata by individual users.

This, as said, would be functionality within a professional DMS, whilst in less professional environments, versioning by manual creation of versioned documents, within a subfolder, would be a practical solution to this collaboration problem - but everybody would work on Word files, within Word, at any given moment here.

I simply cannot image anybody who would ever want to export his Word doc to Vole, then do work there, then to re-import to Word, neither for free nor for 80 additional bucks per seat.

And I could have explained this had you asked me about this before you wrote the software.

The one positive aspect in this discussion being that it reminds many people of never leaving all this metadata (i.e. "so give that a**h**** his additional 10 p.c., but see that he gets the worst quality we can do!" from your boss, e.g.) in a Word file given out to a customer or to the press. People know such metadata can be in their MS Office files, but sometimes they forget to get it out of them in time.
Dec 18 2013 at 9:06am Copy Link
Norman Wong @peter schleifer -
1Vole Word Reviewer provide you a platform that you can add multimedia notes to a Word doc without any modification to it. Whether "colored" or not is up to you. If you don't like "colored", just write down text comments and don't link any multimedia.
2The approvers may write down his comments into Vole Word Reviewer without changing the applicant's Word doc; And the glory feature of latest MS Word is try to play the web video in Word doc. If you try Office 2013 or office 365 you will find this. So Microsoft want to integrate web videos into Word doc.
3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10I understand that is the work flow MS provided and you do that for a long time. Me too. But that is why so many companies have to print all these "final" Word doc out and sign it by hand every day. Or they can't pass the QC check. They can't guarantee the Word docs unchanged when sign it, because any comment or review will change the Word doc. So how the approvers guarantee the "stripped away" Word doc by the applicant is unchanged?
11In fact, make comments or reviews without modifying the original Word doc is a more graceful way or is a more polite way.
Sanwhole - Dec 18 2013 at 1:18pm Copy Link
Nebulous User The one tidbit that I should add in order to be complete is that Word also offers a "Compare Documents" feature that allows you to analyze two documents and allow Word to show you the differences between them. So you could save your original document, then submit a copy for annotations and revisions, and then use Word to compare them in the end. Word also has a "Combine documents" feature that allows you to merge versions of a document from multiple authors into a single document.

Personally, I think the process above is useful only in very few cases. But it does serve the same purposes as some of VWR's features.

Norman @ Sanwhole, I do not intend to be talking down your software. I think it could be useful if someone needs to include multimedia or other files in their comments - if they work in an environment that can afford for each user to have an $80 copy of VWR and don't have ISO 9000 concerns. I don't know who that might be, but it could be somebody.

My purpose here is only to help others know what to expect before they download and install, and also to help you improve.

As others have suggested, Word's review process is excellent, but it could be improved upon. I think turning your attention toward developing a Word add-on/plugin that utilizes Word's features and improves upon them would be more profitable.

Dec 19 2013 at 3:52am Copy Link
Norman Wong Thank you for your valuable suggestions.
Sanwhole - Dec 19 2013 at 4:55am Copy Link
Stephen Kreyling The web site lists this version at $120 per year.
Dec 20 2013 at 3:56am Copy Link
Mad-bdj Marsu Hello dear people,
Sometimes Word's review is just pain. You can't have at the same time the original version, and the corrected (commented) version. VWR allows this, as we also do sometimes with PDF commentators.
Of course every change between two versions should be traced (and in fact it IS traced in word docs, just try to save a multi-edited doc into a new document and you'll see how it reduces in size), and not only because of ISO9000.
The same kind of doc could be used for another client, for example, and keeping trace of why a parapgraph was removed can be very valuable.

So VWR won't replace word's review/comment functionalities ; it is just different.
And working with media people, sometimes (often!!) it's quicker to record a talking note instead of typing a comment about such or such paragraph thant needs to be changed! So multimedia IS valuable. How many people can type as quickly as they speak? It's exceptionally rare. Already 90% of people use 3 or 4 fingers instead of the whole ten, so...

