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AllMyNotes Organizer (Commercial Usage, Support for Life and 12 Months Upgrades) at a 71% discount

*** Great News! Vladonai Software has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy! ***

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How many times have you tried using a personal information manager, thinking that it would make your life easier, and instead wound up wasting countless hours struggling through the help file? Why is it so hard to make a flexible, secure, powerful notes organizer that is actually easy-to-use?

AllMyNotes Organizer is the easiest way to keep all of your notes organized in an electronic format that's fully searchable! Free of bloat and sporting an attractive interface, AllMyNotes Organizer lets you focus on writing and organizing your notes, ensuring that you'll use it more and more each day.

Imagine typing a URL and having it automatically transform into a hyperlink, or jotting down an email address that then becomes a live link as soon as you enter it! Backup is automatic when you exit AllMyNotes Organizer, or more frequently, if that's your preference. With its powerful Global Search feature, you'll be able to perform advanced boolean searches across every single note in your database, ensuring you'll be able to retrieve anything you need, anytime you need it. Plus, all of your notes can be exported to RTF, HTML, and plain text format!

AllMyNotes Organizer allows you to easily create fully sortable, editable, and merge-able tables within your notes. It allows you to attach files to your notes, and if they are images, to view a preview. You can insert Icons and clickable checkboxes... heck, you can even ctrl+click on a telephone number to launch it via Skype, TAPI, or NetMeeting!

Have you ever had your confidential information compromised? With AllMyNotes Organizer, all of your data is securely encrypted at all times using an 1800-bit cipher, and you can even have the added security of password protection.

You'll appreciate the high level of flexibility in AllMyNotes Organizer's customization options! You can change the look and feel of AllMyNotes Organizer using skins, and there's even support for a multitude of languages.

Please note: AllMyNotes Organizer can be installed and launched directly from a USB device. Fully portable!

Today's promotion includes the following:
AllMyNotes Organizer - Paid upgrades and must be installed during promotion day ($0)
AllMyNotes Organizer (Commercial Usage, Support for Life and 12 Months Upgrades) ($9.97)
Review Written by Derek Lee
The Conversation
The Fine Print
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Danny I have a Application: AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe Expiration: 02/11/2012, Version: 2, all minor updates-free, until license expiration date. What can this BDJ offer do for me?
Monday at 1:11am Copy Link
Chris update it to latest version since your updates ran out in 2012
Monday at 1:45am Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy 2 Danny: Usually we do not sell time-limited Deluxe licenses, perhaps you had some sort of promo or trial version, in this case you'd better benefit from this upgrade. Nut once again, if you've paid us for it, likely there is some sort of confusion and your license is still OK, since purchased licenses have no expiration date.

As for this particular upgrade, just download and install, all you data will be safely preserved.
Vladonai Software - Monday at 2:26am Copy Link
Danny @Volodymyr Frytskyy,

Thanks for your reply.

I have indeed purchased the license, but currently no longer in use because of transition from old to new pc. The licensing policy is a bit muddled to me, therefore, I posed this question. Again, thanks for your reply!

Kind regards.
Monday at 3:05am Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy 2 Danny:

You can restore your purchased license at any time using this 24/7 page -
Als you can contact support directly for further details on your purchase.
Vladonai Software - Monday at 3:10am Copy Link
Danny @Volodymyr Frytskyy,

Very thanks for your tip, I helped a lot!

Kind regards.
Monday at 3:18am Copy Link
Petr Vavrik Any sync options? .. for ex. with Google Notes / Keep?
Monday at 4:10am Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy 2Petr Varvik: We do not support sync with Google Notes, but you can synchronize data between multiple computers, also, in version 3 (beta) you can even work on same data simultaneously.

Please read guidelines for data sharing/synchonization here -
Vladonai Software - Monday at 4:29am Copy Link
guru nyk the fine print says:

