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Mitchell User I am requesting a refund for the O&O Power Pack I purchased from Bits Du Jour. I have pasted below a copy of the email I sent to O&O which includes my receipt from you.

By this email, I am requesting you to contact Bits du Jour to refund to me the purchase price of $30.00 US for the license to O&O PowerPack - 1 PC license - PC. I have copied the relevant portions of the receipt below:
BitsDuJour Software Receipt - O&O PowerPack - 1 PC license
O&O PowerPack - 1 PC license - PC
Quantity 1
Purchased 10/12/2019 2:19:21 PM
Order Number BDJ-IEU9wW
Total $30.00 - Credit Card
Purchased By Mitchell Kastner
95 Smith Road, Somerset, NJ, 08873, United State

Reasons for refund request
1. Bits DuJour claimed that the purchase price of $30.00 was a 50% reduction off the retail price. That is false as the retail price for this bundle is $49.00 dollars.2. I purchased the bundle for two programs only: Defrag and Diskimage. I have no use for the other two products. Neither Defrag nor Diskimage works as I expected.3. I purchased Defrag to defragment my SSD drive  Although Defrag was resident on my taskbar, it was watching only my internal data disk, but not my SSD disk cannot be automatically defragmented. Even if the program was watching my SSD drive, the program simply detached from the computer without notice. It was not watching anything because it stopped working without notification. The Defrag icon in the taskbar was completed normal. When I right-clicked the icon all the options appeared normal, but when I clicked on open Defrag, I was met with all the choices grayed out. I exited the program and reopened it and still all the options were greyed out. After about ten minutes I received an error message that the program could not connect to the computer. The notification said that OO Defrag might not have been started in Windows Services. I went to OO Defrag Services, but that service had started. Undaunted I closed the service and then restarted it and that solved the problem. For the moment. The point is that Defrag should be reliably resident and it was not.4. I will summarize the problems with OO Diskimage. It is user-unfriendly in the extreme. How can it be that the program screen that prompts the user to list the Source Drive does not also prompt him for the Destination Drive? When I finally read the instructions and found out that I had to select an option to save to an external USB drive, the program defaulted to my SD card. When I selected the USB drive on which I wanted to create the image, the default filename gave the user absolutely no clue about what the purpose of the file was. When I started to create the disk image, the program gave me some weird message but then proceeded normally I thought. The program finished and I thought I had created an image of my SSD drive which I could restore in an emergency. Wrong. Luckily I looked at the report some hours later and discovered that the disk image had failed. I had to recreate it. When I tried to create an incremental disk image, the program was supposed to default to the "base image" which I thought was on my USB drive. The program did not know that. I had to manually select it. Why would you have the increment files default to the c: drive instead of the USB drive where the base drive was. So I tried to create a folder on the USB drive to store the increments. No go. The incremental files will just be stored on the USB drive but not in a separate folder.Disk image on the Go gives you no option other than to create diskimages of all internal disks. But I only want an image of my c drive.
Best regards,--
Mitchell Kastner, Esq
95 Smith Road
Somerset, NJ 08875-5967
(732) 873-9555
        Oct 13 2019 at 4:04pm
Constantin Florea I just refunded your order. Please notice it may take between 5 and 10 business days for the money to show up in your account.
        Oct 13 2019 at 4:29pm
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