Thanks Norman, you provide new tools that CAN be helpful.
Managing different versions in the same document (lib) could be a great enhancement too, but may lead to big documents! Unless, as SCCS/RCS/svn you store only differences between versions, but with Word (doc or docx) it's particularly difficult (less with docs though).
Dec 20 2013 at 6:47am Copy Link
Pam R Just say "no" to software rentals. Some products have limited life-spans for legitimate reasons...anti-virus programs, for instance, require constant work by the developers. I fail to see the justification for this program having an annual license fee.
Dec 20 2013 at 8:39am Copy Link
Daniel Gaudet I having a problem registering the software. Any help would be much appreciated.
Dec 20 2013 at 10:20am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Daniel Gaudet - In order to register the application you need to click on the information blue button at the top right and also be connected to the Internet. After pressing the information blue button, a pop-up will open which at the top left corner will have written: Offline. When the Internet connection is detected, the text will turn into Online. Then you can start entering the required information in the existing fields along with the code you've received in the receipt email from BitsDuJour. Then press Renew.
BitsDuJour Admin - Dec 20 2013 at 10:20am Copy Link
Daniel Gaudet Hi Constantin, I was able to get it to work. I was going to the account section instead of the renew section. Once I went to the renew section, it worked.

Dec 20 2013 at 1:49pm Copy Link
peter schleifer Norman, I am aware my comments, as those of other commentators here, might harm your immediate business, but then, I fully back "Nebulous User" 's last sentence, "I think turning your attention toward developing a Word add-on/plugin that utilizes Word's features and improves upon them would be more profitable.", in the sense that I whish you all the best to success with the idea, since, as implied above, you certainly saw the right problem, just your current solutions doesn't seem to be right to me.

Also, I don't know for sure if another Word add-in would be the very best solution; as said above, many DMS's try to solve the problem by a kind of external database approach, for versioning by different, later-on inalterable original Word documents: Any further alteration, on a new doc copy only - and then, comparing/synching, all this is quite expensive, and certainly high-brow stuff, conceptionally, and this means that a not-so-expensive db/versionaing/synching solution would certainly be of high interest, and would be in high demand, btw I remember some U.S. legal softwares, not cheap, but in the 3-digit price range per seat, that try to address the additional "different versions for different clients/customers" problem which you mention:

Standard contracts which then are spread up into an infinity of simili-"custom" contracts, preferably within Word again; googling for "contract management software" should bring up some results here.

And for some of those problems at least, there is always the solution of doing some "mark up" within those Word documents, preferably by braces (don't know if this page will show them correctly: {}), in the form of brace open - some code (i.e. for the kind of the passage, comment, clause to be included by any means, clause to be included if possible, and so on) and a date - name of author of that passage/addition/comment, etc.).

Then, in order to properly process these coded passages, you either need some DTP software, e.g. InDesign, or you export the Word document into an html document (which will preserve the headings/formatting/styles), and then you process that html document with an editor or with a script (no technical problem since we speak of corporations here), e.g. Python, e.g. AHK even, e.g. Perl.

From then, you would produce pdf's, or you could even re-import into fresh Word files - but pdf here would probably be the solution most prof. users would prefer.

Also, it would be possible to not cling to Word to begin with, but to produce the documents from within some software which is more or less "specialized" for such collaborative/versioning tasks, and yes, I would not only "look" into expensive editors for this, but in dedicated programming/versioning software for programmers, "look into" meaning both as a potential user, and as a potential programmer for software of this kind.

As said, the problem is there, but it remains unsolved for the time being: Any workflow would be a rather complicated one currently, and there must be ways to do this better. But not with VWR I'm afraid, and the above "argument" that "a word is worth a thousand words" cannot be taken for serious in this context, since we're speaking of contractual and other documents-for-presentation, and audiovisuals should be produced in a professional way, which implies big cost, and occasions where you just "show something", on the cheap, to better explain, instead of describing it, or include relevant drawings, seem to be rare.

As I see it, all these "colors" (whilst text colors within Word would be quite another subject here) just seem a little bit "amateurish", and if the poster is right who says it's now your intention to charge 120$ per year and per seat, well, that'd top it all.

