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Password DepotDiscount

Password Depot

Effectively Manage All of Your Passwords

for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8
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Remember when you could count the number of passwords you had on one hand? Those days are long gone, and today we're faced with the challenge of safeguarding passwords for shopping sites, credit cards, banks, and social networks, not to mention local files that include sensitive documents and the like. It's so tempting to commit the Number One Sin, which is to write them all down, but without doing that, how can we keep up? With today's discount software promotion, Password Depot, of course!

Password Depot protects your passwords from unauthorized access, helping you to manage all of your passwords using a powerful and intuitive interface. With Password Depot, you'll enjoy two levels of protection - once from an internal key, and again by a master password that grants you access to the program. Best of all, all password fields are protected from keyloggers, those evil programs that lie in wait, monitoring and recording your keystrokes. Same holds true for clipboard viewing programs.

If you've ever wracked your brain trying to come up with strong passwords that meet the increasingly complex requirements of some sites, you'll love Password Depot. Just use the integrated password generator to create strong passwords, and Password Depot will remember it for you so you don't have to! Plus, your password file can be easily backed up on an external drive or FTP server, ensuring that you'll never lose access to your sites, even if your computer gets corrupted.

Review Written by Derek Lee

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jacques robert impossible d'activer la clé fourni
Feb 23 at 3:17am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @jacques robert - Please ensure that you do not enter the registration code (from the receipt email you received) in the activation text field. The way the registration works is that you first need to receive the activation code in your email (after requesting it from inside the application) which you then enter in the activation text field and that will unlock another field in which you can enter the registration code from the receipt email you received.
BitsDuJour Admin - Feb 23 at 5:55am Copy Link
Joe McCormick From what I am reading your program is similar to LastPass.
Will your program import passwords from LastPass and other password manager programs?

It there a comparison link for the free version verses the paid version?
Feb 23 at 8:32am Copy Link
S. Imrick So is this a 1-year subscription, or does it never expire?
Feb 23 at 11:44am Copy Link
Neo PhobiA Is anyone else having trouble with the 'Get it for Free' button?, I have cleared My cache, although am on a fresh install of windows, tried bot Firefox and IE and it doesn't load, just does the rotating circles endlessly...
Feb 23 at 1:52pm Copy Link
RedHog42 I have had the same problem as Neo PhobiA, tried Chrome and IE and could not download.
Feb 23 at 10:49pm Copy Link
Nico Westerdale Great News! AceBIT has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy!
BitsDuJour Admin - Feb 24 at 12:11am Copy Link
AceBIT @Joe McCormick: Password Depot has an import assistant with which you can import files from Kaspersky, KeePass & Sticky Passwords XML format.

You can also import the passwords from other password managers if you have them in a CSV or XML file.
AceBIT - Feb 24 at 12:21am Copy Link
AceBIT @ S. Imrick: The license you get doesn't expire.
AceBIT - Feb 24 at 12:22am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Neo PhobiA and @RedHog42 - Please also try Opera. If that doesn't work then I suggest disabling the browser add-ons/extensions because we believe these are the ones which may interfere with the purchase pop-up showing up.
BitsDuJour Admin - Feb 24 at 2:35am Copy Link
M.Nazmi Özmilli This is my one of most favorite programs.
Very handy, very good user interface.Nice USB installation function and cloud support.
Only downside for me
1. It has not support Opera web browser add-on
2. Not support Windows Phone
3. If site has input password and ID on the top right ,"Cancel Windows" is covers them.And you don't use Auto-Cmplate function. No way change direction this "Cancel Window" and no other alternative (like key function etc.)

If you are looking for password manager, I strongly recommend this progarm.
Feb 24 at 2:39am Copy Link
AceBIT @M.Nazmi Özmilli Glad to hear that you like Password Depot.

