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Cacheman 7.80 (2 Computer License)Discount

Cacheman 7.80 (2 Computer License)

The Best (And First) Memory Optimizer!

for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32 and 64 bit)
Cacheman 7.80 (2 Computer License) ScreenshotSystem Tweaker Software ScreenshotCacheman 7.80 (2 Computer License), System Tweaker Software ScreenshotCacheman 7.80 (2 Computer License), Software Utilities ScreenshotSystem Tweaker Software, Cacheman 7.80 (2 Computer License) ScreenshotSoftware Utilities, Cacheman 7.80 (2 Computer License) ScreenshotSoftware Utilities, System Tweaker Software ScreenshotCacheman 7.80 (2 Computer License), Software Utilities, System Tweaker Software Screenshot

Check this out folks -- Cacheman was literally THE FIRST Windows performance optimization software. Ever! Millions of Windows power-users have been utilizing it since 1997 to keep their PCs running as smooth as silk. How's that for pedigree!

We've all been there. The more applications you install and run, the slower and buggier your computer gets over time. Mildly annoying at first, this gradual degeneration can become a serious time suck and eventually even require the purchase of a new computer. Not a fun situation!

Many of these performance issues are the result of inefficient, confused memory and process management by Windows. And this is where Cacheman steps in. Cacheman is specifically designed to enhance computer speed and stability by optimizing caches, managing memory, and fine-tuning system settings.

And by golly, it works! Just a few minutes with Cacheman and you'll experience noticeable performance increases across the board!

For power-users and experienced tweakers, Cacheman offers an unprecedented level of control over memory and system functions. Got a memory leak? Use Cacheman to minimize the damage by specifying a maximum usage for the leaking application. Want to allocate more CPU juice to some applications and less to others? Use Cacheman to set permanent process priorities so that your important applications will always have enough resources for optimum performance!

And for those wishing to continually monitor their system processes, Cacheman offers up to five fully-customizable system tray icons that provide relevant information at a glance. Besides being able to specify which information is displayed, you can change the type (graph, block, number) and even the colors!

Cacheman can now dynamically regulate the priority of background processes (Anti-Virus programs, system services, Windows-Update installations) if they take too much CPU processing power. This means that the front-running application, whatever it might be, will get a significant boost. Cacheman will also ensure that applications leaking computer memory will not take away resources from the front-running application. Dynamic priority is already pre-configured and works from the start!

Cacheman is clearly ideal for the power-user, but the developers haven't forgotten about those of us who aren't quite as technically-inclined. Cacheman offers novices a fantastically-simple One-Click Auto-Optimize tool that examines your system and automatically applies the best settings and system tweaks in order to improve performance and stability. You can even optimize your computer for specific tasks by selecting individual Auto-Optimization profiles like Gaming Computer or Notebook | Netbook.

And for your peace of mind, Cacheman features an advanced backup feature that allows you to revert any of your tweaks with a single click!

Why waste another second on system lag? Give Cacheman a try today and experience that new-computer feeling all over again!

Version Alert! Check out what's new in Cacheman 7.80:

  • Greatly improved Gaming PC profile: Cacheman now optimizes Steam games, and includes NVidia SLI and AMD CrossFire support.
  • Cacheman now includes a new Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) optimization profile.
  • Improved basic profile.
  • Now supports Intel Haswell processors (Core i7 4770K, Core i5 4670K, etc).
  • Processes can now be hidden from the information tab.
Review Written by Derek Lee
The Conversation
The Fine Print
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Rudi Steberl Hello,

normally, I can read under "The Fine Print" if this program uses a challange / respond activation system (Internet activation necessary).

