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XYplorer Lifetime License Pro

The Ultimate File Manager

v16.90 for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 10 Server
XYplorer Lifetime License Pro ScreenshotFile Management Software ScreenshotXYplorer Lifetime License Pro, File Management Software ScreenshotXYplorer Lifetime License Pro, Software Utilities ScreenshotFile Management Software, XYplorer Lifetime License Pro ScreenshotSoftware Utilities, XYplorer Lifetime License Pro ScreenshotSoftware Utilities, File Management Software ScreenshotXYplorer Lifetime License Pro, Software Utilities, File Management Software ScreenshotXYplorer Lifetime License Pro Screenshot 8XYplorer Lifetime License Pro Screenshot 9XYplorer Lifetime License Pro Screenshot 10XYplorer Lifetime License Pro Screenshot 11XYplorer Lifetime License Pro Screenshot 12XYplorer Lifetime License Pro Screenshot 13XYplorer Lifetime License Pro Screenshot 14XYplorer Lifetime License Pro Screenshot 15

When you really think about it, file management in Windows hasn't really changed all that much since the olden days of Windows 3.1. But the way that we use our computers, coupled with the explosion in the number of files that we now store, has made dealing with file management an onerous, almost painful task! Thank goodness XYplorer is here to inject some balance, order, and fun to file management!

XYplorer is the last file manager you'll ever need to install! With XYplorer, you get multiple tabs to jump quickly between folders, a powerful search function, a preview feature that should have been part of Windows years ago, and a highly customizable and intuitive interface. Even better, XYplorer offers this to you in a very fast, very light application that doesn't require any installation or make any system or registry changes. Intrigued? Read on.

If you're a fan of tabbed browsing, you already know how to work the tabs in XYplorer! Click between folders, rename them, reposition them, and drag and drop files onto them -- a whole lot easier than using Windows Explorer, that's for sure. You can even create a tab dedicated to a search filter! The Dual Pane makes it easy to move and copy stuff between folders, plus there's Manual Sorting to enable you to view files exactly as you like. And when you quit XYplorer and come back later, your tab configurations are there waiting for you!

Combine this extraordinary functionality with intuitive Tree, List, and Mini-Tree views, and you're all set with XYplorer. The Mini-Tree contains a history of files and folders that you've actually used, so it's easy to jump to something you've been working on. Ever wanted to create a magic button to launch files in your app of choice? Custom Toolbar buttons makes that happen! You can color code your files, tag files, highlight and bold favorite folders, or use the Catalog function to combine folders and items from all over your hard drive, LAN, and the Internet under a single heading. There's even support for file names longer than 260 characters, an impossibility in Windows! Plus, aliases make typing long directory structures into the address bar a thing of the past!

The robust features just keep on coming with XYplorer! Imagine one-click previews of any of your media files, plus multiple (up to 100) level undo/redo for your file operations that persists from session to session. An advanced Recycle Bin that leaves your default Windows Bin in the dust! You can even enable queuing in XYplorer and stack file operation jobs without even waiting for the first few to finish, then continue working as your jobs complete in the background!

XYplorer also offers Select Special, which lets you modify selections in one pane based on items in the other pane, synchronous scrolling and sorting of both panes, the ability to bring back accidentally erased selections, item name editing, and a quick way to bump selected files up in the folder hierarchy!

ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS!!! XYplorer includes a powerful Floating Preview feature. Essentially a new preview pane separate from the main window, Floating Preview supports Mouse Down Blow Up and the transparency grid for transparent images. It's one of the features customers have requested most!

Check out a sampling of what else is new in XYplorer v16.90:

  • Folder Size Caching - Calculating folder sizes takes time. Now the results can be cached. Makes showing folder sizes extremely fast. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Undo/Redo - The number of undoable actions has been raised from 100 to 256.
  • Copy Path - The white space context menu now features the shortest way to the popular Copy Path command.
  • Reporting - The scripting command folderreport() now can generate a rich tree-shaped recursive report on any folder. (Pro Edition Only).

The Conversation
The Fine Print
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Nelson Carvalho XYplorer is the market's best file manager. The lifetime version is a must.
Jun 6 at 7:22am Copy Link
Gregg Holbert If you use Windows you should get this.

I bought this a couple of years ago and I wouldn't want to use Windows without it. When I setup a new Windows system - this is one of the first things I install. It is a "Dual Pane File Explorer" and much more. It does not affect nor change any Windows settings - but you will end up using it instead of the Windows File Explorer. It has many features for power users - but even straight out of the box it is immediately useful to new users.
Jun 7 at 5:52am Copy Link
Kelly Hamblin I agree with Nelson Carvalho.

