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Listary ProDiscount

Listary Pro

Find Files and Folders as You Type

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Platforms: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP SP2
Listary Pro ScreenshotFolder Software ScreenshotListary Pro, Folder Software ScreenshotListary Pro, Software Utilities ScreenshotFolder Software, Listary Pro ScreenshotSoftware Utilities, Listary Pro ScreenshotSoftware Utilities, Folder Software ScreenshotListary Pro, Software Utilities, Folder Software Screenshot

We've all done it before - built a folder that's so deeply nested it takes forever to drill down to it. Who knew that you would end up needing to access it so often? Moving the folder is impractical, because so many of your programs depend on that folder location. The best way to instantly improve your productivity, then, is to grab a copy of Listary Pro, available at a discount with today's software promotion!

Listary Pro gives you instant access to folders and files, no matter how deeply nested they are in your hierarchy. With Listary Pro you'll experience instant gains in efficiency and productivity as a single keystroke puts you exactly where you need to be. Not just for favorites, you can also use Listary Pro to quickly access recent folders and files, with instant access to the last opened file. A handy Quick Switch feature lets a file dialog box switch to the folder that you're viewing.

Has a forest of thousands of files, folders, and other entries taken over your hard drive? Thanks to Listary Pro, you'll now be able to find any file or folder, anywhere, as you type. You don't even need to know the complete file name! Just start typing what you can remember, use the space bar for wildcard, and BOOM, Listary Pro gives you exactly what you're searching for.

Bonus features include projects, actions, fuzzy navigation, and so much more!

Hi folks, please notice the movies below showing a few of the product’s features:

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ron r MUST HAVE!
After using this you'll soon be wondering how you ever did without this one!
Feb 10 at 5:47am Copy Link
_*_ Pasted on this software many times here, and finally bought it. I use it all the time to locate files in an instant. Works as it should, and is very useful. Great deal for some great software.
Feb 10 at 8:05am Copy Link
Type Listary absolutely changed the way I interact with computers.
I've set up my own personal shortcuts & macros and always have immediate access to my files, folders and applications (even when I forget where I placed them!). I can even access search engines and query websites at any time. I really has increased my productivity.

The developer, is always super helpful regarding customer support and listens open mindedly to users ideas for feature requests. The Listary forum has a wealth of knowledge and tips too.

Fantastic software and worth every penny!
Feb 11 at 4:58am Copy Link
Roger Rines Listary Pro is a surprisingly useful tool. I work with thousands of market files most days. Finding them by opening and scrolling through folders would be a huge time sink. With Listary Pro, all I need is a few characters of the file's symbol prefix for it to appear in Listary's access area. Listary Pro makes finding and moving files so easy I wonder why it hasn't been installed by Windows.
Feb 11 at 7:48am Copy Link
Fletch My initial impression when I came across this on BDJ was uncertainty.

Almost 4 years later, I keep finding it more and more useful every day.

If you don't have time to try it - just buy it! You'll be glad you did later on.
Feb 11 at 8:40am Copy Link
Markus J Highly recommended. A true timesaver.
Feb 12 at 12:16am Copy Link
Bertie Brummel @ vendor: Back in 2011 I purchased this software and must have deinstalled it soon. This promotion reminded me to try it again in the upgraded version.

My guess is, there's an incompatibility with Total Commander ( TC, or something else on the PC): With a folder name selected in TC, tand F7 hit to change the name, I can delete letters in the folder name, but not add new letters.

Testwise I restarted TC , then even re-booted the computer, the problem persists.
After de-installing Listary Pro again TC works as it should.

Looks like Listary is the culprit. Any idea how to fix this?
Feb 12 at 4:37am Copy Link
Ela S. Time to renew my declaration of love to this out-standing program: What would Windows be without Listary Pro :-)

Pls don't use the free version only, the Pro version offers an extra-ordinary bunch of additional features. Life-time updates is offered free for all future versions. Even full price for this would be too low.

Mainly using the context menu for favorite folders and files, one minor point which might be improved is how to add items to this menu. Actually, there is an "Favorite - Add here" command line in the Listary menu window. This puts a new favorite at the bottom of the whole context menu. One has to edit this new entry and drag it to the desired position.

Maybe a simple right click in Windows Explorer on a folder/file "Add this to Listary", or in Listary context menu "Add favorite at this position of the context menu" might be added in future?
Feb 12 at 6:18am Copy Link
Shawn Murdock I have downloaded the free version and tinkered with it and really like it. Then I saw the website and read that this software works with XYplorer (which I highly HIGHLY recommend) and I think I am in.
My questions before I push the buy button is, does the pro version work in portable mode?
Even thought I dont carry all my apps around with me, I love portable apps because all my configurations are outside of Windows; so I dont lose anything if M$ screws up my computer with another update.
Feb 12 at 7:46am Copy Link
Ennovy @Bertie: why don't you send an email to the support team:
@Shawn: I use Listary Pro for some years now and it is fully portable:
Feb 12 at 10:25am Copy Link
Bertie Brummel @ Ennovy: IMHO it's always of interest to see whether a seller is responsive or not in BDJ offers .......
Feb 12 at 10:32am Copy Link
DrTeeth @ Shawn

There are portable versions.
Feb 12 at 10:59am Copy Link
Petr I purchased this in 2012. This BitsDuJour deal today prompted me to update and re-install on my new computer. When I purchased the Pro version, it provides lifetime updates. Great deal. Good software.

