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RollBack Rx

A Virtual Time-Machine!

for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 / 8.1 (all 32 and 64 bit versions)
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RollBack Rx is a powerful utility that enables home users and IT professionals alike to easily restore their PC to exactly how it was at a specific time before a system crash or other catastrophe.

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

RollBack Rx is different from most other backup software. Rather than periodically (and time-intensively) saving and re-saving all of your data, RollBack Rx takes continuous backup "snapshots" of your entire system. It happens silently in the background, uses minimal system resources, and requires only 2 to 3 seconds to complete a snapshot!

Then, if something BAD happens -- like a system crash, aborted or failed software installation, malware invasion, or funky update procedure -- all you need to do is RollBack to the snapshot right before the crash. It's that easy!

You can take said snapshots at a specific time or on a fixed schedule (hourly, daily etc). You can take as many snapshots as you want, and you can roll-back and roll-forward to and from any snapshot whenever you feel like it!

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Amit Hello,
I would really like the feature that the backups can be made to other partition than the c partition. Means that the location of backups can be to other partition than c. This is so important for the small storage of ssd. This feature can be implemented please ?
Jun 13 2015 at 12:48am Copy Link
Ricky Rick Will RollBack RX work along side Acronis True Image Premium 2014?

I want to use it for software testing. And yes - Acronis 2014 does have a similar feature called "Try & Decide" but I'm looking for extra solutions for software testing.

Jun 13 2015 at 6:14am Copy Link
Danny Rollback Rx PC is very sensitive for Master Boot Record (MBR). If you are unable to start pc by crash of MBR, then you lose everything!
Jun 14 2015 at 12:13pm Copy Link
Peter Dr Hello:

I am curious about recovering the file that I was working on, just as the computer crashed or hung up. How does Rollback get that file back, if I have no autosave feature on the program that the file was created with? Especially if the file I am working on is on a drive other than the windows drive itself (for example, Drive G:/MyDataDrive/. I don't want to rollback the entire system, but to recover a file that is not on the Computer's System drive (Drive C:/)

Second question: I read a review of Rollback that described a problem with uninstalling Rollback. Apparently, instead of removing Rollback from the computer, it simply went back to the first baseline snapshot. That meant that everything from the time of that first baseline snapshot until the attempt to Uninstall Rollback was lost, and Rollback was still on the computer. Has that issue been resolved?

Thank you
Jun 14 2015 at 12:19pm Copy Link
DH007 1) Is it possible to upgrade from free HOME to this version without uninstalling it?
2) What is ETA of the new disc image program?
Jun 14 2015 at 1:34pm Copy Link
Amit Hello everyone,
Does anyone here know any other rollback-rx like software that provides similar features (like backup/system recovery etc.) but has option to set backup location to other partition than c. How's ax64. Is it error free or has any bugs ?
I already know about acronis, macrium etc.and other full-imaging products but wanted to know about rollbackrx/systemrestore like softwares ? Anyone knows on likewise ?
Jun 15 2015 at 1:07am Copy Link
Stefan Hauber What about Win10?

What are the most important technical differences between the home and the pro-version?

Is v11 just around the corner? And will it be free for today's buyers?
Jun 15 2015 at 1:17am Copy Link
Jon Spain There's something wrong with order page, which I can't reach.
Jun 16 2015 at 12:44am Copy Link
Michael R. Still using Win7, but planning to move to Win10 this summer, I am wondering, if a RollbackRx-version supporting win10, will require additional payment or if it is free for the current orders? On the facebook-site, it is mentioned they are working on it, but no info about a free update for current-version-users...

I just tried out RollbackHomeRx Home. In which directory the snapshots are saved? Probably because of few space on C:, I was not able to create more than the first default snapshot, which is done automatically. Can I re-link the snapshot-directory to another partition?
Jun 16 2015 at 1:38am Copy Link
Joss @Michael R.

There is another algorithm then other backup solutions. E.g. if you have disk sectors with files A, B and some (.) free space:


Suppose you made a snapshot. All sectors with A & B will marked as protected. If you change any file (e.g. A file), RollBack create copy of changes in other sectors. So you disk sectors will looks like:


Where A1 - is a new copy of A file.

