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Purchases - Can I view license terms?

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Brian Wilson Is there a way to view the license terms after a purchase is complete (like when reviewing my prior purchases)?
        Oct 9 2020 at 8:35pm
Constantin Florea We usually promote a title multiple times. However it is possible that one time we promote the same title as a discounted deal and another time (after a considerable amount of time) as a giveaway. This means we would update the license policy accordingly for each type of promotion. The license policy is reflected in "The Fine Print" tab in the promotion page. So looking in "The Fine Print" tab to see the license policy is OK while the promotion is running. After that, especially at some considerable time after that, "The Fine Print" tab may reflect other settings, specifically the ones from the last promotion we ran for that title.

There is also the following case: when a promotion runs with the BitsDuJour's own e-Commerce (NOT Avangate, Share-It, PayPro Global, etc), a receipt email is sent to the purchasing customer. That receipt email will contain the license policy for that promotion, specifically for the first purchase item in that promotion. Since the customer receives the receipt email, he can always look in that email for the license policy.

When a promotion runs with a third party e-Commerce like Avangate, Share-It, PayPro Global, etc, the emails he receives are sent by that e-Commerce (Avangate, Share-It, PayPro Global, etc,) and in some cases by the vendor but those emails may not contain the license policy of the product.

As a general rule, in most cases the following applies:
1. For 24/48/72 hours normally discounted deals we always have to promote the title under the same conditions the vendor is using to sell the title on their site. So you can look on the product website to see their license policy.
2. For giveaways we usually promote the title with slightly different license conditions than the ones the vendor is using to sell the product on the product website. Specifically these license conditions apply to upgrades (most promos have paid upgrades), support (some promos have no support) and a registration time frame (most promos we run have a registration time frame).
        Oct 10 2020 at 4:21am
Brian Wilson Thanks for the reply. So there's no way way to view the specific license terms that applied to my specific purchases (now several years old)?
        Oct 10 2020 at 7:00am
Constantin Florea In case of the titles which ran with the BitsDuJour's e-Commerce, that is possible because you can look in the receipt emails you received by participating in those promotions. These sales are the ones visible in the "On-Site BitsDuJour Purchases" in your Purchases page here:

For all the other orders, the safest bet is to check with the vendor by contacting them through their Contact section on their website.
        Oct 10 2020 at 10:46am
Brian Wilson Ok. So for giveaways (which is what I'm looking at in my receipts), I see some registration instructions but no license. The registration instructions appear to no longer be valid. BitsDuJour is unable to provide license terms so I'm stuck unless I want to reach out to the vendor directly.
That's unfortunate, I would have expected the giveaway licensing terms to be more transparent. Thank you for your responses in any case.
        Oct 10 2020 at 2:00pm
Rick Truell "these license conditions apply to upgrades (most promos have paid upgrades),"

Given the other two negative conditions (no support and registration time frame), shouldn't this actually say that most promos DON'T have paid upgrades? Seems to me I recall that being the case when I checked such promo's in the past.
        Oct 10 2020 at 11:16pm
Constantin Florea You are correct. It's just that along the years we've come to refer to a promotion with no upgrades as having "Paid Upgrades" in the sense that the customer has to pay extra for those upgrades if he wants to have them.
        Oct 11 2020 at 2:57am
Rick Truell Arrrgh! My apologies, Constantin. All the times I reread my post checking for typo's before posting it, and yet each time I missed that you had said *paid* upgrades :-(

I know I desperately need new glasses, but I didn't think it was so bad that I was missing entire words!
        Oct 11 2020 at 8:11pm
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