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Ota C Editor's Note: This comment was moved from the Auto Employee Schedule comments board, where it originally appeared.

Hi Roger,

I like grabbing the freebies and finding cheap bargains here at BitsDuJour but there are two topics I'm eager to learn about:

One: Why are the free deals so frequently (at least lately) unavailable? Isn't it sort of easy to provide each BDJ user with an automatically generated SN? If you really must use a discount code/standard order form (when there is obviously no need for either during your 100% off giveaways), why don't you guys at least use a system that works?

Two: This is kind of related – how come your ordering/coupon system works just fine when I actually pay you? I ordered two pieces of software over the last ten days (the same ten days filled with identical freebie faults) but you were able to process my payment and send me the SNs without a glitch.

Please advise. I'm sure other paying BDJ customers would also like to know why less and less 100% free deals are available while the discounted ones always appear to work. Considering you insist on using the very same forms, this is becoming a bit fishy.


        Mar 27 2013 at 10:05pm
Jo Ann Rice Editor's Note: This comment was moved from the Auto Employee Schedule comments board, where it originally appeared.

@Ota, Wow did you just slam a company that is trying to give FREE software away because they are having problems with it even after they said they would offer it again if it wasn't fixed today? Really? That's just sad and you really don't deserve to get this software after that. Grow up a bit and maybe when you get big and can offer things for free as often as they do, then you'll have room to talk. O M G I can't believe you actually did that lol.
        Mar 27 2013 at 10:05pm
Ota C Hi Jo Ann,

Let's face it: you overact as much as you say I do. Opinionated comments of opinionated people usually attract opinionated responses from their opinionated counterparts. It's normal. If you were the one complaining I might have been the one OMGing you while pretentiously only calming you down. Both of us would lose more time if we continued so here is my (only) response:

I reserve the right to point out that paid-for offers work just fine (with a discount code of 25-90%) while 100% free offers aren't working the same way. At least lately. This deal, with its mysteriously working $50 price tag and the unavailable $0 one, is just an example of what I mean. I surely wouldn't call it a conspiracy – the term "economic sense" is much more suitable.

Regarding Roger's reply: he hasn't answered some of my questions so I won't respond to his till he finds a moment. Not to mention if one loses touch with a software publisher over such an important pre-promo issue, the person in charge should simply not publish the deal – especially since there are no exact days quoted at BDJ (until the day the particular promo moves, without any prior notice, from the Upcoming to the Current section).
        Mar 28 2013 at 7:35am
Roger Thomasson Play nice people!
        Mar 28 2013 at 7:54am
Roger Thomasson @Ota

Which questions do you feel I did not address?
        Mar 28 2013 at 7:55am
Ota C @Roger

Several less important issues, incl. the FB liking of BDJ/publisher during 100% off promos vs. "No need to like us if you pay" – please re-read my second comment for further details. Thx.
        Mar 28 2013 at 6:38pm
Roger Thomasson If you have specific questions, feel free to reiterate them. I think my previous responses were fairly comprehensive and addressed the overall gist of your posts. Not a lot of time to scour comments for 'less important issues' :)


        Mar 29 2013 at 7:13am
Ota C Sure: FB liking of BDJ/publisher during 100% off promos vs. "No need to like us if you pay" – is this separation really essential? Wouldn't organic growth make you feel like you're gaining real fans?

About scouring: if you answered the initial questions (not just mine) in the first place, you wouldn't have to ask people to repeat them, and eventually tell your customers those old emails are now outside of your priority list.

Objectively, and I certainly AM playing nice here, when you do wish to skip something, you simply ignore some of the people's points and only concentrate on the selected ones you do feel like answering. If you ever find a minute, simply "scour" through some of those Qs you've answered and see if you have really answered them. (Skip my Qs for objectivity sake.)

But hey, you're a busy man so scouring is out of question – even if you eventually offered us better service, eh?
        Mar 29 2013 at 12:56pm
Roger Thomasson Sorry, that question didn't/doesn't make a lot of sense to me, even after several readings. That's why I didn't feel comfortable composing a response. It's nothing personal, I just don't understand what you're looking for. What do you mean by 'organic growth'? What do you mean by 'separation'?

Perhaps you can rephrase?
        Mar 29 2013 at 1:47pm
Ota C Sorry, my fault (I used SEO terms). Let me try again:

Wouldn't it be better if people liked you/BDJ/publisher because they actually like you/the deal? Don't you believe you'd be recommended naturally even more often (and more prominently) than you currently are artificially? (I believe people don't appreciate being pushed into friendships – projects that need to buy friendships usually disgust the users, even if they're genuinely great projects that would have been highly recommended – unless this happened. Human subconsciousness works in mysterious ways.)


Why aren't people required to like you in return for securing a big discount but they're asked to like you whenever it hits 100%? Your 'Facebook Special' deals used to be rare, now they're de facto compulsory.

I personally like the FB-bypassing option you came up with but most people will simply like you (some will then cancel the like) and majority will subconsciously feel like they're doing YOU a favour. In my opinion, if you let them be excited about yet another super-cool BDJ freebie, they'd likely recommend the particular deal/BDJ in general because you're doing THEM (and their friends) a favour. Only then their friends get personalised "This really is cool, John/Ann" messages. I'm talking about the real Word of Mouth effect which often includes things beyond FB likes (like FB likes with truly personalised comments, purpose-driven phone calls, sms messages, in-person recommendations, etc.).