For this reason RollBack RX snapshot have a small size and takes a little time to backup/restore.

I can recommend this app because it great tool for quick backup/restore (you can format whole disk and will restore to previous state for a few minutes). But I'm wondering about free/paid upgrade to Windows 10 too.
Jun 16 2015 at 2:26am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Jon Spain, I have tested the purchase flow in IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera and was able to reach the order page showing the discounted price in all cases. Could you please clear the browser cache and try again? Alternatively, for the duration of the purchase please consider using another browser like: IE, Chrome, Firefox or Opera.
BitsDuJour Admin - Jun 16 2015 at 2:59am Copy Link
Jon Spain @Constantin Thank you for all of that, I'm in IE which is all I have at work, where I can't clear the cache, so I'll check out when I'm home. And alerts?
Jun 16 2015 at 3:58am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Jon Spain, What do you mean by:
And alerts?
BitsDuJour Admin - Jun 16 2015 at 5:22am Copy Link
User1 Many people like this software, but users who have SSD drive storage should be aware that Rollback Rx does not support the OS TRIM function. TRIM does not function on any SSD drive on which Rollback Rx is installed.
Jun 16 2015 at 7:40am Copy Link
Jon Spain @Constantin First, I have managed to buy from home. Secondly, on alerts, you used to tell people who wanted something that it was finally available. Those messages are never seen any more, at least not by me.
Jun 16 2015 at 1:38pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Jon Spain, When a promotion will be live in the next days, the I Want This button will show up in its promotion page. If you click the I Want This button for a promotion, then during promotion day you should receive an email letting you know the promotion is live.
BitsDuJour Admin - Jun 16 2015 at 1:54pm Copy Link
George Butel There is absolutely no way I could use this program without being able to direct the data being stored to a non-SSD, for two reasons, one being the space on the SSD is limited, the other being that I don't want to wear the SSD out, as one of the other who posted here asked about--and was apparently not answered. My experience with Roxio's (then Norton's) GoBack was that their program was good but consumed too many resources. With modern Windows systems, from 7 on up, and modern processors, the resource problem is not as potentially disabling. The problem that finally made me give up GoBack was that "massive file activity" such as editing a lot of music or audio/video files would fill up the GoBack buffer and delete all its "save" points. Since space is not a limitation, at least on most external drives these days, that might not be a problem any more--if the program would warn you when your buffer is approaching its limit. See my review of GoBack, originally in 2005, at Tell me if you think this program can be fitted to work on Win8.1 (and Win10 soon) but to use an external drive.
Jun 16 2015 at 9:43pm Copy Link
Jeff Usher Removed by poster - problem resolved.
Jun 16 2015 at 11:40pm Copy Link
Jon Spain @Constantin Thanks, yes, that used to happen but the emails no longer arrive.
Jun 17 2015 at 12:36am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Jon Spain, Thanks for letting me know. We will test thoroughly this part of our site responsible with sending the notification emails for live promotions.
BitsDuJour Admin - Jun 17 2015 at 3:54am Copy Link
Luis Freitas This was once a great program, then it turned in a piece of cr@p some years ago, where clients ask for support after BIG problems and NO ONE answers.

Dont know how it is right now.
Jun 17 2015 at 4:09am Copy Link
Peter Dr Has the developer answered any questions posted here? Apart from BDJ dealing with purchase issues, I do not recognize anything as being from DataSys. And we are already into the second day of this promotion.

Too bad, as it does not bode well for support if we do purchase the program...
Jun 17 2015 at 6:20am Copy Link
User1 @ Peter Dr
The response to my post yesterday morning was an automated email giving access to the "Horizon DataSys Support Portal", but no actual message from anyone at Horizon.

