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Invoke Long Phrases and Boilerplate with Abbreviations

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Platforms: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
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Certain professions, like healthcare and law, feature the smartest people doing the most boring, repetitive work ever. I'm talking about boilerplate texts and frequently used words/phrases that come up in the course of everyday work, when replying to emails, or preparing reports.

How many cumulative hours have you spent typing the same thing over and over? Time to put an end to it with today's discount software promotion, PhraseExpander!

PhraseExpander stores your favorite and most frequently used phrases, boilerplate language, and templates, letting you insert them into any document with an abbreviation in two seconds. With PhraseExpander, you'll instantly find yourself more productive and efficient, producing the same amount of work in so much less time, with so much less effort, simply by skipping the tedium of typing the same words over and over. And it's not just for plain text, either - PhraseExpander works with formatted text and images too!

The more you work with PhraseExpander, the more you'll love it. If you work in a highly specialized field like a specific medical discipline (or if you deal with a heap of customer emails every day), you already know of at least a handful of documents that you constantly must initiate. Now, with PhraseExpander, you can make templates available in any application, creating consistency across all of your output. Just fill out the missing information in the template using checkboxes, multiple selection items, grids, and BOOM, you're done.

You can even use PhraseExpander to launch your favorite applications and websites, as well as to perform web searches (shortcuts to search Wikipedia, Amazon, online dictionaries, and Google are already included).

Throw in auto-corrections, word and phrase auto-completion (SmartComplete), and clipboard history, and PhraseExpander becomes an indispensable weapon in your battle for increased productivity and efficiency.

When you buy PhraseExpander you are allowed to install the software on 1 computer. (If you purchase the Extended License option, you can install the software on up to 3 computers - used by you). If more people are using the software, one license per user is required.

Trying to decide which version of PhraseExpander (PhraseExpander Professional, PhraseExpander Standard) is right for you? Check out the feature comparison matrix and make an informed decision!

Review Written by Derek Lee
Prices are subject to vendor's pricing and may change
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Rieke Ullbricht Can I export all my phrases if I wanted to switch to another program?

Apr 2 2014 at 2:19am Copy Link
Andrea Nagar @Rieke: yes, you can export all your phrases as CSV

@Mark Johnson: the problem you are experiencing looks like a timing issue. It looks like the focus is switched to the other application before the current application can process the keystrokes sent to remove the typed abbreviation. You can go into File / Options / Advanced and increase the value of the "Focus change" delay and see if this solved the problem.

Please let me know if it works. You can also contact support directly.
Nagarsoft - Jun 12 2014 at 1:05am Copy Link
Mark Johnson @Andrea Nagar -- I tried as you suggested, but it did not work. I even tried increasing the 'Focus change' time to the maximum of 1000ms (1 second) and it made no difference.

I also noticed that changing the 'Focus change' time actually made no difference at all in how long it took to change focus to the other application. Even when set to the max of 1 second, when I typed the shortcut phrase, the focus change happened as soon as I hit the 'confirm key'. With the focus change time set to .5 second or more I should see a noticeable delay before the focus change but no, it happens right away, and a portion of the typed text remains in many cases in the source application.

Anyway, I bought PhraseExpander last night while it was on sale, but do have a few problems like the one that is listed here. I will contact support for the other problems, but am responding to this one here since you asked me to report back.
Jun 12 2014 at 6:49am Copy Link
Andrea Nagar Thanks Mark. I'm looking to your message. If you can send me a short screencast showing the problem that would certainly help.
Nagarsoft - Jun 12 2014 at 6:52am Copy Link
Mark Johnson @Andrea: Beyond this posting I'll move the conversation to your website since the sale is over here. I'll create a screencast and send it to demonstrate the problem I'm talking about.
More info:
Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate is the most consistent about keeping part of the shortcut with focus change.
Windows 8.1 Ultimate 64-bit, 32Gb ram.
3 monitors; 2 landscape and 1 portrait.
It doesn't seem to matter what application is losing focus and which is gaining focus, there is no delay after hitting the 'confirm key' even with settings of up to 1 second for Options - advanced - Focus Change.
Even with no apparent delay most 'loss of focus' application do remove all of the typed text but very consistently VS2013 keeps some of the typed text.

Thanks for your help; I'll send a screencast at first opportunity.
This is a great product and I'm glad I registered it last night. I can see some potential for improvement so will post on your website about those.

Jun 12 2014 at 1:03pm Copy Link
Andrea Nagar Thanks for your update Mark, I'm looking forward to your email.
Nagarsoft - Jun 15 2014 at 12:42am Copy Link
adon What are diferences beetwen standard and pro version?
Aug 25 2014 at 5:47am Copy Link
Andrea Nagar Hello, some of the main benefits of the Professional edition include:
- SmartComplete (displays suggestions as you type)
- Phrase sharing with other people (ability to share single glossaries)
- Powerful macros to create forms

You can see a list of the differences at
Nagarsoft - Aug 25 2014 at 2:06pm Copy Link
singularity I tried the trial. Phrases are not working on firefox address bar, search box and in social networking share windows like twitter. for eg I added a phrase for hashtags I regularly use and and I clicked a share on twitter link and tride to add the hashtags, it wont.
Sep 24 2014 at 2:56am Copy Link
Andrea Nagar Hello Chris,

if phrases are not working in Firefox, that may be related to an antivirus issue. Your antivirus might be preventing PhraseExpander from detecting the typed keystrokes in the browser.

Have you tried whitelisting PhraseExpander?

Please contact us directly if you need further assistance.

