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Illegal Representation of My Software on BitsDuJour

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N User Why are you offering my software for 29.99? You don't
have permission to do that. We don't have an agreement. Do you remember sending me this email?


Hi Nicole, we do not offer software on BDJ that can be utilized for spam blogging or bot-style content generation. Am I misunderstanding the
purpose of First Draft?

Roger Thomasson
LinkedIn o
o Facebook

> *From:* BitsDuJour []
> *Sent:* Friday, August 28, 2015 7:40 PM
> *To:*
> *Subject:* BitsDuJour Feedback
> BitsDuJour Feedback from: Nicole Miller,
> Hi there.
> I submitted my software "First Draft" some time ago (I can't
> when), but it was denied. So I was wondering if you could tell me
> not eligible. I submitted it to, and they
> it, so I wonder if you could take another look at it. Perhaps
> something confusing about the software? If so, I'd be more than
> explain it.
> Thanks for your response!
        May 8 2017 at 1:41pm
disenchanted I reviewed the website and some of the product's features. It reminds me quite a bit of the software called Dr Essay, which has research, curation and similar features.
Due to Final Draft being such a multi-faceted, multi-featured program, it is a bit hard to categorize. The possibility of it being used for both black or white hat exist.
While it seems that it could be used for SEO, whether white hat or black, I've never ever heard of it mentioned on any black hat forums nor being promoted by any black hat marketers [so I can tend to believe the author's page that states it will NOT be promoted/sold as a black hat tool].
[http://www.justoutsourcin...ll-be.html]. But then, that wouldn't stop a purchaser from using it in a manner contrary to the author's intention..

To the author,
what exactly is your program's price, via your website?
The BDJ page you mentioned, which previously showed the" $29.95, was $49.9x" is gone. Your website has shown a $79.xx, but "increasing soon " to $149.xx price ?
        May 14 2017 at 8:57am
Nicole User Hi disenchanted,

For obvious reasons, I don't feel comfortable talking about my software on this website. But I'm more than happy to discuss any questions you have via email. You can find my email address from my website.
        May 19 2017 at 1:16am
Techfixes This Software sounds like garbage and the attitude of the seller isn't very nice.

First they are desperate to push their Software on any site who'll take it, then they are whinging about their Software (allegedly) being up for sale on BDJ.

It is extremely rude to publish private correspondence in a public forum.

I will make it a point to never, ever buy this Software or anything at all from this seller.
        May 19 2017 at 12:56am
disenchanted This post, overall was a bit out of the ordinary. With a lot of missing info as to what all transpired.

Based solely and only upon what I have seen, a software seller has a piece of software that [according to their website] "was $79.99 but will be going up in price to $149.99".

Then we see the post here from that software's author, with a BDJ link, pointing to a sales page on BDJ, with the low, low price of just $29.99.
[But it seems there was no way to actually order it at that price, so apparently no $29.99 sales were ever made via BDJ.]

If some wannabe hacker or script-kiddy was trying to "punk" the actual software owner, somehow by submitting it for sale at a cheap $29.99 price, then I could understand that Software/ IP owner being "extremely anxious" to shutdown any $29.99 sales, ASAP.
Especially if the actual seller was NOT behind launching the $29.99 sale..

If it was me it happened to, I can't say I would not consider doing the same thing.
Do a "shout out" in BDJ forum where the software was advertised at $29.99,
Hoping to get the $29.99 sale page shutdown ASAP.

Right or wrong, I would think that it would be one of the fastest ways to reach a website's operators.

As for the softwaree vendor Vs. BDJ, with publishing private correspondence in a public forum, I can understand it IF $29.99 sales actually started rolling in and the vendor wanted it to stop IMMEDIATELY!
(The REASONS why BDJ did not accept the seller's software COULD have certainly been addressed offline).

As for this particular product "sounding like garbage", I am neutral on that opinion, as I have not tested that particular software

For the sake of argument, I like to refer to this as "type of" Curation software since it seems to contain so many similar characteristics.

I will say that IMHO the features set of this particular software, in a some ways, seems to have many of the same features as dozens of other similar types of CURATION software on the market. [I did a search under CURATION software and found literally dozens, if not 100's, of competitors. (For software that seems to have many of the same basic features)..

With so many Curation type programs out there, I couldn't say one way or the other, whether this particular seller's software is good, bad, or middle-of-the-road.

In any case, it seems the demand for such software is Growing. Not just among BH types looking to tweak their SEO standing with google and game the system.

I had not known the extend of the use of this type software [except for those Black Hat and/or spammer types that were hawking Curation type software via jvzoo or clickbank] until I started reading the magazine by the CONTENT MARKETING INSTITUTE named CHIEF CONTENT OFFICER.
[I think it was from one of the free Ebook giveaways, like from
Some of which can be signed up for here for "100% FREE" on BDJ's website]

Now it seems that the corporate world is becoming all about simply "recycling" already existing articles and/or creating informational products using software that does it for them, in just 1 or 2 mouse clicks. Vs. creating create, informative, original articles themselves from scratch.

* Now, 7-20-2017, I see today we have an offering for a website "Email extraction software".
I know that a lot of online sellers use such tools for email "Cold Calling".

Again, as with other similar software, an email address reaper could be used for good uses, like gathering an alumni list to organize a class reunion.
Or nefariously be used in a BH way, to simply Grab email addresses and start Spamming.

Personally, I would loathe having an email address Reaper sending me unwanted, cold call emails, especially when most recipients in the corporate and gov sectors are WARNED NOT TO OPEN "ANY" unknown emails.

[I was a SysAdmin for corp and gov entities for over 20 years. Roughly 8 out of 10 times when an end user opened an UNsolicited cold-call type email, it normally meant that I'd have a phishing attack to CLEAN UP ! So I am NO FAN of email address harvesters ! Just MY .02 cents]
        Jul 21 2017 at 12:28am
Nicole User Hi disenchanted. I noticed your reply a couple of weeks ago and responded on my blog: https://blog.justoutsourc...rator.html There, I've invited you to give the software a try so that you can see what it really is and what it really does. It's not a curator as you suggest. :-)
        Sep 1 2017 at 9:00am
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