Once there I searched for the topic of SSD TRIM, but it turned up nothing. It also appears that the only activity on that site is 1-2 posts per year giving notice of sale prices on their software products. No actual assistance. Support appears pretty much dead.
Jun 17 2015 at 6:38am Copy Link
Jon Spain Yes, I received automated messages which went nowhere, useless.
Jun 17 2015 at 6:42am Copy Link
Roger Kothawala Here is the big problem, I have numerous purchased copies of RollBack Rx. If for whatever reason I have to replace the hard drive (Use Acronis 2014). After the Image restore, the Rollback RX is no longer functional and if you UN-Install it, WATCH OUT, All User data is GONE. This sucks and not sure what the course of action to perform without loosing the license or Data. Waiting for an answer from RollBack Rx with this issue.
Jun 17 2015 at 7:53am Copy Link
Peter Dr Oh well. It was at one point in time a good program. But the issues raised in all the unanswered questions in the past two days, plus the evident lack of support makes this a highly dubious offer..
Jun 17 2015 at 8:18am Copy Link
Support Thanks to all who have participated so far on this promotion. We apologize for the delay in addressing your questions as its been a while since we've had a sale in Bits Du Jour.

@Ricky Rick
RollBack Rx can be installed alongside any imaging but please be aware that the currently no imaging software will be able to perfectly copy the subconsole (pre-OS menu) and the snapshot history but it should be able to create an image of the current system state. Once you've restored from that image, you would have to uninstall/reinstall RollBac
Horizon DataSys Corporation - Jun 17 2015 at 9:40am Copy Link
Support @Danny
The RollBack Rx subconsole (pre-OS menu) resides in the Master Boot Record and any data that comes in after its installed would be part of its protected state. It should protect the boot sector as well, but if you are using any external boot device (i,e USB/CD/DVD) to bypass the protection then there is a risk of losing the subconosle and the snapshot history which would contain all data after RollBack Rx is installed.
Horizon DataSys Corporation - Jun 17 2015 at 9:50am Copy Link
Support @Peter D
RollBack Rx's protection and recovery feature would only start after the program is installed. The way it works is that if you have a snapshot saved of the system state when the file still existed, you can mount that snapshot as a virtual drive and just browse through the mounted drive to recover the file.

During the uninstall process, you are given a choice to choose which snapshot you wish to keep as your system's final state. This issue may be with just a particular user who did not go through the uninstall process correctly or used a 3rd party uninstaller
Horizon DataSys Corporation - Jun 17 2015 at 9:57am Copy Link
Support @DH007
(1) unfortunately you would still have to uninstall the HOME edition to install the Pro version
(2) Drive Cloner version 6 is still on public beta on our forums if you wish to try it, Its been progressing further so far and we believe it should be out pretty soon, but we don't have an exact ETA yet on its public release.
Horizon DataSys Corporation - Jun 17 2015 at 10:02am Copy Link
Roger Kothawala After the Acronis True Image 2014 Restore, RollBack RX is no longer functional however, I can un-install it. Upon doing so, everything gets set to ground zero which means all the data is lost. Perhaps we need a utility/special re-install from RollBack that will restore the boot sector while not destroying the data. For me, it would not matter if the program functions properly and the previous snapshots are not available as long as the existing data is untouched. I can always start creating new snapshots.
Jun 17 2015 at 10:10am Copy Link
Support @Stefan Hauber
(1) our developers are currently working on support for Windows 10

(2) the main difference of RollBack Rx HOME edition from the PRO edition is that the HOME edition would only limited to 7 snapshots. For a more detailed comparison you can check the page below:

(3) Version 11 may be 6-7 months down the road. As there is no exact release date yet, any upgrades to the next build will be subject to our existing software upgrade policy
Horizon DataSys Corporation - Jun 17 2015 at 10:12am Copy Link
Roger Kothawala I don't get the reply, I have RollBack (the $80 or so version). Is there or is there not a documented way to do an Acronis Image restore and keep RollBack RX functional.
Jun 17 2015 at 11:02am Copy Link
Support @Michael R
(1) As previously mentioned, our developers are currently working on support for Windows 10, but in addition to this, we will not be supporting it at launch. Major upgrades (i.e version 10 > version 11) will be covered by our current software upgrade policy. http://support.horizondat...ade-policy

