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A1 Website Download 9.xDiscount

A1 Website Download 9.x

Download Entire Websites for Offline Viewing

v9.x Mac & PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS X - Yosemite or newer
A1 Website Download 9.x ScreenshotWeb Development Software ScreenshotA1 Website Download 9.x, Web Development Software ScreenshotA1 Website Download 9.x, Development Software ScreenshotWeb Development Software, A1 Website Download 9.x ScreenshotDevelopment Software, A1 Website Download 9.x Screenshot

For all of the usefulness of the Internet, there are times when you want or need to be able to browse a website offline - either because a client doesn't have broadband, or you want to transport the entire site on a flash drive. You may think this is an impossible dream, until you hear about today's discount software promotion, A1 Website Download!

A1 Website Download lets you download entire websites to local storage, enabling you to browse them offline. With A1 Website Download, you can experience the speed of browsing a website at broadband speeds even if you're using a dial-up connection, because it won't be running on the Internet! Researchers and travelers will love the ability to view websites anytime, anywhere, without relying on the presence of an Internet connection.

Instead of grabbing everything under the sun, A1 Website Download lets you customize your experience with filters that let you specify which files and pages you want to download and which you want to leave behind. If you have a slew of sites that you want to grab for offline enjoyment, you can even use A1 Website Download to automate the download of websites at a specific time (like when you're sleeping!).

Please note folks, it may take up to a few hours for some of you to receive the email containing your license file (depending on what time you purchase). The registration process is semi-automated and there's a chance the developer will be momentarily unavailable. Thanks for understanding!

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Amit 1. How does this compare to offline explorer and similar alternatives ? Any advantages of buying this over that and others ?

2. Also, can there be a portable version of A1 Website Download ?
Dec 6 2018 at 3:22pm Copy Link
Thomas Schulz 1)
I have very limited recent experience with the competing tools. But I generally suggest you check the trial versions of all competing tools and ask developers "how to" questions. A1WD is quite configurable, so if you should find a competing tool that does something A1WD does not (or if here is a feature you want) - you can always drop an email, and I will take a look if feasible to implement it.

A1WD is portable with a little tinkering:
Microsys - Dec 6 2018 at 5:24pm Copy Link
Michael R. (1) Is there a changelog/history-info about what's new in A1WebsiteDownloader v9?
I just found a page, saying not much more than 'tons of new features', which does not really set former purchasers in the must-have-mood to upgrade.

(2) So, if I downloaded a site (or parts of it) and have it offline now and want to burn it on DVD and find out, the data-size is too large, can I edit the output files, e.g. discard certain branches or change the behaviour of the links?

(3) Is v10 free for today's buyers? I know, you say, if within a year v10 will be published, but it would me more happy/confident, if you would say, whenever it appears...
Dec 7 2018 at 2:33am Copy Link
Thomas Schulz Hi Michael

I know change logs have been a weak spot. I usually never spell out small fixes and improvements where each only affect a tiny percentage of users. (Although the combined amount of fixes/improvemens would affect many.)

The history page is the best I have at present unfortunately: https://www.microsystools...istory.php

If there is a problem with your present version, do please see if the version 9.x fixes it and if not drop me an email with a feature request :)

You can edit the downloaded output files.

But I think you may be asking if you when downloading can limit the crawl/download to certain areas leaving out other stuff? And that is a clear yes - and probably one of unique USP of A1WD.

You can also separately configure what gets crawled and what gets output-result:



(The BDJ sales follow the same conditions as our normal sales except having the BDJ discounted price.)

Here is a summary for those interested:

The purchase includes all 9.x releases. If 10.x is released within one year of purchase - the purchase will also include all 10.x releases. Should version 10.x be released later upgrading 9.x to 10.x is about half off.

Remember you are never forced to upgrade. Version 9.x will not stop working just because version 10.x is released

Version 9.0.0 was released around February 2018. I am currently still focusing on incremental updates/improvements/fixes in 9.x branch.
Microsys - Dec 7 2018 at 3:53am Copy Link
Stephen Warkentien I have version 8. May I get a discount to upgrade to 9 please?
Dec 7 2018 at 6:55pm Copy Link
Michael R. @Thomas Schulz.

Thanks for the answers:

1) Yes, at least 2-3 new main-features between the upgrades would be a miniumum imho.
2) I indeed meant post-production. At first get all files, which seem to make sense and than afterwards - offline - clean it up, throw away the unwanted branches. Here some follow-up questions about that:
- what happens if a user offline clicks on a link and the content it points to is removed or not downloaded at all? Can i decide what happens?
- does A1WD keep track of the addresses, if there is more than one way to get to a certain address, so if one branch should be removed by user request and it has an address inside it, which is accessible from outside the branch, it will not be removed automatically?
-are there larger improvements with this 'post-production' between v8 and v9?
3) Yes, maybe you are right. and I should work first with my v8 and update to v9 if I get to the limits of v8 and v9 fullfills it. I just thought, if there would be a confirmation, that's v10 for free for todays buyers, I could as well buy it today...
Dec 7 2018 at 11:19pm Copy Link
Nico Westerdale Great News! Microsys has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy!
BitsDuJour Admin - Dec 8 2018 at 12:11am Copy Link
Thomas Schulz 1)
Worth noting that the crawler engine and other parts are essentially developed non-stop - but most updates will always be incremental in nature because that is how I drive the release cycle. Also, generally (not specificly for the download tool) what I sometimes see other vendors call major features, I call minor feature enhancements - it is all how you word it really :)

To my memory, you are the first to suggest that one should be able to do post-production work where A1WD should remove links in saved content? to pages you delete post-production in A1WD. I will give it some thought, but it is not in 9.x at present state.

If you encounter any problems (or feature requests besides the one you have mentioned here) in version 8.x do please feel free to email.
Microsys - Dec 8 2018 at 2:55am Copy Link
Praveen Can I install on 2 of my computers (1 Mac & 1 PC) with 1 license? Thanks!
Dec 8 2018 at 10:20am Copy Link
Thomas Schulz @Praveen

Yes - no problem :)
Microsys - Dec 8 2018 at 11:22am Copy Link
bvssunnydale Hi, just wondering about file management. Does this allow saving of website "A" into it's own separate file (instead of requiring one massive file for all sites). For example, I have a relatively small SSD (500GB) in my Win10 machine that tends to fill up and I have to routinely move files to the connected external drive. Files I'm actively using I try to keep on the local SSD. Can A1 download site "A" and then can I move the file(s) to the external drive that I can still access using A1? Thanks very much.
Dec 8 2018 at 3:28pm Copy Link
Thomas Schulz Hi,

A1 Website Downloads attempts to copy the entire website as close to 1:1 as possible with regards to files and URL structure.

If you before you start website download pick a unique download directory - you can move that entire directory around wherever you want and view in internet browsers.

Relevant help pages:
- https://www.microsystools...-tutorial/
- https://www.microsystools...ert-links/

(If you want to view the downloaded website in specificly A1 Website Download for further inspection such as broken URLs - after you move the folder - you have to keep/copy the actual project files as well - and may have to update settings for where files are located)
Microsys - Dec 8 2018 at 3:41pm Copy Link

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