We consider adding an add-on for Opera and developing an app for Windows Phone. But these features have not been fixed yet.
AceBIT - Feb 24 at 4:15am Copy Link
AceBIT You might also want to check out our short video tutorials about Password Depot's main features (including how to unlock Password Depot): http://www.password-depot.../index.htm
AceBIT - Feb 24 at 4:39am Copy Link
Marilyn Cremona I can't download the software.I thought that it was because I hadn't signed in, or because I had cookies blocked- so I signed in and changed my blocking and it still isn't downloading. I'm using chrome- I don't have opera- any suggestions?
Feb 24 at 5:07am Copy Link
AceBIT @Marilyn Cremona: Did you visit our website to download it?
AceBIT - Feb 24 at 5:27am Copy Link
Marilyn Cremona I did try to download it from the web site. I just get a circle as though it's trying to do something, but it doesn't. I waited a few minutes, thinking maybe it was a large download, but still nothing happened. Any suggestions?
Feb 24 at 6:06am Copy Link
AceBIT @Marilyn Cremona - You can download the installation file manually from our website:

AceBIT - Feb 24 at 6:38am Copy Link
Marilyn Cremona new question... I was able to download the software- when will I recieve the activation code so that I can register it?
Feb 24 at 10:27am Copy Link
dg carriere Impossible download Password Depot.
Why please !
Thank for your answer.
Feb 24 at 11:04am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Marilyn Cremona - I couldn't identify your purchase based on your name. If you did use another name to participate in the promotion please send it to us (along with the email address) using this page: If you didn't reach the checkout page, please press the Get It Fore Free button again and ensure that you go all the way to the checkout page to receive the receipt email.
BitsDuJour Admin - Feb 24 at 11:09am Copy Link
Constantin Florea Please notice the following movie:
which shows how to unlock Password Depot.
BitsDuJour Admin - Feb 24 at 11:10am Copy Link
Michael K The "GET IT FOR FREE" button is not working - I just get a spinning ring like previous posters - what should I do?


Michael K
Feb 24 at 1:20pm Copy Link
Ronald Anderson Same thing as Michael K
Feb 24 at 1:32pm Copy Link
Nico Westerdale just try again.. it'll come up
BitsDuJour Admin - Feb 24 at 1:32pm Copy Link
Michael K @ Nico

I have tried again several times with the same result - Only a spinning ring, so something is clearly wrong.

Please try to extend this for an extra day as it will soon be bed time for me and today's offer will be gone when I wake. Of course an extension by itself would not be much use unless the "GET IT FOR FREE" button problem is fixed.


Michael K
Feb 24 at 1:44pm Copy Link
Nico Westerdale @Michael - you can also get in this way:
BitsDuJour Admin - Feb 24 at 1:55pm Copy Link
Ronald Anderson Sounds good to me.
Feb 24 at 1:55pm Copy Link
freddy debrouwere sorry, but i can't download the program...and on the webpage i see only a try ouit version for one month....
Feb 24 at 2:02pm Copy Link
John Adams I manually downloaded Password Depot and went to both sites on Facebook and "Liked" them. I then installed the program. Now how do I get an activation code through an e-mail?
Feb 24 at 2:35pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @John Adams - To receive the receipt email containing the registration code you need to click on the Get It For Free button and continue all the way to the checkout page. When you reach the checkout page, our system will send you the receipt email automatically. To start the purchase you can either like both Facebook pages (in the purchase pop-up) or click on the questionnaire link (at the bottom right inside the purchase pop-up).
BitsDuJour Admin - Feb 24 at 2:39pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @freddy debrouwere - If you have trouble seeing the purchase pop-up (after clicking on the Get It For Free button), then please try using another browser like IE, Chrome, Firefox or Opera while purchasing. The key is finding a browser which has few or no browser add-ons/extensions installed, because these may interfere with the purchase pop-up.
BitsDuJour Admin - Feb 24 at 2:44pm Copy Link
Ronald Anderson I did the download and followed the instructions on a previous post above.
I got the activation code but no registration code. I think the only way
you are going to get that is to get beyond the spinning ring which
probably not working due a overload on the website.
Feb 24 at 2:44pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Ronald Anderson - If you have trouble with the purchase pop-up (after clicking on the Get It For Free button), then please try using another browser like IE, Chrome, Firefox or Opera while purchasing. The key is finding a browser which has few or no browser add-ons/extensions installed, because these may interfere with the purchase pop-up. If you want to use the Facebook purchase flow you could browse here directly:
Unfortunately there is no direct link to the questionnaire.
BitsDuJour Admin - Feb 24 at 2:48pm Copy Link
Michael K @nico

