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DrivePop Professional Plan - Lifetime License

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Daniel Gaudet On June 19th, 2013, I purchased the DrivePop Professional Plan - Lifetime License. It was for unlimited computers and storage with no additional fees. It was special that was no longer offered afterwards. It's only been a little over a year and today, I received an invoice for $99. I received an additional e-mail explained that since I am a high-use user where I am using more than 1 TB, I will need to pay it within the next 30 days. In the e-mail it mentions that they reserve the right to change the plan at their discretion. This was never shown in the small print of the promotion (which has since been removed from BitsDuJour).

The problem seems to be that Livedrive has changed the pricing it offers to Drivepop. I can understand that DrivePop is a reseller of Livedrive, but should the customers be the one to get the bad end of the stick?

What are my options? Will BitsDuJour help me (and who ever else is in the same boat)?

I'll include the e-mail I received from DrivePop in another post.
        Sep 24 2014 at 4:54pm
Daniel Gaudet Dear Daniel,

We regret to inform you that Livedrive is not cooperating and we have to raise the fees for high usage again. In order to accommodate and their recent sale to J2 Global we are being placed in a very difficult situation as they are rescinding their offer for Unlimited Backup Space. Since we are unable to reach an agreement with Livedrive the only way we can reach a settlement is by passing along the cost of high data usage to the customers.

Effective immediately we need to adjust the rate of the over usage cost. Please see the updated terms below.

This is a quick message to let you know that for while Unlimited Backup Accounts offer unlimited space it does not include unlimited and prolonged bandwidth usage and storage. In 30 days there is going to be a heavy usage fee if you choose to retain this amount of data in a given period of time. A Fair Use Policy is outlined in our Terms of service that explains this.

As stated:
DrivePop may, in our sole discretion and from time to time, establish or amend general operating practices to maximize the operation and availability of DrivePop Products or Services and to prevent abuses. As part of these practices, we reserve the right to monitor our system to identify excessive consumption of network resources and to take such technical and other remedies as we deem appropriate. Your consumption of DrivePop Products or Services may be deemed excessive if, within any month, your usage greatly exceeds the average level of monthly usage of DrivePop’s customers, generally, or if you exceed 1TB within a 365 day period. In the event you are deemed to have violated this policy, we reserve the right to offer an alternative pricing plan or DrivePop Product or Service that will permit you to continue to use DrivePop Products or Services.

Going forward with your exising account here the High Data Bandwidth Fees are:

Within a 365 day period:

>1TB $99.99 a month
>5 TB $299.99 a month
>10TB $499.99 a month

This will be effective 30 days from this notice as outlined in our terms of service. Your current usage is over 1TB. The exact usage will be reviewed and your monthly invoice adjusted. If you reduce your account size to below 1TB it will be your responsibility to notify us in writing by submitting an email to so we can review your account and adjust your account accordingly.

You may also want to reduce the space you use if you have extra data backed up that is no longer needed. To remove backup sets please get with our support at to have these removed.

DrivePop Support Manage Subscriptions Manage Subscriptions
        Sep 24 2014 at 4:55pm
F User I too got jacked by this company. I was told no refunds even though I paid in advance like many others for the service. In addition to the emails requesting $99 per month, they just sent me the following notice...


If you have not heard already, Livedrive is pulling the rug out from under all of us. The original terms with Livedrive was that we could provide some absolutely fabulous pricing with online backups. Since they have been acquired by J2 Global, they are now looking to "milk" this business for all its worth including us.

We have been fighting with Livedrive/J2 Global now for over 3 months to try to come to some reasonable agreement and it does NOT look great. I'm going to try to explain the pricing changes that we are currently looking at and I'm sure 80% of all of you will not continue, but I hope that we can see this as still a great chance to use a great service for at a fair price.

Our bottom line is that J2 Global wants to increase our prices to $30/TB/month as OUR cost. This is OUTRAGEOUS!! We are trying to get them to realize that the current market place for Livedrive competitors is priced anywhere from $10 to $20/TB/month.