(2) The snapshot data would only be stored on the partition it protects, it can't be redirected. (FYI the installation snapshot size may be misleading, its calculated at current disk space used + RollBack Rx installation files)
Horizon DataSys Corporation - Jun 17 2015 at 11:09am Copy Link
Support @Roger Kothawala
We apologize for the inconvenience. We do however need more details regarding on how the backup image was initially created. It may be ideal if you could file a support ticket for this at

Generally, if the backup was image was created within Windows, then the current system data is captured, but if its done pre-OS (i.e boot CD/DVD) then only the baseline data is captured. Based on what happened on your scenario it looks like the image captured was just the baseline.
Horizon DataSys Corporation - Jun 17 2015 at 11:16am Copy Link
Support @User1
RollBack Rx with work with an SSD with TRIM enabled. To further explain you can check this on our forum below:
Horizon DataSys Corporation - Jun 17 2015 at 12:36pm Copy Link
User1 @ Support 06-12-2015 from the

“Rollback and TRIM... not so perfect together.
Just finished a remote demonstration for Horizon DataSys Senior Tech Support showing, unequivocly, that TRIM *DOES NOT FUNCTION* on a Rollback protected System partition (most likely any protected partition) located on an SSD. Both of us agreed that TRIM did not function correctly during the demonstration.

This is why the TRIM function is important for SSDs: “Without TRIM, SSDs are forced to carry around old DATA ad infinitum and this makes GARBAGE COLLECTION very difficult over time. The ability to spread WRITEs over a large group of NAND blocks (required to reduce WRITE AMPLIFICATION) becomes very difficult. The few "over provisioning" blocks become extremely overwritten eventually causing their WRITE death. When this happens, the device has to start doing what they call READ/ERASE/MODIFY/WRITE operations on NAND cells carrying around that massive unTRIMmed data... this operation is very slow in time

HDS really needs to FIX this bug once and for all... it's been in place for 4-yrs now and that's really unacceptable.”
Jun 18 2015 at 12:38am Copy Link
S G @User1-

1 - Trim is highly overrated.

I have a few machines with the first generation SSD's (from 2007) that did not support trim at the drive level which are still running great. Drive speeds are very close to what they were when new using DiskMark. I am not saying it isn't valuable, just that it isn't imperative. One of those drives is in a production machine that has had GoBack running on it for 8 years!

2 - Rollback has stated officially that they do support trim. I know it has been a controversial item on Wilders, but this has all been speculation that it does not, and it is really hard to tell when a program like this is running.

@Roger Kathawala-

On the machines that have Rollback (or similar programs like GoBack, Comodo time machine, etc.) the best thing to do is run a raw sector based image of the drive from outside windows. IT MUST BE SECTOR BASED AND INCLUDE UNUSED BLOCKS. This is an option on most imaging programs.

A restore of this image will bring back all snapshots and everything as it was when the image was taken.
Jun 22 2015 at 3:49am Copy Link
User1 @ S G
Thx for the reply. The latest from Horizon, in their own blog, is that SSD TRIM does not function properly under Rollback Rx. That's about as official as it gets.
The issue has also been discussed in recent months in Wilders as you said, and TweakTown has also done a good job with it.
The absence of TRIM probably adversely affects the longevity of an SSD, although an average SSD user may not notice a difference, and may replace the SSD before it shows signs of degradation and write failure.
Jun 22 2015 at 5:52am Copy Link
S G @User1-

I think you are quoting Froggie (aka "The Rollback Frog"), not a Horizon representative.

As far as I know, Horizon has not stated that TRIM does not work. They still maintain that it is just difficult to see the trim operation while Rollback is running (because it takes control of the data access on the disk from windows).

I am not affiliated with Rollback in any way, but I have been participating in the Wilders forum for several years with "Froggie", the individual who ran the recent test.

If you have a link to Horizon stating that it does not work with TRIM, I would be very curious to see it, as I have several clients running Rollback.

PS - I think Rollback is a pretty good product. It's limitations are that it does not protect from your primary disk failure or corruption, but that is overcome by occasional raw disk images.

