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WinPatrol PLUSDiscount

WinPatrol PLUS

Guard Against Malware and Unwanted System Changes

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Platforms: XP, Vista (32 and 64 bit), Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit)
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WinPatrol PLUS provides an ironclad level of protection from unwanted system changes and malware installations. WinPatrol PLUS maintains constant vigilance over your computer, inspecting system resources, startup processes, background programs, browser toolbars and cookies with a critical eye.

If WinPatrol PLUS detects you, an application, or anybody else attempting to change something on your machine, the program will block the change until you've had the opportunity to review and approve it. Nothing on your computer - no startup applications, Windows services, critical system resources, browser settings, or files and programs - can change without you knowing about it.


WinPatrol PLUS's approach of active monitoring is vastly superior to other programs which rely on pre-defined viral data signatures and lengthy full-system scans to identify potential threats. No matter how new and subversive the malware, WinPatrol PLUS's algorithm will stop them from installing themselves to your system without the tedium of the typical full system scan-report-quarantine routine!

At the core of WinPatrol PLUS lies the Real-time Infiltration Detection system, which provides immediate detection of newly installed programs without any impact on system performance - no more hijackings, malware attacks, or critical system changes even if you've been duped by a particularly convincing pop-up window or link! With WinPatrol PLUS, you can inspect background processes that are running on your computer, with the option to disable entries or mark them for deletion. Suspicious and hard-to-recognize files can immediately be researched using an online database of more than 20,000 programs, which will instantly tell you whether that funky filename is a malware threat or a necessary system resource file!

Protect yourself today with the ultimate watchdog program, WinPatrol PLUS!

Please note folks: the annual renewal is only $12/year for WinPatrol PLUS and $18/year for family editions.

After you purchase WinPatrol PLUS, it may be used for 12 months.

This promotion includes the following:
WinPatrol PLUS - 1 Year License ($24.95)
WinPatrol PLUS Family Pack - 1 Year License ($44.95)
Review Written by Derek Lee
The Conversation
The Fine Print
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Kelly Hamblin I came here to sign up to get this deal, not realizing Win Patrol had gone to a subscription model. I have a lifetime license on my old computer and wanted one for the new one. Very disappointed.
Tuesday at 2:04pm Copy Link
Chris What happens to those of us who purchased here when it was lifetime? Will we now have to pay yearly?
Wednesday at 12:06am Copy Link
Gr3gw This is a great program. One that you hardly notice is there but always doing its job.
Wednesday at 1:41am Copy Link
_*_ I was coming out to speak about the good of this program, and now see it is a subscription based model. This truly saddens me; I refuse to be driven into a yearly forced upgrade for any program. It seems Scotty the dog will only play if you pay him every year to do so, or else he will take his ball and go home.

A post that was intended to encourage people to purchase is now a post where I see no reason to tell people to purchase.
Wednesday at 6:12am Copy Link
Doug Atkinson WinPatrol has been a good program - I 've been using it for many years and it helps alert me to new software installing that I wasn't always aware of. So many programs perform automatic updates today that it can be hard to tell the legitimate activity from malware. From my understanding, Bret Lowry (Ruiware LLC, formerly with Sunbelt software) took over helm of Winpatrol in mid-2014 after Bill Pytlovany had to transfer ownership due to some family health issues. From a consumer level, I love lifetime subscriptions, but from a developer's point of view, they don't make much sense, especially for security software that requires constant updating to deal with new Windows versions, new malware, and so forth. At $12.50 a year it is still a good deal, but you'll have to weigh the costs against what your other Anti-Virus package may already provide.
Wednesday at 6:32am Copy Link
_*_ @Doug Atkinson, do I like lifetime licenses, of course.
As much as a lifetime license, "from a developer's point of view, they don't make much sense," subscription base renewal does not make sense for the customer.

There is no reason that I can think of where users should be forced to pay each and every year for the rest of their life in order to not just use the software, but to have it even open.

I have no trouble with paid upgrades, but payment should not be forced or strong-armed out of the customer. The version you paid for should work as long as you own it under your current OS.

So, it works both ways. If not lifetime then at no subscription base either.
Personally, I will not be held hostage to developers who hold to such a model. There are other resources out there that can be found that do not use such an extreme model.
Wednesday at 7:01am Copy Link
Joe McCormick To Kelly Hamblin.
I have a lifetime license with unlimited installs. You should be able to install this on your new computer with your current license number.
Wednesday at 7:37am Copy Link
Laurie Nelson I don't know anything about WinPatrol. It sounds like it might take more time to manage than I want to do and possibly might be best for IT pros. I've been using computers since about 1984/85, when only DOS was available--not Windows. I've had a lot of experience but I'm no pro. Will this be more useful to me, or as useful, as AVG free, which I'm not very happy with? If I understand this description correctly, I need to run both. Thaks for any information.
Wednesday at 2:59pm Copy Link
Doug Atkinson @Laurie Nelson - WinPatrol won't replace an anti-virus, but it works well alongside most of them. 99% of the time Scotty the Watchdog just sits there watching your system, and I almost forget it's running, until it finds something trying to install itself in your system. You don't need to configure it, and it rarely alerts you for actions. When it does find something going on, you do need to make some decisions about whether to allow the install to go ahead or not, but you can usually click on the message to go to the WinPatrol website and read about what it's detected to aid in your decision. Bottom line is that the main function of WinPatrol does NOT require users to be techies.
As to the license agreement discussion, I do agree about the subscription vs. update model. It would be nice to know what WinPatrol does after the 1 year - does it still work but updates are not free, or does it revert to the "free" version without the Plus features? The former is certainly the preferred model. That is, I buy v1, and am eligible for upgrades until version 2 comes out, or for a year period. At that time, I can pay to upgrade to v2, or I can just keep using v1.x as long as I want. Which model is WinPatrol?
Wednesday at 5:54pm Copy Link
Bret Lowry Hi, anyone who purchased prior to our moving to subscription based pricing (3/31/2015) still has a lifetime license and will NOT be billed annual renewal.