Rethink the concept; first deliver something professional, then charge a yearly rent per seat, and then this might perfectly succeed.
Dec 20 2013 at 1:50pm Copy Link
Norman Wong @peter schleifer -
Thank you very much for your valuable and professional suggestions. Our users and us need these comments. And they are harmless and very valuable. If you have any other suggestions, please contact me at: Thanks again and Merry Christmas to everyone!
Sanwhole - Dec 20 2013 at 4:09pm Copy Link
peter schleifer Norman, thank you very much for your kind words and your professional reaction to our arguments. It's really a very difficult subject, perhaps one of the most difficult out there in programming. I just found this discussion here where for pdf collaboration, "sciagent", on page 2 of the thread


mentioned some more solutions (or tries to become a solution one day):

"There are few commercial solutions, but do not seem to be affordable:
GroupDocs Annotation

And free, but not provide a required functionality:
PDFescape (a free version is limited - up-to 100 pages; annotation tools are not convenient)
PDFzen (does not save annotations)"

Of course, for such a task, pdf is the "worst", the least apt file format (and should thus only be used for intermediate and final "results" "production"), but then (as is explained in that thread), original documents may already be in that format (whilst for formulas, even Word might not be that bad).

If I had to construct such a system, it would probably be with some sort of "database", and from text files with links, i.e. separate everything that could reasonably be held separately, then with some "joining tables" (= and an automatism to "see" it altogether), in outline structure (= similar to what you do, but even for the elements within every single document version).

So at the end of the day, you concept might not be as wrong as some of us though, yesterday - you just chose one of the really most complicated tasks in the software industry today, without "getting there" at this point in time (as no one else has found the perfect solution here), but your efforts have to be highly appreciated.

As for the "even 40$ a seat would be too much" claim, in the link above, that is ridiculous, of course; on the contrary, it's quite evident such software has to be expensive, since to do such a thing well, you have to put enormous thinking and enormous coding work into it.

As implied above, some "conceptual re-engineering" of current demi-solutions, and then doing more thinking from there, could help in finding better solutions - there decidedly is a market for this, and a market that'd paid very, very well (big corporations in which a perfect collaboration system would save lots of expensive manpower).
Dec 21 2013 at 6:09am Copy Link
Norman Wong @peter schleifer - Thanks again for your important information! Happy Christmas!
Sanwhole - Dec 21 2013 at 3:47pm Copy Link
Nebulous User @Peter -

As for annotating PDFs... as you said they are the least desirable for this, but sometimes you have to. The free "Nitro PDF" does a pretty good job with this, given PDF's limitations. It's pretty easy at least to add "yellow sticky note" style comments to the document that become part of the document when it is saved. You can easily position the yellow stickies wherever you want on the screen and there is a line connecting the note to whatever text your are commenting on.

You can also use a highlighter with different colors easily, and you can type text on top of the existing document (with some font control). There are a few other features to the product. It's the best downloadable free solution that I've found so far. They also of course have a paid "professional" version with more features.

Dec 22 2013 at 1:40am Copy Link
Norman Wong Hello everyone! I am Norman.

After more than one year continuous improvement, Vole Word Reviewer is more stable and has a lot of new features now, such as No need to install Microsoft Office Word you can review the latest Word .docx document; supports PKCS #12 128-bit digital signatures lets one or more people in your team to sign and control the document; supports adding comments on not only headings but also any context within Word doc; With operating trace feature any comment is traceable with the reviewer name and time etc.

Thank BDJ for hosting this promotion for us, we will offer you real discounts and a variety of choices. Thanks, again for your supports.
Sanwhole - Apr 22 2015 at 7:08pm Copy Link
_*_ I would like to know the difference between the Professional and Ultimate editions.
Apr 24 2015 at 8:42pm Copy Link
Norman Wong @ _*_ - You may reference the software terms and conditions list on the purchase page.
Sanwhole - Apr 24 2015 at 9:56pm Copy Link
JMJ Squared @Constantin @Norman - Regarding License Terms: I purchased "Vole Word Reviewer Professional Edition LTUG LifeTime ($15)" but BDJ's confirmation email states, "You must install/register the software within 12 months, and cannot do so afterwards. Upgrades to future versions of the software will be free for 12 months." Please confirm this was a mistake and that, in fact, I can install/reinstall at any time and that ALL future upGrades, including major versions, will be FREE for life.

Great deal on a great application, btw.

Thanks & regards.