And again, my old Samsung 64GB SSD from 8 years ago running with no trim (XP & Vista did not have Trim) is doing fine with heavy usage!
Jun 22 2015 at 1:57pm Copy Link
User1 Hi S G --

This month the poster 'froggie' stated that "Just finished a remote demonstration for Horizon DataSys Senior Tech Support showing, unequivocly, that TRIM *DOES NOT FUNCTION* on a Rollback protected System partition (most likely any protected partition) located on an SSD. Both of us agreed that TRIM did not function correctly during the demonstration."

Not to be rude or argumentative, but if he said that TRIM does not function properly, and the vendor's tech agreed, that's good enough for me until Horizon provides newer definitive information. I also have some old SSDs (Intel M series) that still work well w/o TRIM, but more modern SSDs support TRIM for a reason. There's no reason to use software, even otherwise good software, that does not allow TRIM to do its job.

(It also appears the vendor is somewhat unresponsive to testers who have tried to nail down the TRIM issue.)
Jun 23 2015 at 10:38am Copy Link
S G Hi User1-

I understand that Froggie's comment is good enough for you, but it should be made clear to anyone else reading this blog that this is one persons opinion, not the company's statement or necessarily even a fact.

It is great to make people aware of a potential issue, but I am against promoting an opinion as fact, especially when it can sway someone away from an otherwise decent piece of software.

Personally, I believe TRIM may actually be working on the Rollback system, but since they take control of disk operations from windows, its hard to prove this without a dedicated utility (which would have to be provided by Rollback). I don't think they want to invest resources in proving they are doing something for the very small amount of people that question it.

Then again, that it is just my opinion, which is really not any more useful.

I hope an actual Rollback representative posts on this to clear things up.

Just my 2 cents...
Jun 23 2015 at 2:32pm Copy Link
User1 Thx S G -- Yes, a Rollback tech comment would be very welcome, if it's substantive and not merely an assertion. (I guess we've become jaded these days.)
I don't necessarily take one blogger's opinion for anything, although he doesn't seem to have a stake in anything except being right. But the other side seems to be lacking credible input to put this issue to rest.
Also the TTown guys provided useful info, apparently with no axe to grind, and yet they seemed to be stonewalled by the vendor since 2013.

I'm not interested in furthering any particular point of view .... it looks like an excellent product and I want to buy the software for several machines. But at nearly the cost of an OS it's not cheap. I just won't use it until I understand what it can and cannot do.
Thanks for a civil and interesting discussion. I'll wait for a reply from Horizon Data, but they seem disinterested in small potatoes users. Until then regular backup software will have to do. Cheers.
Jun 24 2015 at 12:53am Copy Link
S G @user1-

There are some other options for you if cost is a factor.

Comodo Time machine works very well on Windows 7, and it is completely free. However, it is also COMPLETELY unsupported and you really should perform regular raw disk images (from outside windows, all sectors...even unused). Note that a conventional image backup while Comodo is running does not work as it will with Rollback.

Since any snapshot software (including rollback) has disk level access, if there is a corruption on the disk in a few key areas, you will lose all info, so a raw image is a requirement. More so with Comodo, IMHO. Note that some people have had a lot of problems uninstalling Comodo without data loss. I have never had an issue & I have run Comodo on 2 machines without incidence for a few years.

Another free option is from Rollback. They offer a home user and XP version which are free, but limit you to a smaller number of snapshots. I snapshot every few minutes, so not valuable to me, but if you do a snapshot once a day, it would be fine to give you several days of protection.

Either way, use a regular raw image (sector by sector) to assure you do not lose data with any of these programs. Note that a raw image takes up more space than a regular image, since it is copying everything, even unused space.

Good Luck!

Edit - by the way, I think these programs are invaluable, even with their limitations and do not like to run any machine without them. I have been using them since GoBack in the 90's and they are worth the extra imaging. The give the ability to go back in time that is really invaluable. I do it proactively sometimes if I accidentally open a suspicious email, just to be sure.
Jun 24 2015 at 10:35am Copy Link
User1 Hi S G --
Thanks for the suggestions for alternatives to Rollback Rx.