Is this necessary or is a simple register code enough ?
(important for my offline PC) ?

thank you for the answer, with kind regards, Rudi
Apr 26 at 4:28am Copy Link
Thomas Reimann You can enter the serial code while offline.
Outertech - Apr 26 at 4:32am Copy Link
Yves Ros The price shown on the "Buy now" page of your website is $28.95 and not $39.00. Thus, you offer a close to 48% and not a 62% discount, right ?
Apr 26 at 4:36am Copy Link
Thomas Reimann $28.95 is the price for a single-computer license. This offer here is for a two-computers license for $14.99.
Outertech - Apr 26 at 4:37am Copy Link
Yves Ros Thanks for underlining this point, Thomas.
Apr 26 at 4:45am Copy Link
Thomas Reimann .
Outertech - Apr 26 at 4:50am Copy Link
Trucker "Cacheman was THE FIRST Windows performance optimization software." ---

That isn´t true !!! "TuneUp 97" was there too !!!
Apr 26 at 4:54am Copy Link
Thomas Reimann Cacheman was released a year before TuneUp.
Outertech - Apr 26 at 4:57am Copy Link
Trucker "Millions of Windows power-users have been utilizing it since 1997 to keep their PCs running as smooth as silk."

Well, it is your own words and they say 1997... besides there was other software makers at that time who gave their talent away for free !
Apr 26 at 5:47am Copy Link
Alexandre Emeriau Is there a problem using both TuneUp and Cacheman ? I'm not satisfied with Process Lasso Did you experience a better job with Cacheman for balancing cpu resources taken by apps ? I have very often thebat, xyplorer and actual windows manager which take much cpu resources for quite some time, i believe a mail program, a file manager or a windows management should not take high cpu resources especially when you're not using them (they're jus running in the background). If cacheman could calm them down, the goal is met.
Apr 26 at 5:55am Copy Link
Thomas Reimann Michael: "Well, it is your own words and they say 1997... besides there was other software makers at that time who gave their talent away for free !". It's not our words (BDJ wrote it), but by 1997 Cacheman was already in version 3.0, and has millions of downloads. At the time of release in late 1995 there was no other Windows tweaking software.
Outertech - Apr 26 at 9:00am Copy Link
Thomas Reimann Alexandre: "Did you experience a better job with Cacheman for balancing cpu resources taken by apps ?" This is for our users to say. Cacheman has a very sofisticated algorithm that makes the decisions when to tone town a process.
Outertech - Apr 26 at 9:02am Copy Link
Thomas Reimann Alexandre: You can change the program language on the options tab (automatic by default). To show hidden processes right click any process and use Process List - Show hidden process list. To not lose focus use Process List - follow focus.
Outertech - Apr 26 at 9:06am Copy Link
Alexandre Emeriau Actually, it seems to work well but a feedback experience is difficult to give just on day one of use.

How to change the language to english, it's by default in my first language.
How to display a process which has been cached/hidden ?
Is there a problem using both TuneUp and Cacheman ?
Apr 26 at 9:09am Copy Link
Thomas Reimann "Sticky Affinity" is planned for 7.90.
Outertech - Apr 26 at 11:09am Copy Link
Alexandre Emeriau On the information tab, seeing for each process memory load and cpu utilisation by graph would be helpful
Apr 26 at 11:11am Copy Link
ciprian When trying to buy, there is an option to buy StartEd Pro as well. It seems like a very useful program to me, however, I am interested in a lifetime license for both programs. Any chance to add this to the buy page?
brI also installed StartEd in trial but the program crashes as soon as it loads
br up. ;( I have win 7x64.
Apr 26 at 11:27am Copy Link
Alexandre Emeriau Cacheman has many utilities and windows tweaks.
Could it add 2 tweaks :
- remap the networks drives that were disconnect after a reboot
- cron a chkdsk on the sys drive after a reboot
Apr 26 at 12:11pm Copy Link
Thomas Reimann @ciprian This is a Cacheman thread. Please contact for any StartEd related support. If you have purchased Cacheman, Linkman, and StartEd, but have only 2 lifetime licenses of the 3 programs, you get the 3rd for free (only within the week of the BDJ deal). You can also purchase a license extention to lifetime within 30 days of purchase for any Outertech software (please contact
Outertech - Apr 26 at 12:22pm Copy Link
Thomas Reimann @Alex please provide any tweak suggestions to (since it ends usually in a discussion).
Outertech - Apr 26 at 12:22pm Copy Link
Alexandre Emeriau Done about tweaks and suggetions .

