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Jan 13 at 9:18pm
I just sent you an email.
Sep 30 at 3:53am
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Robert User I purchased Hide my I P. I can only assume the price was for lifetime as it was never stated. After download THEN I see a PREMIUM service for another $7 per month. I have no idea why I need premium. I can only guess it is better coverage which was NOT STATED before I purchased. Now I have no idea what I am missing with my purchase. I do not know if I am covered for the torrent sites I visit. I regret purchasing from a company that was not entirely up front with me. I will not be recommending to friends and I'm not clear that I can ever use this thing I bought.
You give us this space to complain but I seriously doubt that anyone from bits reads and I am sure there will be no reply. Not exactly a "contact" site if there is no contact with the company.
        Apr 7 2015 at 3:56am
Daniel Robert, thanks for the heads up. I read the Features & Fine Print & I agree that it should clearly state what people are getting or at least a link to the actual program version that people are paying for.

I had a problem with uRex Video Converter Platinum a few days ago. A pop appeared saying Bits was aware of the issue & were working on a fix. It also stated anyone that clicked on I want this would get it. Well I didn't and no so much as one word after I posted my issue from Bits.

I know from time to time things happen & that's fine, but a little respect for customers would go a long way.
        Apr 7 2015 at 9:56am
Daniel I just took a look at the screen shot & it does show "premium version". I'm not sure what they'd have above that which would cost extra?
        Apr 7 2015 at 9:59am
Constantin Florea I've just notified the vendor of your comment above.
        Apr 7 2015 at 10:23am
Brent Hather Hi Robert, yes that is correct, the purchase price paid already for Hide My IP is indeed for lifetime use. Premium is not for better coverage, you will get the same coverage with the regular Hide My IP purchase. Premium will allow the specific selection of an IP location and allow for hiding the IP in a specific program, while not hiding in another if you choose. You can use any IP location with the regular purchase as well. You are protected from torrent sites with the regular purchase of Hide My IP. You asked some good questions that we will be clarifying on our website in the next days. If you need any further clarification, or have additional questions, please let us know.
        Apr 7 2015 at 11:55am
Robert User Thanks for the reply. I am surprised that you have had this program for ? some time and no one noticed the problems for a user.
Now I have to open it and try to figure out how to use it with a torrent download.,
        Apr 7 2015 at 12:23pm
KC User This thread's obviously several months old and I doubt Robert will notice a reply in it, but I wanted to point this out anyway for anyone else purchasing the same software for the same reason Robert has - namely torrenting.

As is the case with many VPN/Proxy services, the protection many customers assume is part of the service is NOT actually there. In HideMe's case, you have no way of knowing about these issues unless you read their privacy clauses in detail and know enough about technical privacy issues to understand what you've just read. You can find their entire privacy policy on their website at:

In particular, HideMe in NO WAY protects you meaningfully if you're relying on it to allow you to torrent copyrighted material without facing legal consequences. The policy blatantly states that HideMe logs your actual IP along with your activity as well as happily delivering said information to law enforcement and/or your ISP and/or any number of other third parties.

"We may record your IP address and the websites you visit. The logs are used primarily for monitoring requests and ensuring no illegal activity is undertaken. Any violations of our terms of use may result in disclosure of the data recorded in our logs to an appropriate third party, which may include your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or local authorities. We may also be required, by law, to provide logs of our service and if requested, such data will be disclosed."

I'm sure HideMe is perfect for accessing content you otherwise couldn't because of location, but it does exactly NOTHING to prevent you from being prosecuted for copyright infringement. There are VPNs that do not log IPs or activity that WILL protect you properly, but HideMe is not one of them. You are no safer torrenting via HideMe than you are torrenting with no proxy at all.
        Jun 10 2015 at 3:00am
blonko User Howdy Robert, yes that is right, the price tag paid as of now for Hide My IP is without a doubt for lifetime use. Premium isn't for better inclusion, you will get a similar inclusion with the standard Hide My IP buy. Premium will permit the particular choice of an IP area and take into account concealing the IP in a particular program, while not stowing away in another in the event that you decide. You can utilize any IP area with the ordinary buy too
        Dec 16 2020 at 5:11am
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