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xplorer² version 2.4!Discount

xplorer² version 2.4!

Like Windows Explorer, Only Perfect!

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Platforms: Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista (32 and 64 bit), 7 (32 and 64 bit)
xplorer² version 2.4! ScreenshotSearch and Replace Software Screenshotxplorer² version 2.4!, Search and Replace Software Screenshotxplorer² version 2.4!, Software Utilities ScreenshotSearch and Replace Software, xplorer² version 2.4! ScreenshotSoftware Utilities, xplorer² version 2.4! ScreenshotSoftware Utilities, Search and Replace Software Screenshotxplorer² version 2.4!, Software Utilities, Search and Replace Software Screenshotxplorer² version 2.4! Screenshot 8xplorer² version 2.4! Screenshot 9xplorer² version 2.4! Screenshot 10xplorer² version 2.4! Screenshot 11xplorer² version 2.4! Screenshot 12xplorer² version 2.4! Screenshot 13

Have you recently switched to Windows 8, but can't stand the frilly new interface with all the bells & whistles?

Why don't we make a deal - you get to use a file explorer that looks substantially similar to the Windows Explorer you've grown accustomed to, but in reality is a powerhouse of intuitive and effective file organization!

Today we're offering both the Professional and Ultimate versions of xplorer²! See what you get with xplorer² Ultimate!

Haven't you been putting up with Windows Explorer long enough? Do you want to move to a more powerful, flexible file management system?

At first glance, xplorer² looks like familiar territory, with its tree view user interface that lets you see your files and folders. But then, you start using xplorer², and suddenly realize the power beneath your fingertips - browse multiple folders using tabs, invoke a dual pane view, assign frequently used folders to Favorites (even use bookmark panes), instantly jump to root directories, and maintain easily accessible folder groups. All of that stuff that was impossible to do with Windows Explorer becomes an everyday occurrence with xplorer²!

Tired of opening file after file, looking for the right one? With xplorer²'s quick preview panel, you won't have to anymore! Looking for a specific file using search terms? xplorer² has a powerhouse of a search utility, Omni-Finder, enabling fuzzy logic and text searches using file comments, picture data, attributes, keywords, and practically all shell column handlers that are supported by your Windows OS.

These are only the highlights. xplorer² comes with a wealth of features, including advanced file management for large transfers, file comparison and synchronization, and direct execution of commands from the console!

Version Alert!!! Since we last promoted xplorer² it has moved into version 2.4! The user interface now sports auto hiding panels for all utility windows e.g. the folder tree or the quick viewer. Using a pin button you can minimize them to a button so you can have more space to work with your files, and at the same time have easy access to the auto hidden panels: just hover your mouse pointer over the minimized pane button. Check out the video for a quick overview!

But that's not all! Check out the v2.4 changelog for even more improvements!

xplorer² does so much, we can't even begin to cover it all here. Spend a few minutes browsing through the enormous collection of xplorer² video demos for a comprehensive introduction.

This promotion includes the following:
Pro Version ($29.95)
Ultimate Version ($49.95)
Review Written by Derek Lee
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Mappi75 Is this still active for the actual version, maybe exist a workaround?

Please Look:
Feb 22 at 1:36am Copy Link
Michael R. As a big fan of symbolic (directory) links, I am wondering, if xporer can copy directories with some links within too in this way, that for a link-directory in the source-directory an equivalent link-directory (i.e. a symbolic-link-directory, which points to the same target) is created inside the destination-dir.

Explorer and most clones when copying don't care, if the source-directory is a link: they create a real directory on the destination-side and copy the files inside the directory pointed to this link to this destnation's directory's subdir.

In some cases this might be wanted by the user, so an what-to-do option (handle as in the original/handle as director/ask the user each time) would make sense..
Feb 22 at 8:27am Copy Link
nikos bozinis xplorer2 is aware of links but it won't create a link during copy. It will reproduce the whole directory structure at the destination.
zabkat - Feb 22 at 9:25am Copy Link
Michael R. @nikos: Thanks for the answer.

Do you have plans to implement such an option?

If not, how is it supposed for a user to copy (or probably even move) a directory with symbolic links to another partition? By analyzing each single sub(sub)directory manually and if it is a link, create a symbolic link by himself, setting it's time-stamp manually?
Feb 22 at 11:38am Copy Link
Daniel Jones I have purchased xplorer2 ultimate the previous time it was offered here on BDJ. My question is: Will it be possible to buy the ultimate lifetime upgrade plan with this promotion at 50%? $70 for this is out of my budget.
Feb 22 at 3:45pm Copy Link
nikos bozinis @Michael R with links things are never simple. Say you copy in a removable drive, you wouldn't want a link there, you would need the actual contents

@Daniel Jones, the lifetime cover isn't discounted, but send me an email and we can work something out
zabkat - Feb 23 at 5:54am Copy Link
Michael R. @nikos: You are right, the decision is not a simple one. In fact the user is the only one, who can decide what he wants.

As said in my first posting above:
in some cases this might be wanted by the user, so a what-to-do option:
(a) handle it as a link
(b) handle it as if it was a 'real' directory
(c) ask the user each time how to act, i.e. to choose between (a) or (b)
would make sense..

