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Tabbles 4 - bundled licensesDiscount

Tabbles 4 - bundled licenses

The Ultimate Desktop Tagging System.. Now With Sharing, Explorer and Outlook integration!

for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Vista and above (32 and 64 bit)
Tabbles 4 - bundled licenses ScreenshotFile Management Software ScreenshotTabbles 4 - bundled licenses, File Management Software ScreenshotTabbles 4 - bundled licenses, Software Utilities ScreenshotFile Management Software, Tabbles 4 - bundled licenses Screenshot

Check it out folks: Yellow blue soft has just released a major update for Tabbles (v4.0):Tabbles is now a zero-setup application and requires no SQL Server or no Cloud account to run (as it uses LocalDB).
Please notice that the licenses for the bundles will be sent manually within a few hours after purchase but you can install and start using the software (in demo mode) until then.

Let's talk about document management for a moment. Right now, you probably think that your system of organization works pretty well -- you've got folders on your hard drive that are dedicated to certain clients, types of documents, dates, and whatnot. But if a document can rightfully belong to MORE THAN ONE category, where do you put it? Do you make two copies? What if one gets updated and the other doesn't?

Tabbles is a revolutionary new document management system that will help you to categorize and organize your files more efficiently than ever! With Tabbles, you create as many categorized tabbles (they function like folders) as you need, then assign each of your documents to one or more tabbles! Did you hear that? You can put the same file into several tabbles, without the need for problematic file duplication! This is the primary benefit to Tabbles' non-hierarchical and cross-linked structure.

Click the following link for a quick overview from the developer and what’s new in the Version 4.

Beyond the ability to place the same file into several categories, Tabbles also excels at describing the contents of your files, folders, and bookmarks. No longer will you have to remember the exact name of a file to find it - just describe the file to Tabbles in an easy and natural way, and Tabbles will find it for you!

***Announcing Outlook plugin and Explorer integration: the Tabbles-Outlook plugin allows you to tag your emails in Outlook (or Tabbles) and then search them based on tags in Outlook (and Tabbles). It's like an extension of Outlook's “categories”. And it's a darn-good way to organize, sort, and search your emails right along with your documents! And Tabbles can now track file movements in Explorer and show an overlay icon in Explorer, so now you can see your tagged files right on your desktop! ***

Just one glance at your file icons immediately tells you which tabbles are linked to each file. The tabbles are arranged in a circle that surrounds each file, so you know right away if a file belongs to more than one category. You can even use Tabbles to navigate your way through files based on how they are related!

But Tabbles isn't just a document manager. It's also a "social tagging tool" that facilitates document sharing in an extraordinarily intuitive way:

Want to be able to share and manage files with your friends, family, and colleagues? Sick of navigating permissions settings and file trees? With the shared tagging feature, Tabbles allows multiple users to browse and contribute to each-others tagging routines. Shared tagging in Tabbles is as simple as single-user tagging, but provides a very real alternative to massively expensive corporate Document Management Systems. Tabbles Shared Tagging offers an extremely gentle learning curve and is extraordinarily fast to use and requires zero-setup:

  • Find files based on what they're related to independent to their position on disk.
  • On-the-fly group files far away from each other, based on their relations.
  • Speed-up collaboration and communication -- tags can describe files extremely efficiently.
  • (New in Version 4) Outlook integration: tag your emails and have them grouped with files inside Tabbles.
  • (New in Version 4, working only on Vista/7/8) Explorer integration: Tabbles now tracks file movement, and shows an icon overlay in Explorer on the files that are tagged.
  • ...and much more. Follow the link for a comprehensive overview of Tabbles' new shared tagging features and what’s new in the Version 4.

Please note folks: for all the Tabbles Corporate offers, we will only accept one order per user.

This promotion includes the following:
Tabbles Home - 5 licenses bundle ($145)
Tabbles Business - 5 licenses bundle ($345)
Tabbles Corporate - 5 licenses bundle ($645)
Tabbles Corporate - 10 licenses bundle ($1290)

The Conversation
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Felix User licensed per user, Transfer of a license to another owned computer is allowed !
On how much computer may each license be installed ?
Thanks in advance,
Feb 7 at 5:21am Copy Link
Adolphe I would be eager to hear about other users' experience with this product. I tried it for a while some time ago (single-user install), and while the tabbing concept is immensely interesting, and potentially a saving grace to Windows rotten search capabilites, I was disappointed with the implementation.