The current discussion has us sitting at a price that may allow us to offer you 1TB at $9.99/month and we need to implement this price change immediately. I'm reaching out to all of you to give you some advanced warning.

Our last discussion with Livedrive was pretty grim and they want us to also pay for Bandwidth on a per 1TB basis going back to the early part of 2014. They advised us to pass this cost onto customers but our billing system and their reporting does not allow for us to accurately bill. We started notifying customers that were over 3TB and the results were very bad. Almost all the customers cancelled because the pricing was so extreme. They left us no choice, because the cost of this bandwidth is high, we simply cannot afford to pay it.

Livedrive has basically told us that the UNLIMITED offers has caused such a huge influx of customers and data space usage that they now cannot afford this model and it has cost them so much that they need to back paddle to survive and recuperate the costs they have incurred to grow by offering unlimited backup space. They continue to advertise unlimited offers on their website which has caused us a lot of anger. They keep telling us that this is also going to change, but they seem to want us to model the changes perhaps to see how they can do it without losing customer loyalty.

While this has caused them a lot of trouble, they are taking the opportunity to pass on the troubles to all of us.

In the next few days we will be adjusting the prices on our online backup packages on our website to reflect the changes in terms with Livedrive. The pricing will start at $9.99/month/TB.

To determine if you will be affected by this price increase will be based on your current services you have ordered.
>> If you have ONLY the online backup service and no other add-ons such as Briefcase and are currently paying less than $9.99/month/TB you will be adjusted to this new price.
>> If you have ONLY the Briefcase, these will also climb to $9.99/month/TB but may go higher as J2 Global has not finalized the details on briefcase pricing yet.
>> If you have BACKUP AND BRIEFCASE, these will also climb to a minimum of $9.99/month/TB until the pricing has been finalized with J2 Global we do not know the final pricing yet.

If you recently made a purchase of any kind on any package, we will use that payment as credit towards the monthly cost and determine your next billing due date based on amounts paid.

We understand that a lot of people will cancel their accounts as a result of the price increase, we ask that you wait until you receive an invoice prior to submitting a cancellation request. We will NOT automatically bill your payment method. Subscriptions that have been setup with your payment option will be cancelled so that you have an opportunity to decide if you want to continue with your account or cancel.

As you can imagine this has been an unrealistically frustrating time for us and we are working through the challenges of J2 Global's decision to impose these changes on us. We are going to continue to fight with them and for you, but at this time we want to prepare everyone that the battle has been long and will continue to drag out for some time.

We are now tasked with this responsibility of doing the leg work for J2 Global as they have decided to become greedy.

While, the price increase comes unexpectedly, the market price comparison shows that it is still a fair price for what is offered. We truly hope that you stay with us, but we completely understand if you decide cancel.
        Oct 6 2014 at 2:17pm
Daniel Gaudet I've also got to say that DrivePop's support has been awful. I don't say it on a whim. At the end of April, a 2 TB crashed. It took me a few weeks to realize that it had happened. With 2 weeks left to restore 2 TBs of file from DrivePop (since the backups are only good for 30 days), I started restoring the files to another drive. Even though I have a 180Mbit Down/80 Mbit Up Internet access, I was only downloading at around 300-400 KB/s.

With a few days left before the files were to automatically get deleted, I opened a request to have the files extended, or to help speed-up the download by providing something like FTP access). It took them 2 business days to respond and by the time they did, the files no longer able to be restored from the Livedrive client. I was told that they would be able to restore the files. They asked me a few questions about the computer in question, the drive name, the type of files, and when did the drive crash. I responded with the information they asked without any response. When I followed-up with them they asked me the same question as before. This has happened 3 times. I still don't have any files restored and now they are asking for $99/month if I don't reduce my usage to below 1 TB.
        Sep 24 2014 at 5:02pm
Daniel Gaudet I should have specified in my original post that it's $99/month if you go over 1 TB up to 5 TB.