"Online license activation is required with a hardware footprint, and unlimited installations per footprint"

is there no way for offline activation,one of my friends wants to install this software on his PC but he does not have internet connection.he downloaded allmynotes from my PC ,but how can he activate it on his PC?is there an offline activation method available?
Monday at 6:33am Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy 2 guru nyk: The offline activation method is available on "upon request" basis, you'll need to contact the support after purchase to do that, and we'll help. Such measures are needed to avoid piracy.
Vladonai Software - Monday at 9:02am Copy Link
Al Aymer I received another email from BDJ which listed this program as $0.00 not $9.97.
What is the correct pricing?
Monday at 1:14pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Al Aymer - The giveaway version has a $0.00 price however the up-sell version has a $9.97 price. The giveaway version has paid upgrades, must be installed during promotion day and has personal usage. The paid version has commercial usage, support for life and 12 months upgrades.
BitsDuJour Admin - Monday at 1:24pm Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy 2Al Aymer: Though we reserve our right to introduce paid upgrades, so far we haven't introduced any paid upgrades, all upgrades where free for purchased users, even these who purchased for $9.97 :)
Vladonai Software - Monday at 1:50pm Copy Link
Al Aymer Thanks for the quick reply.
Monday at 2:15pm Copy Link
Mark Johnson I've looked at AllMyNotes in the past, and installed it today to take a look.
A few comments:

First of all the pros:

It is very nice looking; the skins provided really make the application very pleasant looking. I also took a look at the skins folders and instructions on creating a new skin, it looks easy enough to customize the look.

The ability to add some style information (colors, bolding) to tree items is very useful. However this is missing an easy way to set without digging through a context menu.

The ability to set a priority to tree items is very useful. However this is missing an easy way to set without digging through a context menu. Also 3 priorities are not enough. Since 'normal' priority is the default and has no indicator, it really does not count as a priority at all -- this doesn't make sense.

I like the ability to include checkboxes in the tree as a way to mark tasks complete.

The ability to set a password on a folder and its contents is very nice.

It is easier to add icons to the tree than with most competing products. However, icons also appear in a con below.

The backup system seems well thought out, so even in the case of database corruption it should be simple enough to go back to a recent backup.

Now the cons (correct me if any of these are wrong, but each of the following seem to be done much better in competing products):

While it is great to be able to add icons to a treeview item, it is easy for an item to become very cluttered and confusing. You can have a single tree item with 1 - 6 different icons on it. One of them indicates note or folder, one is password protection, one is alarm, one is priority, one is a checkbox, one is the assigned icon. Whew!!! And all icons are the same size, and all in a row. The ability to modify a tree entry is great, but here it is carried to a confusing extreme! Since there aren't dedicated columns for these icons, until you memorize what every single icon means you don't know what you're looking at.

There are two ways to set an alarm/reminder and two places they can appear. You can set one in the body of a note or inside a treeview item. Unfortunately the treeview alarm seems to be the most useful but it is the most awkward to create. Alarms created in the treeview are visible any time the tree item is visible, but the other type of alarm is buried inside the body of a note. There seems to be no way to search for notes that have reminders set, get a list of reminders, or even to easily see where the little reminder icon is buried inside a lengthy note.

There is no setting for what happens when an alarm/reminder triggers. There is a low beeping sound for a few seconds, but no visible option to choose what sound file to use or even whether or not I want a sound. I see that the AllMyNotes.ini has the following setting in it:
SoundPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Sounds\Default\
That setting does not make sense and points to a folder that does not exist. I did not experiment with changing that ini setting.

While the tree looks very nice, there is no way to tell by looking at the tree whether a folder has any children or not. I looked at each of the skins, and they all have this problem. The indicator for a folder only has two states, expanded and contracted. When the state is 'contracted', there is no indication at all of whether the folder contains any children.

I don't understand why there is differentiation between a 'folder' and a 'note'. You can't store any information in a folder; it seems to only exist as a parent to notes. In competing products you can create a child or a sibling of anything, so every item in the tree has as much or as little information as you want. Since AllMyNotes only allows notes to have siblings and no children, while folders only exist to be the parents of child notes or folders, there is a lot of waste of tree space and extra effort needed.

Example: I create a note named "Tablet quest" that has in it a description of desired items in a new android tablet. I then decide that I want to create children of that note with information about specific tablets, pictures, etc. In competing products I just create child notes of the original "Tablet quest" note, and go from there. In AllMyNotes I would have to create a folder that is a sibling of "Tablet quest", then move the "Tablet quest" note into that new folder, then create new notes inside that folder for each specific tablet.
What have I lost there besides time? The ability to easily drill down information.
Note named "Tablet quest" has in it generalized info. Child notes are about specific tablets.
A folder named "Tablet quest" has in it one child note "generalized info" and one child folder "specific tablets". Child folder "specific tablets" then has in it the child notes themselves.
That's a lot more work in AMN, and also more to drill down through to get at information. The folders themselves serve no practical purpose.

