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Mirror and record iOS screen on Windows PC

100% Off
$0 $16.00
v1.01.3 for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1
Deal Expired...but might be back soon!
X-Mirage ScreenshotDesktop Space Software ScreenshotX-Mirage, Desktop Space Software ScreenshotX-Mirage, Desktop Customization Software ScreenshotDesktop Space Software, X-Mirage ScreenshotDesktop Customization Software, X-Mirage ScreenshotDesktop Customization Software, Desktop Space Software Screenshot

Have you ever wanted to show off something your iPhone or iPad to an entire room of people? Either you’re surrounded by a crowd straining to look at your little screen, or you’re passing your device around and gauging people’s reaction two at a time. Time to move up to the new way of doing things, with today’s discount software promotion, X-Mirage!

X-Mirage PC version, lets you show off your iOS device screens on your PC, plus record everything that happens! With X-Mirage, you can take advantage of Airplay to mirror the screen of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch on your desktop or laptop PC, all without wires. Show off vacation photos, watch videos, and do everything you do on your mobile device, all in 1080p big screen glory.

Beyond just presentations, imagine the gaming possibilities when you use X-Mirage – play your favorite iOS apps on a much larger screen! And if you’re going head-to-head with someone, you can beat them while recording your gameplay session, then export it and send it to them just to rub salt in the wound!

Review Written by Derek Lee
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mahdi ameri Hello is very very good Thanks
Aug 1 at 9:11am Copy Link
brahim moudti thanx
Aug 12 at 2:42pm Copy Link
Walter Hopscotch Did a Copy & Paste but it keeps telling me the registration code is invalid.
Aug 13 at 12:03pm Copy Link
Tim Smith I have not received my receipt email with the registration information yet.
Aug 13 at 3:53pm Copy Link
Felix H Aweome share! I like it. Thanks a lot ! Doin FaceTime over my flat linked to a pc is quite impressing!!
Aug 13 at 4:00pm Copy Link
Walter Hopscotch My mistake - my Copy & Paste was incorrect. Corrected it and everything worked fine.
Aug 13 at 4:10pm Copy Link
Tim Bovey X-Mirage v1.01.1 Mac & PC, where is the Mac version?
Aug 13 at 4:21pm Copy Link
QSulla @Tim Smith - I have resent your receipt email, please check your inbox and spam folder.
BitsDuJour Admin - Aug 13 at 4:39pm Copy Link
Daniel Gaudet I wanted to confirm that I can install as many copies of the desktop application as I want/need as long as I am the only user. Is that correct?
Aug 13 at 8:44pm Copy Link
X-Mirage @Daniel Gaudet, One Licence per computer, Unlimited Devices
X-Mirage - Aug 13 at 9:50pm Copy Link
Kenny Kim Where is the Mac Version? I use this key into the version that I download from but it said invaild
Aug 14 at 12:43am Copy Link
Rick Truell The registration code is not working. When I click the "Activate" button, I get a pop-up saying "Unknow Error".

Possibly related is that this deal says it's for version 1.01.1, but when I click the "Download" link in the e-mail, I get version 1.01.3.
Aug 14 at 1:13am Copy Link
Eustace Phenackertiban Hey, BDJ, what the heck is going on with your emails?! Mine have no descriptions of the programs, no regular price information, not even a box shot or icon (and yes, I do have "View as HTML" enabled). For instance, this was the entry for this offer:

Today Only X-Mirage 100% Off

That's it. I had to come here to find that it was for iOS devices, of which I own none, so I don't need the product. Another entry was like this:

Linkman Pro 8 (2 Computer License) 31% Off

Really? What does the program do? What OS is it for? What is the full price (and therefore the amount of savings)?

Constantin, are you aware that your email fulfillment provider is dropping the ball? Please look into this, as the emails have become essentially useless, and that is BDJ's primary contact point, its sine qua non. Thank you.
Aug 14 at 1:13am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Kenny Kim - I am sorry for the confusion. The promotion is actually only for the PC version and not for the Mac version so the key will work only with the PC version you can download from the receipt email you receive.

The promotion is marked incorrectly as for both Mac & PC because there is currently an issue on the site which does this. In fact, all the other promotion pages (regardless of how they are marked: Mac, PC or Mac & PC) are all marked as for Mac & PC. We are aware of the issue and are working on fixing it as soon as possible.
BitsDuJour Admin - Aug 14 at 1:20am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Eustace Phenackertiban - Could you please forward us at the emails you received so we may take a closer look?
BitsDuJour Admin - Aug 14 at 1:23am Copy Link
Jeremiah Gitaga Do we have an android version of X-Mirage?
Aug 14 at 1:43am Copy Link
X-Mirage @Jeremiah Gitaga, sorry we only have Mac and Windows version.
X-Mirage - Aug 14 at 1:54am Copy Link
Frantz DORILAS I also received a newsletter with just links.
I have forwarded it to the address you indicated.
Aug 14 at 1:59am Copy Link
QSulla @Rick Truell - We have contacted the vendor regarding the issue you mentioned.
BitsDuJour Admin - Aug 14 at 2:26am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Eustace Phenackertiban - We are trying different layouts for the daily deal emails to see which performs better. This is one of the tests.
BitsDuJour Admin - Aug 14 at 8:24am Copy Link
Mark Schnidman Never recieved the registration. Check all spam filters, it wasn't sent.
Aug 15 at 2:30am Copy Link
X-Mirage @Mark Schnidman, we have sent the email again. Please check.
X-Mirage - Aug 15 at 2:58am Copy Link
QSulla @Mark Schnidman - We have just resent your receipt email. Please check your inbox and spam folder.
BitsDuJour Admin - Aug 15 at 3:06am Copy Link
Jay Lee Hello BDJ, I'm viewing this page today where it says BUY NOW, $16.00 has a strikethrough and $0 is the advertised price, But when clicking BUY NOW, I get sent to a checkout page for $16.00.

Am I late for this freebie?
Aug 15 at 7:03am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Jay Lee - I am sorry about the issue and thanks for reporting it. It is indeed an issue affecting some of the other previous giveaways we had. We are now working on fixing this with the highest priority.

The giveaway for X-Mirage ended approximately 7.5 hours ago.
BitsDuJour Admin - Aug 15 at 7:21am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Jay Lee - The issue has been fixed.
BitsDuJour Admin - Aug 15 at 9:40am Copy Link

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