I've heard of them, including the old GoBack.
Am somewhat familiar with Comodo Time Machine, even downloaded it once, but have never installed it. It's hard to install an unknown bit that has disk level access. I will now on your recommendation.

If it's reasonably safe free is definitely worth a try, especially since if works out it will be used on eight windows 7-8-10 machines. Of course there will be a complete sector backup before installing anything like that.

If the RB vendor posts more complete data per discussion here or on another website I'm open to giving it a spin. People who use it give it good marks. Not to be stubborn about it (well apparently I am!) but SSD GC and TRIM are important for getting the most from expensive storage devices, so I'll decide on RB when better information is available.

Thanks again for the thoughtful discussion and advice. Much appreciated!
Jun 24 2015 at 2:59pm Copy Link
Support @SG /User1.

Thanks guys for keeping this discussion open.

We do apologize if we don't have much presence here as its been a while since our last BDJ sale and this thread is not actively monitored after the sale period. We do encourage you to join our forum (if you are not yet a member) to further discuss this matter with fellow RollBack Rx users.

Some answers to the concerns here:
- Our official stance still is that RollBack Rx will install on an SSD with TRIM enabled. The discussion mostly is whether TRIM works while RollBack is installed and the issue here is that because of the proprietary nature on how our developers were working on this vs transparency is what is creating the conflict.

As per your link, one of the forum guys did talk to our senior tech in terms of showing that the TRIM function is not working while RollBack is installed and our developers are still reviewing the steps taken. We may release a statement to clarify this matter further on our forums/blog

Again thanks for the lively discussion please visit our community forum for further updates.
Horizon DataSys Corporation - Jun 24 2015 at 5:01pm Copy Link
User1 Thanks @ Support.
Will keep appraised at the user forum. Kudos.
Jun 25 2015 at 12:04am Copy Link
Froggie Well... I'm the FROG mentioned in some of the above posts so I figured I needed to stop by and say "Hi!"

As far as Rollback RX and TRIM are concerned, they DO NOT work together. You can wait until the cows come home before you'll hear a confirmation from Horizon DataSys on that fact. My conclusions were not drawn using some funny time disk block mgmt/mapping by Rollback to obfuscate my results.

it's simple really... I used a simple disk SECTOR viewer to monitor the contents of disk blocks while running under both a Rollback-protected and non-protected system. Under Rollback, I filled up my protected SSD with a known DATA pattern (of course I used "Froggy") then checked after I had deleted all that data, defragmented using the Rollback defragment command (which gives the storage back to the OS but doesn't TRIM the SSD. Took a few snapshots, deleted them, defragged them and looked again... "Froggy" data still on the surface of the disk. Then I uninstalled Rollback and looked at the surface of the SSD once again... all the test DATA (whole disk's worth) was still in the SSD but now it was being carried around forever by the SSD's Garbage Collection algorithms. The surface DATA had never been TRIMmed during any of the processes involved.

As soon as I ran the Win8 OPTIMIZATION process on the unprotected SSD (no Rollback installed), all the test DATA pattern was TRIMmed properly.

It's not rocket science, it's not disk block obfuscation and it's not some "colorful" message from HDS saying that all is OK... it's really TRIMming the SSD correctly.

It DOES NOT WORK, period.
Jul 9 2015 at 11:03pm Copy Link
User1 @ Froggie Thanks for taking the time and putting in the effort to test the software claim and write about it here.

So many people use and like Rollback that I hope HDS puts in the time to fix the TRIM issue. It is an important shortcoming. Horizon should invest resources into correcting it.
Jul 10 2015 at 4:53am Copy Link
Froggie It's been over a month since I demonstrated to HDS the failure of TRIM under Rollback RX. Their Senior Tech Support agreed at the time that TRIM was not functioning at all under Rollback. There has been no additional feedback from HDS since that time.