There are so many features available in this file manager, I've never explored them all. I had tried all the file managers, and I wanted this one badly but couldn't afford it. Lucky me, I grabbed a Pro Lifetime License on a deal very similar to this one back in 2012. The license is still good and I realize I haven't updated it in a long while.
Jun 7 at 5:56am Copy Link
Richard User I agree with Nelson, Gregg and Kelly above. I'd been using the free version of XYplorer, and bought the Lifetime Pro when last offered on BDJ. I use it all the time. If you regularly do file "stuff" with Windows File Explorer, or find you want to do file "stuff" that Windows Explorer can't do, or can't easily do, take a look at XYplorer.

One good thing is that XYplorer is being enhanced all the time. Unlike some other apps that haven't seen an update in years, XYplorer has sent out 8 "point" upgrades this year alone, not counting maintenance releases. Check out their version history. If anything, they send out updates TOO often for my taste, but you are never forced to update and you can always update on your own schedule. And these aren't trivial updates either, but do add major new functionality to the program in most cases.

At full price, XYplorer is a little steep, but at half off for a LIFETIME Pro license (not just for a year or two like some other BDJ offers), it's a good deal.
Jun 7 at 7:08am Copy Link
ebdju Does the

Search within contents function in XYplorer Lifetime License Pro include indexing the contents for faster search facility. Or does it search on the fly every time.

Can I search by complex conditions like following

ALL words in document
ANY word in document
EXACT phrase in document
NOT AND OR operator for combining search criteria

NEAR operator to search two words which are near each other. If yes, is the proximity for NEAR configurable.

Is any URL available for comparing features of XYplorer Pro with Directory Opus Full Version
Jun 7 at 8:09am Copy Link
Donald Lessau Hi ebdju,

the search is fresh and live every time, no indexing.

All your other questions get a "no" I'm afraid.

On the other hand, Regular Expressions are support in content search, so you might be able to achieve some combinatory logic here.

XYplorer - Jun 7 at 8:19am Copy Link
Tim Parsons @ebdju: I bought the lifetime license of XYplorer back in 2011. I previously used Opus.

Opus has its good points, for sure, and I'm the last person to talk to about feature comparisons (because what's important to me might not matter to you, and vice versa) but I've never regretted the purchase.

You probably do have to spend a while getting familiar with how to get the best out of it, but its power, extendability (via scripts) and sheer capability continues to delight me.

Don -- I'm about to buy a second license, not because I need to but because I think it's a good way to tell you how much XYplorer improves my (computing) life. :)

Jun 7 at 8:41am Copy Link
Donald Lessau Thanks, Tim! :)
XYplorer - Jun 7 at 8:47am Copy Link
Sputnik @ Donald Lessau

I agree with all those who say that XYplorer is the best file manager out there.

But there are always some minor issues to resolve and some new functions to add.

One minor issue I have is that even if I define XYplorer as the default file manager in the settings, if I use a third party software to go to a folder, it will always open this folder in the regular Windows Explorer first and after that, if I double click on anything inside the regular Windows Explorer window the next window will show up in XYplorer.

Here are two third party softwares I use that will open Windows Explorer instead of XYplorer : aSuite and Super Finder XT.

I know that these softwares are not very well known softwares, but I am sure that they are maybe not the only third party softwares on the market that open Windows Explorer instead of XYplorer when we click on something that usually bring us to the file explorer.

Is that an issue that you can solve ?

Thank you.
Jun 7 at 10:46am Copy Link
Donald Lessau Hi Sputnik,

looks like these softwares hardcoded explorer.exe to open folders. I cannot do anything about this in XYplorer.

XYplorer - Jun 7 at 10:54am Copy Link
Sputnik @ Donald Lessau

Thank you for your answer Donald.

But could I ask you to keep an eye on this matter, just in case that it would be possible for you to also "hardcode" Windows Explorer in such a way that anything that ask for Windows Explorer will open up XYplorer instead.

I don't mean that this is possible, I am not very expert in that kind of things but I know, from my experience in other things, that there are sometimes some ways to achieve a thing that appears to be infeasable at first sight.

I also want to make clear here that I don't want to question your expertise in any way.