I assume the Pro purchase still provides lifetime updates.
Feb 12 at 12:37pm Copy Link
Toyzrme I'll add my vote - bought it last time it came around - $10 isn't a big risk - but was surprised how useful it is. You literally don't have to remember exactly which file is where anymore - just start typing.

It's truly amazing how fast it is, without having to build an index, and only ~45MB - I think they're using some kind of BLACK MAGIC....
Feb 12 at 12:38pm Copy Link
Bill Sech There have been times where I've found this to be an extremely usefull program. I like how, with listary you can just start typing in "Desktop" or "Windows Explorer" and it automatically comes up. Very quick, though you must have the desktop icons turned on for it to function. Occasionally it wasn't working with it being prompted to do so however with a rebooting of the computer it was restored to functioning though I have no reason why. I like it overall and have been glad to have it.
Feb 12 at 2:39pm Copy Link
Petr I like the Beta 5.x features and additions. How solid is the beta for Windows 8.1?
Feb 12 at 2:44pm Copy Link
Channing Dai Thank you all so much for the positive reviews. I really appreciate it!
Bopsoft - Feb 12 at 3:01pm Copy Link
Channing Dai @Bertie Brummel

Hi, please make sure you're using the latest version of both TC (8.5x) and Listary (4.23 or 5.00). I've just tested it and everything worked great.

Can you also tell me the exact function that you bind F7 to? The default action of F7 in TC is creating a new folder.
Bopsoft - Feb 12 at 3:12pm Copy Link
Channing Dai @Shawn Murdock

Yes, Listary Pro works in portable mode.
Bopsoft - Feb 12 at 3:15pm Copy Link
Channing Dai @Petr

The latest beta is pretty solid.
Bopsoft - Feb 12 at 3:16pm Copy Link
Nico Westerdale Great News! Bopsoft has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy!
BitsDuJour Admin - Feb 13 at 12:11am Copy Link
Bertie Brummel @Channing Dai:

"Hi, please make sure you're using the latest version of both TC (8.5x) and Listary (4.23 or 5.00). I've just tested it and everything worked great.

Can you also tell me the exact function that you bind F7 to? The default action of F7 in TC is creating a new folder."

I've WIN 7 Ultimate, TC 8.5x and (had) the latest Listary Pro offered here installed. I made no changes in TC; you're right F7 starts the "create directory" dialogue. By default it offers the selected folder's name. If one has to create folders with similar names - f.e. if the only difference is a date at the end of the new folder name -TC's F7 is very comfortable because you only need to change the date :-)

My suspicion: With Listary Pro running in the background changes of folder names may be blocked? Perhaps there's a setting to stop this in Listary?

Feb 13 at 1:48am Copy Link
Channing Dai @Bertie Brummel

When you press F7 in TC, a "New folder (directory)" dialog pops up. Do you mean that you can't type in this dialog if Listary is running in background?

P.S. I used the following steps to test the bug, and TC worked as expected:
1. Select a folder "1234" in TC.
2. Press F7.
3. The "New folder (directory)" dialog pops up with the default folder name "1234" highlighted.
4. Type "5678" directly to change the folder name.

Folder "5678" was created successfully in my test.
Bopsoft - Feb 13 at 3:34am Copy Link
Craig S. Logged in today just to comment after receiving an e-mail that Listary was on BDJ again.

As a regular BDJ-er, there are many programs I've purchased that I find useful. However, there are just two that I absolutely wouldn't live without. One of those is Listary Pro. Saves me so much time, and is such a pleasure to use. And yes, the current beta is very stable...installed it and never looked back.

Download it. Use the Tutorial. Put the small effort into learning how to use it. I think you'll find it's time well-spent.
Feb 13 at 6:07am Copy Link
Bertie Brummel @ Channing Dai:

> When you press F7 in TC, a "New folder (directory)" dialog pops up. Do you
> mean that you can't type in this dialog if Listary is running in background?

Not quite correct. Like I already wrote in my first post, I could delete letters in this dialogue but could NOT add new letters.

Example: If the folder name shown bei TC was

The Bat_2015_12_28

I could delete 15_12_28

but not replace it by


To test your suggestions I reinstalled and re-registered the actual trial ofListary Pro again today and to my surprise the problem has gone.

Looks like the previous installation failed somehow.

Thanks for your support.
Feb 13 at 6:29am Copy Link
John User This program looked interesting to me after reading the description, but what really sold me was the number of very positive comments from users. Purchased, downloaded and installed. I went through the brief tutorial and this program on first usage is pretty amazing. I think over time when I learn how to use it more this could be one of the best programs I have.

Thanks to the vendor, BDJ and particular those users who took the time to comment on this program!
Feb 13 at 8:44am Copy Link
Maz I bought this software last year and would highly recommend it to all people. This software makes my life easier and it really saves my time. I no longer need to wonder where I put certain files. I just type the name of the file and it will show. You can easily access your favorite files too. This is an honest review. If my review is not that convincing, read others or try the non-pro version. :)
Feb 13 at 6:04pm Copy Link

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