Since this TRIM function question has been at hand since the release of v9.1 on July 18, 2011 (1st issue of full TRIM support for SSDs)... I would think HDS would really want to put it to bed once and for all... but I have my doubts it will be done in any sort of timely manner.

Their development staff seems to be very limited, and a lot of the time they are required to respond to many of the support issues at hand... this keeps that sort of manpower unavailable for both serious issues like TRIM non-function (almost 4-yrs and counting) and additional development time needed for their products. We see this currently in their announcement that Rollback RX (and most of their other products) will not be fully functional with Windows 10 until January 2016, a full 6-mo. after the release of the OS. Since the Windows 10 PREVIEW has been available since late last year, I find a full 14-mo. requirement to "evolve" an existing product to be a bit excessive.

With all they have on their "table" in the coming months (multi-product development, major support issues, 4-yr old bugs), I have my doubts that any of their upcoming issues will be dealt with in a timely manner.
Jul 10 2015 at 7:53am Copy Link
S G Hi Froggie-

Just to be fair, I think you should discuss the positives of this software also when posting. I don't want to defend them too much, but it is not "bad" software.

Your stuff is great to discuss in detail on Wilders where we have hundreds of pages of discussion, the user level is very technically competent, and people have significant experience with the software as well as the unique situations where it may fail. Everybody there gets into the nitty gritty of each software package option, knows the pros and cons of each, and can choose the best package for their use.

Here it is probably a less technical group and only a few will really get into the Wilders threads. However, most people reading this will be put off by your posts. Everyone should know the limitations of software, but, you probably should paint both sides or you will direct people to another option that may not be as good for them.

Just sayin...

PS - I participate in the Wilders discussions and really appreciate your is really good. I do not want to insult you in any way... I think you are a credit to the industry!
Jul 10 2015 at 9:52am Copy Link
Froggie SG... I don't really question the effectiveness of TRIM. Long term TRIM-enabled studies have shown WRITE lifes of most commercial SSDs to be greater than 750tB, which is a lot more data than most peoiple would ever write in the life of their computer. I'm sure non-TRIM testing will bring that number down but still keep it plenty large for most users (look at your SMART data, it should give you a good picture of your old drives position).

What I really take issue with is Horizon DataSys, and I really can't say this any other way... mis-leading potential users of their software for almost 4-yrs concerning the TRIM issue... it has never worked since it was first offered. There have been many, many questions concerning HDS TRIM capability and since the beginning the corporate line has been "Don't worry, trust us... it really does work!"

The other thing I have always tried to do is inform any Rollback interested party as to the shortcomings of Rollback RX... HDS has NEVER done that. My creation of the document mentioned above was primarily for those interested parties to understand Rollback's shortcomings. I did this because many, many Rollback users wound up in the documented traps and lost their systems and their data... and many of them wound up "in my lap" asking for help.

All I ever wanted was for HDS to be completely honest with their potential users as to known (by HDS) risks associated with that product. I've given them that document to peruse, test, and hopefully update their appropriate FAQs as to those risks. They said they would look it over carefully and respond... of course that was 4-mo. ago.

I've used their products... many of my clients still do (overseen carefully by me), but new users, the ones created in this type of forum, need to know the issues BEFORE they get into such a system. The potential disasters, which in most cases can be averted, need to be known by those users.

That's why I'm here...
Jul 10 2015 at 12:15pm Copy Link
Giorgio User Sto provando il Vostro RollBack Rx Pro 10 e vorrei sapere perchè non si installa su Windows XP SP2 a 32 bit su un disco a stato solido? Grazie della cortese risposta

I'm trying your RollBack Rx Pro 10 and would like to know why you do not install on Windows XP 32-bit SP2 on a solid state drive? Thanks for your kind reply
Sep 1 2015 at 7:54am Copy Link

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QILING Disk Master Professional + Lifetime Free Upgrades (PC) Discount
for PC
QILING Disk Master Professional + Lifetime Free Upgrades
Back Up and Recover Your Data in Minutes
Drive Cloner Rx (PC) Discount
for PC
Drive Cloner Rx
Easily Recover from Catastrophic System Crashes
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