Thank you.
Jun 7 at 11:08am Copy Link
Matjaž Dolenec Excellent software . I would switch to pro in a second if there wold be possibile to have folder up icon [..] at top of file lists. I cant belive that this simple GUI request to author was published in 2011 and its still not possibile to have ;(

Sorry, i am lazy keyboard only man with fetish on up/down and enter button only .. no mouse or back button please for browsing thru 25 levels of nested picture folders and subfolders ... If there is posibile to have folder up icon [..] at top of file lists i will switch from TC asap.

I talk about this
Jun 7 at 12:34pm Copy Link
Donald Lessau Matjaž Dolenec: "Go Up" is a function in XYplorer. You are free to assign any keyboard shortcut you want to it. Isn't that much cooler that moving the selection to ".." and press Enter.
XYplorer - Jun 7 at 12:41pm Copy Link
Matjaž Dolenec thanx for answer :)

regard "Isn't that much cooler" : no, its not ... since i TC i can do all with one button ( enter view picture and enter go to upper folder) ... its not a problem if you have 5 folders , but if you must check 500 folders then your solution force me to make 500 unnecesary finger moves for same effect ; ( .... or is there something that i dont see ( since i am casual user of youre software ... for now )
Jun 7 at 1:09pm Copy Link
Donald Lessau In XY you can go up by moving one finger (press one key). I don't think TC can top this. :)
XYplorer - Jun 7 at 1:14pm Copy Link
Matjaž Dolenec sorry, do i miss something ?

Mybe i didnt clarify how i would like to preview my 500+ folders with THERE BUTTONS ONLY :

I would like to use arow up, arow down to go up/down in the file list,then pres ENTER for view fulscren imagee with external viewer (this external viewer is configured to close on ENTER) , and when i am back in file list i would like to agin use up and down arrow for selecting next pic or go to UP icon on top of file list and press ENTER to go UP if i am finished with current folder - is that scenario possibile ?
Jun 7 at 1:35pm Copy Link
Donald Lessau I understood you want to minimize your finger action. In XYplorer you do not need to go up and then press Enter. You just press (for example) the Backspace key. Finish.
XYplorer - Jun 7 at 2:28pm Copy Link
Matjaž Dolenec "You just press (for example) the Backspace key" : yes , but thats FOURTH button that i must contol ... in TC i need THREE for same operation ...

...... ok :) you got me .... i made a purchase right now (XY**606**-12**-***85)

But because of your fast response and not because of complying with my wishes ;)

I will still use TC for image sorting i suppose and your app for all others ... but if you will make this tiny two dots as optional choice inside your file list in future updates i will leave TC for good ;)

Thnks for responses!
Jun 7 at 2:42pm Copy Link
Donald Lessau Assuming you have 4 movable fingers on your right hand, you will be faster in XY than in TC.

Anyway, thanks for buying!
XYplorer - Jun 7 at 2:48pm Copy Link
Matjaž Dolenec Never assume anything ... First i am left handed, and second what if i i have only three fingers since i am woodworker ?
Jun 7 at 2:50pm Copy Link
Donald Lessau OK, I'm not greedy. I leave the woodworker market to TC.
XYplorer - Jun 7 at 2:56pm Copy Link
teppups Unfortunately it's still written in VB6 (a decades old technology) which means no native 64 bit version. Plus the lack of standard file management functions like FTP and native archive support makes this a non-starter for me.
Jun 7 at 3:03pm Copy Link
Matjaž Dolenec hm ... too late just got one woodworker into lifetime connection with you :)

ok seriously question : since i got more than one computer ( my own) and licence permits multiple installs on my own computers : what happen if i forget to close XY on one and open XY in another computer at same time ( first copy in this scenario only stays open, no mouse or keyboard action is made ) ?

Will any force close of first XY will occur or any de-registration ?
Jun 7 at 3:04pm Copy Link
M User I made a purchase too. Great deal!!

My wishes?

- Searchin' text in documents.
- A build-in dupe-finder as Beyond Compare (I know ... ;)
- Native 4K-support for the icons in toolbar. Look a bit blurry on 4K-screen.

Thanks a lot Donald for this great deal and keep up the good work!!!
Jun 7 at 3:51pm Copy Link
Bjondc I'm another happy user! after several years.

Every now & then I find out XYP will do something I thought I might need some other s/w to do. I haven't half-enough explored its capabilities -- I'm sure it could make my computing-life even more comfy if I did a bit of "homework". I'm sure there are simpler ways to do a few of my common tasks, I just haven't looked for them enough.

