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HelpNDoc Professional EditionDiscount

HelpNDoc Professional Edition

WYSIWYG Help Authoring Software

v5.2 for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows XP, Vista (32 and 64 bit), 7 (32 and 64 bit), 8 (32 and 64 bit)
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Please note folks: HelpNDoc includes free updates for a full version cycle (for example, 5.2 to 6.2), and includes a safety period of one year.

Sometimes you just want to get down to the nitty-gritty task of writing help documentation without the hassle of dealing with expensive, complicated help authoring software packages with steep learning curves.

If this is you, then you need to get yourself a copy of HelpNDoc. It's easy to use, intuitive, and it generates compiled HTML files, Word documents, PDF documentation, web content, iPhone websites as well as ePub and Kindle eBooks and Qt Help files from a single source!

HelpNDoc looks and feels like your typical word processing application -- you use the WYSIWYG interface to type up your documentation, apply formatting, change fonts -- everything that you're used to doing in Microsoft Word. The magic happens when you hit the 'Generate Help' button. HelpNDoc does all of the hard work for you, producing a fully functional compiled HTML help file, Word and PDF documentation or iPhone websites -- ready to use, right off the rack. And what's more, HelpNDoc requires absolutely no complex technical understanding of HTML coding!

Even if you are HTML proficient, HelpNDoc has you covered. In addition to producing self-contained compiled HTML help (CHM) files, you can also export individual help topics as HTML files for use in your website. HelpNDoc also includes a powerful template system where every single aspect of the documentation output can be customized: the possibilities are endless!

Please Note: A HelpNDoc license includes at least one year of free updates and continues as long as a full version cycle hasn't been reached.

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Stephen Kreyling Can this be used on a desktop and laptop with a single license?
Jul 11 at 4:24am Copy Link
Visitor-2014 Hello,
having tested already various similar programs I discovered now this one. And after some first tests I can say that to my mind HelpNDoc seems to be not only a very good software but one of the best in this category. :-)

Nevertheless I detected some issues which are of importance at least for my needs (that is not so much creating a classical help documentation but primarily a dictionary - with the entries/words as topics):

1) At least as far as I have seen, there seems to be not possibility for the automatic creation of an alphabetical order of the topics in the tree. (I am aware that I can do it manually but this may become cumbersome.)

(All the following concerns the generation of a HTML website):

2) On the created website the correct linespacing is lost (it becomes single even if in the editor of the program the entry was created with 1.5 lines).

3) I miss a feature that the search can be restricted to the titles of the topics (in other words: a search that refers only to the items in the tree and not to the contents itself). Especially for documentations like dictionaries this would be very useful in order to find precisely what you are looking for. (Alternatively a case sensitive search could help too – in case that in the titles of the topics are used only capital letters, as it happens with my dictionary.)

4) When clicking on "Search" the tree ("Contents") disappears and only the search field remains. It would be better if the search field would appear *above* the tree so that the user does not loose the view of the entries in the tree before starting a search.

5) A special problem concerning the search when the topic name consists of non-latin characters (greek characters in the specific case): Usually you type the word you are looking for and below appear the topics which contain this word. This does not happen when the topic name has (e.g.) greek characters: The topic is not listed (but when you open it manually you will find there highlighted the word you were looking for). That means: the search obviously works correctly but the display of the topic (topic name) in question fails. - I assume this is an issue which has to do with Unicode.

Thanks for reading my comment.

It would be fine if there were a forum on your website where such issues could be described and discussed more comfortably and in detail than here.
Jul 11 at 4:34am Copy Link
John Riche @Stephen Kreyling Absolutely: a product key can be activated on up to two computers you own.
IBE Software - Jul 11 at 5:01am Copy Link
John Riche @Visitor-2014 Thank you for your interest in HelpNDoc. We are glad that you like it.
Please feel free to contact us at any time with your questions at

1) This is not possible within HelpNDoc but it should be possible to develop a custom script using HelpNDoc's API methods to sort your topics as needed. See:

2) This can be customized by either creating your own HTML template or add custom CSS to the default template. See:

3) I believe that you are referring to the HTML documentation format ? If so, I've added your request to our tracker for further investigation and possible inclusion in a future update. Meanwhile, please know that thanks to HelpNDoc's powerful templating system, you can customize the search engine to use any one you'd like. See:

4) Please consider customizing the HTML template to fit your specific requirements

5) We are investigating this as we've had reports this can happen

Thank you for your detailed feedback.
IBE Software - Jul 11 at 5:44am Copy Link
bsr007 Hi John,
I am currently using the trial version of HelpNDoc and it appears to be a great program. I have a couple of questions:
(1) How do you change the default font and size in the main Writer Editor? It is currently set on Arial 10 by default. Is it possible to change this to another value permanently?
(2) If I insert a video into the document it does not appear in Word and pdf outputs. Is this indeed the case? What output formats are movies visible and playable?
Thanks for your help.
Jul 11 at 6:28am Copy Link
Visitor-2014 Thank you, John Riche, for your quick and detailed reply. It's interesting to hear that HelpNDoc can be customized in so many ways. (And yes, question 3 referred to the HTML documentation format.)