Nagarsoft - Sep 24 2014 at 3:14am Copy Link
singularity @Andrea Nagar I have emailed you.
Sep 24 2014 at 6:59am Copy Link
Frank User Why the fancy software? I've used Microsoft's "autocorrect" function which is included in all the Office programs to take (for example) all my "dslp" entries to "Digital Subscriber Loop (DSL)" as I type. I add the "p" suffix (for parentheses) to trigger the expansion so that if I just type "DSL" later in the document it doesn't expand with subsequent uses. Hit ctrl-z if you didn't want the change made. Many cell phones have similar autocorrect facilities that can be used in the same way after you've added your special trigger words.

I've also got a file I keep open with the more extensive boilerplates and common answers in it and then with a simple copy-and-paste these can be included in any program without complications but with formatting if desired. I also keep things like the degree symbol (°) and dagger (†) in that file since there's no key press or sequence that universally generates them in all applications (I used it to insert them into this sentence). Again, copy-and-paste. All easy, works everywhere, and uses the most common techniques everybody already knows on PC's anyway. If the file is in Notebook, then you get barebones text with fonts and fancy stuff stripped out - which you often want.
Jan 10 2015 at 11:47am Copy Link
Joe McCormick Note to Frank User. Windows has a built in program called Character Map that has those 2 symbols you use all the time and fractions plus a bunch of others.
It will also give you a short cut key to ad those symbols.

To Phrase Expander.
I don't see the advantage of your expensive program over the free Phrase Express that I use.
Mar 10 2015 at 7:12am Copy Link
Greg Istered Note to Frank User. Indeed if you use only MS Office apps there is less value in something like PhraseExpander until you start building long boilerplate documents, contracts, proposals etc. But, for many of us there are many other applications in which having extensive phrase abbreviation, spell check and auto correct is vital and not as robust as Office apps or in many case not even available. Zotero notes are an example.

I have found phrase expansion invaluable and am excited about some of the features in PhraseExpander, especially the search and easy creation capabilities. Have tried other similar apps and will report back once more experienced.

Note to Joe McCormick, free PhraseExpress is a great product, and simple phrase expansion everywhere I find to be something I use literally every day but they (PhraseExpress) too have a pro version for all of the same reasons as PhraseExpander--but I personally believe that the price-performance and useability of PhraseExpander are going to be better if you need and want something more sophisticated.
Sep 8 2015 at 1:00am Copy Link
Dan Amiel I used to work with Phrase Express for years and all i can say is that
their subscription system is nothing more than a bottomless financial pit.

I switched to Andrea's software a few moths ago and i can say based
on empirical experience that PhraseExpander is lightyears ahead in
terms of stability, speed and cost-effectiveness. It is intuitive, packed
with great functions and is a one-time payment.

Last but not least, my own company has acquired more than 6000
different software licenses over the years and had to deal with
hundreds of support teams accordingly.
Well all i can say in that matter is that Andrea's support flat out ranks
under the top 3. And that's gold in terms of productivity when all your
employees use the software all day long.

Phrase Expander is the kind of software you can't miss to buy.
Just buy it, you will never regret it.
Nov 20 2015 at 3:59am Copy Link
Andrea Nagar Hey Dan.

Thanks so much for the nice words. We are continuing to improve PhraseExpander based on the feedback that is constantly coming from our customers. And I can assure that v.5 will be a big leap forward.
Nagarsoft - Nov 20 2015 at 4:34am Copy Link
Dan Amiel I can't wait :)

I am not the kind of guy who gives away flowers for free, believe me.
When a software does not do what i expect, i don't take gloves and i
get my refund by any means necessary, kicking and screaming.

But PhraseExpander is simply put one of the best software i have
EVER purchased. Period.
Nov 20 2015 at 12:36pm Copy Link
Paul Lan I just wanted to drop a quick note to say that this is one of the best pieces of software that I have ever owned. It's a bit pricey, but its made up for its cost by saving me hours of time each week.

The developer is also responsive as well.
Aug 9 2016 at 1:37am Copy Link
This sounds like an excellent piece of software.

Unfortunately being unemployable due to a serious road traffic accident that left me badly disabled (broken back and serious head injuries that have left me both physically impaired and brain damaged {really bad memory and short term memory problems due to organic brain injury}) we are talking a weeks worth of income; the price being asked for Phrase Expander is way out of my price range, so I'll just have to plod on as I always have.

I will have to keep an eye open and hope to see this on a very good discount sometime in the future. I've tightened my belt lots of times over the last 11 years since the accident to get good software. Good for weight loss programs too. :)

I moderate for a popular web site (giveawayoftheday) where I am constantly re-typing the same phrases, and sometimes even two or three paragraphs of the same responses every week because people are always asking the same questions, this software would have been brilliant as it could save me hours every weekend that I could instead devote to more pleasant pursuits.


Nov 30 2016 at 2:28am Copy Link
Benjamin User I have bought PhraseExpress Enterprise 12 recently, although their support team is awful, their program is great for multy use, even for a student like me.
I was wondering what is the difference between your program and Barthel Media's PhraseExpress 12 ? Obviously, PEX is very expansive but the pro version include Macro, Mouse recording, Outlook add-in, etc. The list is long enough. The program was quite expansive for a student like me, but it was worth the price... but as I wrote above, their support team is horrible: if you are not a top buyer, they won't reply to you, all they ever do is to give you their user manuel and after it a DIY...

I am certain your support team is better. But I want to know what exactly make you different from other textexpander? On Macintosh, the textexpander are way cheaper than on PC, WHY ???

What make your program cost expansive ? I suppose you have macro as well ? I am thinking about buying your product, but I'll ask for a student discount like I did before with Barther media...

Hope to hear from you soon
Jul 21 at 2:48pm Copy Link

Please note that all comments for this promotion will be screened before posting. It's nothing personal, just a step we have to take because of a few bad apples last time around.

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