First thing is, keeping your tabs in order requires some discipline. That I might put up with. However, the use which is made of a local SQL database looked unwieldy to me. I couldn't find a way to make both my user accounts work with it (the non-admin user account I work under almost all the time, and the admin account I use when I really need to). Since Tabbles is a sort of Windows Explorer replacement, it has of course to work transparently in all accounts.
Feb 8 at 1:48pm Copy Link
H. H. Hallo @developer
could you explain how the usage would be e.g.
1 pc, 1 nb, 1 external harddisk, 1 usb-stick (but no cloud-service):
in case I have documents and folders test1 on pc and nb
1. how would I synchronize them?
2 . what would happen in case I tagged the file/folder test1 with "a" on pc and with "b" on nb?
3. what would happen in case I would have a file/folder test2 on harddisk and test2 on usb?
4. what would happen in case I connect harddisk or usb stick with file/folder test2 tagged as test2a with the pc and tagged with test 2b
with the nb?
5. would the nb recognize the file/folder test2 as 2a or 2a or ask what should happen (because the same file has been tagged differently on pc and nb
6. what happens in case a file / folder has been tagged on external harddisk / usb stick in case the assigned drive letter changes?
7. what would happen in case one has to install a complete new system (new pc) - can the tablles-tag information be transferred?

thaynk you for clarifying in advance
Feb 9 at 2:08am Copy Link
Andrea D'Intino Hi H.H.

1. you need to synchronize them with your own sync tool. Then you can set a "Sharing > Folder synchronization" in Tabbles, to make sure Tabbles knows those files are the same

2. if you did the point above well, then you should have the files tagged with a and b

3. 4. and 5. if you setup properly the (1.), then the files will be seen as the same. If you don't they'll be seen as different files.

6. Tabbles would understand the change of letter

7. Yes, the tags sit in a Microsoft SQL Database
Yellow blue soft - Feb 9 at 2:52am Copy Link
david fullerton I am interested in this app, but this is first time that I have ever seen it. And, the videos that I have seen on Youtube, don't really illustrate it really well. Is there a money-back guarantee for a short-period of time? I'd like to purchase, but not sure if it would fit into what I do. I already use folders & subfolders well, but I wish that this license opportunity would come around again.

Can anyone tell me if it does come around occasionally?

Feb 9 at 5:07am Copy Link
Mats Thell Hi, Im also interested in testing out a similar scenario as HH is talking about, but cant figure out if a Home license is enough or if the syncing between databases using dropbox/onedrive/gdrive etc. for multiple clients is only with business license ?

One users with multiple clients, laptop, home pc, work pc etc.

Feb 9 at 5:25am Copy Link
Norm Sash Hi... I see in the list of features for v4 is this statement:

(New in Version 4, working only on Vista/7/8) Explorer integration: Tabbles now tracks file movement, and shows an icon overlay in Explorer on the files that are tagged.

Does this mean that it does not integrate with Win10 Explorer?
Feb 9 at 8:10am Copy Link
Andrea D'Intino @David: you are welcome to download the free version from and give it a try

@Mats: one user with multiple pcs = Business version. Drobox sync works with all licenses

@Norm: tracks it ALSO in Win 10 Explorer :)
Yellow blue soft - Feb 9 at 10:17am Copy Link
Metta Zetty Trying to figure out how the sharing function works.....

(1) Am I correct in understanding our only sharing options are either shared drives or a 3rd party file sharing service like Dropbox?

(2) If I use Dropbox as my public sharing vehicle, will I able to share top level folder access to an entire Tabbles collection and still control (limit) user tagging permissions?
Feb 9 at 10:30am Copy Link
Andrea D'Intino @Metta:

1) not sure what you mean with sharing options? You can tell Tabbles "this local folder is a sync'ed folder, and it's called 'Metta's Dropbox'". If you do that on 3 PC's, the Tabbles installed on the 3PCs will see all the three local folders as the same folder. To do this you can use Dropbox or any other file synchronization software or service.

2) you assign permission in Windows Explorer: Tabbles can not override those. The only permissions you setup in Tabbles are related to "who can see your tags and what they contain"
Yellow blue soft - Feb 9 at 10:46am Copy Link
Mats Thell Cant get the syncronization to work over my Onedrive's. So I guess I missunderstod the syncronization. ( Setup according to: )

Is there any way to move the database between computers ?

Can tabbles work in portable mode ?
Feb 9 at 10:51am Copy Link
Andrea D'Intino @Mats:
Move databases: yes
Portable: no
Yellow blue soft - Feb 9 at 10:57am Copy Link
Andrea D'Intino @Mats: check the manual now (I added the point 4, maybe that's what you miss)
Yellow blue soft - Feb 9 at 11:00am Copy Link
Metta Zetty Thanks for your follow-up and clarification, Andrea.

My question about Dropbox is related to sharing my Tabbles publicly.

(1) Is there any reason I can't provide public access to an entire Tabbles collection in Dropbox?