For new purchases, the annual renewal is only $12 per year, this gets you all updates, access to the PLUS data, email support and license recovery for lost licenses. Also, remember you can install your license on up to 5 computers, so in that case the cost is only 20 cents per computer per month.
Think about the value, a candy bar costs $1 or more and most people eat one of those in under a minute.
Ruiware, LLC - Wednesday at 6:41pm Copy Link
Bret Lowry @Doug, Good question about what will happen after the license is expired. Upgrades for everyone, including "free" users have always been at no charge. We don't charge people to download and install our software. But we do charge for the PLUS features.
After a license expires, what will happen is WinPatrol will revert to "free" mode operation. All PLUS features will become de-activated.
What the renewal fee is paying for are all the ongoing costs associated with keeping WinPatrol updated. We've recently added 64 bit file support, Windows 10 support and support for Edge cookies and have quite a few additional features on the drawing board.
We aren't like the huge Internet companies, we don't make money through advertisements on every page of our product or installing toolbars or obtaining and selling your personal information.
We respect your personal privacy and sell you a solid product. In order to continue to do so, we need to obtain revenue from somewhere.
Ruiware, LLC - Wednesday at 7:24pm Copy Link
Laurie Nelson @Doug and @Bret
Thanks for the information. I'm going to try it. In the last year or so, I've accidentally discovered several instances when programs were installed on my computer without my knowledge. It's very annoying. I have no problem with $12/year renewal for this type of program if it helps me. I have seen other programs that I won't buy because of the annual renewal fee, though. I'm very unhappy with that trend.

Out of curiosity, would WinPatrol have prevented MS from installing the upgrade to Windows 10 icon on my computer without my consent? I was SO pi--ed when I found it and even more so when I couldn't uninstall it. Fortunately a Windows Secret newsletter told me how to remove it. I'll decide when I'm ready to try Windows 10--not when MS is ready to install it for me.
Wednesday at 8:59pm Copy Link
VLM Hi everyone! I've used WinPatrol for years, bought it here on BDJ, and I'd like to add my own comments. First and foremost, I have found both the old owner, Bill Pytlovany, and now the new owner, Bret Lowry, to be VERY responsive. To me, that alone is worth $12 a year. But there is more.

I approach system security a bit differently than most people apparently do. I don't use any antivirus software. Instead, I use a combination of MailWasher Pro, SpyShelter Firewall, and WinPatrol. Now, that may sound a bit odd, but it has worked for me for years.

MailWasher enables me to look at all incoming emails before they ever hit my system and to put the kibosh on all those thousands and thousands of well, you know, that I never, EVER want on my system. That includes both destructive messages and plain old junk.

SpyShelter sits quietly in the background and monitors a long list of actions which software might undertake. It enables me to block any of those actions, protecting my registry and much, much more.

And WinPatrol sits quietly in the background and monitors a somewhat different list of actions, such as when some program tries to turn on a startup module.

Both SpyShelter an WinPatrol catch things like software installations, so I sometimes get messages from both programs. But the truth is that both are SO unobtrusive and SO clear (at least to me) that I find myself receiving all benefit with virtually no overhead.

In the past, I have had to go through the rather horrid process of rebuilding a corrupted system. I had to contact software vendors to have licenses released. I had to reconstruct a million and one settings. The cost, in terms of time, energy, and frustration, was very high. In contrast with the cost of software tools such as these, at least for me, it's a no brainer.

One final note about lifetime licenses. These are nothing more than a modified pyramid scheme, wherein new users subsidize existing users. All such schemes MUST eventually become economically nonviable. So let's each pay our own way ... and then demand from our vendors the value we seek.

Just my bit of input.

Best to all,
Thursday at 8:20am Copy Link
_*_ @VLM, not sure, but if you ask Bret Lowry of WinPartol PLUS may just allow you to do what you mention.

Meaning if you ask he could change your lifetime license to a yearly subscription which would allow you to...

"To me, that alone is worth $12 a year. But there is more."
"So let's each pay our own way"

and lastly get out of what you consider lifetime licenses, "nothing more than a modified pyramid scheme",

No disrespect meant, just pointing out the reality you have in your own lifetime license and what you expect new users to accept and believe.
Thursday at 4:53pm Copy Link
Bret Lowry @Laurie, Hi Laurie. No, WinPatrol could not have stopped Windows 10. However, out firewall product, WinPrivacy may have. You can have it block programs from accessing the Internet, including the GWX... programs.
The current discount BitDujour is running will also apply to WinPrivacy.
I think Microsoft's heart is in the right place with Windows 10 and I'm going to take the upgrade when it comes out. But, their implementation of a free upgrade could have been done a little better. I think they are simply trying to avoid Windows 7 from living as long as Windows XP has lived.
Ruiware, LLC - Thursday at 8:35pm Copy Link

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