In your example, the user who would want a copy the complete contents he would choose (b) in my proposal.

Let's say, you have a directory with public information and one with private information. After having copied a subdirectory of your public-dir to an usb-stick (your way, which would be always (b) ), the user can not be sure, that there is no private information on the usb-stick. There might be a link from the public directory to a directory on the private directory. If the user would choose option (a) while copying, he can be sure.

Anyway. I am not sure, if your answer implying, that you' ll not think about allowing the user choose another option when copying dirs (like (a) and (c)) and always do it the (b)-way? Hope so not...
Feb 23 at 7:14am Copy Link
Jonathan Plutchok I'm here to endorse xplorer2 as the best Windows file manager, bar none. It's my favorite for features and usability, and saves me time and aggravation every day. I say this after having tried many others. I recommend grabbing this bargain while you can!
Feb 24 at 5:06am Copy Link
Daniel Gaudet @nikos bozinis/zbkat: I also purchased xplorer2 ultimate during the last time it was offered here and I am also interested in purchasing the ultimate lifetime upgrade plan at a discount. Could I also work something out with you?
Feb 24 at 6:01am Copy Link
nikos bozinis @Daniel, send me an email about such under-the-table deal matters :)
zabkat - Feb 24 at 6:33am Copy Link
Nick Kobe I have been using this software for a very long time. It is great! The licensing is very "buyer" friendly and the service and flexibility Nikos applies to inquiries is equal to the quality of the software. If you haven't bought it and used it then you are making a mistake. You get a highly developed WIN explorer replacement that you can use on every computer in your family. Please note that I am not an employee nor vendor for xplorer2. Just a very happy customer. One note: Be careful when deleting a file. There is NO undo.
Feb 24 at 6:42am Copy Link
BearPup I thought I'd provide my kudos to the program for anyone thinking of getting this deal. I have used xplorer² for several years now and it is the first application I load when installing or upgrading Windows.

Xplorer² is everything that Windows Explorer should be. It is fast, accommodates all the file handling capabilities one could ever need, provides color-coding of Windows, and it handles font substitutions up to and including extra large fonts. And last but not least is the support provided by Nikos, which has been very forthcoming and easily accessed.
Feb 24 at 6:44am Copy Link
Daniel Gaudet @nikos bozinis/zbkat: Thanks! :)
I've just sent you a note through your website.
Feb 24 at 6:48am Copy Link
Jeffrey Taylor On your web site, you have a page where trial versions of 64-bit editions of xplorer2 can be downloaded. If I made the purchase of the license being offered here today, could I use it to license the 64-bit version?
Feb 24 at 10:38am Copy Link
nikos bozinis yes, the same key can unlock both 32 and 64 bit versions, and it is very liberal. See HELP LICENCE AGREEMENT menu command for more information
zabkat - Feb 24 at 11:51am Copy Link
Mark Johnson I already have a Pro license and have considered upgrading to the Ultimate. Is there a discount available for the upgrade?
Feb 24 at 5:51pm Copy Link
carol herman This is the most used program on my computers. It is exceptional in its features, with superb support from the author. I have used the pro version for years.

I have a similar question as there a discount for the lifetime license?
Feb 24 at 6:46pm Copy Link
Tortuga @BdJ I've been trying to access the site for hours, yes literally for hours!! Impossible to do, let alone log in... Though difficult only the Forum is reachable
@Nikos, Hi :) Have a few questions
I bought 2 licenses 3.Aug.2012: 1Pro & 1Ultimate
Which is the last version I can activate? In a earlier post you said "the free upgrade period stretches much longer" than the covered 12 months.
I never activated any of the licenses I bought (don't ask, too complicated to explain...) but am finally moving to W7 x64 w new laptop & new PC, so was wondering what I should do. Many Thanks
Feb 24 at 9:25pm Copy Link
Nico Westerdale Great News! zabkat has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy!
BitsDuJour Admin - Feb 25 at 12:11am Copy Link
nikos bozinis carol and all the rest of similar questions.

1. lifetime cover is NOT discounted for new customers
2. people who already own xplorer2, and want to get a lifetime cover can contact me directly for a SMALL discount

@Tortuga the licenses you bought are still valid. I can't tell for how long but xplorer2 licenses are ALWAYS valid: you can always use them for the version you first bought. The lifetime cover gives access to FUTURE versions too
zabkat - Feb 25 at 12:23am Copy Link
Pawel C xplorer2 is great software (some similiar features you can find also in XYplorer). xplorer2 is software for everyday use - always helpfull - try trial and don't hesistate buy it - if You like it... licence is user friendly... I wish also lifetime upgrades will be more wallet frendlly ;) rate 9/10 for software; 5/10 for lifetime upg. price.
Feb 25 at 2:35am Copy Link
Luis Ang It's a nice software, but I purchase one lifetime license couple years back. Recently, when I tried, the license is invalid...
Feb 25 at 7:09am Copy Link
Dierk Have been using Xplorer2 Ult for around 15 - 16 months. Am very happy with the application, and consider the purchase price as Money Well Spent.