There doesn't seem to be any way in AMN to create new folders or notes via the keyboard. You have to click on a toolbar icon. By contrast, using Rightnote as an example, I can simply put focus on an existing item in the tree and push 'Enter' to create a sibling or 'Shift-Enter' to create a child. Using the above as an example, I could focus on the tree where I want to create my quest for a tablet, push 'Enter', type in 'Tablet Quest', push 'Shift-Enter', type in the name of a tablet, push enter twice, type in the name of another tablet, and with just that much typing I have a parent item and two child items in just a couple of seconds.

Icons - There appear to be about 60 icons to choose from, but no way to add more icons other than creating an entirely new skin for the app. The available icons are designed really more for play and wouldn't be useful in hardcore business or personal productivity use of the application. For example, in a priority list of items it is helpful to have something like a color-coded series of flags (red, green, yellow, etc.) to indicate status instead of a ghost and a happy face.

Exporting - I exported to HTML and RTF and found both to be basically useless. What gets exported looks nothing like the database it came from and is not organized in the same treeview fashion. I don't see a way I could export a tree of information and have it useful for viewing, sharing with colleagues, etc.

Web ??? - I don't see the ability to do any type of web clipping or copy/paste from a browser at all without losing all formatting. The ability to put a url in a note or copy text seems to be the only thing you can do. Most competitors can do some pretty decent web capture.

Using the rich text editor -- there seems to be a lot of basic functionality missing. For example I don't see a way to define a style and then use that style in a note. Another example is there seems to be no way to style bullets and numbering, and no way to have sublevels of bullets or numbers.

The ability to have multiple trees open at the same time, and search through those multiple trees is missing. Some competitors allow this by having multiple databases open under individual tabs. Some allow multiple trees inside a single database (a tab for each one). Some allow hoisting folders to a new tab, then locking that tab (giving individual tabs for miniature versions of the full treeview).


Overall it seems like a good product for basic note taking and information organization in a home environment. The easy ability to password protect small bits of information or entire databases make it a good choice for some home users.

AMN lacks some important features for intensive business use. Without the ability to hoist to a new tab or create multiple trees within a single database a user would need to create multiple databases as the amount of data increases. Without the ability to do a multi-database search the software becomes less useful as the amount of data increases. Some competitors (Ultra Recall for example) can easily handle multiple GB of data in a single database. It could be that AMN could handle large databases also, but with only a single tree it would be difficult to keep that data organized.

Thanks, and I'll definitely look at AMN again in the future.
Monday at 3:32pm Copy Link
Pat Weber I have Version 2.80 (build 571) Deluxe Edition. Does this version upgrade me at all?
Monday at 4:16pm Copy Link
Gregory Wrighton As a deluxe edition user this tool has been very valuable to me.

Like any software different users have different needs, many of the negatives that Mark has identified I don;t have any difficulty with, so it is more a personal list than a real review of the software itself.
Monday at 4:48pm Copy Link
Chris @ Pat ~ This is version 2.81 build 575, so yes it will be a newer version built on Thursday, July 31, 2014
Monday at 5:04pm Copy Link
Mark Johnson @Gregory Wrighton - actually I was comparing the features of AMN to features of software it competes with. Specifically the tools I use most often that AMN competes directly with are Ultra Recall, RightNote, InfoQube, OneNote, and myBase, so I was comparing it to features of those titles. Having ADD I find software like this to be the only way I can keep my work organized, so I've been using them very extensively and daily for many years. I also use Evernote and Wunderlist daily, but they are not in the same outliner category as the above titles so I didn't compare features of AMN to those.

Basically any review of software can be described as a 'personal list' of likes and dislikes. I like AMN and see a lot of improvements that have been made in it over the past couple of years. Hopefully that trend will continue, as many titles that AMN competes with have not seen considerable updates in a long time. If the needs of the user for this type of software are fairly casual then AMN is a great choice, especially with the deal that is here today.
Monday at 5:20pm Copy Link
Pat Weber Ah, but I should get that version free already as I'm a registered Deluxe user. I will download the latest build. Thank you, Chris.
Monday at 6:39pm Copy Link
K. Christoph Nice to see you !
I tried to order the paid version.
There was no chance to order ... !?
I hope the deal will go on !
Thanks from Hannover, Germany !
Yesterday at 12:51am Copy Link
Paul Watkins I don't think I'd like to entrust all my data to an Application that I can only activate on the day,consequently I can't see any benefit in the "Free Version" at all. Basically if I change Hardware or the Activation gets lost, there is no way to easily get the Product up and running again so as to be able to access my Notes / Data. No thanks.
Yesterday at 7:07am Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy 2 Paul Watkins: I can share little secret with you - the 100% free license is linked to disk serial only, therefore it can survive OS reinstallation, as well as RAM/CPU/whatever else upgrade. You just have to keep the installer the .key file deployed on your PC at giveaway date.