Please note that I am specifically referring to publicly sharing a Dropbox link vs. using the individual or group "share" function. I also want to confirm that the full Tabbles "tag" display would be available using this shared link.

(2) Am I correct in understanding that the only licensing constraint on Dropbox sharing is whether the use is for business or personal purposes?
Feb 9 at 11:04am Copy Link
Andrea D'Intino @Metta: the tags in Tabbles are not files, they're not stored on your hard drive or dropbox. The tags site in a database. You can share your tagging to another Tabbles user, whether using the Tabbles Cloud or using your own database... with our without Dropbox.

Tag-sharing = user can share his TAGS with other users, no matter if the FILES are on a shared drive or Dropbox. To do this you need Business (single user, 3x PCS) or Corporate (multiple users, one license per user)

File-sync in Tabbles (e.g. Tabbles understands that this local folder is your dropbox folder) = works on any license

I suppose that you want tag files on your dropbox folder and share your tagging, so that other people can browse your tags and open the files in Dropbox? If so you'll need 1 Corporate license per user.

- I know this is complicated, I hoped I explained it ok! :)
Yellow blue soft - Feb 9 at 11:16am Copy Link
Andrea D'Intino Update: sharing tags via a Dropbox is link is no-go
Yellow blue soft - Feb 9 at 11:21am Copy Link
Metta Zetty Thanks, Andrea. Your explanation was very helpful.

If I understand you correctly, it looks like:
-- open public sharing of a Tabbles collection or any specific Tabbles tags is NOT option,
-- all Dropbox sharing must be done using the private internal "share" function within Dropbox (instead of public link sharing), and
-- one (1) corporate license is required for each user with whom you wish to share private access to a Tabbles collection in Dropbox.

Is this correct?
Feb 9 at 11:26am Copy Link
Peter User Is there a way I can ask Tabbles to auto-tag a file with a tag where that tag appears in the file name or in the path? For example, if I have tags 'car', 'Honda' and 'Civic' and I create the file:

C:\Cars\Stock\Honda Civic Tourer 1.6 iDtec.pdf

I would like Tabbles to apply the above 3 tags to that file..... BUT here is the kicker, I want to do it without having to specify 3 separate auto-tagging rules, which is the only way I can see of doing this currently. It is OK to do it this way with only 3 tags but when you have (say) 100+ tags, creating the auto-tagging rules become very laborious.

Feb 9 at 11:33am Copy Link
Norm Sash Hi... I'm a bit confused on the licensing / product required. In my example I have the following:

2 Computers
OneDrive and Amazon Cloud that I want to tag in Tabbles
Not seeing the need to share tags right now with others, just need them available on both computers.

Which product do I need for this?
Feb 9 at 11:57am Copy Link
Petr I've been waiting for Tabbles to be on sale here at BitsDuJour. I'm interested in the Corporate Edition. I just have some pre-sale questions:

#1. How does Tabbles handle files and folder movements? For instance, I've tagged files and folders on my Drive C: then I move some of these files to Drive D: and others to Drive E: and yet others to a Network Share. What happens to the Tabbles and my ability to fully use Tabbles features?

#2. What happens when I duplicate files and give the duplicate a new name?

#3. What happens when I copy a file to an archive drive? So, now I have two files with the same name.
#3 (a) In some instances, I want to retain the Tabbles associations and features.
#3(b) In other insances of the copied file, I want to delete the Tabbles associations and features (because it is a file copy just used for archive or backup purposes).
Feb 9 at 1:03pm Copy Link
Mark User Another "access" question. If one put all of the relevant files into the cloud somewhere, would anyone with a corporate account be able to utilize tabbles on those files? In other words, purchasing a corporate account for each individual user, even if not actually part of the same company or using the same servers?
Feb 9 at 1:44pm Copy Link
Andrea D'Intino @Metta:
I re-read 3 times your last message, what you write here makes no sense to me. I have the feeling you didn't really grasp what Tabbles does. I recommend you install the free version from our website and play with it.

@Peter user:
Yes you can, using regular expressions:

@Norm Sash:
Start with the free version

1# Tabbles "listens" that
2# then you have 2 files
3#, 3#a, 3#b same as 2#
If you copy a file, Tabbles sees it as a different file, it's like this by design
Yellow blue soft - Feb 9 at 1:49pm Copy Link
Andrea D'Intino @Mark user:
what is a "corporate account"? Do you mean a "Corporate license"?
If so: Tabbles does NOT store or synchronize files.
When we talk about "Dropbox synchronization", what we mean is that, if you have a Dropbox folder and you IF you have the Dropbox application INSTALLED ON YOUR PC and configured, you can tell Tabbles that "this is your Dropbox folder".
Anyone else who is synchronizing that folder on his pc can do the same thing with Tabbles.
Only those people, will be able to tag and open files, that are located in the Dropbox (local) folder.
Am I explaning this?
Yellow blue soft - Feb 9 at 1:55pm Copy Link
Petr @Andrea D'Intino, Thanks for your responses. Please confirm I understand correctly.
#1. When I move a file or folder, the Tabbles properties remain unchanged and the files or folders behave the same as when they were located in the original location, correct?