Thanks but I don't't use facebook so I can't get it that way- hopefully you will have ithe offer extended through tomorrow and the button working correctly.


Michael K
Feb 24 at 3:04pm Copy Link
Kenneth Richards Ok so I received the email and downloaded it just fine but when i try to unlock it i get this error during the registration process. When i hit the 'request activation key' button this pops up. Status code: The system cannot find the file specified. (Code2)
Hints for solving the problem:
-Please make sure you are connected to the internet.
-If you are using a firewall, please make sure that you enabled "password depot 7" to access the internet
-Check whether correct proxy settings are used
-This may be a temporary problem caused by an overload of the server, please try again later
-If the problem persists please contact support referring to the above status code.

Are other people through this giveaway getting this? Do i need to try to resolve this through the software company?
Feb 24 at 4:07pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Kenneth Richards - We've just contacted the vendor to help further with the issue you mention.
BitsDuJour Admin - Feb 24 at 4:11pm Copy Link
Thomas Lorenzini i tried to download this for 9 hours yesterday and could never get guys should allow another 24 hrs after all the posts I see about the site being down/gicing problems...even CNET had problems with it...
Feb 25 at 5:52am Copy Link
Joe McCormick I read that a lot of people were having a hard time getting this program.
It downloaded it with no problems.
The BitsDuJour software receipt was in my inbox within 2 minutes after placing the order.
It was able to install it with no problems.
I was able to register it with no problems.

My only problem is I can not get the import feature to work. I read the instructions in the HELP file, but when I go to the Tools setting I can see the Export/Import box along with the Sync icon, but they are all grayed out so I can not use this feature. I want to Import my LastPass information from a CSV file. If I can't get the Import feature to work this program will be useless to me and I will uninstall it. I am glad it was Free.
Feb 25 at 7:11am Copy Link
Cheryl Bailey I never did receive the email with the registration key. I tried a couple of times. Any help will be appreciated.
Feb 25 at 7:20am Copy Link
Cora Lancelle Must buy...awesome program managing passwords. Saves me soooo much time
Feb 25 at 7:20am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Cheryl Bailey - I have identified your purchase and just resent you the receipt email.
BitsDuJour Admin - Feb 25 at 7:23am Copy Link
Mark W I was never able to get it yesterday either. The page never came up, in fact traceroute could not even reach BitsduJour so I assumed it was down.
Feb 25 at 11:15am Copy Link
Oxford I haven't received either email yet, just the confirmation of registration with BitsDuJour.
Feb 25 at 2:16pm Copy Link
Cheryl Bailey Constantin - you posted you checked my order & verified it and then sent out the confirmation email with the registration key 7 hrs. ago but I still have not received the email. I checked the spam folder and do not find it. From which email address will you be sending the confirmation email - I would like to Whitelist it to make sure I get it. Thanks.
Feb 25 at 3:48pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Cheryl Bailey - Done, please check your email.
BitsDuJour Admin - Feb 25 at 3:53pm Copy Link
Kyle Weller I "purchased" Password Depot Monday evening, but never received an e-mail. What do I do now?
Feb 28 at 2:31am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Kyle Weller - I have just resent your purchase email at
BitsDuJour Admin - Feb 28 at 2:32am Copy Link
John Lodholz Will v8 of Password Depot be available?
Sep 2 at 3:22pm Copy Link

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