One example where it seems to not work : unlocker which delete a folder with a lot of files. It takes 99/100% of all cpu while it is not the app that has focus on screen.
Apr 26 at 1:00pm Copy Link
ciprian Thank you, Thomas,
Got my license for Cacheman with lifetime updates today.
I purchased Linkman Pro with lifetime updates at previous sales through BDJ deal. I also purchased today StartEd , even for the moment is not working on my computer because I am one extremely happy customer.
Apr 26 at 1:16pm Copy Link
Jim B Highly recommended! I use this on my work computer and home. Works extremely smooth with Process Lasso on my Win7x64 setup. A little known benefit of this tool is the "tame UAC" which eliminates having to type my password again every time I try to do anything that requires admin rights. I see my co-workers struggling to get things done and imagine how many hours I have saved with this alone! They also seem to have performance lags on the same machine that I am using, so I have a good comparison. This seems to help with performance issues related to the (mandated) PGP whole disk encryption I am forced to use at work.
Apr 26 at 1:20pm Copy Link
Alexandre Emeriau Cacheman and Process Lasso at the same time seems an overkill to me, don't they try to calm down each other to do the same task at the same time ? :)
Apr 26 at 1:26pm Copy Link
Donald Hellen It seems to slow my PC down so I uninstalled it. The same thing happened with Ashampoo Core Tuner.
Apr 26 at 1:38pm Copy Link
Alexandre Emeriau Yep that was my experience :
- about process lasso where i noticed an extremely tiny improvement with the pro edition and a slow down with the free edition
- with cacheman years ago i uninstalled too and i trying now to see the improvements.

There is a basic useful test on a laptop to do where the laptop make a lot of noise to fan out the heat. On mine, noise never stop under load while Lasspro pro manage in some situations to cool it down so not completly bad :) i have to do the same test with cacheman.
Apr 26 at 1:47pm Copy Link
Jim B There is some overlap between Cacheman and Process Lasso, but I found a post from someone else who had found both to work well together. I already had Process Lasso when I bought Cacheman, and decided to use both. PL is primarily for task management, and Cacheman optimizes memory. I disable the task priority portion of Cacheman when I run both together.
Apr 26 at 1:48pm Copy Link
Alexandre Emeriau @Jim : i'm currently wondering if cacheman is better than PL at task. I have the impression it's a little better but i'll figure it out during the week.
Apr 26 at 1:52pm Copy Link
Trucker @Thomas Reimann --- v3.00 in 1995 ? and only version 7.8 in 2014 ? Well, my point is that: if you didn´t write it why then buy it ?

I know that there was other tweaking software in 1995... but don´t make me waste time on finding those old floppy disks just to prove it.
Just a clue... Norton made software to DOS as well and had at that time the most powerful tweaking software that money can buy ! Norton did also make tweaking tools for Windows before anybody else got the idea...
Well yeah, you really had to be a nerd to use the tool back then, but who complained ?
Just for the record: Norton made their first software in 1982 for DOS and DiskOpt was their first tweaking software. When Windows came DOS was still a part of the OS and therefore Norton continued to make tweaking software to Windows too... before most other today known software makers.
Apr 27 at 2:59am Copy Link
Thomas Reimann @Trucker I wrote that Cacheman V3 was in 1997, not 1995. Keep in mind that every major Cacheman revision (2 - 3 - 4) was often a partial rewrite because of new operating systems. We had many subversions over the years. There was no other performance optimization / tweaking software in 1995,96 for Windows 95. Not from Norton, or anyone else.
Outertech - Apr 27 at 3:10am Copy Link
Trucker @Thomas Reimann --- v3.0 in 1997 ? My mistake of not reading your words twice...

Yeah, I know there have been many subversions from all software makers over the years.

Windows 95 was released on August 1995 and Norton Utilities v1.0 was released 1996-01-15, but before that Norton had other Utility programs for Windows 3.x and DOS as I said before.

