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Tabbles 5Discount

Tabbles 5

The Ultimate Desktop Tagging System.. Now With Comments on files, Auto-tagging for file content, Sharing, Chrome and Outlook integration!

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Platforms: Vista and above (32 and 64 bit)
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Let’s talk about document management and getting-things-done for a moment. Right now, you probably think that your system of organization works pretty well — you’ve got folders on your hard drive that are dedicated to certain clients, types of documents, dates, and whatnot.

But how cool would it be, to be able to tag files and search through tags instead? Or how awesome would it be, to be able to write comments on a file or a folder, to keep track of what was done there, when and by whom? And what if a document can rightfully belong to MORE THAN ONE category, where do you put it? Do you make two copies? What if one gets updated and the other doesn't?

Tabbles is a revolutionary new document management system that will help you to categorize and organize your files more efficiently than ever! With Tabbles, you can tag files from your right-click menu in Windows and you can share it with your colleagues too! You can also create as many tags as you need, then assign each of your documents to one or more tags! Did you hear that? You can put the same file into several tags, without the need for problematic file duplication! This is the primary benefit to Tabbles's non-hierarchical and cross-linked structure.

Beyond the ability to place the same file into several tags, Tabbles also excels at describing the contents of your files, folders, and bookmarks. No longer will you have to remember the exact name of a file to find it - just describe the file to Tabbles in an easy and natural way, and Tabbles will find it for you!


But I hear you saying "Tagging is cool, but tagging files takes time! Who is going to tag all this stuff?"... Tabbles will! You can use Tabbles's auto-tagging rules to automatically tag any file docx, xlsx, pdf file that contains the word "Contract" (yes, Tabbles search in the CONTENT of files too!) or any file created in the folder C:\Contracts that is named "_delivered_". You can use Tabbles as an effective data-mining tool to find important and lost documents on your local and shared-drives: you can right click on a folder or a drive and click on "Apply auto-tagging rules", to have Tabbles's auto-tagging rules unleashed on the whole drive!

Outlook, Chrome, Dropbox/Onedrive...

But Tabbles is not only about files: it comes with an Outlook plugin (pre-installed) and a Chrome Extension that will make tagging emails and bookmarks easier than ever - and you can find them inside your tags, along with your files like in virtual file system!

All of this works for files that are saved on your hard disk, your network drives or any file synchronization service like Dropbox or OneDrive: as long you have your files synchronized on a local folder, you can tell Tabbles "this folder on this PC is part of this Dropbox sharing" and Tabbles will know that those folders on those PCs contain the same files, so if you tag a file once, you can see the tagging in all of them (folder synchronization requires Tabbles Pro or Corporate license, see manual here.)

Share tagging and comments with your colleagues

How messy are your shared-drives at work? How often did you ask your colleagues "where is that file?" and no one knows... so that you have to send that file per email, only to find out it's not the last version? With Tabbles you share the tagging and the comments you write on files that are stored on a shared drive or a Dropbox/OneDrive folder. Your colleagues will be able to browse your shared tagging (and vice-versa) and to reply to the comments you added on each file. All of this, is managed by a powerful user and group system, with granular permission control, and well integrated in ActiveDirectory. Tabbles can in fact be an alternative to Sharepoint, to get your documents organized and communicate about them (this requires Tabbles Basic or Corporate).

Tabbles in a nutshell

  • Tag files with multiple tags and find files based on what they're related to independent to their position on disk (can be shared with colleagues).
  • Add comments to files, in a chat-like fashion (can be shared with colleagues).
  • Auto-tag files based on their content, name or position on disk.
  • Tag emails in Outlook.
  • Tag Bookmarks in Chrome (and other browsers, using the bookmarklet).

Please note folks, a license for Tabbles 5 includes all upgrades and support. If the license expires, the software goes back to "Free" mode: it's still working and all the tagging is still there.

After you purchase Tabbles 5, it may be used for 12 months.

This promotion includes the following:
Tabbles Basic (1 year subscription) ($22.27)
Tabbles Pro (1 licenses) - 1 year subscription ($44.53)
Tabbles Corporate (1 year subscription) ($89.06)
Tabbles Corporate (10 licenses Bundle) - 1 year subscription ($890.64)

The Conversation
The Fine Print
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Garry Camps assuming 1 year basic subscription, what happens after the 1 year sub has ended
Apr 19 at 12:57am Copy Link
Andrea D'Intino Hi Garry,
the software goes back to "Free mode", so fully functional but with a nag screen. None of your data or tagging will be lost if the subscription expires.
Yellow blue soft - Apr 19 at 1:01am Copy Link
HJ B Does this system work with ANY file or is it any file that is a docx pdf or xlsx. e.g., will it work with an epub or txt or wav or xyz ?
Apr 19 at 3:29am Copy Link
Andrea D'Intino HJ B:
You can use Tabbles tag tag ANY file.
Tabbles can also auto-tag files based on their content, and here all the Office files are supported, along with .pdf, .epub, .txt as well as .wav and .xyz
(you can download the free version and give it a try yourself)
Yellow blue soft - Apr 19 at 3:43am Copy Link
Jeanette Fong what is the difference between basic and pro
Apr 19 at 5:23pm Copy Link
Andrea D'Intino Jeanette: please see here
Yellow blue soft - Apr 19 at 11:10pm Copy Link

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