A few notes that might be of interest to potential buyers:
1) This is a complex application: expect to spend some time learning how to use it effectively. (After over a year, there are still functions I have never used.)

2) I have found File Manager apps to be similar to PIMs in the sense that different interfaces are more appealing / intuitive than others. I like the "look & feel" of the main Xplorer2 functions - others may prefer another file manager, but it is certainly worth your time to give this trial a shot.

3) Still, some of the more "Advanced" functions of Xplorer2 have proven difficult to grasp: see comment above regarding learning curve... (Help File is officially "OLD" - believe it is labelled for v2.1xx, whereas current app release is v2.4xx. At least it IS intended for the current Major Release - 2.Xxxx)

4) Have used Xplorer2 under Windows 7, 8 (very briefly) and now 8.1, all 64bit, and it has run reliably in each case. Visually, the appearance under Win 7/8 is distinctly different (&, IMHO, Better) than what is shown in the Screenshots on the Bits page.

After PowerDesk started to go Flaky, spent a couple of years trying a variety of File Managers (and, frankly, hoping that PowerDesk would return to form). Many of these were Free - or had Free Versions - but Xplorer2 seemed like the Best One to Spend Money On: and, Yes, would recommend it to a Friend (if reasonably computer savvy...)
Feb 25 at 8:00am Copy Link
Tortuga @Nikos, Hi :) Thank you for your reply
(Sorry for the delay, still VERY arduous to access the site)
So, this means I can dwld & register the newest version (v2.4.0.1), yes?
After installing the Ultimate vs, will (learn how to) make it portable!
And will install the Pro on hubby's new PC when he receives it next month.
Doing the happy dance :D
Was quite disappointed that was never even able to use it :( sigh
Peace !!!
Feb 25 at 8:27am Copy Link
nikos bozinis @luis, if you bought a lifetime cover then your key should continue to work. If for some reason it doesn't just send me a regular support email and I will look into it
zabkat - Feb 25 at 8:34am Copy Link
Loco78 * What this program differs from the latter which is also XYplorer in promotions on the BDJ?
Feb 25 at 8:39am Copy Link
Leo Levosky The Ultimate version says it has these features above the Pro version

1. Portable/Network deployment
2. Fast desktop search

What exactly does this mean? I can't find any explanation on your website!

I assume portable means that it runs from a USB stick, or without installation, but what does the Network deployment mean? Is it a network license? Does it enable me to search network file systems without mounting them as shares?

Fast desktop search can mean all things to all people! Does the program index all files or search them at runtime? What is the impact of the search function on SSD's and on networks.
Feb 25 at 9:16am Copy Link
nikos bozinis the most useful extra in the ultimate version is fast desktop search, see here for more information

you will appreciate it if you do a lot of searches of text _contents_ in files
zabkat - Feb 25 at 9:52am Copy Link
Leo Levosky I have read the section you refer to but it really didn't help at all. Many people with SSD's turn off windows indexing because it causes too many writes on the SSD and Microsoft does not make it easy to move items (such as the indexes) from the C: drive to another drive. For this reason many people use other search tools which allow the user to define the location of the indexes they use. These also allow more file types to be searched. For example, some search programs will search Thunderbird emails.

It is not at all clear to me how your search works. You seem to be saying that if Windows search is too slow your search takes over, but what does it actually do?

You refer to search but the option in your product seems to be called find. I assume this is what you are referring to. The dialogue box gives an option to enter a name. Next to this is the number 100. I have no idea what this is for?

I have run the "find" option across my network to a server but I can find no definition of what this is actually doing. How is it searching the remote files? Is it reading each file line by line? What is it actually doing?

I'm sure you have implemented many useful features but I'm finding it very difficult to understand what they are or how they work. If I buy the Pro version do I get no find capability?

You didn't answer my question on what you mean by network deployment. I don't know if you missed the question or didn't understand it. My question is essentially asking if the ultimate version is a network license that allows the product to be deployed across an entire network from a single PC. In relation to search, is it storing an index of the files it then finds?
Feb 25 at 2:00pm Copy Link
susan brown I have used this terrific file manager for more than a few yrs. Windows file management is pathetic and when you are managing Ftps and 3Tb NAS , This program is the only one that can does this with ease. I have used others but xplorer2 is the best.
Leo for gods sake, its only 15$ , Take a leap, you won't be dissapointed and if you are you're out of pocket what? 3 lattes?? Trial vs anyone?
Feb 25 at 5:59pm Copy Link
nikos bozinis @leo, if you are not interested in fast (indexed) searches, then you don't need the ultimate version, you are ok with professional. To learn more about the search capabilities there are a few relevant demo videos, please use HELP HOW DO I? menu command in xplorer2

the "network deployment" is for sysadmins that want to install x2 easily to many computers. For most people it isn't a big deal. It doesn't affect the licensing
zabkat - Feb 25 at 11:51pm Copy Link
Peter S Dear Nikos, I am currently compiling an email to send to you (regarding some previous comments & replies) however I may not be finished before this promotion
expires today.

So I thought I should make you aware of this pending email.


Peter S
Feb 25 at 11:56pm Copy Link

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