To keep focus on todays software, Cacheman (and others)...
A tweaking software have the "know-how" (Knowledge), for a very limited area, about what to touch and what not to touch in mainly the registry-file... some even warn the user to make a backup of the registry-file, coz they can´t tell for sure if it will harm that certain OS or not !
Todays software is very limited to specific areas of the OS and it does only make the OS as fast as it can be which isn't must, no matter how many tweaking programs you buy.
I have always made the tweaks manual as you never know what happens in Windows... so that is safe enough as any other option is !
As long as you don't replace a file (as they did in the old days) then can´t you get more speed out of Windows than I can, done me way.
Apr 27 at 4:43am Copy Link
Thomas Reimann @Trucker Norton Utilities for Win 95 was not a tweaking software. There was a "TuneUp" included, but it was a DOS program that suggested what temp files could be deleted from DOS to make more room for a Windows 95 installation.
Outertech - Apr 27 at 7:53am Copy Link
Thomas O'Duffy Quarter Deck Extra Memory Manager existed *LONG* before 1997 !
Apr 27 at 8:26am Copy Link
Thomas Reimann @Thomas Quarter Deck Extra Memory Manager was a DOS memory driver, making more than 640KB RAM available to DOS programs. It was not a Windows memory manager or tweaking tool.
Outertech - Apr 27 at 8:31am Copy Link
ciprian Here is me ,just talking maybe. We are losing the point here.
We have a software aka Cacheman, that is continuously developed for a long time with up to date improvements and hands down customer care.
We use this software because it provides what we are looking for, aka faster computer management.
We love it because it delivers what it is supposed to do and proves to be a great deal for the money spent.
I don't care what year it first came to light and who was the first to think that a round wheel it will be a great deal.
I don't care who first has the idea, as long as the idea is not an answer to my needs.
I care just about first hand troubleshooting and first hand responsiveness to windows annoyances.
I've got what I am looking for- Cacheman.
Thank you
Apr 27 at 8:42am Copy Link
Chris Dino Does this work on windows 8.1 post april update? Latest version seems to be old.
Apr 27 at 10:48am Copy Link
Alexandre Emeriau @Jim : So after testing on a latop with 4GO RAM only under seven 64bits with quite some software loaded, it confirms on my side cacheman do an overall better job than ProcessLasso alone. This is still to verify in the long run and i don't know for Cacheman + PL.
Apr 27 at 11:53am Copy Link
Thomas Reimann @Chris Yes, the Windows 8.1 April update consists of cosmetic UI changes. Nothing substantial has changed in the core, so no Cacheman update is necessary (besides the Windows 8.1 update which was done in 7.80).
Outertech - Apr 27 at 12:51pm Copy Link
Chris Dino Is there an offer for single pc license?
Apr 27 at 2:05pm Copy Link
Thomas Reimann @Chris No, this offer is only for a two computers license for $14.99 total. A single computer license (which costs $28.95 on the outertech website) is not available here.
Outertech - Apr 27 at 2:08pm Copy Link
Chris Dino Thats sad. I require only one license. That would be a waste for single pc users like me. Maybe later if u bring such an offer.
Apr 27 at 2:14pm Copy Link
Jim B @Alexandre, Thanks for providing the results of your testing. I may have to try letting Cacheman run things alone for a while and see if there is any noticeable difference in performance.
Apr 27 at 4:06pm Copy Link
Germain Lavoie What happens if you have multi boot system? Considered one Pc or ?
Will it makes a difference with a system having 12 gig memory or make it more efficient?
Almost bought yesterday but saw it again today and need to know.
Thanks and will wait for feedback before expiration.
Apr 27 at 5:30pm Copy Link
Alexandre Emeriau @Jim : and i'm interested by your result. I'm using app such as thebat, xyplorer which are among the ones that takes some cpu resources without evident reasons (ie they run in the background, i'm not using them); with cacheman, they don't seem to be a problem while they were with PL.

@Thomas :
Another example of app taking some cpu resources without evident reasons : Snagit; maybe cacheman could target specific apps through "profiles" for applying the good behaviour on them; something ccleaner and tuneup do for cleaning purpose (ie ccleaner and tuneup updates drive to support more apps).
Apr 27 at 9:12pm Copy Link

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