This is certainly ridiculous.
        Sep 24 2014 at 5:02pm
Graham User I'm in the same boat, (or should that be on the same Cloud?) Narky Email sent to Drivepop this morning, awaiting their response.

We're deemed high users if we upload over 1TB in 365. So if we have over 1TB of data we can't back it all in the first year #pointless.

I get the feeling I've been used to raise capital for Drivepop, now they have their funds I can go and...myself.

Looking for a full refund and I'm going elsewhere until they sort it to my satisfaction.
        Sep 25 2014 at 3:45am
Graham User Here's the deal I signed up to: (

I would have thought the bit that said "Never Pay for Cloud backup again!" would be legally binding...Wouldn't you?....Maybe they forgot about waybackmachine when they put it together ;)
        Sep 26 2014 at 1:23am
Graham User I've found out more... Basically Livedrive, which are the service provider behind DrivePop are turning the screws on DrivePop while still offering unlimited storage.

Because DrivePop were offered unlimited storage by Livedrive, they passed this onto thier customers, Livedrive saw the number of high usage customers and have said DrivePop have to now pay (lots) for the bandwidth these customers are using.

As this only effects high usage customers I'm guessing Livedrive's grand plan is to shed the weight of the high usage customers by charging them more than is financially viable for them. They leave and Livedrive are left with a loads of existing DrivePop customers who don't upset the apple cart or use the "unlimited" space.

So I'm guessing if Livedrive do impose these charges DrivePop either passes this cost on or goes to the wall. If that does happen it would leave LiveDrive to hoover up the homeless DrivePop customers with their files already on Livedrive's system.

How convenient......
        Sep 26 2014 at 11:33pm
Mark Johnson The thing about basically any type of online service is that "lifetime" and "unlimited" are terms thrown around a lot to drum up business but never really mean anything.

A prime example of this is webhosting companies. Everywhere you turn webhosts advertise "99.99% uptime guaranteed", "unlimited" bandwidth, "unlimited" storage, "unlimited" domains, "unlimited" databases, and "unlimited" websites for just a few dollars per month. In reality, what they offer is nowhere near that. You usually have to read the fine print to see what you're really getting.

As an example, everybody has heard of GoDaddy, as they are one of the biggest webhosts. If you go there to get a website hosted, you'll see that for $4.49 per month you get unlimited websites, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, and 99.9% uptime guaranteed.

Hmmm, what if I click the link at the bottom of the page for "Terms of Service" and give that a read? Among a number of fairly ambiguous sentences that could be construed to eliminate any guarantee of "unlimited" is this fairly straightforward paragraph:

"All Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting plans, including the unlimited plans, are subject to a limit of no more than 250,000 inodes per account for Linux® hosting accounts or 500,000 files and folders per account for Windows® hosting accounts. The plans are also limited to no more than 1,000 tables per database and no more than one gigabyte of storage per database. Any account or database that exceeds these limits may be issued a network violation warning and will be required to reduce the number of inodes, files and folders, tables or gigabytes (as the case may be), or may be temporarily or permanently suspended, in our sole discretion. All Linux hosting plans are subject to the following limitations: no more than a) 25% of one CPU core; b) 512MB of RAM; c) 100 website connections; d) 100 active processes; e) 1 MB/s disk IO. In the event these limitations are exceeded, your site may slow down or not be served until more resources are added. More resources may be added for additional fees. "

So.... basically.... all those "unlimited" claims to get people to sign up are hogwash. It's the same at other webhosts; actually our example host GoDaddy makes the real limitations much more obvious than most other webhosts.

Well, at least we have a 99.9% uptime guarantee! Or do we? Turning to the TOS again:

"If we fail to maintain this Service Uptime Guarantee in a particular month (as solely determined by us), you may contact us and request a credit of 5% of your monthly hosting fee for that month."
And reading further, even that meager guarantee is further discredited with "The Service Uptime Guarantee does not apply to service interruptions caused by:" … "(4) causes beyond our control or that are not reasonably foreseeable"


Ok, now turning back to Drivepop and it's extraordinary claims. What exactly does a "lifetime" license mean for services from a company that didn't exist before 2013? Hard to tell. The unlimited storage claim looks a lot like what webhosts claim, so let's take a look at the TOS for Drivepop...