Apr 25 2015 at 8:47am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @JMJ Squared, I have just asked the vendor for confirmation.
BitsDuJour Admin - Apr 25 2015 at 8:48am Copy Link
Brad I too would like to know the difference between the Professional and Ultimate editions. Do you have a comparison matrix of the 3 versions of Word Review?

Thanks, Brad
Apr 25 2015 at 10:10am Copy Link
Norman Wong @ JMJ Squared - Any LTUG edition can be installed/reinstalled at any time and that ALL future upGrades, including major versions, will be FREE for life. Only the AUTD 1 Year edition must be installed and reinstalled within 12 months. Thank you for your purchase.
Sanwhole - Apr 25 2015 at 11:15am Copy Link
Norman Wong @ Brad - Vole Word Reviewer edition comparison list is on the software purchase page. You may click "website" link above and then navigate to the purchase page.
Sanwhole - Apr 25 2015 at 11:25am Copy Link
Richard Koplow The presumed answers to all the above questions can be found at:
Apr 25 2015 at 11:41am Copy Link
JMJ Squared @Norman Wong - THANKS for the prompt, good news and the great offer! You, too, BDJ.

@Brad @_*_ - Comparison Matrix:
Apr 25 2015 at 11:42am Copy Link
Norman Wong @ JMJ Squared, @ Constantin - Thank you very much! Yes, the word "upgrade" means "upgrades", we will change it ASAP.
Sanwhole - Apr 25 2015 at 12:07pm Copy Link
feral1 You don't bump to paypal on purchase. Let me know when you do.
Apr 26 2015 at 1:19am Copy Link
Colin McAllister I installed the trial. It took a long time to install and I got a "Word is not responding" error that lasted for many minutes. I restarted my pc and when I now right click in Word 2013 I do get a comment pane.

The pane takes up about 25% of the screen on the right of the document and there seems no way to resize it. Inside the pane I get a very plain comment with no media input whatsoever. I can reply to comment, delete comment or make comment as done, nothing else.

The screenshots show a feature-rich multi-pane screen, so why am I not getting that?
Apr 26 2015 at 1:20am Copy Link
CJCotter I bought Vole Word Reviewer Ultimate Edition LTUG LifeTime, and like JMJ Squared I got the same email message about "You must install/register the software within 12 months, and cannot do so afterwards. Upgrades to future versions of the software will be free for 12 months" Could I get the email resent with this information corrected? Thank you.
Apr 26 2015 at 1:21am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @CJCotter, I am sorry about the issue. This is a known issue with our system in which the receipt email is sent with the same license conditions for all purchase items even if the license policy conditions are valid only for the first purchase item which in this case is: Vole Word Reviewer Professional Edition AUTD 1 Year

For all paid promotions we sell a product under the same conditions used by the vendor to sell the product on the product site. In this case the license conditions which apply to the existing purchase items, can be read here:
BitsDuJour Admin - Apr 26 2015 at 1:31am Copy Link
Norman Wong @ Colin McAllister - Do you operate in Word 2013 or in Vole Word Reviewer? It seems that you are adding comments in Word 2013 but not in Vole Word Reviewer in your description. There are two tutorials you can reference: Class Experience and DIY If you still have the issue, you can make a screenshot and submit a request here:
Sanwhole - Apr 26 2015 at 1:59am Copy Link
CJCotter When I try to register this program, I get the following error message: "310201814 : User Name or Email Address does not match! (20)". Please advise. Thank you.
Apr 26 2015 at 11:20am Copy Link
Wearsie Jackson I've purchased other Vole software before via BDJ and am most satisfied. Vole is noteworthy on two key points:

First and foremost, they make interesting and good software that take a new and fresh approach to solving common problems.

And, the developer has been responsive and fair.

But secondly, and most frustrating, is the many many many complex licensing choices. One needs a PhD to figure out which license to purchase.

Guys, you need to simplify licensing choices to 3 or less. Until this license structure is simplified, I afraid that I can't invest the time in learning your otherwise stellar products.
Apr 19 2016 at 5:08am Copy Link
Norman Wong Dear customer, Vole Word Reviewer latest improvement is the support for OpenOffice, LibreOffice and SoftMaker. We have made some small improvements on order processing. We guarantee that if you still cannot complete the order process six hours later after purchase, we'll automatically done for you all the steps and send you an email. You only need one step to activate the software.
Sanwhole - Apr 19 2016 at 6:45pm Copy Link
Colin McAllister I watched (most of) the video and I read the words above, but still have no idea how this program works.