And even more - even HDD serial link is not a problem, there is lots of utilities on the Internet that allow copying serial number from old to new HDD. Oh course, that requires some technical skills from your end, but still, there is no risk in this case.
And, if you simply don't want to bother for transferring license simply buy $9.97 license offered today, and you'll be free to re-install at any time at any PC that belong to you.
Vladonai Software - Yesterday at 7:24am Copy Link
Paul Watkins Wow, thanks - great response and you have got a lot of points from me. I will consider the paid version and definitely watch your products from now on. Thanks again!
Yesterday at 8:20am Copy Link
William Yaeger Checked my e-mail and spam box and have yet to receive anything from you. Have asked for a re-send three times (starting around 10:00 AM Eastern time)with no luck. Re-checked the e-mail address I submitted and it looks correct. ? ?
Yesterday at 10:03am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @William Yaeger - I've just resent you the receipt email.
BitsDuJour Admin - Yesterday at 10:32am Copy Link
Patricia Lange I'm a long-time satisfied user of AllMyNotes Deluxe. I have the Beta, v3.10 build 781 (from April 2014) installed. @Chris says the newest version is 3.10 build 585 (from July 2014). I'm confused - what is the newest Beta? The numbering would indicate my install is the latest and your "check for updates" tool doesn't find a newer one. This version is also the one on your download page.

Where is the one from July (if it exists)?
Yesterday at 10:57am Copy Link
William Yaeger Received the receipt, Thank You
Yesterday at 11:37am Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy 2 Patricia Lange: Anyway, here is the link to the most recent beta version available to our forum users - http://downloads.vladonai...a_b785.exe

We'll release it out of beta soon, so this confusion with official/unofficial betas versioning will end.
Vladonai Software - Yesterday at 11:57am Copy Link
Stasys User Thanks for your reply.
Yesterday at 12:49pm Copy Link
guru nyk can AllMyNotes capture entire webpages like Evernote?Evernote has an addon called Evernote webclipper to do that.does AllMyNotes have such a functionality?
Yesterday at 3:43pm Copy Link
ZAW HAN When I buy AllMyNotes Organizer for 9.97$, will I get both USB and setup version? Or will I have to choose just one?
12 hours ago Copy Link
Bertie Brummel @ ZAW HAN: Look at the Deluxe section in the comparison chart on the website:

"Portable version available. Place it along with your data on your USB flash drive, iPod, portable HDD, and use it on any computer"
9 hours ago Copy Link
daniel paner But no mobile accessibility - can't even use dropbox to edit documents in the native database file. This one omission holds me back.
9 hours ago Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy 2 ZAW HAN: One license is enough for desktop and Portable version. Our licenses are user-based, which means that you can use single license key on all PCs and USB devices that belong personally to you. For example, on home PC, Work PC, Laptop, and USB media.
Vladonai Software - 9 hours ago Copy Link
CJCotter There's no line spacing.
9 hours ago Copy Link
Frank Christensen I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the difference between this and something like ClipMate. How do you get info INTO AMN? Once it's there you can drag/drop into other folders? Thanks for clarifying!

Update: Oh, after installing the free version I see it's something you cut/paste INTO, it itself does not capture the clips. That'd be a HUGE bonus for me if it'd do that.
8 hours ago Copy Link
Joe McCormick I have an old Palm TX. Does your program have an import feature so I can import my address from the Palm to AllMyNotes?
5 hours ago Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy 2 Joe McCormick: In order to import your addresses from Palm to AllMyNotes do following:
1. Synchronize your Palm device to Palm Desktop
2. In Palm Desktop export your addresses to .csv Comma-Delimited file
3. Import that .csv file in to AllMyNotes, these contacts will be inserted as a Table within single note.
Vladonai Software - 5 hours ago Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy 2 CJCotter: Yes, we've refused from some "advanced" features such as rulers, page breaks, vector paintings, and some other things that are present in publishing systems. In our opinion it would needlessly over-complicate the app, which is meant for managing personal notes.
Vladonai Software - 5 hours ago Copy Link
Joe Fuller Slight confusion.... what's the difference between the paid-for version offered here for $9.99 (discount price) and the Deluxe version offered for $16.98 (50% discount price) that's offered after you install the free version?
About an hour ago Copy Link

AllMyNotes Organizer

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