Not to mention you'll not be joining the ranks of all the loser companies/organisations/individuals who buy Facebook love. Since you offer something that's exceptionally outstanding, being in the 'Cool' category seems like a much better option than belonging in the 'Average Begger' category. Nothing goes truly viral because of mechanical/generic likes, the 1% of most visited sites/videos/projects become epic because people actually (manually) say something positive. Because they want to – not because they have to.
        Mar 29 2013 at 4:37pm
Roger Thomasson Forgive me if I'm wrong Ota, but I think there's a disconnect here. It sounds like you have a misconception about Facebook that is not uncommon amongst non-Facebookers.

'Liking' a Facebook COMPANY page is very different than 'liking' a friend's comment or post. It is not about expressing adulation or affection. Rather, it is the Facebook equivalent of signing up for their mailing list. In a nutshell, it allows said companies posts to flow through a Facebook users news feed, alerting him or her of upcoming releases, events, news items etc. Nobody is attempting to 'buy Facebook love'. The goal is to grow a targeted awareness of their brand and products

This is a fundamental aspect of the Facebook platform. I'm not sure we can have a productive discussion here without a mutual understanding of how it works.
        Mar 30 2013 at 10:03am
Roger Thomasson @Ota

"Considering you insist on using the very same forms..."

Not sure why you'd think this? While we process license distribution for 100% deals ourselves, regular BDJ deals are processed by each individual software publishers eCommerce provider (there are many). Different eCommerce provider - different checkout forms.

Today's glitch had nothing to do with BitsDuJour. As it happens, the Auto Employee Schedule vendor lost touch a couple of days ago and we were unable to complete setup of the promotion. There were no license distribution errors, we simply had to put the promotion on hold. As for the 'identical freebie faults' you reference, our recollection is different. Which promotions in the past 10 days were you referring to?

Anyhow, sorry to disappoint. There's no conspiracy here. I'm not even quite sure what 'fishy' thing it is you think we'd be doing. That's not to say we don't have the occasional hiccup on BDJ. It's inevitable with the number of deals we offer 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

But as most Bitsters can attest, we are as responsive as we can be and do our best to reschedule problem promotions as quickly as possible.
        Mar 27 2013 at 10:09pm
Arlene Manduca Bitsdujour, I think you try hard to do a good job. Lately you've not been listening.

At least 10%- 20% of the freebies do not work. I've written you on FB about this several times and here also. You say it's my browser, it's not. I try several browsers and the free deal just spins. But, I can always order paid software and asked to be notified of coming products while I can't get the free offering.

Products which must be liked on FB, usually can't be downloaded. I ask friends to test it, it doesn't work for them either. FB is a mess of upgrades all the time and it won't stop.

From the customer to bitsdujour - to the vendor -- to FB's continualy changing interface, you've got three areas for problems. On facebook, often the product can't be downloaded. Vendors get no benefit from FB "likes". We don't like them when they don't come through.

If software vendors can't manage their distribution well enough to GIVE away products, ::sputter:: - ?? How much easier can it get? Do they provide anything? If I pay them for an upgraded version do they disappear?

It "feels' like a dishonest offering because it happens so much. This never happened when you first started out and it's happening more and more. Disappointing.
        Mar 27 2013 at 10:47pm
Ota C Some valid points here too! Hopefully Roger will respond.
        Mar 28 2013 at 7:37am
Roger Thomasson Hi Arlene, sorry for your trouble! A 10% - 20% failure rate simply doesn't reflect the overall experience of BDJ visitors.

Regardless, we're interested working through all individual issues so long as they are productive interactions. I hope it goes without saying that we want our deals to be attainable by as many customers as possible :)

Feel free to email me personally the next time you experience the issue, we'll try to sort it while it's happening.

        Mar 28 2013 at 8:19am
Ota C Another issue here:

Since 60-80% of the issues affect all of us, wouldn't it be slightly more logical to give us all the answers publicly? (Instead of asking people to individually email you.)

Creating 'Troubleshooting FAQs wouldn't be a bad idea either – at least till you sort out the issues that are affecting us more often than let's say a year ago. I'm not asking you to send me Christmas cards for the rest of my life but please do appreciate we're not just pissed off with the deteriorating BDJ offers, we're mainly giving you our spare time. It sometimes feels like you're top goal is to tell us we're all wrong and BDJ 100% offers are as problem-free as ever. Because they're not.
        Mar 29 2013 at 1:07pm
Roger Thomasson Please explain your statistic "60-80%"? What data is this based on?
        Mar 29 2013 at 1:32pm
Ota C When I read comments/requests/questions of other BDJ users, I find their points to be valid in majority of cases. I haven't prepared a graph-filled report for you but I can certainly estimate that at least 60% of issues affect multiple users (and should therefore be answered openly). More under the Troubleshooting FAQs point.
        Mar 29 2013 at 3:54pm
Roger Thomasson Ok, this is starting to feel circular Ota. In the above post you said:

"Since 60-80% of the issues affect all of us"

Now you say:

"60% of issues affect multiple users"

I'm doing the best I can to address your concerns, but i hope i don't need to point out how dramatically different these statements are.

Sorry I can't be of more help!

        Mar 30 2013 at 10:11am
Ota C Sure again. Selective reading issues are on the menu one more time.

I cannot help either.

You really do skip things, you even misquote (or partially quote to misquote) people. Let's give this up, I guess you'll never take up my challenge anyway – reading/answering people's questions in full is obviously beyond you.

I tried to simplify things and you chose to concentrate on tiny diversions instead of the main points. Again.

I give in. You win.
        Mar 30 2013 at 7:03pm
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