May I add an another question that is surely not specific for HelpNDoc but perhaps you have a solution when using your software: A large amount of data (think of some thousand topics) leads either to an equally large number of html files (when using the HTML documentation format - producing a HTML website) or for example to a very big PDF file (when generating a PDF documentation). The result is that opening the website (in the first case) or searching within the PDF file (in the second case) can become an extremely slow process. Do you see any possibility to retain a satisfactory speed when there are many topics? - Thank you.
Jul 11 at 6:53am Copy Link
John Riche @bsr007 Thank you for your interest in HelpNDoc.

(1) See:

(2) We recommend that you never include videos: they are often huge and might not be readable on another computer due to missing codecs. The best way is to create a link to a YouTube, Vimeo or any other online video hosting service.
If you must include a video, you can do this for CHM and HTML documentation formats.
IBE Software - Jul 11 at 6:54am Copy Link
John Riche @Visitor-2014 You're welcome. I'm glad that this helped.
For such cases the best solution is to split the documentation into multiple smaller projects. You can still create links between them.
IBE Software - Jul 11 at 6:56am Copy Link
Visitor-2014 Thanks again for your reply, John!
Jul 11 at 6:59am Copy Link
bsr007 Hi John, Many thanks for your help.
Jul 11 at 7:29am Copy Link
Matjaž Dolenec Great program with one big problem : you still can not use general library as i see ( you can not have one library of snippets that can be used / linked to all projects - i mean one general library beside per project basedlibrary) ?
Jul 11 at 4:37pm Copy Link
Monica User Are the files output, responsive for the web devices?
Jul 11 at 6:15pm Copy Link
Metta Zetty Will iFrames work in your HTML output?

With a quick test, it looked like I didn't have much control over the size of the iFrame window.
Jul 11 at 7:19pm Copy Link
John Riche @Matjaž Dolenec Please know that you can add external library items (include file at generation time) which will not be imported into your projects but linked to the files on your hard drive. Those items can be therefore shared between multiple projects. See:
IBE Software - Jul 11 at 10:37pm Copy Link
John Riche @Monica User Absolutely. Please see a detailed description of the responsive HTML help web sites generated by HelpNDoc:
IBE Software - Jul 11 at 10:38pm Copy Link
John Riche @Metta Zetty Do you mean adding the default HTML content within an iFrame ? We didn't test this but it should work. If you need to adjust the default HTML template for your specific requirements, please know that you can edit it to customize almost anything:
IBE Software - Jul 11 at 10:41pm Copy Link
Matjaž Dolenec "external library items" yes -* one by one , but you can not link ONE master library to ALL project - Correct ?
Jul 12 at 2:34am Copy Link
cos User After I tried numerous times to activate this software online and with license file I got the "software has expired”message. Lost almost 2 hours to get it strait with no success. I sent a few emails already with the info requested atached but no answer. I’m very disappointed. I installed hundreds of software but I never encountered this kind of cumbersome registration. I just lost my time.
Jul 12 at 2:36am Copy Link
John Riche @Matjaž Dolenec Indeed. We plan to investigate on how to simplify cross-projects library in future updates. I can't say when and how that will be done though.
Thank you for your patience.
IBE Software - Jul 12 at 2:38am Copy Link
Matjaž Dolenec If you implement 2-level library pricipe ( at same time every project is linked to two libraries: 1 is master for all project and 2 in tied to project ) then i will purchase asap. I am tech and manual writer so this function is crucial for me ( headders, footers, warnings, logos .... )
Jul 12 at 6:06am Copy Link
John Riche @cos User I'm sorry to read that. We didn't receive any e-mail from you. Where did you send them ? Please send details at "SUPPORT at IBE-SOFTWARE dot COM" and make sure you include order number and e-mail address.
IBE Software - Jul 12 at 6:07am Copy Link
John Riche @Matjaž Dolenec Thank you for your feedback. We will consider this for a future update.
IBE Software - Jul 12 at 6:09am Copy Link

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