Even so, I don't know what I'd do if I had to get rid of it! :-)
Jun 7 at 4:25pm Copy Link
ebdju Based on all the good reviews, I purchased it too. Lifetime License made the decision making that much easier.
Jun 7 at 7:33pm Copy Link
Donald Lessau Matjaž Dolenec: "Will any force close of first XY will occur or any de-registration?”
Donald: No. XY does not call home, and it does not call each other. And it does not register, it's portable and stealth.
XYplorer - Jun 7 at 10:17pm Copy Link
Donald Lessau Hi M User,

XY has content search and a dupe finder already now.
4K icons are planned.

XYplorer - Jun 7 at 10:20pm Copy Link
D Rogers Does this software let you preview older Microsoft word documents, such as Word 2002? Documents ending in .doc or .xls?
Jun 8 at 4:30am Copy Link
Donald Lessau Hi D Rogers,

If Explorer can preview them then XYplorer should do as well.
Otherwise, try before you buy:

XYplorer - Jun 8 at 5:05am Copy Link
Doug Lietz I'm currently using Xplorer2 as my File Manager... but it is does not handle Outlook.msg files very well. When I drag and drop individual email messages from Outlook to Xplorer2, the file manager will crash and I have to restart the software. It is an intermittent issue, but happens often enough to be a problem for me. The only solution that the developer suggested was to try using the 64 bit version of Xplorer2 instead of the 32bit version, but that just made the matter worse.

So... my question... is XYplorer super stable with Outlook.msg files... and all other files in the MS Office suite as well? I use Win10 and Office 365.

Oh... and does XYplorer play nice with the free Adobe Acrobat PDF reader? If i have that app set as my default PDF viewer, Xplorer2 will crash every time when trying to access any PDF file via the Xplorer2 shell.
Jun 8 at 6:46am Copy Link
Jazz User Hands down, XYplorer is the best filemanager out there.
However, XY really needs a foldersync-feature.
Jun 8 at 6:49am Copy Link
Donald Lessau Hi Doug,

1) Outlook drop works well.

2) Play nice with the free Adobe Acrobat? Well, nothing plays nice with Adobe. It works for some but not for others. I highly recommend PDF-XChange instead. It always works for everybody.

3) As always: Try before you buy!

XYplorer - Jun 8 at 6:51am Copy Link
Donald Lessau Hi Jazz User,

foldersync-feature is planned.

However, the very next version (17.00) will come with another high-popularity killer feature: Live Filter Box, aka Instant Search!

XYplorer - Jun 8 at 6:53am Copy Link
Doug Lietz Thanks for your response Donald.

1) I installed the trial version and tried dragging one of my Outlook.msg file from Outlook to an XYplorer pane, and it would not drop in. I'm just seeing that circle-with-diagonal-line "no-go" symbol.

2) Am I able to view Outlook files "natively" as Outlook displays them. Currently when I view .msg files in the XYplorer viewer, there is a lot of "code" symbols showing amongst the actual text of the email message.

3) Is it possible to have text entry box at the top of a XYplorer window pane that will allow me to find and display "only" the files I am looking for, that matches the text I am entering into the text entry box?
Jun 8 at 8:49am Copy Link
ebdju I am until now using Directory Opus v10. I will start using XYplorer Pro also now as I have purchased it.

Although Directory Opus was the first real file manager I started using around 2009 as I was using Windows Explorer until then, the problem that I face with Directory Opus is that it is too expensive and discounts are rare. Lifetime license is also not available. So, continued using Opus v10 although v11 is already out and v12 is due in June.

If anybody is aware of any detailed comparison between Directory Opus and XYPlorer Pro, it will be very helpful.

On a slightly different note, although both XYplorer Pro and Directory Opus File Managers are excellent in their own way, searching in both is on the fly.
I feel that it does help to have indexed searches also possible as an additional option to make search much faster. Any ideas on the best search utility available will be also useful. I am looking at combining

ANY word in documents
ALL word in documents
EXACT phrase in documents

NOT AND OR operators

LIKE NEAR operators for proximity search with NEAR proximity ideally configurable

Regular Expression

Combination of all above with indexing capability.

Jun 8 at 9:20am Copy Link
Donald Lessau Doug,

1) Ensure that you run XY with the same rights as Outlook (User or Admin).

2) Hm, that's unusual. This is not the place to find out what's causing this (ask in the user forum, please). Note that MSG preview is generally problematic since MS apparently does not install the right handlers. I'm still researching this.

3) Planned for 17.00.

XYplorer - Jun 8 at 9:31am Copy Link
Donald Lessau ebdju,

note that in XYyou can cache search results. Not the same as indexing, but makes any non-first search very fast.

XYplorer - Jun 8 at 9:33am Copy Link
ebdju I will give caching a try.