Here is the TOS that was in place when Drivepop had the sale on BDJ:

Some quotes from that TOS:


"We reserve the right to suspend or end the Services at any time, with or without cause, and with or without notice."

"We reserve the right to alter pricing, including ceasing to offer elements of the DrivePop Services."

"We reserve the right to suspend or end the Services at any time, with or without cause, and with or without notice."

"We may revise these Terms from time to time and the most current version will always be posted on our website. By continuing to access or use the Services after revisions become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised Terms. If you do not agree to the new terms, please stop using the Services."

"If you wish to restore data backed up onto our servers we may require up to 72 hours notice. Whilst ordinarily we would expect your data to be available for restore immediately, we reserve the right to archive data in facilities where it may not be available for immediate access."


Something interesting...
I don't see anywhere on the site now where anything greater than 2TB is being offered anymore, but they left the discussions on that page dating back to 2013 where people were asking things like if they could back up 100TB since the plan was unlimited.



BDJ's website has a ton of webpages for past deals, but the "BUY NOW" link still works for purchasing the products. The problem is that the prices on the BDJ pages are completely wrong, so I don't doubt that a lot of people click the link thinking they are getting a great deal when in fact they are not at all.

For example, a lot of people look for coupons and discount links before making a purchase online. If somebody does that for Drivepop, they are going to run into a whole bunch of websites like this one that include a link to a (still working!!!) webpage on BDJ where you can get a heck of a deal:

On that fatwallet discussion and a bunch of other websites is a link to

Now I'm sure plenty of people are looking for a deal and clicking those links, even though the deal itself is long past.
Hmmm, you end up at a BDJ page that doesn't say anything at all about the price no longer being valid, just an ad that sounds too good to be true and a huge "BUY NOW" link. You'd think that once a deal was over it would be easy enough for some automated code on BDJ to prevent this kind of deception, but then again maybe that little deception helps bring in a few more dollars. I guess any external link that brings traffic to the website is good, even if it deceives people. I guess it's just another form of "unlimited" ?
        Oct 1 2014 at 8:29am
Nico Westerdale Everyone we appreciate what you have said here with regard to the DrivePop license issue. We're contacting the vendor today to attempt a resolution to this, and we will post any resolution that we do have in this thread.

At this point we ask that if you do have license issues with DrivePop please direct them to their customer service department here:
        Oct 9 2014 at 5:24am
Roger Thomasson Good news from DrivePop!

"This is to clear the air and to ensure that the plans offered via BitsDuJour are still being honored in their original form regardless if you have been told otherwise."

Here's the thread:
        Dec 15 2014 at 11:21am
Henry Iriawan Dear All,

I just got an email about shutdown and I checked on their website:
"DrivePop Shutting Down March 8th, 2015
Our service provider has terminated our reseller agreement. Unfortunately out of our control our reseller account is being closed unexpectedly and all accounts are being terminated on March 9th, 2015."

well, it's about 2 months after the bad issued been released and now, they said they are closing down. I felt lifetime never works especially for paid cloud storage. Unless for free cloud storage such as dropbox that only provide free small GB. Better stick with free cloud storage or well-known paid cloud storage.
        Feb 20 2015 at 7:18pm
Henry Iriawan Dear All,

I just got an email about shutdown and I checked on their website:
"DrivePop Shutting Down March 8th, 2015
Our service provider has terminated our reseller agreement. Unfortunately out of our control our reseller account is being closed unexpectedly and all accounts are being terminated on March 9th, 2015."

well, it's about 2 months after the bad issued been released and now, they said they are closing down. I felt lifetime never works especially for paid cloud storage. Unless for free cloud storage such as dropbox that only provide free small GB. Better stick with free cloud storage or well-known paid cloud storage.
        Feb 20 2015 at 7:19pm
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