I see that the original Word document opens in two panes across the bottom of the screen and a copy of the document opens in two panes top left, with a media pane opening top right. So three panes above and two below... got it.

Then all I saw was lots and lots of clicking on images and videos, but with no explanation of why, or what I was supposed to see happening. I clicked the image above but it's too blurry to be readable. I'm off to work now and frankly I can't take the time to go and track the info down. I'll pass on this offer, despite the generous reduction.

I'd want to know, will the recipient need anything other than Word to see the annotations/attachments? Plus, although it states "you add text and media notes to any Microsoft Office Word document without changing the file", why doesn't the additional info inflate the document size? (Many companies have size restrictions for docs in emails)
Apr 20 2016 at 2:20am Copy Link
Norman Wong @Colin McAllister - Vole Word Reviewer imports Word docs (.docx, .odt or .tmd ) and exports single-file library (.vmc). The software can link local disk and online resources, add comments, reviews and digital signature to the Word doc. Since all the attached resources, comments, reviews and signatures are saved in the vmc library, the software can export the original imported Word doc without any changes.

Any attachments will increase the library size according to its size, but the online resources link is the smallest. For example, if you link a YouTube video into the library, only increase several chars.

We provide Free Remote Assistant after purchase within one month.
Sanwhole - Apr 20 2016 at 3:37am Copy Link
Wearsie Jackson Thank you for your kind response Norman! My confusion around licensing lies in the way too many choices for way too many editions. I love the approaches your products take, but you need to please simplify the choices of editions and licensing choices (like AUTG, LTUD, LTUG) to a total of 3 or less editions and license combinations please. Until this structure is greatly simplified, I afraid that I can't invest the time in learning your otherwise stellar products.
Apr 20 2016 at 6:01am Copy Link
Cary Adams Do I understand correctly?

If I mark up a Microsoft Word document using this product, and then send my comments to others for review, they too must have this program installed to review the comments I made through Vole.

Is true? Or no?
Apr 20 2016 at 8:30am Copy Link
Norman Wong @ Cary Adams - If you can accept the changes to the Word file, you don't have to use Vole Word Reviewer to add comments. Because Microsoft Word has the comments features itself. If you want to add multimedia comments, you have to use the software. If you want others to review your comments. You need think about the same thing. If you still cannot accept the changes to the Word file or want to add multimeida reviews, they have to use the software. The software supports multi-user comments and reviews. And you can create digital signature to your vmc library to allow or not allow to continue review your Word doc.
Sanwhole - Apr 20 2016 at 9:17am Copy Link
Dom Franco it looks like the program that is on sale is only good for a one-year subscription. Is that true?
Apr 21 2016 at 2:00am Copy Link
Norman Wong @ Dom Franco - We promote 10 editions on this sale. AUTD is for subscription, LTUD and LTUG are lifetime license. It depends on which edition you bought. You may sign in and enter licenses form to get detail.
Sanwhole - Apr 21 2016 at 3:50am Copy Link
Jonathan User The instructions to get a lifetime licence are incomprehensible ...
Jul 6 2017 at 4:43am Copy Link
Philip101 Agree with Jonathon User.
It appears you need to amass 10 Like Votes on the SANWHOLE SUPPORT CENTER forum over the course of a year to get the free lifetime licence; though it's hard to be sure.
Jul 6 2017 at 3:59pm Copy Link
kevindall Tried to install 64bit version, several times. Repeated d/l in case 1st d/l corrupt for some reason. Also tried 'repair'. All I got was notification that 'VODM469726 blah-blah-bah SWB Core' could not be loaded - and of course, no program opened.
Jun 1 2021 at 11:45am Copy Link
Norman Wong @Kevin D. Allflatt, Hello.

You need to install "Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable". You can find the download link in Sanwhole Download Center here:
Sanwhole - Jun 1 2021 at 5:06pm Copy Link
N4N The software does not support Vietnamese !
Jul 24 2021 at 4:04am Copy Link

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