And I read the search results can be further refined based on additional criteria. This should also help further.

What exactly is the "high-popularity killer feature: Live Filter Box, aka Instant Search!" feature that you have talked about above for next v17.00

A File Manager is a MUST HAVE application in today's age where computers are used for almost everything from work to play to entertainment to make oneself more productive.

Handling files and folders efficiently is a MUST these days.

The most common features that are used by me in Opus till now are

- Dual pane
- Tabbed structure
- Get sizes button
- Create multiple folders by separating using comma
- Search as you type for finding file
- Favorites to jump quickly to a folder
- Thumbnail view
- Queue copy, move in batches
- Display duration of media files.
- Configure status bar to show total duration along with other information for all files in the folder
- View folders in a flat structure to view all the files across all the subfolders and also get total duration, total size etc. easily from status bar
- Extensive search feature with subclauses
- Occasional use of FTP

The features which I mostly use through native applications are

WinRAR for all types of compressed files (lifetime license)
Irfanview for image viewing
VLC Player for playing media


From what I read about XYplorer above and through some review sites, almost all of the above features exist in XYplorer Pro in some form or other. I will explore it and find them.

Expect some queries in forum too in days to come.

Jun 8 at 10:33am Copy Link
Donald Lessau Live Filter Box: Type something and the file list is immediatley filtered to show only items containing that string.
XYplorer - Jun 8 at 10:45am Copy Link
RD User Tried XYplorer earlier in 2016, and did not find anything that seemed to make it worthy of a purchase (already have 2 Paid file managers - although one only runs on older systems).

Accordingly, was not overly excited about this latest promotion: Why spend $$ on a file manager when a) already "own" 2 of them; and b) there are SO MANY "Free" alternatives.

Nonetheless, gave XYplorer another try, with a specific project that has proved troublesome: Find the duplicate files from a group of 16-17,000-plus prospects, spread among 14 main directories - with many going 4- to 5-levels deep - and then remove these duplicates to another location.

Took a bit to locate - and understand - the "Dupes" dialog, and then to get XYplorer "aimed" at the right directory structure. Upon hitting "Find Now," XYplorer produced a "search done" message so quickly that I ASSUMED the attempt must have somehow failed (!).

But, a list of over 1,200 duplicate items appeared - which the program had identified by scanning over 17,000 items (from 425 folders). And, again, this was produced so quickly as to boggle the imagination. (One of the other programs I had tried took TENS of Minutes when pointed to the same directory structure.)

To be fair, there seems to be a Glitch when working with the Dupes: it took multiple runs using the "Move / Copy / Backup To..." option (from File menu) to actually move all of the Dupes (vast majority went in the first attempt, but thereafter the program would only move part of the list at a time, for no apparent reason).

Still, the speed of FINDING the Dupes, and the (overall) ease of then working with the list, was impressive.

Long and short of it: Now "own" a "Lifetime" copy of XYplorer.

Clearly, this is an application that will reward actually Reading (or, at least, Looking At!) the "Help" documents (was how I found "Dupes" in the first place), and as other users have noted it seems likely that we will "never" use (or even know...) ALL of the possible functions.

But here's hoping that XYplorer hangs around long enough that a "lifetime" license will provide sufficient usage time to at least get a good handle on the main functions!

(PS: Agree with another comment that FOLDER Compare & Sync would be a great addition. For time being, will continue to work with Compare Advance: a very powerful application, with a somewhat difficult to grasp interface.)
Jun 9 at 10:50am Copy Link
Joe Mira Like the idea of Live Filter Box. Will it also be able to search within Outlook emails?
Jun 9 at 3:29pm Copy Link
Donald Lessau Hi Joe,

the Live Filter Box will be able to do a lot, but content search is not planned at the moment.

XYplorer - Jun 9 at 11:28pm Copy Link
M User Fantastic prog, suberp deal!

What else? Build-in updater (at least for the installer-version) would be great.

You go Don, really ... at this frequency you will overrule TC at one day. Keep on going please! Thanks for the great support and inventing-formula of XY!
Jun 9 at 11:43pm Copy Link
Greg Istered RECOMMENDATION: I own XYplorer PRO Lifetime and want to say that it is a terrific product; and the developer is actively innovating and updating the SW.

With the latest update v17.40.01 in NOV 2016 - they have finally added a much needed feature that allows the SW to to "Self Update." Simply click "Check for Updates" and you are offered to download and install the update right away if there is one. (Pro Edition Only)"

This is a very welcome addition.
Sunday at 10:11am Copy Link

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