#2, #3. When I duplicate a file, the new copy of the file retains the same Tabbles properties and associations, correct?

New Question: Are there any known incompatibilities? Where can I find such a list? Specifically, is Tabbles compatible with RecentX and Listary? Thanks
Feb 9 at 1:58pm Copy Link
Andrea D'Intino @Petr

1# correct

2# No. If you tag C:\file.pdf with tags "a" and "b" and then copy it to D:\, the file D:\file.pdf will have NO tags

I believe that your questions about incompatibility is not relevant. Please install the free version and give it a go!
Yellow blue soft - Feb 9 at 2:05pm Copy Link
Peter User Hi Andrea,
I don't think regular expressions will do the job. I am looking for an auto-tagging rule which operates as follows:

If a file is created in [directory name] (and optionally its subfolders) and the filename (and optionally the path) includes ANY of the tags defined in Tabbles, then apply all the matching tags to the file.

I believe a regular expression still requires me to specify the matching text and the tags which apply (I noticed in the Wiki that there was an option to 'put the file in Tabble' - which does not appear in my copy of the edit auto-tagging rule dialog box - all I have is 'tag the file with these tags'
Feb 9 at 11:46pm Copy Link
Nico Westerdale Great News! Yellow blue soft has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy!
BitsDuJour Admin - Feb 10 at 12:11am Copy Link
Andrea D'Intino @Peter User:
you're indeed right, RegEx won't work here... sorry, we don't have a solution for that.
Yellow blue soft - Feb 10 at 2:55am Copy Link
Ivo Stika Hi,
I am still waiting for license keys. Strange, as usually developers deliver within minutes, not 12+ hours after payment was confirmed.
Feb 10 at 3:17am Copy Link
Andrew Griffiths Hi - 2 questions please:

1. What demands does Tabbles make on resources? I bought the product several years ago - I think just when it was first released - but uninstalled because it slowed down my computer.

2. What does 5 licenses bundle mean? I see the license terms are per user. So I presume this means:
- with one of the 5 licenses I can install Tabbles on MY computers
- the other 4 licenses I can give to family members etc

Is that right?

Cheers, Andrew
Feb 10 at 4:57am Copy Link
Marc Lingenfelter I purchased yesterday morning and 24 hours later still have not received my licenses.
Feb 10 at 5:46am Copy Link
Ivo Stika It is sorted out. I contacted the developer and all license keys should be distributed during weekend. Strange, but still acceptable.
Feb 10 at 1:42pm Copy Link
Adolphe Interesting discussion. I would be tempted to jump to conclusions and say that this is not an easy to use program (or concept), but of course one would need to check that after actual usage. Nevertheless I salute the support provided here by the publisher. It's a step ahead what I got when I evaluated the program a while ago.
Feb 10 at 1:42pm Copy Link
H. H. @develober
thank you for clarifying questions yesterday.
now another question:
setting up the sql server is not too easy, so it seems to be a good idea to allow local db, which will make the program easier to use for non - professionals as you have done in version 4.
Now the question:

when having only created a local database - is it possible to move the tags later (in case one want to use more pcs) to a sql server?

thank you for clarifying before the bdj offer ends in advance

Feb 10 at 2:10pm Copy Link
Andrea D'Intino @Ivo and mark: will do tomorrow

@Andrew: now it uses less than 100mb of ram, give it a new try!

@Adolphe: thanks!

@H H: yes, localdb and Cloud are the easiest to start. You can later move your db if needed
Yellow blue soft - Feb 10 at 2:56pm Copy Link
Andrew Griffiths @Andrea - what about my licenses question, please?
Feb 10 at 9:23pm Copy Link
Andrea D'Intino @Andrew: sorry, didn't see the second point... Yes you are right
Yellow blue soft - Feb 10 at 10:27pm Copy Link
Peter User Tried to buy with 5 minutes to go on the offer and the buying link does not work :-(
Feb 10 at 11:58pm Copy Link
Kimmo Lahtinen I own version 3 and it slowed my computer too much, so I did not use it. I just noticed that the new version has much smaller footprint, so this offer would have been just right for me as I did like the idea of the program. But I missed the boat.
Feb 11 at 4:16am Copy Link
Andrea D'Intino @Peter and @Kimmo please write us at and let's see if we can figure something out :)
Yellow blue soft - Feb 11 at 6:24am Copy Link

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